Typed and spelled as written: Kay Cunningham

The Marlin Democrat
Marlin, Texas, Thursday, February 4, 1904

Letter From Rev. C. Smith

    My Dear Democrat: Since I have had to lie here 30 days because the surgeon thought best to cut on me some, I have learned to liid into your face as never before.  I am sure that no reader of your fair pages has been more discerning than myself during this confinement.  I feel better posted as to Marlin and her people, visitors and enterprises that when I was a citizen there.  I read all the adds and everything else and then go over the adds in the Ladies Journal.  Delineator and daily paper.
    For a well man to take his bed for a month requires patience, for when everything else gives out.  I then find fault with wide and test of the world.  I am better now but not near well enough to be told that I have at all varied from the right in all this.  A wife under such conditions is a woman to be pittied.
    I am glad to see some of Marlin's boys starting up business for themselves.  This is as it should be.  I am interested in every movement in Falls county.  I trust the Baptists will love Taylor as they did Holloway.  I want every good candidate elected, but know some must fail.
    As soon as I am able to work I leave for San Angelo to do evangelistic work under the state mission board.  That is where my friend Whitaker died and where Bro. Bud Kyser turned back.  I am going to plant churches and build up society so when you all come, as you must, there will be a good place for you.
    I had a curious experience in connection with my last visit to Marlin.  A good brother gave me a setting of Plymouth Rock eggs and a second brother said: "I will hatch them out for him".  Now, there was no understanding as to what the third move would be, so I am lost.  That teacher's meeting may have gotten the chicks.  May be the DEMOCRAT can throw some light on the situation.  But would not a dozen of these fine birds make wife proud and get her over this bad month of mine?

    Keep straight and vote right.
C. Smith, Waco, Texas

Copyright Permission granted to Theresa Carhart and her volunteers for printing by The Democrat, Marlin, Falls Co., Texas.