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Henry T. Henderson Martha Gibbs July 5, 1866
Alfred R. Rucker Miss T. Sabell Baggett July 1, 1866
Cyrus G. Alexander Martha R. McKee July 12, 1866
Thomas K. Gocher Fannie Andrews July 8, 1866
James H. Forger Ann Jemima Groves July 25, 1866
John L. Pace Sarah C. Poplin July 22, 1866
Washington H. Denison Sarah M. Burkhead Aug. 9, 1866
Jesse F. Harris Lucinda E. Hendricks Aug. 2, 1866
Enoch W. Howard Mary A. Brumbage Aug. 9, 1866
William F. G. McKee Mrs. Susan J. Fleming Aug. 8, 1866
Henry B. L. Hill Martha J. Noland Aug. 9, 1866
George G. King Sarah C. Chapman Aug. 14, 1866
James P. Hunter Mittie S. Sevier Aug. 29, 1866
Gaston W. Swofford Martha J. McCarver Aug. 21, 1866
Lewis R. Hawkins Mary E.. J. Parr Aug. 29, 1866
James R. McElhany Mary Emily Wise Aug. 28, 1866
George W. Hawkins Mary E. Loswe Sept. 4, 1866
John T. Richeson Mary J. Phelon Sept. 6, 1866
William M. Mjulkin Mary E. Butler Sept. 11, 1866
James H.. Wilson Mary G.. Morris Sept. 6, 1866
James W. Groves Martha H. Parks Sept. 12, 1866
Tom J. Robison Laura Douglas Sept. 27, 1866
Benjamin P. Merrill Jane Stiles Sept. 20, 1866
William B. Teas Lucy A. Higgins Sept. 27, 1866
Samuel M. Boren Elizabeth V. Bundy Oct. 14, 1866
John C. George Rachel M. Davis Octr. 7, 1866
James I. Blair Mariah A. Davis Oct. 14, 1866
James M. Hoge Emily A. Newton Oct. 18, 1866
Levi C. Anderson Malinda Dozier Nov. 6, 1866
Mathew S. Stout Sarah L. Crawford Oct. 28, 1866
Solomon D.. Dougherty Ardella Morgan Nov. 8, 1866
William Jinkins Elizabeth J.. Jinkins Nov,. 8, 1866
James P. Geaslin Mary J. Parsons Nov. 15, 1866
John W. Lancaster Mary F. Witherspoon Nov. 15, 1866
Samuel Cooper Elmira Wolcott Nov,. 15, 1866
Robert M. Sloan Mary E. King Nov. 21, 1866
John S. Shankle Arzulia R. Goocher Nov. 29, 1866
Jesse L. Smith Rebecca Farrar Nov. 29, 1866
William C. Arden Terry A. Humble Dec. 11, 1866
James R. Henderson Mrs. Mary Jane Parker Nov. 29, 1866
Henry L. Dorr Sarah A. Moyers Dec. 19, 1866
William W. Laughlin Elizabeth J. Daniel Dec. 16, 1866
Joseph A. McElroy Sidney J. Laughlin Dec. 20, 1866
William A. Parks Elizabeth Oney Smith Dec. 20, 1866
Robert P. Bethurum Elizabeth Jane Hart Sept. 3, 1866

[I just found this file of marriage records all by itself in one of the folders. It appears to possibly be a Page 2 in a project that Barbara Knox was working on, as it is linked to a file called Page 3. Perhaps I will find the companion files in another folder some day. - Rob Yoder, August 21, 2016]


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