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Kay Cunningham


The Marlin Democrat
Fifteenth Year   Number 12
Marlin, Texas, Thursday, May 19, 1904

George Hering Tells Of His Trip To
Pacific Coast.

     LOS ANGELES, Cal. May 9,
     EDITOR DEMOCRAT: - We arrived here last Friday at 2:30 p. m. I stood the trip out fine considering that it is hard crossing the desert. After securing hotel and shaving and getting a bath we struck out to see the city. I was very much surprised at this city; it has a population of 155,000 people, nearly all of which are Americans, a few Chinamen and few Spanish or Mexicans. We took a thirty mile ride on a street car and saw all the points of interest, which are too numerous to mention in a letter. I have pictures of nearly all of them I will bring when I come. This city beasts of the finest street car system in the world and I believe it. They have 260 miles in city limits and you can go to any of the nearby resorts or towns on the interurban cars.
     We went down to Long Beach twenty one miles on the Pacific ocean. There people were fishing, boating and bathing and I was not uncomfortable with my overcoat on; in fact I have worn it every day I have been here, out I am thin yet and can't stand much cold. We took a trip to Mt Lowe, twenty five miles out on electric cars and incline cars. This is one of the greatest scenic points in the world; we went to Rubion station on the electric cars which we took here in the city. There we took the incline rail way which is operated by means of cable. This railway is 3000 feet in length and you rise 1400 feet in going this distance; at some points along this route the grade is 62 per cent, which means every 100 feet you go the rise is 62. At other points it is only 48. It is a frightful looking ride. At the termination of this is Mt Echo; thence we took the electric cars again for a ride of about ten miles around the mountain and we get up 1400 more feet in this ride. Arrive at Alpine tavern which is within two miles of the summit of Mt Lowe and 1000 feet below. At this point you take saddle horses for the summit (but we did not take this ride). It is 6100 feet above sea level and 5700 above Los Angeles, twenty five mile away.

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