Forrest Family History - 1740-1948

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Forrest Family History - 1740-1948

Compiled by T. C. Forrest, Jr., Dallas, Texas
Copied 1963 by Mrs. A. L. Feltenberger from records  in possession of
Mrs. H. P. Haynes, Waxahachie, Texas

Contributed by Jean Caddel


SHADRACK FORREST Moved from Virginia to N. Carolina about 1740.

NATHAN FORREST (Son of Shadrack Forrest (Oct. 28, 1776 – Jan. 15, 1827)  Married Nancy Baugh, of Raleigh, N. Carolina, Accompanied by his father and his own family, he moved to Gallatin, Tenn in 1806, and in 1808 to Buck River Country in Bedford Co., Tenn .(now Marshall Co.).

Children of Nathan and Nancy Forrest

1. Wm Forrest Born July 6, 1801 (he moved in 1834 to Salem,    Miss., record of only one son, Nathan Bedford Forrest, Born July 13, 1821, famous Confederate General of the Civil War. There were seven brothers and three sisters.)

2. Jonathan Forrest, Born Mar. 12, 1803 – 1845, married Susan Reed Patterson, Oct. 26, 1823, lived in Hernando, Miss. (Nathan Bedford Forrest became associated with his uncle in the Mercantile business in 1842)

Children of (2) Jonathan and Susan Forrest

A. Joseph F. Forrest Born Sept. 10, 1824

B. Hardeman Carr Forrest Born Sept. 9, 1826 – Died May 5, 1909. (Moved from Hernando, Miss., to Chambers Creek Post Office now Forreston, Ellis Co., in 1855. Married Virginia Sims, Dec. 2, 1857

C. Matilda T. Forrest, Born Jan. 8, 1829, Married 1st Lane; 2nd, VanLear

D. Thomas Nathan Forrest, Born Aug. 23, 1832

E. Eliza Jane Forrest, Born Nov. 3, 1834

F. Elvira America Forrest Born July 7, 1837

G. Mary Jonathan Forrest Born Aug. 26, 1839

Children of Nathan and Nancy Forrest (Continued)

3. Jane Forrest, Born Mar. 4, 1805

4. James N. Forrest, Born Nov. 6, 1807

5. Malinda S. Forrest, Born Feb. 14, 1810

6. Henderson B. Forrest, Born Apr. 2, 1812

7. Shadrack F. Forrest, Born June 9, 1814

8. Nancy M. Forrest, Born Sept. 12, 1816

9. Eliza G. Forrest, Born Nov. 15, 1818

10. Nathan A. Forrest, Born May 31, 1821

Children of Hardeman Carr Forrest  and Virginia Sims Forrest

A. Callidonia Forrest, Born Oct. 13, 1858

B. Alice Forrest, Born 16, 1860 – Nov. 15, 1861

C. Lee Virginia Forrest – Born June 13, 1862

D. Thomas Carr Forrest, Born July 17, 1864; mar. Etta Ernest Ground, June 28, 1895

E. Sims Forrest, Born Feb. 11, 1868 – Feb. 14, 1868

Children of Thomas Carr & Etta Ernest Forrest

A. Thomas Carr Forrest Jr., Born Jan. 19, 1896

B. Edward Ernest Forrest, Born Aug. 15, 1899

C. Francis Bedford Forrest, Born June 25, 1902

Remarks by compiler, Thomas Carr Forrest, Jr.

"The information shown in the chart was compiled from records found in an old family record book that had evidently been kept by Hardeman Car Forrest (1826). This book does not give the date of birth of Shadrack Forrest or the name of his wife, therefore this information is not shown on the chart. It does recite that Shadrack moved from Virginia to North Carolina about 1740.

The names of the eight sons and three daughters of William Forrest (1801) and Mariam Beck are not available to me. John A. Wyeht's book, "Life of Nathan Bedford Forrest," lists only the following: Nathan Bedford, John, William, Aaron, Jesse, and Jeffrey.

I hope someone else can supply the missing information but I believe you can take this chart, Cousin John, and establish your chain from it.

Cousin Mary, your grandfather, N. B. Forrest (1821), paid a visit to Hardeman Carr Forrest's home in Ellis County, Texas, soon after the Civil War. A brother named after him is an indication of our respect and admiration.  Your father, Captain Wm. Forrest, visited Thomas Carr Forrest's (1864), home in Waxahachie, Texas.  I remember this enjoyable visit.

Your great-grandmother, mother of N. B. Forrest (1821) remarried after the death of her first husband. Her second husband was Joseph Luxton.  I am not familiar with the details of the trip which she made to Texas, but she came to the Camp Inn, which is located about two miles north of the present town of Navasota, Texas. This Inn was quite famous in the stage coach days, and it was while here that Mrs. Luxton developed a serious illness and died. She was buried in the Camp burial plot which is approximately ¼ mile east of the site of the old Inn. The outline of the old Inn Building is still discernible. The Camp Mausoleum, which is a homemade affair, is in a good state of preservation at the present time. Mrs. Luxton is buried just a few feet from this Mausoleum.  I had heard something about this burial plot, but recently I made a trip to Navasota and went out to the location.  I took some pictures which show the old Mausoleum and Mrs. Luxton's headstone.  I am sending these pictures to you with the thought that you might derive some comfort from the knowledge that this headstone was erected by the Hannibal Boone Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy of Navasota, Texas."


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