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Pioneers of Ellis County

The Warren and Allied Families

Information obtained some years ago
by Mrs. C. E. Moore (now deceased)


Doyle Robinson, [then living at Reagor Springs, Texas], was a grandson of R. D. Harris and wife Ann E. Richardson Harris. Ann was a sister of Mary A Richardson who married John D. Warren in Ellis County June 23, 1867.

In the fall of 1864 13 covered wagons, outfitted at McWhirter's store, left Tupelo, Miss and settled where Howard, Ellis County, Texas is now. Among the families in the wagon train were: J. D. Robinson; [grandparents of Doyle Robinson]; the John Fleming family,[related to the Warren and Vickery family in Kentucky] Luther Wells family, John Murphy family, Miles McWhirter family [a son of the Mcwhirter in Mississippi who outfitted the wagons] and the Brookshire family.

After talking with Mr. Robinson, we went to one of te old cemeteries near Reagor Springs. The cemetery is on a hill, in brush, briars and frees. The fence is down aond many of the stones are broken but we were abe to get te following inscriptions:

Mary A., dau of J M. and N. A. Robinson Dec. 6, 1846 - Feb. 9, 1905
J. M. Robinson, d. Nov. 6, 1889 - aged 78 years
Wf Nancy A. Robinson - Jan. 15, 1817 - Feb. 25, 1892
Tannie [Fannie?] dau. J. I. and A. E. Richardson - Aug. 3, 1871 - Mar. 2, 1891
Johnnie, dau K. I. & A. E. Richardson - Dec. 27, 1884 - Oct. 4, 1889
Josie, dau. J. T. & H. Trice - Mar. 28, 1879 - Julu 15, 1891
Rachel, wf  H. Alewine - July 29, 1844 - Mar. 12, 1893
A. A. E. Trice, dau. E. T. Browning - Jan. 9. 1872 - Sept. 29, 1891
Richard T. Jackson - May 26, 1858 - Julu 23, 1892
Baby Jackson - no dates
Wiley W., son C. R. & L. P. Reed - 1872-1892
Robert H., son [not legible] and Callie Freeman - 1879-1901
Carson R. Reed 1846-1916; wf. Lizzie P. Reed 1851-1928
E. Linville, wf. Z. J. Seale Aug 7, 1834-May 4, 1895
Marcus Bolton Feb. 9, 1873 - Dec. 8, 1893 - d. residence A. J. Poulter
Susan F. Wylie - May 15, 1837 - Jan. 28, 1890

Charlie Warren married Narcissa Reagor, Dec. 20, 1838 at Itawamba, Miss. Two of their older sons, Col. John D. and Charles A. J., came to Texas in the late 1860s and settled in Hill County. Charles married Sarah L. Peacock Nov 23, 1865, Itawanba Co. Miss.

John D. Warren m. Mary A. Richardson Nov. 23, 1867 Ellis Co., Texas, Rev. F. P. Ray [John's uncle] officiating. Rev. Ray married Mary E. Reagor, sister to Narcissa.

John Warren, his wife, Mary, and four children (May Anita, Willie ruth Ann, Ada L. and Charles M. are buried in Hill County [name of cemetery not given]. Buried in the same plot are Mary F. Warren and Sarah Warren, sisters of John and Charles.

Charles A. J. Warren - June 24, 1843 - Oct. 5, 1902
Sarah L. (Peacock) wf. C. A. J. Warren Nov. 27, 1848 - May 6, 1885
Charles [son] d. June 15, 1887 age 20 years
Victor Warren [can]t read dates]
Wille D. Warren [can't read dates]


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