Migration from Giles County, Tennessee

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Migration from Giles County, Tennessee

Pulaski Citizen - Dec. 21, 1882

Contributed by Cindy Cunningham


This list of Giles Countians who had migrated to Ellis County, Texas was originally printed in the Pulaski Citizen, [Dec. 21, 1882 edition] and reprinted in the Giles County Historical Society Bulletin, Vol. 28, Oct. 2002. The  list was compiled by a former Giles Countian in Ellis Co. who wrote to say that Ellis was fast filling up, but people keep coming. He advised Giles Countians to hold off coming "until we make another crop--too much of a thing makes times hard here."

J. M. Edwards

Ash Bass

H. B. Edwards

C. P. Reed

J. H. Edwards

R. W. Workman

A. J. Edwards

Steve Elliff

W. J. Edwards

Henry Alexander

John Rogers

S. S. McCanless

James Rogers

Henry McMillon

J. H. Rogers Jr.

Dave West

S. H. Strickland

Billy Jones

T. J. Strickland

Jas. Calvert

W. T. Strickland

J. D. Wright

T. B. Reasonover

W. B. Harwell

Rob't Reasonover

Rev. Thos. G. Pain

B. B. Newton

D. H. McCain

Prof. Calvert

C. D. Smith

C. W. Wynn

Mrs. Babe Barnes

A. J. Cheatham

Mrs. Sarah Collins

Thos. Cheatham

C. G. Braley

T. C. Cheatham Sr.

William Braley

John Cheatham

W. M. Gardener

H. T. Bass

Frank McCracken

S. H. Harwell

Jo. McCracken

Ed. Harwell

J. H. Hammonds

W. W. McCormack

W. J. Roden

W. A. Osborn

William Vick Sr.

W. H. O'Neal

John Vick

R. D. McCombs

Sam Fry

G. W. McCombs

W. L. Marks

G. H. Hollis

Jack Menatree

B. Ingram

Tobe Grant

N. B. Ingram

Dr. H. C. Worley

William Flint

Bryce West

H. Benson

W. Jones

J. P. H. Nelson

T. H. Holt

John Harvey

William Bass

Robert Tucker

Isaiah Abernathy

William Vick


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