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Roy Juch

This is a retype of a letter to Florence Tull Beard (My Grandmother-in law) from her sister Bertha Tull Steed shortly after the death of their Mother, Georgetta Ferguson Tull.  The Gladys mentioned on line three is my Mother-in-law.  Bertha was writing from Chilton, Falls County, Texas to Florence, who was living near England, Arkansas.

4 APRIL 1925

Dearest Florence As I'm able to creep around in the house will drop you a few lines. We have all wrote to you and tried to get you two telegrams and can't hear a word from you. Get Gladys to write if you can't. Our dear mama gone. she died saturday eve at 20 minutes until six April 4 1925. We all stayed with her till the last breath was gone. I had one hand Papa the other. She went so easy. Just as calm and peaceful as anybody could go. she talked up until just before she died but we couldn't understand part...her tougue was swollen and seeming a little parlized. she called for you Dollie and Aunt Anah (?) each one of her children. She said she was rejoicing. She prayed prayers all along while she was so low. Florence take it the best you can for we all went there and stayed Luther Loyd Harve Julie and Effie we done all that was in our power to do for her. she didn't want for anything, They buried her Sun. Eve(?) at 4 oclock in the powell grave yd. by Charlie I didn't get to go had to go to bed and take medecine to keep everything from coming up am up this morn. haft to keep laying down. Papa don't know who he will stay with. They are trying to get him to rent his house out. I think it's too soon for him to know what to do he went back this morn to feed the chickens. he's mighty weak looks awful bad. Mama called Billy just as long as she could talk we could always understand that and felt for him on his side of the bed. her casket was grey will send you a piece of her dress they said she looked so natural just like she was going to church Well must close let us hear from you some way it awful hard but stand it the best you can with love to all your sis