Ex Students of Dickens High School 1890-1956

      "Just a memory that will live in the lives of those who once lived here".

Dickens High School 1890-1956

Dickens High School 1909 - 1934

New High School


The first school in Dickens was taught in a dugout on the northeast corner of the square in 1890 by Minor Wilson before the county was organized. Miss Sallie Mae Hale was the second school teacher. She also taught in the dugout.

In the summer of 1892 the school was moved into a nice white building on Lot 13, Block 38, where the church of Christ is now located. The building had a belfry and a big bell hung in it to tell the children that it was time to come to school. The lumber was hauled from Quanah by wagon train. Dr. M. S. Crow was the owner of the lot and he sold to the school for five dollars.

The old building was sold to W. C. Ballard in 1900 and he gave it o the Chruch of Christ and they used it until 1929. A new school building was erected in the east part of town, north of the present highway 82. It was a three teacher building. They used this building until 1909, when a new brick 10 room building was erected. It was the pride of the County. This building was used until 1934, when another new brick building was erected on the same ground. At this time there were over 400 pupils. It was a four-year accredited high school. As time went by, more people left the farms and small cities; therefore, Dickens was not exempt, so in 1958 the school district was divided between Patton Springs, Spur and McAdoo. They tore the old building down and hauled it away; so today, there is not a school at Dickens....

Source: Dickens County History...its Land and People 1986 by Dickens Historical Commission page 487
History of Class 1950Photo Album

Bullet Dickens Owls
Adams, Deward Adams, Doris Mae Adams, Raymond
Aldredge, C.A. Aldrich, Betty Jean (Fallis) Allen, J.D.
Armstrong, David Armstrong, Estelle (Blair) Armstrong, Nelda (Pendley)
Armstrong, R.D. Arrington, Fred Arrington, Gladys (Borden)
Arthur, Dean Arthur, Ermal (Hoover) Arthur, E.V.
Arthur, Haunera (Pritchett) Arthur, Lona Dell (Rogers) Arthur, Georgia
Atkinson, Betty (Hoover) Atkinson, C.L. Atkinson, Don
Atkinson, E.J. Atkinson, Wanda (Stanley)
Baber, Cleve Baber, Edith Bachman, Charlie
Bachman, Paul J. Bailey, Mrs. E.M. Baker, Mrs. Charlie
Baker, Louise (Perryman) Baker, Vivian Banowsky, Wade
Barnhill, Virginia Beebe, ? (Mrs. Carl Rush) Beebe, Beatrice (Mrs. J.E. Stoall)
Beebe, C.C. Beebe, Paul Beebe, Royce
Beebe, Thenia (Koonsman) Beechly, Emily (Mrs. Raymond Ware) Beechly, Rachel
Beechley, Annie Beechley, Verna (Goen) Berry, Mrs. J.E.
Bilberry, Alvin Bilberry, Ava Nell (Ponder) Bilberry, L.D.
Bilberry, Luther Bingham, Rachel Bird, Eulah Buchanan
Bishop, Wayne Bivens, Melvin Blackwell, Jack
Blair, Harold Blair, Lora (Meadors) Borden, Curtis
Blair, Kate (Gipson) Blair, Lucy (Lea) Blair, Zelma (Lusk)
Blake, Juanita (Borden) Blakley, Zola Borden, Hardy
Borden, Howard Bride,Jim Bowerman, Aaron
Brodge, W.J. Bridge, Dumont Brindle, W.L. "Slim"
Brooks, Mrs. La Rue Brooks, Mrs. Milton Brown, Darla Jean (Seitx)
Brown, Earlene Brown, Leonard Brown, Sharon (Green)
Brummett, Dudley Brummett, H.A.C. Jr. Brummett, Winston
Buchanan, Albert Buchanan, Emma (Russell) Buford, Lois Mae
Burke, Mr. and Mrs. J.K. (Teachers) Burnam, Nan Jo (Futch) Butler, Annie Mae (Carroll)
Butler, Charles Dale Byrd, Geneva (Smith) Byrd, Mrs. Henrietta (Teacher)
Campbell, Della (Hagins) Campbell, Velma (simmons) Cathy, Ann
Cates, Zeta Dean Cates, Ollie Elle (Slaton) Chatham, Jack
Chesney, Bonnie Jo (Hudson) Chesney, Jimmie Lea Chesney, Marinea Ruth
Chesney, Cleo (Lewis) Chewing, Montel Elle (Hawk) Christopher, La Nelle
Clay, Elner (Gay) Clay, Georgia Ruth (Beechley) Clifton, Brenda (Reagan)
Clifton, Demp Clower, Ira Cobb, Lloyd
Cobb, Woodrow Collett, Gay Conaway, Betty (Johnson)
Conaway, Jodie Conaway, Mary (Reynolds) Copass, Ira
Copass, James Copass, Jordan Copass, Wesley
Corty, Linda Cowan, Thurman Cox, Virginia (Mrs. C.W. Worswick)
Crego, Edith Cumbie, Bill Cumbie, J.J.
Cumbie, John J. Jr. Cumbie, Sue (Farley
Dawe, Margaret (Mrs. S.D. Worswick) Dawson, Carlton Dawson, Effie (Hicks)
Dawson, Wila (Davis) Dawson, Willeta Day, Durwood
Day, Gordon Day, Mavis Day, Sharon
Day, Ted Day, Wallace Deaton, Allen
Deaton, Wendell Deaton, Wilburn C. DeGraw, Jimmy
Denny, John F. Denson, Mrs. Dewesse, A.L.
Dodson, Carlton Donaghe, Mrs. Adam (Teacher) Dozier, Elbert
Draper, Fay Draper, Gilberta Drennan, Billy George
Drennan, Ozella Drennon, Voil Driver, Charles
Duncan, Paul Dl. Durham, Gussie (Ludwick) Durham, Loran
Durham, Louise (Hamilton) Durham, Opal (McBroom)
Edward, Don Edwards, Gene Edwards, Ira
Edwards, Irene (Williams) Edwards, Jack Evans, Jessie (Edwards)
Edwards, John Henry Edwards, J.Q. Edwards, Mary Jane (Nichols)
Edwards, Maude (Swaringen) Elliott, Kenneth Elliott, Tony
Ellis, Harry Elmore, Leroy Elmore, Lois Mae(Hammer)
England, Jimmy (Latham) English, Ava (Teacher) Estes, Rachel
Farley, Gerald Faubus, Claude Faubus, Dorothy
Faubus, Janice (Henderson) Faubus, James Wayne Fellmy, Jan (Crafton)
Forbis, Frank Futch, Edna (Bilberry) Futch, Nan Jo (Bennett)
Futch, R.L.
Garner, Ella Garner, Mauel (Morrison) Garner, Peral (Jones)
Garner, Mona Gatlin, Francis, (Meadors) Gay, John
Gay, Loouise (Long) Gay, Frank Gillstrap, Syble
Gipson, Donna Lou (Henderson) Gipson, Foy Gipson, Freida (Nichols)
Gipson, Jack Gipson, Selma (Mrs. A.B. Watson) Gladish, Bessie (Stanford)
Goen, Guy Good, Buck Goodwin, Val Dee
Graham, J.D. Graves, Sybil Green, John L.
Graves, Sybil Green, Betty Lee (Maines) Green, John L.
Green, Mickey Green, Nell (Davis) Green "Speck" R.C.
Green, Tommy Green, Tom Merrill Green, Worth
Gunn, Lloyd Gunn, Olen (Watson) Gunn, Pearl (McWhorton)
Gunn, Zada (Crawford)
Ham, Ellsworth Ham, Erie (Foster) Harkey, Berry (Lewis)
Harkey, Doris (Van Pelt) Harkey, Estelle (Niles) Harkey, Leon
Harkey, Lynn (Green) Harkey, Marilyn Harkey, Mary Lee (Stephens)
Harkey, Mike Harris,Pauline (Armstrong) Harvey, A.J.
Harvey, Mary (Randel) Harvey, Polly(Dempsey) Harvey, W.K.
Hash, Elbert Hash, Felix Hash, Bert
Hash, Bunny (Nash) Hash, Novela (Vignois) Hash, Wade
Hawk, Randall Hawk, Chewing Hawley, Charlene
Hawley, Curtis Hawley, Hubert Hawley, Jerry (Earnest)
Hawley, Merle (Brown) Hawley, Virlie (Day) Hemphill, Billy Jack
Hemphill, Freddie Henson, Louise Hext, Lillie Rose
Hickman, Mrs. Sic Holloway, Charlie Ray (Bennett) Holloway, Dan
Holloway, J.W. Holly, Audry (Faubus) Holly, Bessie
Holly, Bill Holly, Curtis Holly, Darly Wayne
Holly, Jean Holly, Lloyd Holly, Marie (Edwards)
Holly, Odell Horton, Artilla (Patton) Horton, Charles
Horton, Walter Hulsey, Allie (Taylor) Hulsey, Ethel (Griffin)
Hulsey, Lois (Smith) Hunt, Sandy Hunt, Wylie
Hurley, Hulen Hyatt, B.A. Hyatt, Ethel (Cornwell)
Hyatt, Jessee
Jackson, Alene (Brindle) Jackson, Amos Jackson, Bobby
Jackson, Foy Jackson, Francis Jackson, Grady
Jackson, H.O. Jackson, Juanita Jackson, J.C.
Jackson, Ike Jackson, John Jackson, C.C.
Jackson, Victor Jackson, Jennie Lou (Murphy) Johnson, Clara (Street)
Johnson, Helen (Young) Johnson, Joyce (Mrs. Bob Slack) Johnson, Vanzella (Murphy)
Joyner, A.P. Jones, Juther
Kennedy, Bob Kennedy, Don Kennedy, Goldie (Nichols)
Kennedy, Hamp M. Kennedy, Ida (Thomason) Kennedy, Margaret and Jim
Kennedy, Orb Kennedy, Pearl Richey Kennedy, Ruth (Partridge)
Kennedy, S.M.Jr. Kennedy, Vernon Kerr, Lucille
Kimmel, Curtis Kimmel, Idell Koonsman, John L.
Koonsman, Johnnie
Lane, Ella B. Laster, Austin Latham, Nancy Kay
Latham, ? Lea, Kenneth Lee, Barnard
Lee, Dorine (Warren) Lee, Veda (Hash) Lewis, Inell (Atkinson)
Lewis, Jerry Lewis, Stanley Lewis, Thurman
Littleifield, R.C. Lowens, Grace (Loyd) Lockett, Clara
Lockett, Katy Lowerie, Dub Luce, Emma (Davies)
Lusk, Anna (Terry)
McBride, Bill McBride, Linda (Sedgwick) McCarty, Kenneth
McClure, Lois (Meadors) McCormick, Walter McCormick, Ella Mae
McCormick, Ellen, (Hrael) McCormick, Joan (Dickinson) McCormick, Johnny
McGinleey, Velma McKinney, Annie McKnight, Calton
McKnight, Thelma (Collins) McLaughlin, Jack
Martin, Forrest Martin, Harry G. Martin, Kenneth
Martino, Ernestine Meadors, Cecil H. Meadors, Cecil Hugh
Meadors, Helen (Cozby) Meadors, Olive (Spikes) Meddleton, Ouida (Denny)
Mimms, Don Mimms, Jack Mimms, Jerry
Minnix, Bobbie Ruth (Blair) Mohler, Beatrice Morris, Hershel
Moss, Dalton Lee Moss, Wandell (Dyess) Moss, Wylina (Roberts)
Middleton, Charles Murchinson, Paul Murphy, Jane (Silkutter)
Murphy, Mae
Newberry, Jackson Newberry, Valera (Arthur) Nichols, Benny
Noland, Clayton Noland, Geraldine (Putman) Noland, Jewell (Holder)
Noland, Curtis Dell "Jiggs" Noland, John Norris, Erna Mae and Herman
Offield, Lessie Ogle, Ronnie Ogle, Forrest
Ogle, Wayne Ousley, Jean (Anderson) Ousley, Ray
Overstreet, Ben F. Overstreet,Billie Overstreet, Ruby Dell
Oxford, Brown and Jewell Oxford, Dick
Parks, Barbara (Ralston) Parks, Josie Elaine Parker, Arthur
Parker, Doris (White) Parker, Howard - wife (Jackson) Parks, Elaine
Partridge, Edd Partridge, Jack Partridge, June (Goodwin)
Pate, C.W. - wife (Kennedy) Payne, Cullen Parnell, Clyde, Jr.
Perrin, Jo Perryman, Elvis Peters, Lilian (Young)
Pierce, Ardelle (Johnson) Pierce, George Pierce, Georgia Ruth (Booker)
Pierce, Shirley (Cooper) Pillow, Alta Mae Pillow, Garland
Powell, W.W. Powell, Shorty Pritchard, Jimmy Don
Putman, Leonard Putman, Louis Pritchard, Willie (Quattlebaum)
Rasberry, Melton Reagan, Jake Reid, John
Reynolds, J.C. Reynolds, Mary Dean (Smiley) Reynolds, Polly (Jackson)
Reynolds, Robert Reynolds, Tookie (Mrs. Morris Cobb) Richards, Patsy (Murray)
Richey, Erie Robinson, Robert Rex Rye, Carl
Sizemore, Blanche, (Street) Sizemore, Fayne(Ogle) Saton, Peggy (Stewart)
Swaringen, C.C. Swaringen, Betty Denson Swaringen, Cristol
Swaringen, Grady Scott, Bill Scott, Mr. and Mrs. G.W. (Teachers)
Sizemore, Inez (Seabourn) Shafer, Mary J. (Atchinson) Sharp, Mr. and Mrs. A.C.
Sharp, Elise (Crockett) Sharp, James Robert Shaw, Carl
Shaw, Dean Shaw, Donald Shaw, Douglas
Shaw, Lillie M. (Griffin) Shields, Addie Shields, Edith (Blackwell)
Shields, Edna Greenway Shield, Stella Shields, Tom
Simmons, Beth Blackwell Sizemore, Bill Slack, Nell (Bond)
Slaton, Chloe (Mrs. Dempsey Simms) Slaton, Tony Spears Slough, Fay
Slough, Maud (Gay) Slough, Paul Slough, Edd
Smith, Mrs. C.V. Smith, Conley Smith, Dean
Smith, J.C. Speer, Effie Speer, Frances Lee (Bivens)
Spraberry, Opal Lee Spratt, Rose (Mrs. Jack) Stanford, Cecil
Stanford, Edith (Cumbie) Stanford, Ila mae (Curry) Stanford, Paul
Starrett, Loretta (Reid) Starrett, Melba (Jackson) Starrett, Paverance (Waldrep)
Stephens, Kathleen (Warr) Stephenson, Lucille (Stanley) Stephens, Mary (Powers)
Stephens, Peggie (Hunter) Stephens, Tom Jr. Stephenson, Charlie
Stetson, Milton Q. Stokes, Walter Street, Mr. and Mrs. Bee
Street, Charlie Street, Dannie (Hudgens) Street, Kenneth and Louise
Street, Willow and Marguerite Street, William Stubblefield, Jackie (Jackson)
Stubblefield, Minnie Pearl (Rorabaugh) Swan (Mrs. Earl Dozier) Swaringen, Betty (Denson)
Taylor, Bobby Jack Taylor, Charles A. Tennison, Bobby
Tenison, Curtis Wayne Terrell, Don Terrell, Linda (McCarty)
Thacker, Dena (Kirby) Thacker, Eva (Pierce) Thacker, Opal (Howard)
Thacker, Thelma Thompson, O.D. Thompson, Don
Thompson, Gary Don (Sputter) Thornton, Lilian Terry, Harley
Terry, Carl Terry, Dick Thompson, Clyde
Turpen, Pansy (Welbourn) Turpen, Patsy
Van Leer, Irene (Rogers) Varnell, L.J.
Ward, Ailene (Lyle) Ward, Bill Ward, Olin
Ward, Roy Warr, Hollis Watley, J.U.
Welbourn, M.B. Whatley, Charlotte (Laster) Welch, Don
White, Howard White, Jim Whitehurst, David
Whitehurst, Franklin Wiley, Louis Williams, Leon
Williams, Eugene Whatley, Edith (Williams) Williams, Imogene
Winkler, Mary Lou Winkler, Pat Worswick, Bennie Nausbaum
Worswick, ? (Mrs. Francis Harkey) Worswick, Lena (Walker) Wright, Billy (Smith)
Wright, Norman Wright, Wanda (Copeland) Wyatt, Bill
Yarbrough, Mona Yeates, H.I.

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