Frame - Miller Marriage

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Frame - Miller Marriage

Waxahachie Enterprise - September 27, 1889


Lone Elm.  Miss Lou Frame and Charley Miller were married at the home of the bride's mother Sept. 1, 1889.  The ceremony was originally planned to take place in the Sardis church, but due to bad weather the bridal party remained at  home where the ceremony was performed by Rev. Hawkins.  Even with the rain, a large group of friends from far and near were present to witness the ceremony.

Among gifts received: Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Black -  set of silver knives and forks;  Mr. and Mrs. Guy Pierce, handsome mirror; Miss Annie Patterson, berry bowl; W. T. Baxter and E. B. Seagraves - water set; S. E. Hilburn - knives and forks; Mr. Johnson - butter dish; Oma and Maude Pierce - fine lamp; bride's sister - silver spoons; Master Willie Frame - silver castor; Ed Thomas - set of spoons; F. M. Dunnelly - photograph album; Mrs. J. H. Miller - set of cups and saucers; Miss Nora McMillan - dressing case.

[Barbara Knox had the idea that she could rewrite editorials to make them sound better, and would do this even when transcribing historical documents. These two articles could be one in the same as one or both could have been rewritten by her. It would be wise to locate the original newspaper clipping(s) to verify the facts for yourself. -- Rob Yoder]




Waxahachie Enterprise - Sept. 27, 1889

Miss Lou Frame and Mr. Charley Miller were married Sept. 15, 1889 at the home of the bride's mother near Lone Elm.  The ceremony was to have taken place in the Sardis Church, but the bridal party remained at home because of the inclement weather.

The bride, dressed in white,  and her stalwart groom took their marriage vows before a large company of friends assembled from far and near in the drizzling rain.  The ceremony was performed by Rev. Mr. Hawkins.

Wedding gifts received:  set of silver knives and forks - Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Black;  handsome mirror -  Mr. and Mrs. Guy Pierce; berry bowl - Miss Annie Pattersn;  elegant water set - ; Mr.. W. T. Baxter and E. B. Seagraves;  knives and forks - Mr. S. E. Hillburn; butter dish - Mr. Johnson;  fine lamp - Oma and Maude Pierce,  silver spoons - bride's sister;  silver caste - ; Master Willie Frame;  set of spoons - Ed Thomas;  photograph album - F. M. Dunnelly; set of cups and saucers - Mrs. J. H. Miller;  dressing case - Miss Nora McMillian.


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