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Boothe Includes the NICHOLS family. They were in Erath Co. from the mid 1870's to the mid 1880's.
Bramblett/Bramlett Some names that Brambletts married -- Mullins, McIntire, Bennett, Brown
Bridges Bridges, Phillips
Bryan Quinn Bryan, Hairston, Biggs, Albritton, Chisum, Thompson, Gresham, Hammett, Keith, Latta, Noah, and Wylie
Clifton, Burges August  
Davidson, Kellis  
Erath County Kin Barbee, Turnbow, Gilbreath
Gailey Family History Gailey
Hailey Family History Page Reed
Hindman Hutcheson, Keltner, Sims, Sharp, White, Whiteside
Mackey Family Webpage Mackey
Ancestors of Tonya NUNN Includes the McKinney and Mason surnames, and possibly others from this area.
Self Portrait  
Stockton & Stewart Family Site  
Leslie's Genealogy - Erath County Surnames

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