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Dr. W. T. Briggs, the first physician to practice in Ellis County, came to Waxahachie from Kentucky in 1850 and died ca 1871. Dr, R. P. Sweatt, a native of Tennessee, arrived in 1852. A Dr. Starr was another early physician. These were just about the only doctors in Waxahachie until after the Civil War.

The Ellis County Medical Society was organized in 1875 with Dr. W. C. Wathen (who lived near Ennis)  as president. Other physicians in early-day Ennis were Dr. R. P. White, Dr. R. A. McCall, and Dr.  J. C. Loggins.

Dr. George Washington Satterfield (1847-1922) practiced in Ellis County for thirty years.  His daughter, Hallie Satterfield Martin Harper (1887-1950) was an early Texas female attorney. [Contributed by Cynthia Stewart].

In 1895, the City Directory of Waxahachie listed  these physicians and surgeons: W. L. Boyd, T. W. Florer, J. A. Gracey, L. H. Graham, H. M. Mathews, P. J. Price, A. B. Small, E. E. Smiley, C. W. Simpson, H. P. Stacy, O. P. Sweatt and R. P. Sweatt, A. A.Thompson, D. G. Thompson, W. F. West, H. C. Worley.

Other early Ellis County physicians were: Drs. Kincaid, McBurnett and Dr. Rogers (Trumbull Community); Drs. Webb Johnson, T. M. Matheny, A. J. Jeter, James Jeter (who later practiced in Ennis), Boren and Conally; A Dr. Clark was in Garrett in 1888; The first physicians in Ferris were Drs. Hursey, Washington and Welch. Others who came later were Drs. A. J. Hampton, R. A. Kooken, Ernest House, J. S. Wilson, L. R. Swanson, Ben Stein. Dr. William Pinkney Sims began practice in Vernon, Texas, but was in Ellis County by 1891. [Source: Memorial and Biographical History of Ellis County, Texas,   Lewis Publishing Co., Chicago 1892]

Dr. J. L. Everett practiced in Palmer from the late 1800s until his death in early 1900s. (See Up In Smoke with additional note by John Everett. [Additional info from John Everett, if any was included in the final text, is not discernable from the newspaper article.]

[Waxahachie Daily Light, Feb. 9, 1894] Dr.  M. Pettus Harwood was in the city today and filed his diploma with the district clerk.  He graduated at Nashville in [1869?] and has lately come to Ellis County and will practice  [medicine] at Italy.

Dr. H. M. Matthews, who has been in business here for several months, has decided to go into the regular practice of medicine.  He graduated from the Louisville  [Kentucky] Medical college in 1890 and has filed his diploma with the district clerk.  He is an elegant gentleman and has made many friends in this city.

[Waxahachie Daily Light, June 12, 1907]  The monthly meeting of the Ellis County Medical Society will be held at Ennis, Tuesday, Jan. 15, beginning at 10:30 a.m.  In addition to regular business, special reports will be presented by Drs. J. T. Carter, Alma, Wm. E. Campbell, Telico, C. W. Simpson, Waxahachie, W. F. West, Waxahachie and Drs. Loggins and McCall, Ennis. 

Special Announcement Regarding National Pure Food and Drug Law.  We are pleased to announce that Foley's Honey and Tar for coughs, colds and lung troubles is not affected by this law as it contains no opiates or other harmful drugs and we recommend it as a safe remede for children and adults. B. W. Fearis.

According to the Journal of the Texas State Medical Association, Vol. 7, May-June 1911, as of June, 1911, the following doctors were members of the Ellis County Medical Society.

J. T. Carter
J. E. Forehand, T. P. Matheney, J. Ponder, J. L. Rains, J. W. Tolleson
W. C. Tenery
W. P. Sims
H. D. Nifong
W. E. Campbell, L. F. Clarke, C. P. Cook, A. J. Cox, H. E. Griffin, J. M. Hooper, H. L. King, J. C. Loggins, W. P. McCall, J. A. Tate, A. L. Thomas, T. W. White
H. W. Aldridge, J. F. Wills
W. B. Carter, W. C. Nations, Z. N. Thornton
J. B. Gilliam, W. A. Grant F. H. Jenkins
J. H. Curby, R. J. Tibbs
T. L. Barnett, W. C. Brown, E. G. Moore
G. W. Carter, E. J. Lunsford, J. H. McFadden, N. J. Pickett, W. P. Rogers
T. J. Daly, J. A. Jones, N. L. Moore
S. L. Wadley
Red Oak
E. M. Carmen
C. W. McBurnett
J. S. Berry, W. D. Boyd, T. H. Cheatham, E. F. Gough, L. H. Graham, R. L. Jones, C. W. Simpson, D. G. Thompson, E. H. Vaughn, W. F. West, H. C. Worley.

More information regarding meetings of the Society as reported to the Journal of the  State Medical Association:

The Society met on December 5, 1911 in Waxahachie with eighteen members present. Officers elected for 1912: President, Dr. J. C. Loggins: vice president: Dr. A. L. Thomas; Secretary-Treasurer, Dr. H. E. Griffin; delegate, Dr. W. P. McCall; Alternate, Dr. J. T. Carter; censors: Drs. A. L. Thomas, J. S. Berry and W. C. Brown.

Meetings held in 1914:

In Waxahachie  in April with 23 members present. Dr. L. B. Roebuck of Italy was elected to membership. Dr. W. P. McCall was elected as alternate [delegate to the state convention] in place of Dr. Griffin who had moved to Graham.

At Red Oak in June, with 21 members present to enjoy a clinic presented by Drs. Langford, Wadley and Diggs. The July meeting will be at Italy. [no report on this].

In Waxahachie in August -  was reported to be the most enthusiastic in five years, with 30 members present to enjoy an excellent program.

In Ennis in September. Good work was reported with members showing an interest in all things for the benefit of the Society.

Officers were elected at the December meeting  for the following year: President: Dr. J. L. Raines, Bardwell; Vice-President: Dr. R. L. Hall; Secretary-Treasurer: Dr. E. T. Gough, Waxahachie; censor: Dr. S. H. Watson, Waxahachie; Delegate: Dr. Z. T. Bundy of Milford with Dr. J. S. Berry of Waxahachie as Alternate. "The Society was thought to be in better working order than in some years."

December 1918. Officers elected to serve during 1919 were: President: Dr. E. F. Gough, Waxahachie; Vice President, Dr. W. P. McCall, Ennis; Secretary-Treasurer, Dr. C. W. Ray, Waxahachie, who resigned in March and was replaced by Dr. T. H. Cheatham of Waxahachie.

Deaths reported 1918-1919 : Dr. W. Eugene Seeger of Waxahachie and Dr. Samuel D. Stout of Ennis.  Lt. H. E. R Roge of Milford and Lt. O. O. Sweatt of Waxahachie were honorably discharged from the Army in April 1919. [Source: Journal of Texas State Medical Association ] 1918-1919]

Members of Ellis County Medical Society, June 1921

J. L. Raines, J. W. Tulleson, O. H. Mayers, J. W. Tolleson;
O. H. Meyer
W. E. Campbell, L. E. Clark, C. P. Cook, J. W. Germany, J. E. Gilcrest, J. C. Loggins, R. A. McCall, W. P. McCall, Fred L. Story, J. S. Terry, A. L. Thomas, T. W. White, A. J. Cox, C. E. Gray;
A. T. Hampton, E. House, I. G. Jones;
Z. M. Thornton
F. H. Carlisle, W. A. Grant, R. L. Hall, F. R. Jenkins, W. M. Jenkins, J. F. Nowlin, J. B. Roebuck;
R. L. Tibbs, W. B. Weeks;
T. L. Barnett; B. F. Crabtree, J. P. Harris, P. E. Moore, R. S. Payne, R. W. Poplin;
J. E. Killian, R. M. Monroe, M. J. Pickett;
M. L. Moore;
Red Oak:
G. P. Stoker;
C. A. Blind, W. D. Boyd, G. M. Goddard, E. F. Gough, L. H. Graham, M. E. Hastings, J. B. Jenkins, J. E. Jones, L. Keplinger, W. B. Jackson, R. H. Looney, C. W. Way, W. P. Sims, O. P. Sweatt, Wm. C. Tenery, D. G. Thompson, S. H. Watson, W. F. West.   [Source: Journal of State Medical Association 1921]


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