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Pioneers of Ellis County

Alfred J. Moyers


Alfred Moyers. early settler in Ellis County, was born in Lawrence County, Mo. in 1846, son of Alfred Moyers, Sr., a native of Tennessee. The latter died in Arkansas in 1878. He was a farmer who also practiced medicine although not a graduate of any medical school.

Alfred Moyers came to Ellis County in 1852 with his parents, first locating on a head right which he now resides.  He and his mother are the only persons now living in the northeastern part of the county. It was inhabited mostly by wild animals and for ten years Houston was the nearest trading place.

In 1865 Moyers married Miss Annie W. Witherspoon, born in Texas in 1847, a daughter of Alexander and Kesiah Moore Witherspoon - both now deceased.

There were 13 children: James M., Frances J. (wife R. H. McKay Ellis County); Sara O. (wife R. C. McKay, Ellis Co.; Mary A. (wife John Pratt, )lunch E., wife George w Adams; Thomas J., David H, John W., Jia M., Berta O.; Mattie B. Katie and Epie.

[source: Memorial and Biographical History Ellis County, 1892]


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