Miscellaneous Burial Records of Dickens County
HALE, Harvey Terrell
Born: Jan 10, 1901 in Stonewall Co., TX
Died: Apr 5, 1971 in Morton, Cochran Co., TX
Father: David Franklin HALE
Mother: Archno DARNELL
Daughter: Thelma Hale McNUTT

HARRIS, Bettie Allen
Born: Feb 3, 1883 in Leon Co., TX  
Died: Jun 12, 1974
Came to Dickens in 1930 
Burial: 4B S 1/2 9
	Lela Smith
	Stella Kee
	Velma Evans

HARTMAN, Rosie Zella Cross
Born: 1864 in Illinois 
Died: 1917
Sister: Louella Cross TURNER
Father: James CROSS
Mother: Elizabeth VINCENT

HAZEL, Imogene
Born: Oct 23, 1916
Died: July 14, 1917
Father: Willis Martin HAZEL
Mother: Bammie Mae SKELTON
Burial: Old 16   5

HENRY, Nell Geraldine Higgins
Born: Apr 12, 1902 in Snyder, TX
Died: Dec 14, 1968 in Aspermont, TX
Father: James Pinkney HIGGINS
Mother:	Lena Rivers SWEET
Occupation: Housewife and music teacher
Burial: West part of Spur Memorial Cemetery
Location: Martin Addition, Block 6, Lot 11
Spouse: John Wylie HENRY
Children: Bonnie Beth HENRY

HOOVER, Mary Frances
Born: Oct 13, 1875 in Upshur Co., TX
Died: May 10, 1973 in Lubbock, TX
Father: Abe CAFFEY
Mother: Julia F. MAYBERRY

Born: Oct 16, 1909
Died: Aug 7, 1991 in Ruidoso, NM
Father: Alonzo Marion HOOVER
Mother: Ada Belle EMBRY
Burial: Martin 7D Lot 9 Space 1; Spur Memorial Cemetery

Born: Aug 16, 1909 in Palestine, TX
Died: Dec 3, 1992 in Lubbock, TX
Father: Louis HUNTER
Mother: Lorene JACKSON
Curry Funeral Home, Lubbock
Burial: Watson Addition S 1/2 of 16 Blk 2 Space 6 of Spur Memorial Cemetery

HUTTON, Melvin E.
Born: Sep 21, 1908 in Dickens Co., TX
Died: Mar 10, 1993 in Spur, TX
Father: Marion E. HUTTON
Mother: Bertha E. THACKER
Occupation: Salesman
Burial: Marin 6D SW Corner Lot 15 Space 2 of Spur Memorial Cemetery
Children: Nadine Hale
	Leland Hutton
	Arthur Hutton

IRVIN, Horotis
Born: Sep 8, 1927 in Mart, TX
Died: Jun 29, 1947 in Spur, TX
Father: Gus IRVIN
Mother: Georgia PATTERSON

JOHNSON, Bessie Carl Whitaker  
Born: Feb 13, 1882
Died: Feb 9, 1924
Spouse: Jackson JOHNSON
Children: Juanita Wade
	J. C. Johnson
	Lopez Bevers
	E. L. Johnson


JOHNSON, Thelma Ida Gibson
Born: Jan 11, 1898 Noble, AR
Died: Feb 27, 1955 
Burial: Spur Memorial Cemetery; Watson Addition, Block 1, Lot 8 S 1/2
Father: Isaac Lee GIBSON
Mother: Lillie Alma ARNOLD

LOPEZ, Delores
Born: Jan 21, 1965
Death: Jan 21, 1965
Father: Guadalupe Munoz LOPEZ
Mother: Elva DELGOTA

Born and Died 1923
Father; Ivy J. McMAHAN
Mother: Mary DeLISLE

Born: May 7, 1900 at Spur Ranch, Dickens, TX
Died: sEP 8, 1976 in Lubbock, TX
Father: Tol MERRIMAN
Mother: Della GILMORE
Married: October 4, 1920 at Spur, TX
Spouse: Ruby Jewel LEATHERMAN
Married: May 8, 1955 at Lovington, NM
Spouse #2: Elva BUFORD

Guy Merriman

Born: Apr 16, 1902 at Spur Ranch, Dickens, TX
Died: Apr 1,  1917 at Dickens, TX
Father: Tol MERRIMAN
Mother: Della GILMORE

Born: Apr 2, 1895 at Spur Ranch, Dickens, TX
Died: Dec 9, 1900 at Dickens, TX
Father: Tol MERRIMAN
Mother: Della GILMORE
tombstone photo 


PACE, Melvin
Born: Sep 20, 1917 
Died: Sep 21, 1917
Twin: Died in 12 hours
Father: Marion Allen PACE
Mother: Elizabeth LILES

PACE, Wilson
Born: Sep 20, 1917
Twin: Died in 12 hours
Father: Marion Allen PACE
Mother: Elizabeth LILES

Father: J. Alph PARKS
Mother: Miriam GRANTHAM
Babies born premature
Blk 26 Lot 3

PARKS, Louisa F.
Father: H. J. PARKS
Mother: Ella MARTIN
Blk 26 Lot 3 of Spur Memorial Cemetery

PESINA, Toribia Lara  
Born: Jul 30, 1966 in Spur
Died: Dec 8, 1989 - self inflicted gunshot wound
Father: Juan PESINA
Mother: Natalia LARA

PETTIT, Lucy Belle Farmer
Born: Jul 23, 1900
Died: Dec 30, 1989
Father: John Henry FARMER Sr.
Mother: Frances Lucretia BUSH
Married: Oscar PETTIT
Born:  May 26, 1887
Died: Dec 10, 1950
Children: Joe Franklin PETTIT; b. Oct 22, 1921, Spur, Dickens Co., TX d. Jul 13, 1941 - drowned.
		  Gladys Helen Pettit FRANKLIN

PUTMAN, Mary Rash 
Born: Jul 8, 1899 
Died: Jul 16, 1969 
Father: George Washington RASH 
Mother: Texie McGLATHERY 

RASH, Gladys	  
Born: Aug 13, 1895
Died: Apr 5, 1916
Father: George Washington RASH
Mother: Texie McGLATHERY

REYNOLDS, Mary Grace Conaway
Born: May 22, 1908 in Hill Co., TX
Died: Oct. 26, 1996 in Lubbock, TX
Father: William J. CONAWAY
Mother: Leila Elizabeth Epting
Children: Jack,- Ruidosa,NM; C.A.- Garden, TX; Mary Francis Selraster, Lubbock
tombstone photo

Robinson, Ada Mae 
Born: Jul 4, 1940 in Jayton, Texas
Died: Oct 8, 1988
Father: Spencer McClay
Mother: Jo Anna Wright
Burial: Freeman Addition, Spur Memorial Cemetery 

Ross, Lillian Rae Blackwood
Born: 1950 in Crosbyton, Crosby County, TX
Died: Jun 17, 1978
Father: Arthur Lee BLACKWOOD 
Mother: Ora Lee GIBSON
Married Terry Douglas Ross in Merkel, TX

Smith, Flora Ann
Born: Nov 23, 1890
Died: Dec 30, 1983 in Haskell, TX
Father: Francis Marion SKAINS
Mother: Cora O. SWILLEY

Smith, Fre
Born: Jan 10, 1915
Died: July 31, 1934 in Spur, Dickens County, TX
Father: William Eugene SMITH
Mother: Flora Ann SKAINS

Tagle, Beatrice
Born: Mar 21, 1922 in Hobson, TX
Died: Jun 11, 1988 in Spur, TX
Father: Enecieto Marquez
Mother: Beatrice Rios 


Tatum, Hartense
Born: Apr 23, 1926
Died: Apr 23, 1926

Wade, Sidney Wilks Wade
Wife: Lillian Faulkner Wade
Children: Alton
	Doris Wade (E.D.) Formby
	Winona Wade Glover
Sidney had three brothers:
	John Alvin

Wells, Dan jr.
Born: September 16, 1923
Died: June 25, 1924
Father: Dan WELLS
Mother: Minnie Ella MURPHY  
Burial: Espuela Cemtery

Williams, Beverly Diane		
Afro American
Born: Oct 16, 1950
Died: Jan 4, 1951 in Dickens Co., TX
Father: Clarence L. WILLIAMS
Mother: Ethel May HENDERSON

Wright, Nancy Ann
Born: Jul 19, 1947 in Spur
Died: Jul 19, 1947 in Spur
Father: J.P. WRIGHT
Mother: Johnnie SUGGS



Young, William Thomas
Father: Perry Young
Mother: Eva ?