Erath County Military Heritage - WWI

Texas Gold Star Mothers & Widows

Invited to participate in a pilgrimage to Europe 1930 - 1933 to visit their loved ones graves

Name St Co Address Rel Casualty Rank Organization CEM Pil


Bird, Ethel, Mrs. TX Erath Box 174, Dublin W Bird, Charley Pvt Co. H, 9th Inf MA Y
Boyd, Rose E., Mrs. TX Erath c/o First Nat'l Bank, Stephenville M Boyd, Clarence Pvt Tk. Co. 5th C.A.C. OA Y-L
Deaver, M. J., Mrs. TX Erath Bluff Dale M Deaver, James F. Pvt Co. L, 144th Inf OA Y
Gee, Lulu B., Mrs. TX Erath Rt. 1, Dublin M Gee, Clarence E. Pvt Co. A, 9th Inf MA U
McCleskey, Georgia TX Erath Dublin M McClesky, Joseph M. Pvt Co. A, 359th Inf MA Y

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