The Ennis Weekly Local - Nov & Dec 1901

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The Ennis Weekly Local

Saturday Nov 9, 1901 - Vol. XVI No. 45

Contributed by Virginia Crilley

Capt W.H. Getzendaner and Miss Quincy Davis of Waxahachie were married at 6 o'clock Thursday morning.

Theo France, who has been with Local for the past three years, hasresigned his position. We regret to see him leavae as his place will behard to fill.

The five year old son of Mr. Duke was kicked by a horse and killed Tuesday, near Rankin.

Percy Lockett has gone to Beaumont to enter school.

Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Stevens and daughter, Mrs. Bond, left this week for Henrietta,  their future home.

Mr. J.W. Wheeler and Miss Minnie McKay were married Wednesday night.

Miss Caroline Duncan returned Tuesday to Dallas, where she is conducing school of expression.

Commencing Monday the 9th Supt Criddle will be out among the schools ofthe county and will only be in his office on Mondays and Saturdays.

George S. Johnson, Jr. is a new arrival born last Wednesday to Mr. and Mrs. G.S. Johnson whose home is Macon, GA, but are the guest of Mr. and Asa Walsh. Mrs. Johnson was Miss Fannie Mae Hunter, and a great favorite among the young people here. We wish young Johnson a happy voyage over life's stormy sea.

Miss Artie Watts was married to Frank Duncan a few days ago. Miss Artie is the daughter of Rev. W.A. Watts, of Push College

The Ennis Weekly Local

Saturday Nov 16, 1901

Vol XVI No 46

Loli - Our school began here Monday with Mr. George Clough as the teacher.

There is supposed to be singing at this place the 3rd Sunday evening.

W.J. Threadgill, an old and honored citizen of Bristol , died Wednesday

Miss Hazel Beers has given up her school at Sanderson

Married by Rev. Slaughter on Monday at the residence of Mr. Barlow, G.W. Hannah and Miss Alamo Latimer, a sister of Mrs. Barlow

The Case Made Plain. Nov 4, 1901.

To the Hon Mayor and City Council:

At your last meeting a petition from citizens of Ward 1 for a school building was referred to the school board. From a careful study of the condition of our schools, as shown by the superintendent's report for the first scholastic month, ending Oct 18,we find 849 whites and 106 colored pupils in attendance, making a total of 955. These are divided between 18 white and 3 colored teachers.

The 9 white teachers teaching the first, second, and third grades atthe three different buildings have 534 children or practically an averageof 60 children to each room. The primary grades have 3 rooms and 233 children, or an average of 70 children to the teacher. Of the 534 children in the three grades mentioned, only 40 of them are under age, and itis, therefore, plain that to cut them out would not relieve thesituation, whilst it would cut off $60 per month tuition.

It is the idea of the school board that not more than 45 children to a room can get the attention due them. The funds at the disposal of theboard are sufficient to justify the employment of two (or three) additional teachers, but we have no way of extending relief to the crowded rooms. It is quite essential that the necessary room be furnished and the construction of a building in Ward 1 would meet the requirements.

The school board, however, has not the funds with which to build it, and earnestly petition you to provide the means with which to give room for tow, if not three teachers for Ward 1.

As an illustration of the present-crowded condition, we state that the primary rooms at the main building and at the 4th Ward are teaching one-half of the children in the forenoon and one-half in the afternoon. Mrs. Woods has 72 pupils and Miss Gee has more than 100.

Respectfully submitted, W.D. Farris, Pres.

J.B. Armstrong, Sec'y

Died. Charlie Traylor, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Will Pippin, at 8o'clock Tuesday morning aged 15 months. He was a bright and interesting child and had become very dear to the hearts of his parents and connections, and his death brings sorrow to them all. He was taken with something like congestion on Monday night and despite the best medical skill could do, died about 12 hours afterward. The funeral occurred at 10 o'clock Wednesday Morning.

Samuel C. Hallam, a prominent citizen of the Avalon community, died Wednesday morning Nov 6, 1901 about 4 o'clock after a brief illness. Mr. Hallem was 68 years old and had been a citizen of Ellis County about 30 years. He was an ex-confederate soldier, having served four years as 1st Lieutenant in the 15th, Miss. Regiment. He was a consistent member of the Presbyterian church and noted for his generosity in helping the needy. He was loved and respected by all, and his death has caused universal sorrow. The remains were brought to this place for interment on Wednesday afternoon and followed to their last resting place by a largeconcourse of sorrowing relatives and friends. Rev. Angus Johnson of Avalon and Rev. S.E. Kennon of Forreston, conducted the services.

Italy News Herald  Mr. Hallam was an uncle of the editor of the Local.


We are having an exciting time in and around Crisp over a newpost master. Mr. Buie the old one has sold out his store to Mr. J.P. Sims, and will resign the office and T.P. Thornton and Mr. Sims are in the race for the honor; for that is the greatest consideration in being the post master here. Tankford and Tee say they may put in claims later on.

Crisp - Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Rushing informally entertained Monday evening quite a large crowd of young people, complimentary to their niece, MissJackie Brook of Oregon. Sparkling conversation, music and mirth madethe hours pass all too swiftly for those present.

Crisp - Mr. B.E. Tee is building a new house. School began last week with good attendance. Miss Suda Burt has come in from Miss to assist in teaching the Union Hill School.

Crisp has a new barber shop. Mr. Paten is proprietor and he isworking his way through the school at the same time. He deserves the patronage of all the boys in his effort to make something of himself.

Ennis - Miss Mamie Bennett who is teaching at Sardis spent Sunday at home.

Tom Myrick, a farmer living near Forreston, was held up and robbed by two masked men last Monday night as he was returning home from Waxahachie, where he had been to sell cotton. He was relieved of the trouble and worry of taking home and caring for about $200 in good coin of the realm.

The Ennis Weekly Local

Saturday Nov 23, 1901

Vol XVI No 47

The Odd Fellow's Blow-Out

Two years ago the Odd Fellows of this county, in order to cultivate the hospitable and social features of the order, began a system of inter-visiting when they would enjoy a night of social communion and formulate plans for the good of the brotherhood. Tuesday night was the time for the visitors to be entertained by Ennis Lodge No 227.

John Turner, a section foreman at Waxahachie, was sitting on a flat car last Tuesday in the H & TC yards, when an engine bumped against the car, throwing him off, mashing him terribly and breaking both legs. He died at 8:20 that night.

The trustees of Trinity University,[Waxahachie] it is understood, have offered the presidency of that institution to Rev. Ira Landrith of Nashville, at present editor of theCumberland Presbyterian, and he has been conferring with the board thisweek...He is an old Ellis county boy and has trod the furrow as he turned the yielding glebe hardby his native town-Milford, where his parents still reside.

T.H. McDuffie died at 3 o'clock yesterday. Burial will occur atWaxahachie this afternoon under the ritual of the K of P. Lodge of that city. Mr. Duffie was a highly honored citizen.

The friends of Dr. and Mrs. A.J. Tate deeply sympathize with them in the death of their son, Carl, which occurred Wednesday night. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. J. Duncan.

J.W. Copeland and family arrived here Monday from Montgomery Co, AL, and will hereafter make their home in Ellis county near Bardwell.

A child of Mr. T. H Mardia at Oak Grove, was reported sick withdiptheria this week.

The Ennis Weekly Local

Saturday Nov 30, 1901

Vol XVI No 48

Miss Katie Daffan returned Tuesday from her visit in North Carolina, Georgia and Virginia. She was a representative of Texas in the national convention of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

T.B. Loyd has let the contract to Alex Willis of Ennis for moving the residence on his farm one mile east of town to the lot on S. Ward Stret, adjoining where he lives.

Italy News-Herald

The congregation of the First Baptist Church pounded their pastor, Rev. S. H. Slaughter from 2 o'clock in the afternoon until a late hour in the evening last Saturday, and he stood it very well. Delivery wagons loaded with edibles from the groceries, men and women of the congregation with bundles, coming to pay homage to their pastor for the excellent work he has done during the past year, shows an appreciation that speaks volumes for the congregation.

Mrs. J.J. Jetton of Van Alstyne spent Thanksgiving with her parents, Mr. and Mr.s E.H. Winn.

Mr. John J. Giddings of Ennis filed a deed in the county clerk's office yesterday afternoon of more than usual importantce, where in W.D. Farris conveys to George A. Giddings the land known as the Farris ranch. The property is composed of 2110 acres situated on Grove creek, and theconsideration was $50,000 all in cash. The deed had $23.65 worth of revenue stamps.

The purpose Mr. Giddings had in selling the Farris ranch was that he wished to close a deal for a 13,000 acres ranch in West Texas, stocked with several thousand head of cattle and 500 head of horses.

H.J. Hale of Avalon, was in the city Tuesday, and informed the Local that he had sold his store there and will leave soon for the west.

Tom Bell, a farmer, was killed near Birdston, Navarro Co, by a heavy log falling on him through the breaking down of a wagon he was driving.

City Health Office W.P. McCall has reported two new cases of smallpox near Alma in this county. One is a white man named Joe Grizzard and the other is a negro named Will Henderson.

Emmett McFarland killed. On Thursday night McFarland a highly respected citizen of Ennis and an employee of the Central railroad while making a switch at Mexia was instantly killed by the car running over him. The remains were brought here and interred yesterday afternoon in the city cemetery. He leaves a family besides his aged parent to all of whom, the Local in common with the entire community extends the deepest sympathy and condolence.

Charley Barton of Decatur and Miss May Belle Butler of Palestine were married Sunday. Mr. Barton is a Waxahachie boy and is well known throughout the county.

The Ennis Weekly Local

Saturday Dec 7, 1901

Vol XVI No 50

W.H. Marchbanks and family of Chatfield spent a few here visiting Attorney Marchbanks of Ennis.

An infant belonging to a couple traveling over the Central, died inEnnis at the depot Friday

A.C. Page's case came up in district court Thursday

Mr. Will Hough and Miss Carrie Ellison, popular young people of Ennis were married Wednesday evening at the First Baptist Church in this city.  The groom is a trusted employee of the Central Railroad Company and as to the bride, any praise at our hand is unneccessary for all who know her bear witness to her sterling qualities, which ornament true womanhood.

Louis Sexton of Ennis has been appointed by Congressman Ball his private secretary and has gone to Washington. Mr. Sexton is a nephew of the congressman.

A telegram from Dr. Landreth to Judge Templeton of the board of trustees of Trinity University, declines the presidencey of that institution. He will continue editorial work in Nashville.

At the home of the brides' parents Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Pryor, Sunday, Dec 1 at 6 o'clock Miss Mary Ellen Pryor was happily married to Mr. Lon E. Eagle of Waxahachie. Rev. S. Slaughter performing the ceremony. The groom is a progressive young business man of Waxahachie and the bride is a very popular young lady and has a host of friends and well wishers who wish for her and her young husband a long life of sunshine and happiness.

In a letter from Mr. Eugene France of Mineral Wells, where he is now located, he makes enquiry concerning the famous Brown St "Dozen" who formerly met at Shegog's drug store. And we are forced to say that grand organization has been run inot politics, which are now discussed there by Col Carleton, Alderman Allen, Dr. Shegog and Mr. Stevenson.

The Ennis Weekly Local

Saturday Dec 14, 1901

Vol XVI No 50

Milford has secured the location of the Presbyterian synodical shool and is wearing its hat cocked over one ear accordingly.

Crisp.   The Woodmen of this place disbanded and went to Ennis, Bristol, Telico and other places; they could not obtain a suitable meeting place here.

Dr. J. M. Shegog has been confined to his home this week, but is able to be out.

Miss Hazel Beers who has been the gues of Mrs. Dunkerly and Miss Stubbs  has returned to Galveston.

J.C. Johnson has sold his farm of 90 acres one mile east of Waxahachie at $125/acre. This is said to be the highest price ever paid for farm land in Ellis County.

Capt John D. Daffan, a railroad official and cashier of the Central at Denison, spent a few days this week in the city visiting his father's family.


Happenings of '77

The following interest paragraphs are clipped from a copy of the Ennis Saturday Review edited by S.M. Carlton and dated April 21, 1877. The paper has been preserved by C.T. Hogan.

"The enterprising managers of the M, K & T Railway have flooded Texas with tramps, a nuisance unknown here before the advent of the railroads.

The firm of Reisman & Freeman has been dissolved by mutual consent. J. Reisman retiring also from the firm of W. Wolf & Co, Phillip Freeman continuing the business.

Try. A. M. Morrison & Co for groceries

Stalworth for pure whiskies

Dried apples at J.C. McKinnie's

We are sadded to record the fact that our friend and neighbor, Mr. Cyrus T. Hogan has sustained a great loss in that the death of two of his children. Harry a bright little son, aged four years and Hattie an infant daughter, aged three months.

E.I. Pittman is offering his frame building on the Avenue for sale.

Got to T.L. McCarty's for woodenware and groceries.

Rev. W.H. Parks will fill his regular appointment at the Baptist church  Sunday school at 9 1/2 o'clock.

The Waxahachie IOOF lodge are preparing to celebrate the 58th anniversary of Odd Fellowship in United States with orations, drill and banquet.

Craig & Dunkerly, P. Freeman, W.G. and GA Giddings, JM Gilpin, E I Pittman, Abe Carroll and CT Hogan all have advertisements in the paper at that time"


Col B.F. Marchbanks announces running for office of County Judge of Ellis County.

Sunday morning the thermometer register 9 degrees above zero; the coldest weather before Christmas in this section for many years, and Saturday was an ideal hog-killing day.

The Ennis Weekly Local

Saturday Dec 21, 1901

Vol XVI No 51

Twice has Ennis suffered from fire this week. On Tuesday night the Templeton-Latimer building on Dallas Street was set a fire by an exploding lamp, and wholly destroyed the Royal Palace, Grand Leader, Biggers office and the art studio of Mrs. McDuffie, Higginbothm, the Elks and KP  halls and Rushing & Murdock were damage more or less by water and removal.Loss approximately $35,000 with light insurance.

On Wednesday night a defective flue in the house occupied by Mr. Watkins, caused the total loss of three dwellings, the one occupied by Mr. Watkins, one in which Mr. J.W. Taylor lived, and also the one where Mr. Joe Moore resided. The loss was considerable and the amount of insurance did not exceed $3,000.

Mr. Oscar Roach and Miss May Holland, both of Bardwell community were happily married last Saturday at the home of the bride.

J.N. Craig is Dead. On Sunday evening last, the mortal tenament of this upright man and Christian gentleman was laid to rest with the  ritualistic honors of the Woodmen and K.P Thus passes one of the best citizens of the town and his place and influence will be hard to fill; truly a  good man is gone.

Last Sunday evening at the home of the bride's parent, Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Pryor, Miss Una Pryor was quietly married to Mr. Roy McDuffie of  Waxahachie. Rev. S.H. Slaughter officiating. The bride is a very popular and amiable young lady and has a host of friends who wish her a long and happy life. The groom is an energetic young man.

The Ennis Weekly Local

Saturday Dec 28, 1901

Vol XVI No 52

Saturday night of the 14th, the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.K. Davis, formerly of this place and now of Duncan, I.T. was visited by the death angel and it took from them their darling little Maude. Eight days and nights this little one suffered untold pain and beyond all their strong efforts to keep her with them, Jesus saw fit to take her with him, and now she gently sleeps in his arms, where she'll have no more pain nor sorrow.

Fort the past three years, little Maudie has been to her parents a rose-bud and what a sad expression is left on their face since she has been plucked from their home. Besides these she leaves a little brother, too young to realize their parting but we trust they will some day, should it be soon or late, meet to know each other in that bright eternal home. "Papa, ain't you going all the way with me?" were the last words by little Maudie, and while he couldn't go there we trust when he pays the  debt she has paid he can go, stand face to face with her and tell her he has come all the way to see her, and they will ever together rest in the Savior's love and evermore be free from toil and care.

On the 12:15 am train Monday Little Maudie was brought to Ennis. Funeral service conducted by Rev. Duncan, pastor of the Methodist Church at 3:30 pm at Mrs Riley's and at 4:30 she was laid to rest in Myrtle cemetery where her sorrowing friends and relatives bade her farewell on this earth to meet her again at the roll call in Heaven.

Dec 16 1901

- - -

Dr. Lee Loggins dead

When a man in the first flush of young manhood, with a devoted wife, a host of friends and bright prospects for many years of usefulness, is suddenly cut off, we wonder at the ways of providence and often rebel against his dispensations, refusing to believe it is for the best. Few young men had brighter prospects for a useful or more honorable career than Dr. Lee Loggins; nature had been generous with her gifts to him, and with a thorough preparation for a professional career, he was rapidly gaining a fine medical practice at the town of Graham, where he had been located for about three years.

His loss will be keenly felt; to his young and devoted wife, it will be irreparable; his parents will mourn for a dutiful son, and a wide circle of friends will not soon find another genial, kind and delightful companion. He died yesterday morning at 3 o'clock and his funeral will occur this morning at 10, when a large concourse of his friends will commit to mother earthy, with the funeral rites of the orders to which he belonged, all that remains of this faithful friend, dutiful son, loving husband and useful citizen. May the grass grow green above his resting place.

Addie Todd . On last Monday the community was saddened as it rarely has been by the death of Miss Addie Todd, a popular and accomplished young lady. She possessed all the graces that rendered her attractive and she diffused a circle of sunlight wherever she went.

NOTE: 1910 Census shows her the d/o George and Shelby Todd living at 613 N. Dallas St. born Nov 1884. George Todd was Conductor on R.R.

Tuesday night at 7:30 o'clock at Oak Grove Church was the scene of  a pretty wedding, the contracting persons being Mr. Richard Crosby and Miss Genio Brown both of that community. The groom is a worthy young man and his fair bride is a very amiable and popular young lady. These young people are very popular among their associates who wish them a long and happy life.

Uncle Jack Lemmon of Rice and one of the Local's good friends was in the city Monday looking at the Christmas displays.

Frank Chambers was shot at Telico by Mr. Casey a few days ago.

Mr. T.V. Wooten and Miss Hannah Pittman were married at Creechville last Sunday. [Dec 22, 1901]

C. Earl and family have gone to Shawnee, Okla where they will reside in the future.


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