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Edwin Anthony DuBose


[Source: Later Published Additions to The Memorial and Biographical History of Ellis County Lewis Publishing Co. Chicago, 1892.]

Edwin Anthony DuBose arrived in Waxahachie in January 1877 from Mars Hill near Lewisville, Arkansas, at the invitation of his maternal uncle, Dr. Benson Glenn Connor. He soon became a leader in the commercial, financial and political life of Ellis County.

Edwin DuBose was born March 19, 1842, in Glennville, Barbour County, Alabama, the son of Dr. Edwin Ezekiel DuBose and Carolyn Saphrionia Conner DuBose of Lafayette County, Arkansas, and the grandson of Dr. Ezekial DuBose and Mary Rembert DuBose of Black River, South Carolina, (Huguenot refugees from France in 1685, the year of the revocation of the Edict of Nantes). Edwin was a nephew to Senator Robert Toombs, Secretary of State of the Confederacy, and Wyatt Bibb, early governor of Alabama.

In 1858, at age sixteen, Edwin was sent to Emory and Henry college in Emory, Virginia, and remained there until he joined the Confederate Army in 1861. He fought in some of the major battles including Tullahoma, Lookout Mountain, and Chickamauga. He was wounded and captured January 11, 1863, while serving under General Hindman in the Battle of Arkansas Post. As a first lieutenant of artillery there, his effective direction of the limited artillery ordnance posed against over-whelming Union forces earned him recognition in the official reports of his commanding officers as well as those of General William Tecumseh Sherman, commander of the Northern Army. After five months in Northern prison camps he was exchanged and returned to the Confederate Army and served in the Trans-Mississippi Department until the War ended.

Mr. DuBose was the sixth mayor of Waxahachie - serving from 1882 to 1888. The city water system was constructed during his term in office. He served as the first president of the Waxahachie Board of Trade and assisted in getting the railroads routed through Waxahachie. He was instrumental in many city and county projects, including improved roads and electric power utilities. He designed an advertising campaign which was successful in attracting many families from the older South to Ellis County to replace a farm population which had deserted Ellis County farmland in the rush to the West during this period.

On October 19, 1882, Edwin Dubose married Miriam Mellwood (Molly) Watson, daughter of Colonel B. W. F. Watson and Margaret Overstreet Watson. Colonel Watson was the son of Richard Price Watson of Virginia, an early settler in Ellis County. Colonel Watson commanded the 19th Texas Cavalry Regiment in the CSA. Children of this marriage were Helen DuBose, Love DuBose, and Edwin Anthony DuBose, Jr.


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