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1850 Mortality Census

An interesting note about Texas in 1850
    The year covered would be mid 1849 through mid 1850
    Name--------age-sex---month died in---where born --cause of death---Job

    Bourland, M.A.       11 M Sep b. Tx Croup
    Butler, A.          44 F Feb b. .. Childbed Fever
    Cagle, Martha        5 F Sep b. Tx Scarlet
    Cannon, Robert      45 M Apr b. Ky Congested Brain
    Causey, William     28 M Dec b. Tn Consumption
    Dennis, L.T.         5 F Jan b. Tx Fever
    Dickson, Watson     25 F Dec b  .. Winter Fever
    Dulaney, C.A.       32 F Nov b. In Inflamed Lungs
    Fitzgerald, Manerva 19 F Jan b. Il Childbed Fever
    Fitzgerald, P.J.     4 F Oct b. Tn Pneumonia
    Greer, Nancy J.      3 F Apr b. Il Congestive Chills
    Helper, M.E.         1 F Aug b. Ms Worms
    Johnson, S.T.        2 F May b. Tx Croup
    Lyday, Andrew       44 M Oct b. NC Liver Inflamation
    Pace, M.D.          34 M Feb b. Ky Consumption
    Vandervort, J.T.  1 Mo M Jan b. Tx Croup
    Wall, John D.       28 M Jan b. Tn Consumption
    Wells, Martha A.    10 F Jun b. Mo Drowned

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