Even though only a few stones and dates are available, at one time the McCombs Cemetery encompassed 2.3 acres for the final resting place of numerous Denton County, Texas pioneers. Through years of soil erosion and vandalism, little evidence of markers had been located until in February 1990 a project was started to re-establish the cemetery and as of this date (December 1994) a McCombs Cemetery Association has been established and the cemetery grounds have been surveyed and about 50 grave sites, complete with decayed headstones, identified. A project is now in progress to fence the cemetery and replace as many tombstones as possible; also the cemetery association has acquired a Quick Claim Deed to the property.

In 1856 an acre of land was dedicated as a family cemetery and over the years the area grew to 2.3 acres. The first known burial was Nehemiah Wade Boyd, born 1823, died 1856. It is not known when the last burial occurred. Through the years the cemetery became obscured to anyone trying to locate the burial sites.

President of the McCombs Cemetery Association is Dan S. Boyd, 900 Jackson, Dallas, Texas 75202-4499; phone 214-977-9135.

McCombs Cemetery is located in Lewisville, Denton County, Texas. From Denton, Texas take I35E South to Lewisville, Texas; exit on FR 1171 West to Garden Ridge Road approximately 0.7 miles; left (South) on Garden Ridge Road and travel 0.7 miles to Wagner Road; right (West) on Wagner Road 0.4 miles - cemetery is on left side of the road in a wooded area.

McCombs, Davis Jackson; b. & d. no dates; broken stone McCombs, L.J.; b. Jun 2, 1832; d. Jun 27, 1874; Mason: broken stone

Sigler, Sarah; w/o P.N. Sigler; b. no date; d. 1873; broken stone
Sigler, Winnie; w/o P.N. Sigler; b. Aug 17, 1833; d. Jul -
-- ---- ; stone broken (Note: Three unmarked graves said to be those of Nehemiah Wade Boyd, b. 1823; d. 1856; J.D. McCombs dates unknown; Mary Nowlin McCombs, b. 1803; d. 1867.  Information from Genealogical Records and family members.  Rocks with initials are D.B.S., L.A.S., E.M.T, and footstone with initials N.W.B. - probably footstone for Nehemiah Wade Boyd).