Typed as spelled and written
Lena Stone Criswell

Thirteenth Year - Number  (Missing)
Marlin, Texas, Thursday, May 22, 1902
Lott, Tex., May 15, 1902.

Marlin Democrat.
       Well, Mr. Editor, we are all feeling good over here about now, just had another fine rain and crops, oh! you just ought to see them they are shore fine as Aunt Lucindy would say, and weeds and grass too.
       Politics seems to be all the talk these days and if everybody was not so busy at work there would be hot time between now and June 14.  The congressional race is all the talk now.  County affairs are hardly ever mentioned.  One of the aspirants for congress made us a talk Tuesday night, Mr. Thomas.  There was not a great many out to her him.  He made a very nice talk, but I think from all indications that he struck one of Mr. Henry's strong holds, as Mr. Henry has quite a lot of influential friends here.

       Say, Mr. Editor, is there no end to the Waters Pierce wrangle. It has been discussed until it has been worn thread bare, and still it is kept up.
It was thoroughly gone over in the state convention two years ago by both sides, and papers printed everything, and as Texas people are a reading people, they are all posted in the matters pertaining to the whole Waters-Pierce affair.  It is really disgusting to go hear a candidate make a speech, and the first you know they are talking about the Waters-Pierce suit to people that area as well posted on the suit as they are. Now, Mr. Candidate, give us something else when you come or we won't appreciate your talk.
       Now, Mr. Editor, if you and your crew catch up with your work, come over and help us out of the weeds and we will treat you right, if you ever happen to run for congress.

       Well, hoping my friends will all be elected, I am always a democrat.
                                                                    M. W. Harwell.


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by The Democrat, Marlin, Falls Co., Texas