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Father: Ollie A. ALEXANDER Mother: Irene HILL Sisters: Mrs. Marshall POWELL, Irene VIVIAN, Keffalonia FINCH. Burial: Spur Memorial Cemetery
Headstone Photo
Photo by Becky Hodges

BAKER, Fleta Alline Williams
Born: Oct 10, 1867, Hillsboro, TX
Death: Feb. 15, 1956, Spur, TX
Husband: Samuel Martin BAKER
Burial: Spur Memorial Cemetery

BARR, Fred Neal
Born: 1923
Death: 1945
Father: Fred Holloway BARR
Mother: Myrtle SULLIVAN

Father: Samuel BAXTER
Mother: Beulah Mae WEBB
Spouse: Clara Darnell; married in the mid 1930's. 
Children: Don, Timothy, and Twins Bob and Rob
Paul Baxter

BILBERRY, Johnie "Ruth" Tatum
Born: Mar 14, 1897 in Sentinel, OK
Died: Dec 8, 1917
Father: Monroe TATUM
Mother: Eldora BAKER
Spouse: J.T. BILBERRY in May 1916
Baby born Nov 16, 1917 Dolly "Maxine" BILBERRY TATUM raised by her sister Mrs. Paul (Audrey) HUNTER.
Maxine died June 20, 1964 of MS, never married.

Born: Au 6, 1911
Died: Jan 3, 1967
Father: Burris BLACKWOOD
Mother: Fannie MEADORS
Occupation: Trucker for B & T Truck Line
Headstone Photo
Photo by Becky Hodges

BLAIR, Baby Markel
Born: ?
Died: ?
Father: John BLAIR
Mother: Elsye YOUNG

BLAIR, Della Lorene 
Born: Dec 27, 1916
Died: Nov 16, 1920
Father: John BLAIR
Mother: Elsye YOUNG
Died of lockjaw: jumped off the front porch, scratching her leg.

BLANSCET, Lillie Mae Blackwood
Born: Dec 15, 1950, Crosbyton, Crosby Co., TX
Death: June 9, 1992 Amarillo, Randall Co., TX
Father: William Arthur BLACKWOOD
Mother: Ora Lee GIBSON
Funeral Home: Blackburn-Shaw, Amarillo, Texas

BREWER, William Crawford		  
Born: 1931
Died: 1932
Father: Rufus Herman BREWER
Mother: Mary Melvina COBB
tombstone photo

BRIAN, Dahlia Link	  
Born: Jul 29, 1901, Stonewall, Co., TX
Died: Feb 26, 1949, Stonewall Co.
Father: George S. LINK, Sr.
Mother: Ida Norella HOLLAND
Married  J. Carl BRIAN

FARMER, Frances Lucretia Bush
Born: May 12, 1881, Allen, Collin Co., TX
Died: Mar 3, 1964, Floydada, Floyd Co., TX
Father: Felix Glen BUSH
Funeral Home: Harmon, Floydada, TX
Spouse: John Henry FARMER
Born: Oct 25, 1877, Lewisville, Denton Co., TX
Died: Aug 19, 1953, Floydada, Floyd Co., TX
Father: Andrew Jackson FARMER
Mother: Isabell GERRIN
     Lucy Pettit b. 1900  d. 1989
     Frank b. 1902  d. 1916
	 Glen Andrew; b. Feb 27, 1906 d. 1957
	 Josephine Elizabeth Farmer THOMAS; b. Apr 5, 1908  d. Jun 14, 1974 - buried Floydada 
	 John Henry Farmer Jr.; b. Aug 30, 1910  d. Aug 14, 1991 - buried Floydada
	 Homer L. Farmer, Floydada
	 Mrs. R. L. Neil, Floydada

FARMER, Glen Andrew	 
Born: Feb 7, 1906, Vashti, Clay Co., TX
Died: Nov 23, 1957, Wichita Falls, TX
Father: John Henry FARMER Sr.
Mother: Frances Lucretia BUSH  

FAULKNER, Joseph William	 
Born: Oct 13, 1877
Died: Aug 3, 1955, Spur, TX
Father: Thomas M. FAULKNER
Mother: Mary Elizabeth Unknown
Married: Naomi Missouri HALL
Born: Feb 2, 1878, Elmina, Walker Co., TX
Died: 1959
Mother: Mary Jane ?
     Clarence Hubert   b. New Waverly, TX	
	 Thomas Edwin   b. New Waverly, TX
	 Nolan  b. New Waverly, TX
	 Richard   b. New Waverly, TX
	 Ola Mae Faulkner ALLEN   b. New Waverly, TX
	 Lillian Faulkner WADE   b. New Waverly, TX

GARCIA, Nadine Amber
Born: Aug 17, 1988 in El Paso
Died: Oct 10, 1988 in Lubbock
Father: Roy GARCIA
Mother: Celia CORONA

GARNER, Ella Mae
Born: May 4, 1893
Died: July 23, 1970
Father: Henry Zachary Taylor GARNER
Mother: Sophronia KEITH  

GARNER, Jesse Lester 
Born: July 20, 1910 in Rochester, TX
Died: March 1973 in Big Spring, TX
Father: Hiram Jesse GARNER
Mother: Ida Catherine SKAINS

GASTON, William Edgar
Born: Jul 6, 1947
Died: Jul 6, 1947
Father: W. E. GASTON
Mother: Ruby L. BEAM
Lived in Peacock

GEORGE, John Silas
Born: Oct 3, 1894, Nolan, TX
Death: Jun 21, 1962, Big Spring, TX
Father: Alfred Christopher GEORGE
Mother: Tempe Ann JONES

GIBSON, Charles Richard
Born: Jun 6, 1901 in Bald Know, Ark.
Died: May 29, 1984
Father: Isaac Lee GIBSON
Mother: Lillie Alma ARNOLD

GRAGSON, John Quincey
Born: Apr 20,1885
Died: Dec 17, 1968 at Lubbock, TX
Occupation: Farmer
Spouse: Dora Belle KEE
Born: May 3, 1889
Died: Jan 13, 1977, Graham, TX
Occupation: Homemaker
	Lucille Gragson b. 1909 married Alvis WILSON
	Ruth Gragson, b. 5/12/1918 d. 6/1990  buried: Mineral Wells, married Harvey PATTERSON
	James Ernest Gragson b. 4/1/1915 d. 6/24/1951,  Married Edith RICHARDSON
	Neomi Gragson Tullis DUNAWAY b. 2/6/1912
	Carl Gragson b. 8/9/1928 at Spur, d. 1985 buried: Lubbock, Married: Doris Blakley Gragson Heagy

GRAVES, Hunter
Born: Feb 15, 1994 in Amarillo, Randall County, TX
Died: Feb 15, 1994 in Amarillo, Randall County, TX
Father: Denny GRAVES
Mother: Melanie PICKENS
Spur Cem. Old Blk 36 N 1/2 of 11

GREEN, Amanda Alice Waggoner
Born: Oct 14, 1872 in Washington, AR
Died: Feb 17, 1941 in Lingerville, TX
	Children: 5 sons,
	2 daughters:
	Lillie Wimberly (Mrs. A.B.)
	Eva Williams (Mrs. A.I.)

GREEN, Mary Violet Stegall
Born: Nov 3, 1894
Died: Feb 9, 1940 in Spur, Dickens County, TX
Married R.S. GREEN, Dec 19, 1919 in Roaring Springs
Daughter, Evelyn Morgan

GRIGG, Eva Dressel Bronson Bilberry
Born: Jun 22, 1908, in Bell County, TX
Died: Jun 3, 1994 in Smithville, TX
Father: Clarence BRONSON
Mother: Neddie YORK
Marrs-Jones Funeral Home, Smithville, TX
Spur Cem. 3C lot 5 space 5

GRISHAM, Lola Bell Fitzgerald
Born: Jul 2, 1911 in Pineywoods, OK
Died: Sep 15, 1995 in Crosbyton, Crosby County, TX
Father: Willie Edward FITZGERALD
Mother: Lonie Lee WILLIS
Spur Cem. 1B lot 5 sp. 4

GRIZZLE, Bobby Dewayne
Born: Dec 1, 1937
Died: Jun 10, 1939
Father: Thomas Thurston GRIZZLE
Mother: Zulla Marie ROBINETT

GRIZZLE, Inez Crump
Born: Dec 7, 1897 in LA
Died: Mar 4, 1929 in Kalgary, Crosby Co., TX
Married: Luther Bee "Luke" GRIZZLE
Born: 1891
Died: 1967 in Morton, Cochran Co., TX
Children: Geo. Wendell
	Rena Bee
	Doris Inez
	Melva Jean