James Leland and Newton J. McCoy

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Tim McCoy




James Leland McCoy


Newton J. McCoy



     I am a descendant of James Leland McCoy's brother, Newton J. McCoy.


     James and Newton's father Hugh, and mother Martha had 14 children. At least three of them that I know of migrated to Texas, which were; James Leland McCoy, Francis Marion McCoy, and Henry Lee McCoy. I have found the father of Hugh to be Francis Bradley McCoy, and his father to be Ezekiel or Beaty McCoy, and his father to be John McCoy. I have further information indicating John's father, but I am still in process of making sure it is accurate.


     As for the mother of James and Newton, there are a lot of questions surrounding her. Her birth date, according to the family bible of Newton, was in 1838. I believe this to be incorrect, because she would not have been the mother to half the children. She is in every census from 1850 on, which listed more than the head of household. Her birth dates varied in each census, from 1826-1828. I believe she was born in 1819, and their first daughter Eliza Ann was born in 1838. Martha's gravestone indicates she was 82 years old when she died in 1901. I gather from land grants signed by her (she marked an x) and Hugh, that she was unable to read or write, so, this may be a factor as to why her birth year varies so much. I still to this day do not know her maiden name, and have found two land grants where her name is listed as Martha Jane McCoy and Martha Ann McCoy. I have a family tree posted on Ancestry.com and it will require permission from me, to view.


     I would like to know if other descendants of James, Francis or Henry that are seeking more information about the family. I have done extensive research and am interested in sharing information with them.



      Tim McCoy