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Douglas Braden





     In the late 1800's my grandfather and several of his brothers joined by other relatives came to Texas, they were Cotton farmers and seemed to have been every were in Texas we have cotton. My Grand Dad, Vester returned to Mississippi where he married and stayed the rest stayed in Texas.  Charles is buried Sherman with several other relatives.  George Luther is buried in Robstown and Robert or Bob and his wife Susan Wilson Braden are buried some were around Chilton. Van is some were I suppose in this state but were is still a mystery.

    The Ratliff’s in Phillips Cemetery are From Ratliff, Mississippi, which is in North East, Mississippi N.E. of Tupelo, in Itawamba County. My grandmother Verna Mitchell Henry Vester Braden's wife, was born in Ratliff near Braden's Branch not on a map, her mother was Nancy J. Ratliff, the Ratliff’s came from North Carolina, to South Carolina to Georgia to Alabama to N.E. Mississippi, to Texas and are every were also.

   The Braden's go to William Braden and his wife Elizabeth. William was born 1772 in either Virginia or Pennsylvania, married in Abbeyville, South Carolina.  They moved through Georgia were my Great great grand father was born in 1803, on there way to Alabama. William died in St. Clair Co. Margaret Braden Douglas is buried in Phillips Cemetery was John's older sister. Since she and her husband were there I now know why the rest came there.  John married Martha Calldwell in Alabama and by 1840 was in Itawamba County, establishing Braden's Branch, his son David Calhoun Braden ninth of 11 kids. My Great grand father was (Van's) Father. The Maggie Braden buried there is Maggie B. Hardin born near Ratliff, Mississippi. Sept. 28,1872 and was his second wife. They were married March 13,1898 in Itawamba Co. She was mother of unnamed son died 3 days after birth, in Jan 1900, in Itawamba Co. buried in Oak Grove Cemetery near Ratliff. She also was mother of Hubert Horace, Alice L., and Howard Braden.  Also buried next to them is Zula Braden Davis born July 10,1893 in Itawamba Co., Mississippi. Zula Braden Davis was the 6th child of Van and his first wife Margaret Lula Grissom Braden born in Itawamba Co. married December 1887, she died September 08,1897 and is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery near Ratliff. Zula was born at Braden's Branch, Itawamba Co. Mississippi, Ronald Braden in Phillips 1934 is I guess is Horace's son ??,  as Hubert Howard went to Jim Wells County and died in Corpus Christie . He could be one of Bobs line also. It is possible that it is Van's oldest son, Clifton who was born in 1889, could be his grandfather.

     I believe I have kin in both Falls and McLennan Counties.   My great uncles and their families, Robert (Bob) Braden and (Van) John Vander Braden Van in Falls, and Bob in other but could be in other counties as well were Cotton Farmers who came to Texas in Late 1800's from Itawamba Co., Mississippi they moved around some.


     If you have any other info on any of these families, please contact Doug Braden.