Typed as spelled and written
Lena Stone Criswell

Thirteenth Year - Number 29
Marlin, Texas, Thursday, September 18,1902

"Mac" Grows Reminiscent and Tells of His

       EDITOR DEMOCRAT:--I am living near Groesbeeck at present and am sending you another "wheel."  I lived on Blue Ridge 25 years and I liked the people well and hated to leave them but I am making dollars here to dimes on Blue Ridge, so much for good land.  It is a sign of old age when a man gets to be retrospective and counting by years.I am 48 but counting the fun I have had I am near a hundred.  I was thinking of a bird hunt I took with Dr. Reeves up at Otto when we were the guests of Mr. Will Richardson.  (P. S. Mrs. Richardson is one of the best cooks in the state,) and Sam Chamberlin came over.  You know he hunts birds sometimes.
       And Dr. Baird, of Otto, came down in the evening and we killed a cart load of birds, that is the two Drs. did and "mean" Will Richardson shot a good many times but our birds were all "immunes" and then at night we had a theater with Bro. Geo. Ogden with his $20 Meerschaum pipe made out of a corn cob, posing as the leading star.
       Bro. Geo. G. says he can beat Dr. Reeves and Dr. Baird all to, (hello, come in Mr. Cleaver, I was just writing to renew my subscription to the Marlin Democrat) killing birds but was too busy to show us.  Bro. Ogden is a great worker in the church when you get him started but he is hard to get started.
       Several years ago they had big meeting at Old Hope and Bro. Geo. made bold to attend one day.  He crept in and took a seat next to the pulpit close by the back door.  Finally when the meeting was at fever heat one good sister rose up and clapped her hands and shouting glory and made straight for Bro. Ogden.  This was more than he could stand so he bolted out the door and went flying across the pasture for just as the preacher who had not seen him him (sic) leave, shouted out, "that's right sister get up an excitement and the devil will be sure to run."  The bad boys in the corner who saw Bro. Ogden running thought the minister meant him; but of course he didn't.
       With love and best wishes for the
Democrat, yours truly.
       P.S.  Bro. Ogden has since built a small church adjoining his dwelling.


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