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1900 Census for Falls County shows renting land for farming purposes:
Adolphus Stone with his 3rd wife Julia Ann Richey and children: Sam, Robert, and Sally.

Julia Ann Richey Stone died December 20, 1932 in Hog Island, Falls Co., Texas

Elizabeth Jane White James Stone (daughter of Benjamin L White the 2nd sheriff of Trinity County) was Adolphus Wakefield Stone's 2nd wife and they had 3 children: (1) Amos Stone b. August 29, 1865 in Trinity Co., Texas  d. June 26, 1933 in Marlin, Falls Co., TX and is buried in McClanahan Cemetery with his wife Emily Smiley Stone b. December 30, 1875  d. in Marlin, Falls Co., TX  (2) Virginia Stone b.1868 in Trinity Co., Texas  d. 1900 in Buffalo, Leon County, Texas  married Frank LaBeth  and (3) Dora Ann Elizabeth Stone b. February 29, 1872 in Groveton, Trinity Co., Texas  d. March 16, 1939 in Falls Co., TX she married Isaac Melton Denton b. September 14, 1869 Troup, TX  d. July 21, 1933 in Falls Co., TX

One of the sons of Amos & Emily Stone, George Cousins Stone b. August 05, 1902 in TX  d. September 03, 1975 in Robertson Co., TX. married Mamie Elizabeth Davis (daughter of Charles B Davis and Laura Williams (daughter of John Attison Williams & Elizabeth Caroline Ritter Williams - listed in the Families of Falls County). Mamie Elizabeth Davis was b. January 27, 1910 in TX  d. April 10, 1968 in Thornton, Limestone Co., TX. she is buried next to her husband in the Kosse Cemetery, Kosse, TX.  George Cousins Stone and wife Mamie Elizabeth Davis Stone lived in Alto Springs, Big Creek, Rocky Creek, Blue Ridge, Kosse, and Bremond.

Below are remembrances of G. C. Stone (Jr)
His family moved to the Parr Ranch where they rented property from "Sam" Parr.  Families that lived on the same stretch of road were Sandlin, Price, Fannin, Jones and Harlan.  Most families were share croppers which meant they farmed other peoples land and got to keep ½ of the crop, the owner would provide the tools, seed, and supplies. George Cousins Stone, Sr., rented on the 3rd & 4th  terms, this meant that that the property owner would get 1/3rd of the feed crop ( milo, corn and oats) and get 1/4th of the cotton crop. George always rented place with lots of pasture land because it was "free" of rent and enabled him to raise some livestock (ranch land could be rented for about a dollar an acre).  The cotton would be taken to the gin and the fee to process the cotton was the gin got to keep the seed. The crops were sold for cash, but always saving back enough to feed the family.

Being a renter meant that you had to furnish your own tools, seed and supplies.  Mr. Peters at Marlin National Bank would sit at a marble desk just inside the bank entrance and loan money for seed.  This was done between the hours of 10am and 2pm, he would write out a voucher to be signed by both parties, the voucher was taken to a teller window where it was deposited until actually spent. Mr. Peters would visit customers or at least drive by their places, this was done before 10am and after 2pm every day. The money would be repaid when the crops were harvested and sold. The other money lenders were the Roger/Rodger brothers that owned the barber shop and Harris, who owned the café.

Tom, Oscar, and Grady Kelly had money during the depression and bought several pieces of property. Mr. Parr lost his land during the depression and the Kelly's bought it and rented it to different families.  G. W. Stone, Sr., helped the Parr's load up the wagons and move to the Moody area outside of Waco, TX. He was gone for several weeks and his wife, Mamie, was pregnant with Clyde and had to care for G. C., Jr. and Charles by herself during his absence.  The Fenner's (Roy & Myrtle) moved onto the old Parr place and stayed from about 1932 until 1936, the uncle Lee moved onto the place, and eventually G. C. Stone, Sr., moved in.

Jones family share cropped for the Kelly's, when they weren't working his crops they would earn money by picking pecans and feeding hogs for others. Collinsworth family worked for Kelly's as the barn maintainer. His job was to take care of the barn, animals, breed mules, etc.

In the Blue Ridge area the Evans family lost their place during the depression, the Chamberlains managed to hang on to at least part of their property.

Luther Williams farmed and had a blacksmith shop. He also owned one of the 1st tractors in the area.
Davis family moved from TX to OK around 1911 and moved back to TX around 1920. They lived at Riesel, McLennan County, TX either before or after Mamie was born. Charlie (Pa Davis) owned 3 pieces of property, 1 in Blue Ridge (located in between Kosse, Marlin, Reagan), and 2 pieces in Alto. Alto Springs had 2 campgrounds, 1 for Indians & 1 white people, this area was located between the fork of 2 creeks.  There was an old Baptist Church located in this area, it burnt down around 1932.  Around 1933 a Community House was constructed. On alternate Sundays different religions would hold services at this house. It was also used to hold school functions, plays, etc.  Mr. Matthews was the Justice of Peace and recorded all births and deaths (that were reported to him) and once a month he would report this to the county seat.

For years we thought her name was Laura Elizabeth (Laura Beth) Williams Davis.  The Williams/Davis families were wealthy at one time, but lost everything in the depression.  Laura Beth Williams Davis (Ma Davis) inherited land from the Williams family, she in turn gave property at Blue Ridge Texas to Mamie Davis Stone.  Another relative is a sister or cousin, Mary Davis m. John Putman around Hugo, OK.  Also Ruby Williams.  Orange Williams was one of Ma Davis' cousins and lived around Rosebud, Falls County, TX moved to Marlin, TX when retired.  Martin Anding was service station man in Marlin and believed to have married into the family of James David Williams.  Related, but sure how, to the Pyland family, one of which was a war correspondent. Related to the Pamplin, Lloyd, and Preston families - need to figure this out.
Amos lived at Bremond, TX and had a large parcel of land. On this property he had a swimming pond next to the dance pavilion. This house is not down the road from where his son G C Stone resided in his old age (FM 2413 past the Catholic church & cemetery, just past the RR tracks) a small grove of sycamore trees still stand at GC's old place.

After Emma "Ma" Stone's husband Amos died, she lived with her son George C Stone in the old house that eventually burned down.  Relative: Rance Smiley resided north of Waco in community called Elm Mott, McLennan County, TX

Mamie Davis Stone may have been born around Reisel in McLennan County, TX. Her family gave her property at Blue Ridge, TX which she used to purchase the property at Bremond.  Her mother, Laura Williams "Ma" Davis came to live with George & Mamie in the old house.