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Hopson M. Burleson


Hopson Burleson was born in Marion County, Alabama, February 27, 1846, a son of Benjamin and Keziah (Matthews) Burleson.

Benjamin Burleson, a native of Georgia, settled in Leon County, Texas, where he served as Justice of the Peace, was a prominent farmer and stock-raiser and a good citizen. He bought, improved and sold eleven farms in Texas, and died in Lamar County, December 21, 1867. Mr. and Mrs. Burleson had thirteen children, seven of whom still survive: [1892] John F.,(d. age six years); David W., ( farmer and blacksmith of Edwards County); Keziah J.,(m. Isaac M. Mayberry); Oliver W., (farmer Freestone County;) H. M., [ subject]; James E., ( farmer Edwards County), and Sarah A., (widow of ----- Bushares, a farmer of Leon County). After the death of his wife, Keziah, in 1854, Benjamin he married a second time [name not given.].

Hopson Burleson was only nine months old when his parents moved to Leon County in 1846. He grew up on a farm and had five months' schooling. When eighteen, he left home and worked several years as a farm hand. During the Civil War, he served in the militia three months and was detailed to hunt deserters.

In 1867, Mr. Burleson rented land farmed on shares, and in 1870, bought a preemption right which he improved. He later received a title from the Government for 160 acres of land in Leon County which he sold in 1874 and bought a tract of 213 acres, which was sold in 1880. When he moved to Ellis County in 1881, he bought 125 acres, which he later sold and purchased 20 acres where he now [1892] lives. In addition, he has about 180 acres ini cultivation raising mostly cotton and corn. For five years his cotton has averaged one-half bale to the acre.

Hopson Burleson married Miss Nancy Dupru [sic] in 1870. She was born in Houston County, Texas, October 6, 1853, a daughter of Starlin and Rebecca (Chandler) Dupru, natives of North Carolina and early Texas settlers. Her mother died in 1860, and her father was killed at the siege of Vicksburg, in 1863.

The Burlesons have twelve children: Elizabeth, ( born February 6, 1871, married J. E. Rowe, farmer of Ellis County); Mary F. (born November 15, 1872, is at home); Ellen, ( born March 9, 1874); William T. and Robert, (born December 14, 1876); Macon T. and James O., (born October 8, 1878;) Luther F., (born November 16, 1880); David W. (b. November 12, 1882); Ruth A., (b. October 17, 1884); Liddy L. (b. June 28, 1887); and Rufus E., (b. Nov. 27, 1889).

Mr. Burleson has held the office of school director and school trustee. He is a Democrat, a member of the F. & A. M., and the family are members of the Baptist Church. He has been fortunate in having excellent health - he cannot remember ever having a day of illness.


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