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Welcome to Dickens County . . . Its Land and People.

* This is beautiful ranch land that is rich in wonderful history. I hope you will find this site helpful in your search for your ancestors and find the charm that Dickens County possesses. We are very proud to be sponsoring Dickens County and this site will be continually updated.
* Any information beneficial to this site is welcome, please e-mail Linda Fox Hughes

If you don't recount your family history, it will be lost. Honor your own stories and tell them too. The tales may not seem very important, but they are what binds families and makes each of us who we are. ~ Madeleine L'Engle

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"Do not protect yourself from grief by a fence, but rather by your friends."-- Czech Proverb

Obituary Records of Dickens County

There are places we all come from — deep-rooty places— that make us who we are. And we disdain them or treat them lightly at our peril. We turn our backs on them at the risk of self-contempt. There is a sense in which we need to go home again— and can go home again. Not to recover home, no.    But to sanctify memory.   Though hard it is to explain, the old legend is correct....there is treasure there.   Robert Fulghum

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DICKENS COUNTY HISTORICAL MAPS NOW AVAILABLE. Send name and address of where to send map (donations happily accepted) to:
Dickens County Historical Commission
c/o Dickens County
P.O. Box 179
Dickens, TX 79229
call Harry Bob Martin 806-294-5401

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