Mrs. M. T. "Grandma" Hawkins

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Mrs. M. T. "Grandma" Hawkins
90th Birthday Celebration

The Dallas Morning News, Oct. 12, 1890, pg 14


Mrs.  M. T. (Annie) Hawkins - better known as "Grandma" - celebrated her 90th birthday on Wednesday, Sept. 24, at the home of her son. M. T. Hawkins, in Midlothian. Among the many guests were Capt. J. Em. Hawkins of Morgan,  Lt. and Mrs. R. Beall of Mt. Peak, Mr. and Mr. J. M. Laughlin, Mr. and Mrs. Joe McElroy, Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Powers and Mr. amd Mrs. Newon Chapman of Ovilla.

Mrs. Hawkins is the mother of Capt. B. F. Hawkins who  has filled the office of County Clerk for Ellis County since 1890 with the exception of two terms. Prior to the E. J. Davis regime, Capt. J. E. Hawkins represented this county in the State Legislature. M. T. Hawkins is a prominent farmer and former postmaster here and one son, Rev. William A. Hawkins, deceased, lived here. Two grandchildren, Mrs. J. E. Mulkey and Mrs. Mitch Gray are Dallas residents, She has living 41 grand children, forty-three great grand children and one great-great grandchild.

The Hawkins family migrated to Texas from Indiana in the spring of 1848 and after a short time at Cedar Springs in Dallas County, settled near the place known as the famous Hawkins Springs. When Ellis County was organized in 1850, her husband, William Hawkins, was elected County Judge - a positoon he filled with great ability. Prior to the move to Texss, he taught school, and one of his brightest pupils was Thomas A. Hendricks, late vice president of the U. S.

At each of these annual reunions, her mind dimmed by years, "Grandma" Hawkins vividly tells of  the trials of early Texas life and the many dangers and struggles faced by the pioneers. Though her 100th birthday is approaching, her mind is unimpaired and her general health far above the average. Since early childhood she has been n a pillar in the Methihodist church and her many deeds of charity, self sacrifice and kindness would fill a large  book if recorded.


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