Erath County Schools

Erath County Schools

Bluff Dale Elementary

This photo was submitted by  Abby Honeycutt

"Bluffdale, Nov 13 1927" is written on photograph.  Abby is descended from the Pickett family who lived in Bluffdale.

My grandfather was the last in our family to be raised in Bluff Dale. His name was Lloyd Pickett. He had three sons - Lee, John, and Glenn. My dad is the middle son, John Miller Pickett. I'm his youngest daughter Abby. Dad said to send his e-mail along as well in case anyone is interested in contacting him. His e-mail address is They live in Denton, Texas now.

This photo was submitted by  Abby Honeycutt

The school photo with the older students has Helen Fay Pickett as the third from the right (bottom row), but that's all I know.

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