Typed as spelled and written
Lena Stone Criswell

Eighteenth Year - Number 51
Marlin, Texas, Saturday, November 16, 1907
Letter From John N. Parrack.
Stiles, Tex., Nov. 9, 1907.

To The Democrat:
The new Semi-Weekly Democrat is a good one and deserves the united support of the citizenship of Falls county.  To me it is just like a letter from home.
       I guess that I am permanently located here, though I have a very promising offer from a firm on the upper plains.
       This country is in fine shape since the rains and if there is no unusual cold weather this winter the sock men will go through all right and have all kinds of fat cattle next spring.
       A few school land claims and ranches are changing hands at an advance over prices paid last summer.
       One ranch near here, the bar S. recently delivered 2,200 5's and 6's, to John Blocker of the Y-bar, consideration $80,000.00, but on account of the stringency of the money market there is no telling when another deal of that proportion will go through.
       Some of our ranchers who shipped out their fall crops of calves recently, barely realized freight and expenses.
       It seems like Cupid was on the war path for sure in Old Falls from the way you are reporting the permits to wed. What is old August Beier going to do for pastime when he wins the suit against Julius?  His girls are all married and "the South is going dry."
       My employer and two friends left here on the 5th inst., for the Chio mountains down on the Mexico line on a bear hunt and they did not invited Teddy.  They were fully equipped with traps, bear bait, 20-30s and three trained bear dogs.
       This is a fine country and has a brilliant future if it ever gets a railroad.  Our health is fine.  Mrs. Parrack no (sic) weighs 130 pounds, which is fourteen pounds more than she ever weighed before.
       I am kept so busy, however, that I never get time to go a hunting or anywhere else.  The work here is as confining as it was in Perry, only it is more renumerative (sic) and therefore I like it better.
       However, old ties bind the closest and sometimes the "Heimvah" is so great that I feel like going back to old Marlin, our first love.  But it is  "Kismet" I guess, and whereever my lot is cast, there I am determined to do my best.
             Fraternally yours,
                 JNO. N. PARRACK.


Copyright permission granted to Theresa Carhart and her volunteers for
printing by The Democrat, Marlin, Falls Co., Texas