Sorted by Surname
Surname Given Names Date of Birth Death Date Grave # Inscription Section
Ackley Russell 6-Mar-1907 7-Mar-1979 BA 112 000-150/BA-BD
Adams Johnny Paul 21-Jul-1989 30-May-1996 BN 230 "We love you more than life itself"; "Heart to heart spirit to spirit" 150-300/BM-BN
Adams Polly A. BN 235 (same as above) 150-300/BM-BN
Adams Ronnie D. 10-Jul-1951 21-Oct-1991 BN 235 "Till we meet again" 150-300/BM-BN
Adkins Agnes J. 4-Feb-1881 20-Jan-1905 H 287 Wife of W.J. Adkins 150-300/E-H
Adkins Dallas 28-Aug-1879 9-May-1911 H 385 Woodmen of the World Memorial;
"Dum Taget Clamat"    " ACE"
31 yrs 6 mos. 9 dys.
Thy life was beauty, truth, goodness and love.
Adkins Ethel Orene 28-May-1901 28-Sep-1902 H 287 (on side of stone) Daughter of W.J. & Agnes Adkins;
"Budded on Earth to bloom in Heaven"
Adkins Etoil Fay 2-Mar-1908 2-Mar-1911 H 380 Dau of C.D. & M.M. Adkins.   Sleep on, wee babe. 300-450/E-H
Akin Bill R. Year 1927 BB 305 300-450/BA-BD
Akin Pansy I. Year 1928 Year 1994 BB 305 300-450/BA-BD
Albert Margie 18-Oct-1936 BE 65 000-150/BE-BH
Albert Verlee 2-Nov-1929 27-Jan-1997 BE 65 000-150/BE-BH
Alexander Amandy 4-May-1854 8-Jun-1888 I 255 Very poor condition "Asleep in Jesus" 150-300/I-L
Alexander G.F. 28-Jun-1911 24-Nov-1912 I 270 "Dearest lovely babe, to part with you hath rocked our hearts with pain";
Infant daughter of J.D. & F.G. Alexander
Alexander Rosa A. 1-Oct-1877 12-Oct-1882 I 247 very poor condition; Dau of T.N. & Amandy 150-300/I-L
Alexander V. 2-Dec-1815 28-Feb-1897 I 292 Resting in hope of a glorious resurection; Father of J.D. Alexander
Alexander 28-Feb-1901 28-Feb-1901 I 280 Weep not…; Infant daughter of J.D. & F.G. Alexander 150-300/I-L
Allen Ashlee 29-Dec-1983 29-Dec-1983 BC 420 300-450/BA-BD
Allen Brian David 11-Mar-1983 12-May-1983 BC 422 300-450/BA-BD
Alvarado Enrique Abdiel 22-Apr-1995 BB 440 Our Beloved Son 300-450/BA-BD
Aly Ann Anias Year 1897 Year 1902 V 257 150-300/U-X
Aly Berryman Year 1893 Year 1894 V 264 150-300/U-X
Aly Samuel Year 1889 ? V 271 (rest unreadable) 150-300/U-X
Amason Alvin D. 23-Oct-1909 31-May-1932 K 90 Son of Mr. and Mrs. C.A. and M.V. Amason 000-150/I-L
Amason C.A. Year 1878 Year 1957 K 80 000-150/I-L
Amason Viola M. Year 1879 Year 1971 K 80 000-150/I-L
Ames Danny Ray 17-Sep-1957 17-Sep-1957 J 385 300-450/I-L
Anders Jane 29-Nov-1920 X 217 Age 86 years; Mother 150-300/U-X
Anderson Annie Florene Year 1916 Year 1996 BE 205 Beloved mother 150-300/BE-BH
Anderson Billy Gene Year 1950 Year 1985 BC 365 SGT US MARINE CORPS VIETNAM 300-450/BA-BD
Anderson Iris M. 10-Feb-1929 5-Aug-1992 E 55 000-150/E-H
Anderson Luke R.L. 25-Aug-1927 E 55 000-150/E-H
Andrews Hoyte Merten 4-Nov-1910 25-Jan-1983 I 395 CPL US ARMY WORLD WAR II 300-450/I-L
Archer Roy Lindsey 24-Jul-1922 22-Sep-1984 BG 216 TEC5 US Army World War II 150-300/BE-BH
Armentrout Sue Ann 7-Aug-1935 3-Jan-1999 N 430 300-450/M-P
Arnold Samuel H. Sr. 14-Dec-1930 21-May-1981 BI 230 In loving memory 150-300/BI-BL
Ashton Ann 29-Jul-1915 22-Mar-1995 M 95 Married Apr. 10, 1937 000-150/M-P
Ashton Floyd C. Year 1886 Year 1980 O 95 000-150/M-P
Ashton Floyd Petty Year 1915 L 115 000-150/I-L
Ashton Gregory Kent 28-May-1951 6-Sep-1981 L 100 "Our Beloved son" 000-150/I-L
Ashton Kary Scott 18-May-1966 17-Jun-1996 BM 431 (Picture of Kary)  Our Beloved Son at Home in Heaven.  (Two Crosses) 300-450/BM-BN
Ashton Marjorie Whetstone Year 1918 L 115 000-150/I-L
Ashton Mattie B. Year 1890 Year 1978 O 95 000-150/M-P
Ashton Milton 18-Jun-1913 20-Aug-1991 M 95 Married Apr. 10, 1937 000-150/M-P
Attwood Bobby E. 18-Aug-1953 17-Dec-1996 BE 285 150-300/BE-BH
Au Dung Year 1907 Year 1985 BB 65 000-150/BA-BD
B. R.B. M 280 Very poor condition 150-300/M-P
Babcock Juanita Spinks 2-Mar-1923 T 215 150-300/Q-T
Babcock Robert D. 8-Sep-1915 16-Aug-1979 T 215 1st LT US ARMY WORLD WAR II 150-300/Q-T
Bagley Ronnie Year 1939 Year 2000 BB 273 Age 61 150-300/BA-BD
Bailey Annie 2-Jun-1870 24-Sep-188? B 165 Wife of W.E. Bailey; "Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal" 150-300/A-D
Bailey Basil Curtis Sr. Year 1911 Year 1999 G 25 Age 87 000-150/E-H
Baker Ada 26-May-1867 16-Feb-1966 B 105 Married Jan. 9, 1887 000-150/A-D
Baker Artie M. 3-Jan-1884 23-May-1976 B 95 000-150/A-D
Baker Bassil Earl 7-Apr-1891 21-Feb-1975 B 145 Together Forever 000-150/A-D
Baker Charles P. 15-Nov-1878 26-Mar-1952 B 95 000-150/A-D
Baker Ethel Lorina 22-Jun-1889 10-Apr-1979 A 182 (cross) 150-300/A-D
Baker FM "Bobe" Year 1906 Year 1965 C 95 Daddy 000-150/A-D
Baker James N. Year 1842 Year 1903 A 180 (flower on stone) 150-300/A-D
Baker John T. 7-Jul-1866 29-Apr-1945 B 105 Married Jan. 9, 1887 000-150/A-D
Baker Josie Year 1843 Year 1925 A 170 Wife of J.N. Baker (tall thin headstone) 150-300/A-D
Baker Julius Luther Year 1873 Year 1895 A 160 150-300/A-D
Baker Laura Jane 1-Jun-1862 9-Dec-1962 L 60 000-150/I-L
Baker Lillian Year 1903 Year 1988 D 192 150-300/A-D
Baker Louisa J. Year 1844 Year 1884 A 180 150-300/A-D
Baker Melvina Doyle Year 1822 Year 1886 A 165 150-300/A-D
Baker Myrtle E. A 130 Daughter of S.H. & W.L. Baker 000-150/A-D
Baker Paul E. Year 1893 Year 1976 A 195 (cross) P.H.D. 150-300/A-D
Baker Ray Newman 27-Oct-1896 25-Jan-1973 A 187 Texas PVT US Army World War I 150-300/A-D
Baker Roy H. Year 1892 Year 1927 D 192 150-300/A-D
Baker Ruby L. Year 1901 Year 1905 A 125 Daughter of S.H. & W.L. Baker 000-150/A-D
Baker Sallie L. Year 1872 Year 1961 A 198 150-300/A-D
Baker Samuel H. Year 1875 Year 1939 C 105 000-150/A-D
Baker Steven Sean 8-Jun-1971 13-Sep-1975 BL 355 Out Beloved Son 300-450/BI-BL
Baker Una Grace 24-Nov-1892 2-Aug-1977 B 145 Together Forever 000-150/A-D
Baker William H. Year 1869 Year 1926 A 198 150-300/A-D
Baker Willie L. Year 1882 Year 1957 C 105 000-150/A-D
Ballard Annie M. 23-Jan-1894 9-Mar-1894 B 435 Daughter of  P.C. & N.M. Ballard.  Suffer little children to come unto me 300-450/A-D
Ballard Clarence C. Year 1895 Year 1973 O 65 (military marker at foot) "Texas Pvt. US Army WW I" 000-150/M-P
Ballard Elsie J. 28-Jan-1889 8-Oct-1919 W 157 150-300/U-X
Ballard James P. 18-Aug-1913 24-Nov-1913 D 310 Baby  son of O.C. & Eva Ballard.  A little bud of love to bloom with God above 300-450/A-D
Ballard L.L. Lude Year 1878 Year 1960 C 320 300-450/A-D
Ballard Lenual N. 15-Mar-1870 13-Jan-1904 E 445 Son of N.L. & M.C. Ballard                                                                    Gone but not forgotten. 300-450/E-H
Ballard Matronia C. 22-Sep-1850 21-May-1922 E 435 Wife of N.L. Ballard                                                         Gone but not fogotten.     300-450/E-H
Ballard N.L. year 1844 year 1927 E 423 300-450/E-H
Ballard Naomi G. Year 1900 Year 1980 O 65 000-150/M-P
Ballard Nora M. 30-Jan-1873 4-Aug-1902 B 440 Wife of P.C. Ballard.  A tender Mother and a faithful friend. 300-450/A-D
Ballard Ruby C. Year 1885 Year 1966 C 320 300-450/A-D
Ballard T.I. year 1886 year 1967 E 415 300-450/E-H
Ballard 11-Feb-1923 11-Feb-1923 K 400 Asleep in Jesus.
Dau. of G.C. & Naomi Ballard.
Ballowe Billye Lee 12-Feb-1972 11-May-1989 BA 120 A loving daughter 000-150/BA-BD
Barber Hattie Lee Knight 27-Mar-1912 30-Mar-1982 S 385 300-450/Q-T
Barber James Wilbur 15-Dec-1907 30-Oct-1983 S 385 300-450/Q-T
Barfknecht 2-Apr-1899 2-Apr-1899 V 335 Son of F.Wm. and B.A. 300-450/U-X
Bateman Esaias 3-Jan-1872 10-Jun-1915 E 355 "Woodman of the World Memorial"  (Inscription below unreadable.) 300-450/E-H
Bateman Esaias B. 3-Jan-1872 10-Jun-1915 E 365 In loving memory.  Father 300-450/E-H
Bateman Ila G. 18-Jan-1911 11-Feb-1995 E 370 Mama    Married 5 Sep 1927 300-450/E-H
Bateman Johnnie B. 14-Jul-1904 16-May-1994 E 370 Daddy    Married 5 Sep 1927 300-450/E-H
Bateman Johnnie B. 14-Jul-1904 16-May-1994 F 365 PFC US Army  World War II  (single cross in center) 300-450/E-H
Bateman Maude E. 12-Feb-1877 3-Jan-1948 E 365 In loving memory.  Mother 300-450/E-H
Bawdon Omar Lee 22-Feb-1930 17-May-1990 BH 390 I am blessed 300-450/BE-BH
Baxter Eva Lena 31-Jul-1872 24-Jul-1937 D 105 000-150/A-D
Baxter Henry Year 1878 Year 1952 B 55 000-150/A-D
Baxter Lorice Year 1904 Year 1999 B 45 000-150/A-D
Baxter Lorice B 55 000-150/A-D
Baxter Lula Year 1878 Year 1958 B 55 000-150/A-D
Baxter William F. 25-Nov-1871 11-Jan-1946 D 100 000-150/A-D
Be??a Charlie Year 1929 Year 1976 BB 360 300-450/BA-BD
Beal Alma Joyce Year 19?? Year 19?? BH 80 age 64 000-150/BE-BH
Beane David Michael 10-Aug-1978 5-Aug-1980 BD 415 Our Angel 300-450/BA-BD
Beavers Charlie F. 8-Sep-1869 22-Feb-1911 C 270 Tho lost to sight to memory dear 150-300/A-D
Beavers George L. 15-Feb-1829 5-Oct-1905 C 247 (same as above) 150-300/A-D
Beavers Hattie O. 9-Feb-1835 21-Sep-1910 C 247 Wife of G.L. Beavers;
"God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble"
Beavers Mrs. Belle 26-Aug-1872 22-Apr-1929 C 270 Gone but not forgotten 150-300/A-D
Beavers Owen 1-Oct-1900 22-May-1901 C 262 "Baby" "A Little bud of love to bloom with God above" 150-300/A-D
Beavers Spencer O. 11-Apr-1858 23-Oct-1881 C 255 Son of G.L. & H.O. Beavers 150-300/A-D
Beck Gilmer 28-May-1900 31-Mar-1984 K 545 450-575/I-L
Beck Josie Lee 23-Dec-1904 3-Jul-1985 K 545 450-575/I-L
Beckwith Mitzie Minor 7-Apr-1898 M 85 000-150/M-P
Bell Z 45 Marker with just "Bell" name-(fallen over) 000-150/Y-AB
Bennett Little Brother Year 1903 Year 1906 Z 255 150-300/Y-AB
Berg-Dyson Wenona Leah 1-Apr-1975 7-Nov-1980 U 30 Memories of love and laughter, sweet memories of you. These we hold and cherish, till we meet in heaven. 000-150/U-X
Bernhard George E. 13-Oct-1928 BD 95 Dad 000-150/BA-BD
Bernhard Nan J. 23-Jul-1929 BD 95 Mom 000-150/BA-BD
Bernhard Steven E. 13-Feb-1964 16-Feb-1982 BD 95 (engraved football player) #58 000-150/BA-BD
Berry Lucy Morrow 27-Apr-1870 12-Jun-1941 K 155 150-300/I-L
Besselman Donald R. year 1931 year 1999 BM 420 Age 68 300-450/BM-BN
Besselman Donald R. Year 1931 Year 1999 BN 446 Age 68.  Temporary Marker 300-450/BM-BN
Besselman George 8-Dec-1907 26-Feb-1975 BN 445 300-450/BM-BN
Besselman Mary 25-Aug-1913 6-Oct-1976 BN 445 300-450/BM-BN
Betancourt David R. 17-Jul-1952 30-Mar-1983 BL 435 In Memory Of 300-450/BI-BL
Betancourt David Rofus 17-Jul-1952 30-Mar-1983 BN 443 PFC US Army Vietnam (Same as BM 445) 300-450/BM-BN
Betancourt David Rufus 17-Jul-1952 30-Mar-1983 BM 445 In Memory Of.  PFC UA ARMY Vietnam. 300-450/BM-BN
Biggerstaff Andia 8-Sep-1870 17-May-1892 G 425 Son of  Wash Biggerstaff 300-450/E-H
Biggerstaff Clara year 1899 year1906 G 410 300-450/E-H
Biggerstaff John B. year 1873 year 1939 G 440 At Rest 300-450/E-H
Biggerstaff Joseph Williams 23-Apr-1903 26-Jul-1905 G 415 Son of J.B. & L.E. Biggerstaff                                 Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven. 300-450/E-H
Biggerstaff Lilly E. year 1874 year 1941 G 440 300-450/E-H
Biggerstaff Wash 10-Mar-1850 11-May-1879 G 425 300-450/E-H
Bingham Stephen W. 3-Jan-1971 26-Feb-1971 X 305 300-450/U-X
Birchfield Jami Lynn Year 1981 Year 1981 BC 414 "She gave so much to be so little, but angels always do" 300-450/BA-BD
Bishop Curtis N., Sr. 26-Aug-1927 27-Mar-1985 BA 157 150-300/BA-BD
Bishop Ida E. Year 1957 BA 164 150-300/BA-BD
Bishop Perthia 24-Sep-1921 BA 157 150-300/BA-BD
Bishop Randle G. Year 1954 Year 1987 BA 164 150-300/BA-BD
Bitting Frank L. 28-Mar-1927 9-Jul-1984 BA 250 150-300/BA-BD
Blackburn Jessica Marie 5-May-1993 2-Jan-1994 BB 421 We thank you for the joy you brought into our lives. 300-450/BA-BD
Blair Larry Dean 15-Jun-1937 2-Jan-1994 BD 370 L&R Trailors Inc.  SP US Army 300-450/BA-BD
Blair Larry Dean 15-Jun-1937 2-Jan-1994 BE 370 SP3 US ARMY 300-450/BE-BH
Blanton Geraldine Ann 28-Apr-1907 11-Jul-1969 H 445 300-450/E-H
Blevins Susan Mildred 4-Oct-1908 5-Aug-1923 X 500 Weep not.  She is at rest. 450-575/U-X
Blevins Susan Millie 15-Oct-1883 19-Jan-1911 X 505 Wife of J. T. Blevins                                                  My darling one hath gone before                             To greet us on the blissful shore. 450-575/U-X
Bleything Robert J. year 1897 year 1978 BM 356 US Army World War II 300-450/BM-BN
Bohlander Bertha H. Year 1895 Year 1984 BD 320 300-450/BA-BD
Borroughs Arvella Year 1913 Year 1987 BB 180 150-300/BA-BD
Borroughs Zan Year 1914 Year 1976 BB 180 150-300/BA-BD
Bostwick Philor 24-Jun-1805 22-Apr-1901 A 227 "He shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day" 150-300/A-D
Bourn Doris M. Year 1917 Year 1987 BE 197 Together Forever.Married July 13, 1940; Parents of Joe, Jerry, Jack, Jimmy; "Granny Mom" 150-300/BE-BH
Bourn Marvin E. Year 1911 Year 1980 BE 197 Together Forever. Married July 13, 1940; "Slim" Parents of Joe, Jerry, Jack, Jimmy. 150-300/BE-BH
Bourn Marvin E. "Slim" 28-Jun-1911 29-Apr-1980 BF 205 150-300/BE-BH
Bowden Eva Unknown Unknown BD 225 Very poor condition 150-300/BA-BD
Bowen Calvin Year 1906 Year 1982 BH 17 000-150/BE-BH
Bowen Virginia Year 1905 Year 1993 BH 17 000-150/BE-BH
Boyd Allmon Taylor 3-Oct-1907 10-Oct-1993 P 264 150-300/M-P
Boyd Ben J. 17-Apr-1901 12-Feb-1949 R 315 300-450/Q-T
Boyd Billy Joe 3-Oct-1919 4-Mar-1987 P 320 Together Forever. Married June 5, 1959.  He has just gone home.  He is missed and loved so very dearly by the ones he left behind on this earth. 300-450/M-P
Boyd Billy Joe Year 1919 Year 1987 Q 310 US Army World War II 300-450/Q-T
Boyd Deborah J. Year 1953 Year 1977 BE 280 150-300/BE-BH
Boyd Elna Elaine Lott 7-Jul-1911 P 264 150-300/M-P
Boyd George Taylor 2-Jul-1856 19-May-1933 Q 285 150-300/Q-T
Boyd James A. 13-Feb-1854 28-Sep-1936 R 310 Father 300-450/Q-T
Boyd John Greenleaf 7-Apr-1846 17-Aug-1933 R 260 150-300/Q-T
Boyd Jon David 21-Jan-1954 8-Nov-1974 BA 42 Job 19:25-27 "Went to be with the Lord" 000-150/BA-BD
Boyd Joshua Adams 16-Mar-1981 16-Mar-1981 R 330 300-450/Q-T
Boyd Lela Ross 14-Sep-1882 31-May-1945 Q 290 150-300/Q-T
Boyd Lou Ella 5-Oct-1928 P 320 Together Forever. Married June 5, 1959 300-450/M-P
Boyd Maggie Louis 29-Feb-1864 26-Jun-1921 R 305 Mother 300-450/Q-T
Boyd Marcene Enois 13-Nov-1914 20-Mar-1916 P 280 Daughter of S.H. & Hester Boyd;  In heaven there is one angel more. 150-300/M-P
Boyd Mary Matilda 5-Mar-1852 22-Sep-1920 R 265 Wife of J.C. Boyd 150-300/Q-T
Boyd Mollie A. 27-Apr-1866 17-Jan-1900 Q 282 Wife of Taylor Boyd 150-300/Q-T
Boyd Myrtle B. 28-Sep-1889 21-Jun-1913 P 270 Wife of E.C. Boyd.  Alas how changed that lovely flower which bloomed and cheered my heart. 150-300/M-P
Boyd N.W. Year 1823 Year 1856 R 300 Buried Mc Combs Cemetery; "Lest We Forget" 300-450/Q-T
Boyd Nellie Hester (Follis) 16-Feb-1895 9-Aug-1990 P 285 She was a virtuous woman. 150-300/M-P
Boyd No name 30-Jan-1917 31-Mar-1918 Q 295 Of such is the kingdom of God. Infant son of G.T. & Lela Boyd. 150-300/Q-T
Boyd NW Year 1823 Year 1856 R 295 150-300/Q-T
Boyd Paul D. Year 1949 BE 280 150-300/BE-BH
Boyd Slayden H. Year 1912 Year 1966 P 295 150-300/M-P
Boyd Slayden H. Year 1912 Year 1966 P 310 300-450/M-P
Boyd Stilwell H. Year 1891 Year 1931 P 290 150-300/M-P
Boyd Susan 6-Feb-1824 3-Sep-1917 Q 300 She believed and sleeps in God.
Wife of N.W. Boyd
Boyd Susan 6-Feb-1824 3-Sep-1917 Q 305 "She believed and sleeps in Jesus"
Wife of N.W. Boyd
Boyd William Neil 2-Jul-1906 6-Feb-1956 R 320 World War II TX PVT HQ&HQ DET REC BN 300-450/Q-T
Brack Billy Vandon Year 1925 Year 1999 BM 105 age 73 000-150/BM-BN
Bradley Dr. R.B. 18-Dec-1820 18-Dec-1879 M 276 A loving husband, a father dear, a faithful friend lies burried here
Bradley Ida 3-Dec-1857 6-Oct-1936 D 237 Now we rise/ with Christ these is perfection 150-300/A-D
Bradley J.D. 7-Jun-1860 26-Jan-1895 M 272 150-300/M-P
Bradley Joe Agnes 13-Nov-1891 5-Jun-1918 D 232 Dau of M.L. & C.I. Bradley "Gone from our home but nor from our hearts" 150-300/A-D
Bradley M.L. 10-Mar-1846 4-Jun-1915 D 237 Now we rise/ with Christ these is perfection 150-300/A-D
Bradley Mary M. 22-Apr-1822 24-Apr-1910 M 276 Wife of Dr. R.B. Bradley; She was a kind, affectionate wife, a fond mother, and friend to all 150-300/M-P
Bradley Mattie C. 4-Jul-1868 30-Jan-1889 M 265 Wife of J.D. Bradley; beautiful ????? thy work all done… Beautiful soul with glory guide… Beautiful life with ??? ????? ?? ???, God giveth thee rest, rest from all ???? and ???? ?hing and fears rest from all possible sighing and fear rest through Gods…??? 150-300/M-P
Bradley Sam Cruse 1-Jun-1893 10-Mar-1983 D 228 150-300/A-D
Bragg E. Louise Year 1926 W 77 Mama 000-150/U-X
Bragg Florence 24-Jan-1901 1-Apr-1991 T 187 Gone but not forgotten 150-300/Q-T
Bragg Getrude Forgey 27-Jan-1915 U 80 Love conquers all; married November 28, 1936 000-150/U-X
Bragg James Marvin Year 1910 Year 1998 V 85 Age  88. 000-150/U-X
Bragg Joe J 15-Mar-1873 2-Jan-1962 U 187 Rest In Peace 150-300/U-X
Bragg Matty 7-Nov-1875 12-Jun-1920 U 192 Wife of J.J. Bragg;
"Tis the Lord who hath ? of the one we love so well"
Bragg No name 18-Nov-1886 18-Nov-1886 T 195 Infant daughter of John and Molly Bragg 150-300/Q-T
Bragg Sidney A. Year 1917 Year 1996 W 77 Dad 000-150/U-X
Bragg Wade Ellsworth 19-Jan-1908 24-Jun-1987 U 80 Love conquers all; married November 28, 1936 000-150/U-X
Brandenburger Cheryl Lynn 13-Dec-1961 10-Sep-1983 BM 435 She shall dwell in the house of the Lord 300-450/BM-BN
Brase Clemens E. 25-Mar-1929 BF 180 Wed Aug 22, 1960 150-300/BE-BH
Brase Mary M. 28-Jan-1930 22-Dec-1990 BF 180 Wed Aug 22, 1960 150-300/BE-BH
Breaud Alfred A. year 1934 BM 340 300-450/BM-BN
Breaud Barbara Sunn year 1928 year 1999 BM 340 300-450/BM-BN
Brent Ellen Year 1930 Year 1999 BD 45 Loving wife and mother 000-150/BA-BD
Brent Howard Year 1925 BD 45 Beloved husband and father 000-150/BA-BD
Briceño Alexander A. Year 1973 Year 1996 BL 180 Age 22. Temporary Marker 150-300/BI-BL
Briscoe Audra Harold Year 1928 Year 1975 BC 280 PCC US Navy Vietnam 150-300/BA-BD
Brolan BI 17 Unreadable text 000-150/BI-BL
Brooks Bart 14-Nov-1861 9-Oct-1940 X 290 150-300/U-X
Brooks Ben Starling 19-Sep-1923 22-Feb-1993 P 70 LTJG U.S. Navy, World War II 000-150/M-P
Brooks Claude  26-Nov-1894 4-Apr-1966 P 60 000-150/M-P
Brooks Earl AA 145 000-150/Y-AB
Brooks Fay Ann Year 1902 Year 1966 X 282 150-300/U-X
Brooks Ida  9-Apr-1862 20-May-1921 X 290 150-300/U-X
Brooks Lula AA 145 000-150/Y-AB
Brooks Mae Starling 8-Mar-1900 27-Jul-1978 P 51 000-150/M-P
Brooks Wilma R. 5-Sep-1906 5-Sep-1906 P 140 000-150/M-P
Broome Billy Don 2-Jan-1952 3-Oct-1996 BK 10 On Earth/In Heaven 000-150/BI-BL
Brothers Juanita B. Year 1923 Year 1991 BC 255 150-300/BA-BD
Brothers Ralph Jay Year 1922 BC 255 150-300/BA-BD
Brown C.L. 25-Jul-1838 20-Oct-1913 D 315 Not lost, blessed thought, but gone before where we shall meet to part no more. 300-450/A-D
Brown Callie M. 28-Jun-1880 26-Apr-1899 D 310 Son of C. L. & M.E.  Brown.    Alas  he has left us, his spirit has fled.   His body now slumbers along with the dead. 300-450/A-D
Brown Ellen M. 10-Dec-1851 7-Dec-1914 D 320 Wife of C. L. Brown.
Rest, mother, rest in quite sleep while friends in sorrow o'er thee weep. 
Brown L.C. Year 1925 Year 1987 BD 190 "Tack" 150-300/BA-BD
Brown Mariah 14-Apr-1992 BD 405 Our Precious Angels 300-450/BA-BD
Brown Rev. Van 15-Mar-1918 7-Apr-1985 BD 182 150-300/BA-BD
Brown Steven J. 14-Apr-1992 BD 405 Our Precious Angels 300-450/BA-BD
Bryan Margaret Musselman 11-Jan-1916 L 92 000-150/I-L
Bryant George Allen 25-Nov-1950 12-Aug-1973 BB 260 Texas SP4 US Army Vietnam 150-300/BA-BD
Bryant Leta Mae 15-Feb-1928 23-Jun-1977 BC 340 Mother; "Our Friend" 300-450/BA-BD
Buchanan Christopher Allen 17-Oct-1980 31-Oct-1980 BC 411 300-450/BA-BD
Buckley Opal 4-Jun-1901 10-Nov-1975 T 75 000-150/Q-T
Burk Roy H. 21-Jan-1904 22-Mar-1905 W 130 Son of C. ? & M.B. Burk 000-150/U-X
Burkhalter Bell 17-May-1886 8-Sep-1915 W 167 Wife of P.G. Burkhalter; "She hath done what she could" 150-300/U-X
Burkhalter Mary Elizabeth 9-Feb-1834 23-Jan-1910 W 163 At rest; Wife of M. Burkhalter; "She hath done what she could." Mark 14:8 150-300/U-X
Burns Lola Year 1923 Year 1983 BA 135 Our beloved mother, Rest in peace 000-150/BA-BD
Burns Milford E. 31-Jul-1924 23-Apr-1998 BA 145 US Navy World War II 000-150/BA-BD
Bush Jeanne Victoria 7-May-1943 20-Mar-1982 BF 140 In memory of a courageous, devoted wife and mom 000-150/BE-BH
Bush Jimmy Lee 8-Dec-1934 26-Nov-1992 BF 145 Beloved Father and Friend 000-150/BE-BH
Bush Willie N. 15-Aug-1905 17-Apr-1995 BF 150 Beloved mother and grandmother 000-150/BE-BH
Buskirk Etta E. Year 1924 Year 1978 BC 50 000-150/BA-BD
Byrd John Wesley 18-Oct-1904 19-Oct-1985 C 30 000-150/A-D
Byrd Marie Lavine 12-Aug-1910 7-Jul-1996 C 30 000-150/A-D
C?pert Daniel J. 15-Oct-1881 26-May-1883 D 280 Son of M.F. & M.A. C?pert "Budded on Earth to bloom in Heaven" 150-300/A-D
Cadrobbi Louis year 1897 year 1984 BM 370 300-450/BM-BN
Cadrobbi Minnie year 1905 year 1985 BM 365 300-450/BM-BN
Caldwell Martin Year 1903 Year 1983 BJ 335 300-450/BI-BL
Camp E.N.  (M.D.) 15-Aug-1864 11-Apr-???? E 170 "Erected by the Woodmen of the World" 150-300/E-H
Camp Martha A. 12-Jun-1866 14-Aug-1894 E 165 Wife of D E.N. Camp; (unreadable inscription) 150-300/E-H
Campbell Bennie T. Year 1933 Year 1985 BD 345 US NAVY KOREA 300-450/BA-BD
Campbell Clyde H. 8-Jun-1924 2-Dec-1985 BD 335 CPL US ARMY WWII 300-450/BA-BD
Campbell George M. Year 1952 Year 1977 BC 330 "Our George" 300-450/BA-BD
Card Kevin Alan Year 1957 Year 1982 BJ 33 Fear not-God is-all is well 000-150/BI-BL
Carmichael B. Richard 4-Feb-1936 13-Jan-1981 BF 280 150-300/BE-BH
Carrico Charles J. 7-Aug-1948 30-May-1982 BF 330 Carrico Family 300-450/BE-BH
Carry Hellen A. 30-Jul-1848 10-Mar-1883 A 245 (stone broken) Psalms 16 chap 1 verse; Preserve me o God for in thee do I put my ????? 150-300/A-D
Carson John Barton 6-Jul-1931 16-Jul-1984 BD 285 150-300/BA-BD
Carter Abbie Year 1863 Year 1949 E 160 150-300/E-H
Carter David Alan 26-Oct-1961 15-May-1996 Z 70 "May he rest in peace" / "Our Son" 000-150/Y-AB
Carter Herbert Year 1905 Year 1957 AA 75 Gone from our home, but not our hearts 000-150/Y-AB
Carter Jones I. 8-Jan-1881 16-May-1964 AA 65 Rest in peace 000-150/Y-AB
Carter Laura B. 12-Jul-1888 15-May-1968 AA 60 Gone to be with Jesus 000-150/Y-AB
Carter Lorene Year 1913 AA 75 Gone from our home, but not our hearts 000-150/Y-AB
Carter Z 55 (Name written in magic marker.) 000-150/Y-AB
Carter Z 75 000-150/Y-AB
Carter Z 82 000-150/Y-AB
Carter Z 87 000-150/Y-AB
Caruthers Eva Earl 2-Sep-1880 25-Feb-1976 O 275 150-300/M-P
Caruthers M. Gertrude 10-Dec-1886 22-Jul-1914 P 260 150-300/M-P
Caruthers Martha E. 20-Dec-1862 4-Apr-1928 O 267 "A tender mother and a faithful friend." Mother 150-300/M-P
Caruthers S.N. 7-Feb-1853 7-Jun-1919 O 262 Woodmen of the World Memorial;
He was the sunshine of our home.
Caruthers Vivian Boyd 12-Oct-1906 P 252 150-300/M-P
Caruthers W. George 7-Aug-1883 4-Mar-1966 P 260 150-300/M-P
Casida Bryan Charles 14-Jun-1976 24-Dec-1999 BN 170 Wed Oct. 2, 1999 "Loving Husband and son" (picture) 150-300/BM-BN
Cernosek No Name 29-Mar-1976 BD 445 Baby Boy 300-450/BA-BD
Chamberlain Barbara Joann 4-Mar-1932 BM 405 "Let me live in a house by the side of the road, and be a friend to man."  Married 30-Nov-1968 300-450/BM-BN
Chamberlain Doyle Gene 1-Apr-1937 9-Nov-1997 BM 405 "Let me live in a house by the side of the road, and be a friend to man."  Married 30-Nov-1968 300-450/BM-BN
Chambers Bishop B. W. Sr. 11-Apr-1940 BI 165 150-300/BI-BL
Chambers Claude Lanier 2-Jan-1911 15-Jan-1990 G 175 150-300/E-H
Chambers Fay Satterfield 11-Aug-1907 G 175 150-300/E-H
Chambers Gertrude year 1879 year 1918 E 321 300-450/E-H
Chambers Mark T. year 1876 year 1951 E 321 300-450/E-H
Chambers Pearlie L. 26-Oct-1937 28-Jun-1999 BI 165 150-300/BI-BL
Chamness Bethany Laine 2-Feb-1981 3-Feb-1981 BC 437 300-450/BA-BD
Chapman Donald Ray "Duck" 24-Dec-1945 28-Apr-1996 BL 150 Gone, but never forgotten 150-300/BI-BL
Chapman Eva I. Year 1915 Year 1990 BL 235 "At rest" 150-300/BI-BL
Chapman Robert T. Year 1908 Year 1978 BL 235 "At rest" 150-300/BI-BL
Chellew Roger "Lem" Jr. 15-Mar-1964 6-Sep-1994 BJ 365 Beloved son, brother, uncle, and friend 300-450/BI-BL
Chellew Roger L. Sr. 6-Nov-1933 26-Jan-1995 BJ 370 LT US Navy Korea Vietnam 300-450/BI-BL
Chellew Sue V. 24-Mar-1939 BJ 370 300-450/BI-BL
Cheng Wei Ko Chang 26-Jul-1904 16-Sep-1976 BK 340 (Series of Chinese characters) 300-450/BI-BL
Chilton Samuel R. 25-Feb-1838 O 330 Aged 40 yrs ? mos ?dys. 300-450/M-P
Chou Yen Mei Year 1931 Year 1997 BG 127 000-150/BE-BH
Christian James Ralph 12-Sep-1957 29-Jun-1974 BB 205 Love lives on and hath a power to bless 150-300/BA-BD
Christian Lacey Year 1995 Year 1995 BF 320 Age 3 mos. (Temporary marker but grave surrounded with low wrought iron fencing). 300-450/BE-BH
Citron Year 1983 Year 1983 BF 310 Baby Girl 300-450/BE-BH
Clapp A.A. 6-Oct-1832 28-Feb-1911 G 320 Father 300-450/E-H
Clapp Rebecca G. 22-Aug-1832 30-Jun-1899 G 310 Wife of A.A. Clapp 300-450/E-H
Clark Billy Joe Year 1929 Year 1930 F 110 000-150/E-H
Clark Carl Herman 18-Mar-1895 6-Aug-1980 F 105 000-150/E-H
Clark Edd Marie 12-Oct-1899 10-Mar-1977 F 100 000-150/E-H
Clark Fannie F. 4-Feb-1867 23-Nov-1886 G 310 Dau of A.A. & R.C. Clapp  300-450/E-H
Clark Herman R. Year 1922 Year 1929 AA 165 150-300/Y-AB
Clark Idam 17-Jun-1886 13-Sep-1899 G 310 300-450/E-H
Clark Matilda T. Year 1873 Y 195 150-300/Y-AB
Clark Pearl M. Year 1894 Year 1929 AA 185 150-300/Y-AB
Clark Reverand Jack H. Year 1922 Year 2000 Y 212 Age 77. Temporary marker 150-300/Y-AB
Clark Robert L. Year 1865 Year 1936 Y 195 150-300/Y-AB
Clark Thurman Year 1894 Year 1956 AA 5 000-150/Y-AB
Clark Vernon C. Year 1918 Year 1924 AA 175 150-300/Y-AB
Clarke Thelma Hensley 3-Aug-1907 10-Mar-1989 AA 300 300-450/Y-AB
Clary James D. Year 1928 Year 1996 BF 115 Together forever; holy bible 000-150/BE-BH
Clary Judy 26-Aug-1945 15-May-1980 BF 120 Love lives on 000-150/BE-BH
Clary Rev. Ethel J. Year 1921 Year 1997 BF 115 Together forever; holy bible 000-150/BE-BH
Clary Roger 15-Jun-1944 BF 120 Love lives on 000-150/BE-BH
Clayton James H. 17-Jun-1968 3-Nov-1888 E 190 "Aged 19 years 9 mos 17 days; Son of E.C. & S. Clayton
"A precious one from us has gone. A voice we loved is stilled. A place is vacant in our home ??? can never be filled"
Cleveland Fuji S. 17-Apr-1930 6-Sep-1996 BH 177 The worlds greatest Nana 150-300/BE-BH
Coates Billy B. 25-Sep-1925 6-Apr-1997 T 267 Wed Oct. 19, 1946 150-300/Q-T
Coates Billy B. 25-Sep-1925 6-Apr-1997 U 267 Bosn U.S. Navy World War II 150-300/U-X
Coates Doris G. 3-May-1928 T 267 Wed Oct. 19, 1946 150-300/Q-T
Cody Bettye Earlene 16-Sep-1935 12-Jan-1989 BA 60 "Very beloved wife and cherished mother" 000-150/BA-BD
Cody Bobby Rhome 10-Aug-1932 BA 60 Together forever 000-150/BA-BD
Coker George O. 7-Aug-1931 BH 295 Forever in love 150-300/BE-BH
Coker George O. 7-Aug-1931 BH 300 Forever in love 300-450/BE-BH
Coker Lola M. 24-Aug-1933 15-Apr-1999 BH 295 Forever in love 150-300/BE-BH
Coker Lola M. 24-Aug-1933 15-Apr-1999 BH 300 Forever in love 300-450/BE-BH
Cole Fred H. 6-Nov-1922 4-Nov-1993 BM 240 SI US Army World War II; "Beloved husband and father" 150-300/BM-BN
Collins Susie Ann 7-Jul-1940 24-Oct-1989 BI 100 Our loving mother 000-150/BI-BL
Collinsworth Margie Duwe 4-May-1928 X 330 Married Dec.13, 1947 300-450/U-X
Collinswoth R.B. 26-Oct-1916 30-Mar-1996 X 330 Married Dec.13, 1947 300-450/U-X
Colville N.A. 25-Feb-1831 24-Feb-1873 M 315 Wife of S.Y. Colville.  Her happy soul has winged its way to one pure happy eternal day. 300-450/M-P
Colville Samuel Young 13-Jun-1829 6-Jun-1900 M 315 His happy soul has winged its way to one pure happy eternal day. 300-450/M-P
Comer John 1-Nov-1819 7-Mar-1884 F 270 "Farewell" "Oh why should the ??? ????? man passes from life to his rest ?????? 150-300/E-H
Compton Gladys M. 20-Jul-1912 BC 20 Peace Love lives on. 000-150/BA-BD
Compton R. Marvin 23-Apr-1915 7-Jun-1982 BC 20 Peace Love lives on. 000-150/BA-BD
Conklin Harvey Lynn 17-Nov-1943 16-Jul-1976 BB 365 T SSG US ARMY VIETNAM 300-450/BA-BD
Conkling John P. 6-Nov-1814 12-Apr-1877 D 400 300-450/A-D
Conkling D 405 Unreadable. 300-450/A-D
Connally Elizabeth 20-Jan-1879 F 405 She is at rest in Heaven.  300-450/E-H
Connally Maggie E. 9-Jan-1881 11-Nov-1974 G 405 His wife 300-450/E-H
Connally Nathaniel 25-Mar-1874 28-Feb-1921 F 405 He is gone, but not forgotten.    300-450/E-H
Connally W.C. 19-Apr-1876 13-Jan-1930 G 405 Blessed are the dead who die in thee Lord. 300-450/E-H
Connaly H.L. 25-Aug-1878 29-Jul-1924 F 415 Thy will be done. He was the sunshine of our home.  300-450/E-H
Consolvo Otto E. 16-Jun-1900 13-Aug-1985 BH 245 150-300/BE-BH
Consolvo Velma "Babe" 27-Sep-1902 14-Apr-1982 BH 245 150-300/BE-BH
Cook Maggie May 21-May-1881 5-Sep-1887 S 180 Gone to Rest; Daughter of W. & C.T. Cook 150-300/Q-T
Cooksey William T. 28-Sep-1887 6-Oct-1947 AB 140 Pvt 331 Inf 83 Div, World War I 000-150/Y-AB
Cooper Ada Kunz 1-Jun-1927 M 78 A friend 000-150/M-P
Cooper Kevin C. 29-Dec-1959 13-Jul-1982 BG 137 Rest in peace, "Our Special Kevin" 000-150/BE-BH
Corder Harry Wade Year 1923 Year 1979 BD 330 US Navy 300-450/BA-BD
Correa Kimberly J. 13-May-1965 12-Jul-1981 BI 340 Our loving daughter 300-450/BI-BL
Cowan (Infant Son) 6-Feb-1889 6-Feb-1889 N 235 Our Darling; Infant son of W.H. & L.S. Cowan; Suffer little children to come unto me for of such is the kingdom of heaven 150-300/M-P
Cowan Cordie A. 9-Feb-1855 25-Jan-1890 N 250 Daughter of M.L. & E. Cowan 150-300/M-P
Cowan Fronie 17-Nov-1861 22-Sep-1917 D 242 Wife of Dr. S.F.W. Smith & W.H. Cowan; "Dying is but going home" 150-300/A-D
Cowan Lucinda S. 22-Nov-1861 22-Feb-1896 N 230 Wife of Dr. W.H. Cowan; Gone from our home but not from our hearts 150-300/M-P
Cox Alfred Lee 23-Jan-1913 25-Apr-1998 BD 25 000-150/BA-BD
Cox Charlotte E. Year 1951 Year 1991 BB 192 150-300/BA-BD
Cox Dorothy Louise 18-Feb-1918 BD 25 000-150/BA-BD
Cox Melvin Halbyrd 4-Aug-1919 26-May-1992 BB 335 1st LT US ARMY AIR CORPS WORLD WAR II 300-450/BA-BD
Cozby Dora B. 10-Aug-1888 14-Jul-1918 E 155 "I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith";
Wife of F.J. Cozby
Cozby Eula Boyd Year 1892 Year 1985 F 178 Eula & Arthur married Nov. 17, 1912 150-300/E-H
Cozby Hattie May Year 1877 Year 1954 F 140 Mother 000-150/E-H
Cozby Homer 6-Mar-1898 24-Oct-1898 F 130 Son of J.H. & H.M. Cozby; Gone but not forgotten. 000-150/E-H
Cozby Hubert Boyd Year 1920 F 197 150-300/E-H
Cozby Irene Virginia "Renie" E 175 150-300/E-H
Cozby James Arthur 4-Jan-1917 14-Dec-1987 F 190 150-300/E-H
Cozby James Robert Year 1872 Year 1947 F 162 Daddy 150-300/E-H
Cozby James T. 9-Jan-1836 6-Nov-1914 F 185 Father 150-300/E-H
Cozby John H. 11-Jul-1870 30-Nov-1901 F 135 Erected by the Woodmen of the World 000-150/E-H
Cozby Laurence 22-Dec-1907 16-Nov-1910 E 140 Asleep in Jesus; picture of a lamb; Son of
F.J. and D.B. Cozby
Cozby Martha Jo Moore Year 1925 F 197 150-300/E-H
Cozby Robert Joseph 23-May-1941 9-Nov-1989 F 175 US Navy  150-300/E-H
Cozby Robert Joseph "Bob" 23-May-1941 9-Nov-1989 E 175 "A gentle man who will always be loved" 150-300/E-H
Cozby Susie J. 6-Sep-1900 24-Oct-1918 F 145 At Rest 000-150/E-H
Cozby V. Josephine 24-Aug-1851 13-Oct-1940 F 185 Mother 150-300/E-H
Cozby Vera Lee Evans 27-May-1906 24-May-1970 F 170 150-300/E-H
Cozby Vivian Tannahill 11-Mar-1917 F 190 150-300/E-H
Cozby William Arthur Year 1882 Year 1963 F 178 Eula & Arthur married Nov. 17, 1912 150-300/E-H
Craft Ann C. 11-Aug-1861 4-May-1940 F 235 150-300/E-H
Craft Bettie May 10-May-1894 2-Feb-1997 E 80 000-150/E-H
Craft John Emmett 22-May-1892 9-Jan-1941 E 90 000-150/E-H
Craft John W. 4-Oct-1861 25-Sep-1938 F 235 150-300/E-H
Craft Mary Clark 7-Aug-1889 3-Apr-1961 E 95 000-150/E-H
Craft Monnie Alma 8-Aug-1896 7-Jun-1897 E 235 150-300/E-H
Craft Vera 7-Nov-1885 29-Jun-1886 E 240 150-300/E-H
Craft 7-Jan-1884 14-Jan-1884 E 243 Infant Son 150-300/E-H
Craft F 80 Family Plot Marker 000-150/E-H
Crawford Alice L. 2-Aug-1877 31-Mar-1892 E 252 (left side of stone) 150-300/E-H
Crawford Amanda J. 22-Jul-1843 27-Oct-1885 F 280 "Loving wife and mother dear"; Wife of B.G. Crawford;
"Asleep in Jesus blessed sleep from which none ever wakes ????
Crawford Arthur Lee 22-Jul-1907 28-Mar-1969 E 267 150-300/E-H
Crawford Avis M. 27-Apr-1916 5-Aug-1981 E 20 000-150/E-H
Crawford Bertha 25-Apr-1880 3-Mar-1960 J 222 In His will is our peace "Mother" 150-300/I-L
Crawford Charlie B. 23-Aug-1882 5-Oct-1882 E 252 (right side of stone) 150-300/E-H
Crawford Clem Tiney Year 1869 Year 1920 E 290 Mother 150-300/E-H
Crawford Clyde 21-Apr-1896 7-Jan-1934 I 215 150-300/I-L
Crawford Dona M. 13-Oct-1844 2-Mar-1904 E 252 "In thee, O Lord, Have I put my trust" 150-300/E-H
Crawford Dovie Year 1904 Year 1972 F 5 000-150/E-H
Crawford Edna Vern 25-May-1910 14-Dec-1988 E 267 150-300/E-H
Crawford Ella 9-Sep-1871 12-Oct-1916 J 222 She did what she could "Mother" 150-300/I-L
Crawford F. Nowlin Year 1903 Year 1958 F 5 000-150/E-H
Crawford Frank Year 1878 Year 1954 E 10 000-150/E-H
Crawford Gertrude 28-Dec-1878 C 230 "Woodmen of the world memorial" 150-300/A-D
Crawford Holly Year 1907 Year 1972 L 270 To know her was to love her;
Married Dec 10, 1929
Crawford Howard 1-Apr-1888 18-May-1889 E 227 Son of J.M. & E.M. "Budded on Earth to bloom in Heaven" 150-300/E-H
Crawford Ish L. 21-May-1869 20-Jan-1935 F 257 Mother 150-300/E-H
Crawford J. A. Jr. Year 1906 Year 1972 L 270 To know him was to love him;
Married Dec 10, 1929
Crawford J.E.S. 9-Feb-1881 26-Dec-1910 F 222 "Woodmen of the World" (in shape of tree) 150-300/E-H
Crawford J.H. 24-Jun-1825 7-Apr-1888 E 220 "A loving husband a father dear, A faithful friend lies buried here" "Father" 150-300/E-H
Crawford James E. 19-Oct-1917 E 20 000-150/E-H
Crawford James E. 20-Jul-1867 8-Dec-1932 F 257 Father 150-300/E-H
Crawford Jane 12-May-1810 28-Mar-1891 F 265 (unreadable inscription) 150-300/E-H
Crawford Jerry John 31-Oct-1942 3-Mar-1988 Z 395 You yourself know not tomorrow                                    So love daily joy,                                                              Dwell in no sorrow. 300-450/Y-AB
Crawford Jess Howard 27-Jul-1910 10-Mar-1911 F 227 Son of J.E. & L.M. Crawford; "A little bud of love to bloom with God above" "Baby" 150-300/E-H
Crawford Joe A. 18-Jul-1868 2-Mar-1953 J 222 God is and all is well "Father" 150-300/I-L
Crawford John 30-May-1829 22-Jan-1883 E 252 (same as above) 150-300/E-H
Crawford John Rex 19-Jul-1897 7-Oct-1902 F 250 Son of Mr. & Mrs. I.L. Crawford 150-300/E-H
Crawford Joseph Harrison Year 1866 Year 1949 E 290 150-300/E-H
Crawford Lillie M. Year 1890 Year 1950 E 278 (recheck birth date) 150-300/E-H
Crawford Modena 12-May-1850 22-May-1930 E 220 Wife of J.H. Crawford & J.C. McClary "Mother" 150-300/E-H
Crawford Nannie Year 1880 Year 1942 E 10 000-150/E-H
Crawford Nora 23-May-1904 30-May-1906 F 247 Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. I.L. Crawford 150-300/E-H
Crawford W.M. ? 1-Jan-1890 F 290 150-300/E-H
Crawford Wade H. 14-Jul-1871 8-May-1931 C 230 (same as above) 150-300/A-D
Crawford 2-Dec-1889 2-Dec-1889 E 285 Infant Daughter of J.H. & C.T. Crawford; Baby 150-300/E-H
Crawford 28-Feb-1900 29-Feb-1900 G 280 "Baby"; Infant daughter of J.P. & Lillian Crawford; "Budded on Earth to bloom in Heaven" 150-300/E-H
Crosby Emmett Jr. 24-Dec-1922 31-Dec-1985 BA 345 Maj. US Air Force 300-450/BA-BD
Crosby Peggy Jean 15-Oct-1930 BA 345 Mother of Debbie and Linda 300-450/BA-BD
Cross Allie Beatrice 13-Apr-1897 9-Dec-1918 J 245 Her words were kindness, her deeds were love. Her spirit humble rests above;
Wife of W.W. Cross
Cross Charles B. 29-Aug-1916 21-Sep-1985 BC 305 Marries 1 May 1943 300-450/BA_BD
Cross Charles Boyce 29-Aug-1916 21-Sep-1985 BD 310 US Army WW II (Same as BC 305) 300-450/BA-BD
Cross Marjorie Jo 25-Feb-1926 BC 305 Married 1 May 1943 300-450/BA-BD
Cruse A. 24-Aug-1823 24-Mar-1908 J 171 Age 84 yrs. 7 mo. 150-300/I-L
Cruse Eliza I. 22-Jun-1826 30-Nov-1911 J 171 Wife of A. Cruse; 85 yrs. 5 mo. 150-300/I-L
Cryer Alma F. 12-May-1928 9-Jun-1991 BG 80 John 3:16 000-150/BE-BH
Cryer Jesse J. 3-Nov-1921 24-Oct-1989 BG 80 S Sgt. US ARMY AIR CORPS, WW II 000-150/BE-BH
Cummings Mrs. Maggie J. Terrell 16-Feb-1925 10-Oct-1990 BD 90 Age 65. People's Funeral Home 000-150/BA-BD
Cunningham Charles B. Year 1873 Year 1956 V 235 150-300/U-X
Cunningham Elizabeth C. 25-May-1906 V 220 150-300/U-X
Cunningham Howard F. 26-Apr-1899 29-Aug-1983 V 220 150-300/U-X
Cunningham J.F. 17-Oct-1823 9-Jan-1899 U 202 150-300/U-X
Cunningham Lillie Lee 19-Aug-1901 9-Mar-1927 V 245 150-300/U-X
Cunningham Lula Anne Year 1876 Year 1960 V 235 150-300/U-X
Cunningham Mary Anna 16-Dec-1835 13-Dec-1917 U 197 Wife of J.F. Cunningham; "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God" 150-300/U-X
Cunningham Oscar D. Year 1894 Year 1895 U 217 150-300/U-X
Cunningham Rhoda T. Year 1855 Year 1928 U 210 150-300/U-X
Cunningham Robert L. Year 1881 Year 1938 U 217 150-300/U-X
Cunningham Roy Franklin 18-Sept-1897 19-Jun-1977 V 245 150-300/U-X
Cunningham Thomas Fred Year 1907 Year 1966 V 230 Son of Charles B. & Lula Anne Cunningham 150-300/U-X
Cunningham William M. Year 1852 Year 1948 U 210 150-300/U-X
Damaske Donald Edwin 16-Mar-1939 11-Jan-1993 BF 207 I know my Redeemer lives 150-300/BE-BH
Daniel George W. 19-Apr-1905 BK 227 Wed 24, June 1922; "Together in heaven" 150-300/BI-BL
Daniel Naomi  Year 1905 ?-Nov-1988 BM 217 (Temporary Marker) 150-300/BM-BN
Daniel Naomi S. 21-Apr-1905 23-Nov-1988 BK 227 Wed 24, June 1922; "Together in heaven" 150-300/BI-BL
Daves Larry 7-Mar-1958 6-Mar-1997 BN 245 "In loving memory of Larry our Father, our son, our friend." 150-300/BM-BN
Davidson Jessie May Year 1919 Year 1973 BF 305 300-450/BE-BH
Davidson Maola 26-Jul-1913 BH 170 150-300/BE-BH
Davidson Rollo 2-Jul-1911 22-Jul-1999 BH 170 150-300/BE-BH
Davis Betty J. 18-May-1931 BJ 395 Wife of Chuck 300-450/BI-BL
Davis Chester L. 9-Aug-1939 10-May-1995 BJ 400 SP4 US Army 300-450/BI-BL
Davis Clifford L. 24-Mar-1909 19-Dec-1996 BF 290 Father  150-300/BE-BH
Davis Irene  25-Sep-1899 4-Nov-1918 G 238 In memoriam Woodmen Circle; Wife of Albert Davis; "She was the sunshine of our home" 150-300/E-H
Davis Joyce year 1939 year 2000 BJ 320 Age 60 300-450/BI-BL
Davis Katie Texas 17-Jan-1897 5-Jan-1898 P 205 ????? to bud on earth to bloom in Heaven 150-300/M-P
Davis Loyce Mullins Year 1931 Year 1996 BC 380 Age 65. (Temporary Marker.) 300-450/BA-BD
Davis Lucy Pauline 9-Feb-1889 8-Sep-1897 P 205 Daughter of W.J. & A.E. Davis  (cannot read poem) 150-300/M-P
Davis Mayme L. 14-Apr-1909 12-May-1995 BF 290 Mother 150-300/BE-BH
Davis Nina R. 27-Oct-1898 18-Apr-1998 P 35 000-150/M-P
Davis O. Virgil 8-Sep-1898 2-Feb-1997 P 35 000-150/M-P
Davis Samuel Shane 25-Jan-1970 10-Oct-1992 BM 216 "Camping with Jesus"
"Beloved son and brother"
Davis William J. Sr. 19-Jan-1942 22-Jul-1986 BA 355 300-450/BA-BD
Dawson Robert Ellis 25-Oct-1932 31-Aug-1986 BN 255 US Army Korea 150-300/BM-BN
Day James L. 28-Jun-1905 13-Apr-1985 T 345 Married June 6, 1926 300-450/Q-T
Day Modena J. 10-Oct-1908 12-Feb-1999 T 345 300-450/Q-T
DeFernandez Mercedes Bernat 12-Jan-1896 20-Feb-1996 BF 167 Beloved mother and grandmother 150-300/BE-BH
DeMuth Bernice K. 8-Apr-1922 2-Nov-1992 BE 255 Wed October 13, 1941 150-300/BE-BH
DeMuth Leonard M. 11-Jul-1918 6-Aug-1992 BE 255 Wed October 13, 1941 150-300/BE-BH
DeMuth Leonard M. 11-Jul-1918 6-Aug-1992 BF 260 S SGT US Army; TSGT Us Air Force; World War II 150-300/BE-BH
Dennissen Joseph W. 8-May-1927 2-Nov-1991 BN 190 SI US Navy World War II 150-300/BM-BN
Denson Jordan Elzabeth 28-May-1984 6-Jun-1984 BE 415 300-450/BE-BH
Depp J.A. 3-May-1853 13-Jun-1877 M 290 Daughter of R.B. & M. Bradley 150-300/M-P
Dever Betty 22-Dec-1908 16-Nov-1973 AB 560 A love that never died. 450-575/Y-AB
Dever Ray Grizzle 19-Jun-1901 5-Jun-1960 AB 560 A love that never died. 450-575/Y-AB
Dickson Elizabeth J. 30-Oct.-1841 28-Dec-1912 O 255 Wife of R.A. Dickson; Preserve me, O God, for in Thee do I put my trust. 150-300/M-P
Dietderich Tiffany N. 13-Nov-1982 5-Aug-1984 S 20 Our Daughter; "Over the rainbow into God's arms" 000-150/Q-T
Doerr Richard Allen 15-Jan-1943 1-Feb-1988 BF 220 SP4 US Navy Vietnam 150-300/BE-BH
Dollgener Wanda Elaine 2-Nov-1942 2-Feb-1943 B 70 "Our Baby" "Little ones belong to him" 000-150/A-D
Donald Dialtha T. 3-Sept-1849 8-Jan-1829 A 430 Mother.   Donnell-Harrell 300-450/A-D
Donald Fannie D. Year 1881 Year 1948 C 196 150-300/A-D
Donald Francis 31-Aug-1823 24-Feb-1906 C 190 At rest; His wife 150-300/A-D
Donald I.D. 8-Apr-1812 6-May-1879 A 355 We loved them yes we loved them, but angels loved them more
and they have sweetly called them to yonder shining shore
Donald James H. 17-Jul-1849 31-Jan-1935 H 140 Father 000-150/E-H
Donald Lorraine Looney 17-Sep-1906 22-Sep-1980 B 198 150-300/A-D
Donald Martha R. 4-Feb-1857 8-Apr-1932 H 140 Mother 000-150/E-H
Donald Mary P.? B 420 Daughter of B.F.  Donald (unreadable dates) 300-450/A-D
Donald Mary S. 6-Feb-1885 13-Mar-1959 B 172 "Ever she sought the best ever she found it" 150-300/A-D
Donald O.S. Year 1855 Year 1938 C 183 150-300/A-D
Donald R.H. 7-Aug-1821 5-Apr-1890 C 190 (same as above)  150-300/A-D
Donald R.L. Year 1869 Year 1962 B 185 (flower on stone) 150-300/A-D
Donald R.L., Jr. 25-Dec-1907 17-Feb-1995 B 198 150-300/A-D
Donald Rev. M.B. 5-Feb-1810 24-Jan-1886 A 355 300-450/A-D
Donald Ruth Anna 13-Oct-1875 4-Dec-1875 B 425 Daughter  of B.F. & M.P.  Donald 300-450/A-D
Donald Ruth E. Year 1872 Year 1919 B 185 His wife 150-300/A-D
Donald Willie Jewell 7-Jun-1897 1-Apr-1900 B 190 (angel) "Our Darling"; Daughter of R.L. & R.E. Donald;
"Beautiful, lovely, she was but given to Earth to bloom again in Heaven"
Donald 13-Jan-1839 6-May-1879 A 360 (Appears to be the grave of a child as in "Son of" or "Dau of" but name and/or relationship broken off)
Grave Inscription reads: "M.B. & I.D. Donald" which possibly represents parents of person buried here.
Donnell L.B. 8-Apr-1848 28-Nov-1874 A 425 26 years, 7 months 20 days (rest unreadable) 300-450/A-D
Donnell Willie M. 20-Apr-1874 10-Jan-1888 A 405 Son of L.E. & D.T. Donnell.  14 yrs  3 mos 2 days 300-450/A-D
Doran Kathy 26-May-1944 7-Mar-1997 BK 250 150-300/BI-BL
Dowd Mattie 26-Nov-1876 2-Nov-1904 Z 262 Daughter of W.B. & L.J. Dowd 150-300/Y-AB
Drake Billy Glenn 1-Feb-1936 7-Dec-1997 BE 365 Be prepared. (Boy Scout emblem.) 300-450/BE-BH
Drake Jude Faye 4-Dec-1938 BE 365 Be prepared. (Boy Scout emblem.) 300-450/BE-BH
Drews Austin Wayne 23-Aug-1984 25-Jan-1986 BF 445 He came to laugh, he came to play. He tried so hard.. then slipped away. 300-450/BE-BH
Duckworth Thomas W. 25-Feb-1918 30-Apr-1979 BH 210 PFC US Army World War II 150-300/BE-BH
Duckworth Tommie Joan 19-Jan-1943 23-Nov-1997 BI 205 150-300/BI-BL
Duckworth William Lamont 4-Jul-1948 15-Aug-1978 BH 215 SP5 US Army Vietnam 150-300/BE-BH
Duncan Edwin Buie 24-May-1938 24-Apr-1990 BF 187 A loving husband and father 150-300/BE-BH
Dunham Norma Jean 9-Mar-1936 12-Dec-1996 BL 135 000-150/BI-BL
Dunham Walter Paul 23-Jan-1928 16-Sep-1996 BL 140 US Navy World War II 000-150/BI-BL
Duniyin Fanny E. 23-Jan-1845 11-Aug-1895 A 370 Wife of J. Duniyin 300-450/A-D
Duran Gerardo G. 3-Oct-1932 BC 180 150-300/BA-BD
Duran Piedad Z. 15-Jun-1932 BC 180 150-300/BA-BD
Durden-Caudell Giorgia Linda "Jill" 23-Oct-1942 8-Apr-1999 BD 212 150-300/BA-BD
Durrett Mark H. 8-Mar-1964 22-Feb-1979 BD 133 They were making Angels that day 000-150/BA-BD
Duty Curtis J. 3-Jun-1912 12-Mar-1986 BH 192 The double dutys 150-300/BE-BH
Duty O. Eleanor 28-Apr-1914 BH 192 The double dutys 150-300/BE-BH
Dyer Arthur L. 28-Jul-1904 5-Aug-1967 O 80 Jesus Saves 000-150/M-P
Dyer Bertha A. 12-Mar-1882 7-May-1963 I 30 At Rest 000-150/I-L
Dyer Beulah C. 31-Jul-1906 15-Aug-1985 O 80 Jesus Saves 000-150/M-P
Dyer C.C. Dyer 3-Mar-1847 21-May-1923 X 525 Beloved One, Farewell.  "Father" 450-575/U-X
Dyer Carrell Bechtol 3-Dec-1913 3-Nov-1993 W 7 Wed on Feb. 8, 1936 "Dad" 000-150/U-X
Dyer Clyde 8-Jul-1894 12-Mar-1897 X 485 Infant son of C.C. & S.R. Dyer.                               Weep not Papa and Mama for me,                         For I am waiting in Heaven for thee. 450-575/U-X
Dyer Darlton E. 28-Nov-1957 14-Aug-1975 Z 525 Forever in our hearts.
We love you, Cowboy.
Dyer Don AB 505 Place Keeper 450-575/Y-AB
Dyer Don AB 510 Place Keeper 450-575/Y-AB
Dyer Don AB 515 Place Keeper 450-575/Y-AB
Dyer Don AB 525 Place Keeper 450-575/Y-AB
Dyer Don AB 535 Place Keeper 450-575/Y-AB
Dyer Ethelene 14-Jan-1918 29-Oct-1918 AA 515 Our Darling 450-575/Y-AB
Dyer Gerald C. 14-Nov-1933 18-Feb-1955 AA 525 Our son 450-575/Y-AB
Dyer Hattie T. 12-Oct-1888 27-Mar-1898 X 476 Dau of C.C. & S.R. Dyer.  (Inscription unreadable) 450-575/U-X
Dyer James Vinson 12-Jun-1881 3-Jan-1969 AA 510 450-575/Y-AB
Dyer John Boyd 11-Apr-1877 19-Sep-1954 I 30 At Rest 000-150/I-L
Dyer Leslie (Buddy) 30-Jun-1902 8-Apr-1948 I 15 000-150/I-L
Dyer Mary Alice 21-Apr-1885 4-Mar-1961 AA 510 450-575/Y-AB
Dyer Royce Jean 7-Sep-1920 W 7 Wed on Feb. 8, 1936 "Mother" 000-150/U-X
Dyer Susan R. 7-Aug-1853 7-Sep-1927 X 520 Come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give thee rest. 450-575/U-X
Dyson G. U 25 Only a plot marker 000-150/U-X
Dyson M. U 45 Plot Marker 000-150/U-X
Dyson P. V 24 Only a plot marker 000-150/U-X
Dyson P. V 28 Only a plot marker 000-150/U-X
Dyson T. V 33 Only a plot marker 000-150/U-X
Dyson T. V 38 Only a plot marker 000-150/U-X
Dyson WM. U 20 Only a plot marker 000-150/U-X
Earthman James Calvin 12-Feb-1928 BM 110 Married Mar. 27,1948 000-150/BM-BN
Earthman Norma Jane 28-Jun-1928 1-Feb-1999 BM 110 Married Mar. 27,1948 000-150/BM-BN
Eastland Elizabeth Raegan 8-May-1995 BB 445 Our Daughter 300-450/BA-BD
Eckert Ramond A. 8-May-1961 24-Dec-1995 BM 434 Lay me down in a river past the Footsteps of Evil so that I may stand as tall as the day is long and with the grace to deliver my savior watches over lay me down in a river, lay me down.    Faye Smith 300-450/BM-BN
Edmondson Audrey Jourde 11-Sep-1907 3-Apr-1997 O 172 Married July 3, 1925 150-300/M-P
Edmondson Della Miller 29-Sep-1878 30-Sep-1968 O 162 Married Jan. 17, 1901 150-300/M-P
Edmondson Lowell 4-Mar-1910 31-Aug-1964 O 170 150-300/M-P
Edmondson Rena Mae 10-Nov-1901 12-Nov-1901 O 172 Daughter of W.A. & Della Edmonson;
"Earth has one spirit less
Heaven one inmate more."
Edmondson Sarah Elizabeth 16-Mar-1849 25-Apr-1913 D 182 Wife of T.H. Edmondson; "Them also who sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him"
1 Thes
Edmondson Thomas Henry 3-Apr-1841 10-Aug-1904 D 182 "For if we beleiveth that Jesus died and rose again, even so they also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him"
Thes 4 chap 14 verse
Edmondson Thomas Stanley 30-Dec-1904 13-May-1998 O 172 Married July 3, 1925 150-300/M-P
Edmondson Thomas Stanley Jr. 28-Sep-1926 4-Jun-1992 O 170 Son 150-300/M-P
Edmondson William Arthur 21-Oct-1871 16-Jan-1966 O 162 Married Jan. 17, 1901 150-300/M-P
Edmondson William L. 4-Mar-1910 31-Aug-1964 P 168 TEC4 HQ CO 167 Infantry; World War II BSM 150-300/M-P
Edmonson Thomas Stanley Jr. 28-Sep-1926 4-Jun-1992 P 145 Son 000-150/M-P
Edwards Christopher Year 1982 Year 1882 BC 416 Temporary Marker 300-450/BA-BD
Edwards Joseph K. 17-Sep-1887 4-Jul-1970 T 207 North Car. PVT COR 21 ENGINEERS WORLD WAR I 150-300/Q-T
Edwards Vina B. 10-Aug-1904 17-Sep-1996 T 202 150-300/Q-T
Eggleston Stella Pearl Year 1897 Year 1980 BC 245 150-300/BA-BD
Eldridge Hubert Lee 3-Aug-1934 7-Jun-1990 BJ 410 Beloved husband, father, friend. 300-450/BI-BL
Eldridge Hubert Lee 3-Aug-1934 7-Jun-1990 BK 410 SP4 US Army 300-450/BI-BL
Elkins Onule "Beaver" Year 1942 Year 1997 BN 180 150-300/BM-BN
Eller Beatrice Year 1892 Year 1990 AB 490 450-575/Y-AB
Eller James 15-Jul-1926 11-Mar-1997 AB 495 450-575/Y-AB
Elliott Albert Thurman 22-Oct-1909 30-Mar-1983 E 135 Married Feb. 11, 1939 000-150/E-H
Elliott Chester Wayne Year 1969 Year 1987 BH 340 300-450/BE-BH
Elliott Margaret Cozby 5-Feb-1916 E 135 Married Feb. 11, 1939 000-150/E-H
Emery Belle Year 1864 Year 1898 P 125 000-150/M-P
Emery Cora C. 11-Jan-1860 23-Aug-1895 P 130 000-150/M-P
Emery Frank Year 1859 Year 1936 P 125 000-150/M-P
Emery No name; infant son P 135 S.H. and S.E. Emery 000-150/M-P
Engel Danielle Marie 23-Oct-1998 BB 447 Safe in the arms of Jesus, Our little angel 300-450/BA-BD
Eppley Clay L. 6-Aug-1901 15-Jan-1996 Z 95 Wed on July 28, 1934; Whatever is, is best 000-150/Y-AB
Eppley Ethel H. 7-Sep-1907 Z 95 Wed on July 28, 1934; Whatever is, is best 000-150/Y-AB
Erwin Mary Maxine Year 1920 Year 1994 BA 95 000-150/BA-BD
Espitia Antonio A. 8-Aug-1931 BF 35 Married 18-Feb-1959 000-150/BE-BH
Espitia Carlos R. Year 1905 Year 1982 BF 27 From those you created, we are eternally grateful;
Together forever
Espitia Eloisa A. 23-Aug-1935 6-Jan-1995 BF 35 Married 18-Feb-1959 000-150/BE-BH
Espitia Petra L. Year 1918 BF 27 From those you created, we are eternally grateful;
Together forever
Evans H. Excell 25-Jan-1905 20-May-1991 BD 340 300-450/BA-BD
Evans Iris J. 30-Aug-1910 BD 340 300-450/BA-BD
Fabri Anthony Year 1920 Year 1979 BG 330 Temporary marker 300-450/BE-BH
Fabri Richard A. Year 1947 Year 1987 BH 335 SGT US MARINE CORPS VIETNAM 300-450/BE-BH
Farris Billy Bob Year 1923 Year 1981 BC 130 BM2 US Coast Guard World War II 000-150/BA-BD
Farwell Charles W. 9-Jan-1937 13-Feb-1985 BF 87 Wed Feb 3, 1962; "Love endureth forever" 000-150/BE-BH
Farwell Marion G. 2-Oct-1940 BF 87 Wed Feb 3, 1962; "Love endureth forever" 000-150/BE-BH
Fellwock James D. Year 1934 BC 205 "Jim" 150-300/BA-BD
Fellwock Margaret J. Year 1939 Year 1999 BC 205 "Peggy" 150-300/BA-BD
Ferguson Clara 7-Aug-1828 28-Feb-1907 A 248 (same as above) Wife of S. Ferguson 150-300/A-D
Ferguson E.A. 23-Aug-1846 24-Feb-1930 A 263 Wife of J.S. Ferguson 150-300/A-D
Ferguson John S. 17-Sep-1845 2-Jan-1888 A 263 (bottom inscription unreadable) 150-300/A-D
Ferguson N.A. 14-Dec-1835 18-Jul-1913 P 240 Weep not she is not dead, but sleepeth. 150-300/M-P
Ferguson Owen R. 5-Jan-1911 4-Jul-1976 X 517 450-575/U-X
Ferguson Owen Ralph 5-Jan-1911 4-Jul-1976 X 515 Married 18 Mar 1933 450-575/U-X
Ferguson Stephen 7-Oct-1815 16-Dec-1904 A 248 (top)-Father Mother;
(left side) "Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God though
our Lord Jesus Christ"
(right side)-"I have been young and now am old; Yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread"
PSA 37-29
Ferguson Willie 17-May-1880 5-Oct-1880 A 263 Son of J.S. & E.A. Ferguson "Lested in life in death united" 150-300/A-D
Ferguson Willie McGuire 29-Jan-1912 8-Apr-1999 X 515 Married 18 Mar 1933 450-575/U-X
Ferris B. Annette Year 1924 Year 1994 BK 280 I know that my Redeemer liveth 150-300/BI-BL
Ferris John T. Jr. Year 1924 BK 280 I am the resurrection and the life. Whosoever lives and believes in me shall never die. 150-300/BI-BL
Ferry Clarence 4-Jul-1860 4-Jun-1931 H 217 150-300/E-H
Ferry Nellie 22-Nov-1858 28-Nov-1940 H 212 150-300/E-H
Fisher Year 1896 I 162 Infant daughter of A.C. & D.P. Fisher 150-300/I-L
Fisher Year 1898 Year 1899 I 162 Infant son of A.C. & D.P. Fisher 150-300/I-L
Fitzpatrick Tommie Jean 16-Feb-1933 1-Sep-1998 BA 390 Sunrise/Sunset.   Our Mother.  Always in our hearts. 300-450/BA-BD
Flanagan Albert J. Year 1904 Year 1976 AA 320 300-450/Y-AB
Flanagan Frances Hensley 16-Sep-1911 21-Sep-1994 AA 315 Loving Mother 300-450/Y-AB
Flanagan Lydia M. Year 1895 D 35 Mother 000-150/A-D
Flanagan Robert A. Year 1892 Year 1944 D 35 Father 000-150/A-D
Flannagan Bonnie 18-Nov-1932 BI 325 300-450/BI-BL
Flannagan Robert "BOB" 28-Jun-1931 23-Dec-1999 BI 325 300-450/BI-BL
Flasman Rose Ann 25-Nov-1935 17-May-1987 BA 70 I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever… Psalm 23 000-150/BA-BD
Fletcher Ronald Keith 1-Jun-1967 15-Dec-1992 BM 300 Beloved son and brother 150-300/BM-BN
Fletcher Ronald Keith 1-Jun-1967 15-Dec-1992 BM 325 Beloved Son and Brother 300-450/BM-BN
Florentino Margaret Dominica 16-Feb-2000 BB 442 300-450/BA-BD
Flores Manuel Lerma 11-Jun-1925 23-Nov-1998 BK 177 PFC US Army World War II 150-300/BI-BL
Flowers Laura 28-May-1907 2-Jan-1982 BB 235 150-300/BA-BD
Follis Lee M. Year 1881 Year 1929 P 292 150-300/M-P
Ford J. F. 9-Nov-1886 J 130 At Rest; husband 000-150/I-L
Ford Mary Ellen Year 1900 Year 1981 BC 265 Our beloved mother and grandmother 150-300/BA-BD
Ford Norah Ford 21-Feb-1882 19-Jan-1922 J 130 At Rest; wife 000-150/I-L
Fore Carl D. 21-Apr-1900 2-Sep-1982 BC 30 000-150/BA-BD
Fore Dorothy E. 9-Aug-1913 21-Feb-1989 BC 30 000-150/BA-BD
Forester Betty R. Year 1934 AA 190 150-300/Y-AB
Forester Greg ? Mar 1958 ?Jul 1958 AB 177 150-300/Y-AB
Formby Joe Glenn 13-Nov-1929 14-Oct-1995 BN 449 CPL US Marine Corps Korea 300-450/BM-BN
Foster Ella Year 1876 Year 1936 S 145 (Stone sinking into the ground) 000-150/Q-T
Franco Jason Robet 16-Oct-1972 25-Oct-1992 BD 217 Beloved mijo and brother 150-300/BA-BD
Franklin Andrew Frank 27-Aug-1954 BE 160 150-300/BE-BH
Franklin Raymond V. 2-Jun-1909 29-Mar-1969 O 25 000-150/M-P
Franklin Velma Lee 14-Oct-1912 13-Nov-1996 O 25 000-150/M-P
Franks T 252 Plot Marker 150-300/Q-T
Franks U 225 Plot Marker 150-300/U-X
Franks U 242 Plot Marker 150-300/U-X
Freed Hannah Audrey 25-May-1993 BC 405 Beloved daughter of Michael & Joan; "Let the children come to me, to such belongs the kingdom of God.  Mark 10:14 300-450/BA-BD
Freeman Scott Eric 14-Jul-1909 5-Jun-1994 BC 285 Husband, Father, Friend; Love is immortal, life eternal 150-300/BA-BD
Freemantle Charlotte Year 1915 Year 1994 BK 192 Loving mother 150-300/BI-BL
Fromm Christopher Lewis 10-Nov-1963 11-Apr-1991 BH 355 Our beloved son 300-450/BE-BH
Fugitt Daniel Dee 31-Oct-1905 25-Feb-1983 BJ 102 000-150/BI-BL
Fuller Les W. Year 1929 Year 1980 BK 315 If a man does not keep pace with his companions perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer.  Let him step to the music he hears however measured or far away. 300-450/BI-BL
Gadson Bernice Parker 7-May-1927 28-Jan-1991 BA 395 300-450/BA-BD
Gaither Faye M. Year 1898 Year 1985 BA 370 300-450/BA-BD
Galan Maria Guadalupe 15-Jul-1900 24-Dec-1982 BJ 315 300-450/BI-BL
Gallegos Magdalena Year 1938 Year 1996 BL 242 "On Earth 1938 / In Heaven 1996" 150-300/BI-BL
Gallegos Maria R. 24-Feb-1908 26-Jun-1979 BD 115 Nuestra Madrecita Descanse En Paz 000-150/BA-BD
Gammill Cherisa K. 30-Nov-1962 7-Apr-1984 BI 320 300-450/BI-BL
Garcia Haley Anissa 8-Feb-1995 2-Jun-1999 BJ 85 "Daddy's 'Pookes' and Mommy's 'Haley Bug' is now playing 'Big Hug' with Jesus" 000-150/BI-BL
Garett Otto Coleman 5-Apr-1922 18-Mar-1985 BI 280 150-300/BI-BL
Gargano Annina Year 1910 Year 1985 BA 90 000-150/BA-BD
Garrett Karon Michelle 13-Nov-1982 13-Nov-1982 BC 441 300-450/BA-BD
Garrison Lawana Lynn 6-Sep-1945 15-Jan-1946 L 85 000-150/I-L
Garth Amanda L. 11-Dec-1866 29-Mar-1935 B 25 At Rest 000-150/A-D
Garth Amos Payne 21-Oct-1859 27-Dec-1955 B 15 At Rest 000-150/A-D
Garth Anna Lillian 10-Oct-1897 11-Jun-1979 C 10 000-150/A-D
Garth Fred 28-May-1897 C 5 000-150/A-D
Garth Lorena 2-Mar-1899 25-Jun-1942 C 5 000-150/A-D
Garth B 20 Family plot marker 000-150/A-D
Gay Mrs. M.A. 10-Apr-1837 10-Jan-1883 G 242 (unreadable inscription) 150-300/E-H
Gerhards Leif Alan 13-Nov-1984 15-Dec-1984 BC 409 300-450/BA-BD
Gibson ? 17-Jan-1899 17-Feb-1899 L 192 Dau of ?&L Gibson; "Weep not for me Papa & Mama for I am waiting in Heaven for thee" 150-300/I-L
Gibson Lou Dora Year 1880 Year 1949 L 205 150-300/I-L
Gill Charles F. 2-Mar-1902 16-May-1984 BA 360 Married July 18, 1927 300-450/BA-BD
Gill Stella D. 22-Sep-1904 BA 360 Married July 18, 1927 300-450/BA-BD
Gillespie Harry Year 1925 Year 1999 BC 212 150-300/BA-BD
Gillespie Jean Year 1935 BC 212 150-300/BA-BD
Gimson "Little" John 31-Oct-1979 29-Dec-1994 I 55 Placed again in the loving arms of his mother 000-150/I-L
Gimson Balenda Kae Year 1955 Year 1986 I 60 Wife and Mother 000-150/I-L
Gipson Joe R. 1-May-1951 BH 410 300-450/BE-BH
Gipson Sandie G. 5-Oct-1941 25-Feb-1991 BH 410 300-450/BE-BH
Girouard Walter E. 22-Oct-1903 24-Nov-1990 BA 335 Pvt. US Army World War II 300-450/BA-BD
Gleen J. W 24 Plot Marker 000-150/U-X
Gleen T. W 28 Plot Marker 000-150/U-X
Goodman Andrew J. Year 1853 Year 1908 N 405 300-450/M-P
Goodman J. Luther Year 1876 Year 1966 N 420 300-450/M-P
Goodman Sarah E. Year 1853 Year 1934 N 405 300-450/M-P
Goodman W. Arther Year 1883 Year 1944 N 420 300-450/M-P
Graffin Corrine Ann 28-Sep-1943 26-Feb-1999 BJ 117 In loving memory 000-150/BI-BL
Gray W.J. 2-Nov-1814 22-Jun-1900 J 165 150-300/I-L
Gray William Barry II 11-Mar-1978 22-Mar-1978 BC 421 300-450/BA-BD
Green ALive L. 26-Aug-1917 28-Mar-1997 BK 375 Blessed are husband and wife in Heaven                US Army World War II 300-450/BI-BL
Green Nita 18-May-1927 16-Jul-1992 BK 375 Blessed are husband and wife in Heaven 300-450/BI-BL
Greener Baby 27-Aug-1963 K 30 Dau of Charles & Sandra 000-150/I-L
Greener Brice Edward Year 1918 Year 1924 P 365 Waiting the coming of Jesus. Our Darling. 300-450/M-P
Greener Charles 8-Mar-1876 3-May-1940 K 45 000-150/I-L
Greener Charles Woodrow 16-Jan-1918 23-May-1987 O 40 Married July 29, 1950 000-150/M-P
Greener Charles Woodrow 16-Jan-1918 23-May-1987 P 52 SC2 US Navy, World War II 000-150/M-P
Greener Florence L. 1-Jun-1883 22-Aug-1962 K 40 000-150/I-L
Greener James Glenn 15-Jan-1927 21-May-1981 P 375 AN US Navy, WWII. Korea 300-450/M-P
Greener John E. 26-Jun-1905 7-Mar-1978 O 35 Married Nov. 2 1924 000-150/M-P
Greener Lillie A. Year 1931 Year 1995 K 320 300-450/I-L
Greener Mae E. 19-May-1907 27-Mar-1997 O 30 Married Nov. 2 1924 000-150/M-P
Greener Mary Frances Clark 6-Nov-1917 O 40 Married July 29, 1950 000-150/M-P
Greener Patsy Ruth 30-Jan-1930 14-Jan-1931 N 340 Daughter of John and Mae 300-450/M-P
Gregory Ona L. 24-Oct-1899 15-Jul-1991 T 260 Married May 11, 1918 150-300/Q-T
Gregory Robert V. 29-Oct-1899 18-Nov-1987 T 260 Married May 11, 1918 150-300/Q-T
Griffis Mary Louise Year 1913 P 405 He rode so children could walk. (Eastern Star symbol) 300-450/M-P
Griffis Walter V. Year 1905 Year 1981 P 405 He rode so children could walk. (Masonic Lodge symbol) 300-450/M-P
Griffith John B. 10-Jun-1889 I 195 Aged 60 years 7 mos 4 days 150-300/I-L
Grunwald James 19-Jun-1928 6-Jan-1987 BL 227 Wed May 21, 1970;
SFC US Army Korea
Grunwald Mary Ann 2-Jan-1935 BL 227 Sharing eternity together 150-300/BI-BL
Gunstead William Fred 17-May-1928 23-Dec-1982 BA 330 Cpl. US Army Korea 300-450/BA-BD
Gunter Louise Year 1914 BC 315 Together Forever 300-450/BA-BD
Gunter Olen J. Year 1908 BC 315 Together Forever 300-450/BA-BD
H. B. M. Unknown Unknown J 190 150-300/I-L
Haddad Albert G. Jr. 20-Apr-1968 3-Feb-1991 BH 326 CPL US MARINE CORPS.
"Greater love hath no man than this,
that a man lay down his life for
his friends."  Persian Gulf War.
(Picture on stone.)
Hale R. Benton Knight 13-Jan-1915 10-Sep-1919 H 405 Son of P.A. & S.A. Hale.                                                           Tho lost to sight to memory dear. 300-450/E-H
Haley Viola Christine Gunsch 8-Feb-1921 17-Jan-1988 BN 205 150-300/BM-BN
Hall Annie M. Year 1889 Year 1971 Z 12 Together Forever 000-150/Y-AB
Hall Ben H Year 1888 Year 1972 Z 12 Together Forever 000-150/Y-AB
Hall James Patton 26-Dec-1858 21-Jan-1891 H 130 Aged 32 years, 25 days;
Gone from our home,
but not from our hearts
Hall Loucinda R. 17-Apr-1845 25-Mar-1905 K 370 300-450/I-L
Hall Ola Ann 20-Jul-1872 18-Aug-1873 K 370 300-450/I-L
Hall Scott Thomas 11-Jul-1991 11-Jul-1991 BF 410 So near, yet so far 300-450/BE-BH
Hall Trueman 15-Nov-1907 22-Feb-1956 Z 5 Texas PFC 4833 SVC Comd Unit, World War II 000-150/Y-AB
Hamblin Dorothy M. 13-Jun-1916 BK 145 Parents of Jerry, Gail, Billy, Cathy, Debbie, Becky;
Wed 14-Dec-1933
Hamblin Howard E. 10-Sep-1914 10-Sep-1990 BK 145 Parents of Jerry, Gail, Billy, Cathy, Debbie, Becky;
Wed 14-Dec-1933
Hambright E. Jane 12-Aug-1822 11-Nov-1888 M 295 Into thine hands I commit my spirit: Thou hast redeemed me, O Lord God of truth ?Psalm 31:5? 150-300/M-P
Hamilton Helen (Wood) 23-Jan-1915 8-Aug-1987 V 210 150-300/U-X
Hamilton Henry 26-Apr-1913 AB 130 Age 35 years. "His record is on high" 000-150/Y-AB
Hamlin Billy Edgar 7-Oct-1940 3-Oct-1981 BK 130 "A good 'ole boy" 000-150/BI-BL
Hamlin Darlene 7-Aug-1934 24-Jan-1997 T 55 Wed Apr 15, 1951; "Me and you, you and me that's the way it'll always be" 000-150/Q-T
Hamlin Dianna Lynn Gill 27-May-1957 29-Aug-1994 C 75 Forever in our hearts 000-150/A-D
Hamlin Dorothy 13-Jun-1916 BK 150 Wed Dec. 14, 1933.  Parents of Jerry, Gail, Cathy, Debbie, Becky 150-300/BI-BL
Hamlin Ellen Hight 19-May-1956 19-Aug-1977 T 60 "Always in our hearts" 000-150/Q-T
Hamlin Evaie L. 28-Mar-1901 27-May-1985 S 10 "In loving memory" 000-150/Q-T
Hamlin Floyd E. 13-Jun-1934 27-Apr-1941 Z 175 150-300/Y-AB
Hamlin Goldie L. 2-Jul-1908 20-Aug-1992 Z 192 Married November 4, 1925 150-300/Y-AB
Hamlin Harold 23-Dec-1931 T 55 000-150/Q-T
Hamlin Helen B. 7-Aug-1919 19-Mar-1992 U 15 Beloved Mother 000-150/U-X
Hamlin Herman E. 20-Sep-1898 30-Apr-1963 Z 192 Married November 4, 1925 150-300/Y-AB
Hamlin Howard E. 10-Sep-1914 10-Sep-1990 BK 150 Wed Dec. 14, 1933.  Parents of Jerry, Gail, Billy, Cathy, Debbie, Becky 150-300/BI-BL
Hamlin Hubert T. 1-Feb-1896 20-Oct-1966 S 10 Texas PVT BTRY B 125 FLD ARTY World War I;
"In loving memory" 
Hamlin Hugh E. 10-May-1929 U 15 000-150/U-X
Hamlin James E. 9-May-1930 28-May-1930 Z 175 150-300/Y-AB
Hamlin Jason Timothy 11-Nov-1981 11-Nov-1981 S 15 "Suffer little children to come unto me" 000-150/Q-T
Hamlin Kay 13-Jun-1932 T 85 000-150/Q-T
Hamlin Martha D. Year 1862 Year 1946 S 5 "The Lord is my shepherd" 000-150/Q-T
Hamlin Marvin Delois 6-Feb-1922 3-Mar-1881 C 70 Beloved husband and father 000-150/A-D
Hamlin Millard 29-Jul-1926 T 85 000-150/Q-T
Hamlin Nancy Evelyn Year 1886 Year 1969 B 65 "In God we trust" 000-150/A-D
Hamlin Sherry Kay 30-May-1951 2-Oct-1962 T 70 "An angel called home" 000-150/Q-T
Hamlin Virgina Year 1929 Year 1993 C 60 Temporary marker 000-150/A-D
Hammons Mae Ethel 22-Jun-1891 21-Oct-1972 Y 390 Mother 300-450/Y-AB
Hampton Evelyn M. 12-Jan-1908 28-Apr-1979 O 155 150-300/M-P
Harp Ila 27-Jun-1906 24-Nov-1990 BN 365 Mom Married 16 Dec 1936 300-450/BM-BN
Harp Stephen Anthony 31-Aug-1990 25-Aug-1991 BF 415 We love our son. "Little Buster" 300-450/BE-BH
Harp Vernon T. 25-May-1910 27-Sep-1979 BN 365 Dad Married 16 Dec 1936 300-450/BM-BN
Harper Jason Erik 23-May-1984 26-Aug-1984 BC 418 In loving memory of my brother 300-450/BA-BD
Harradine Hayley Lynn 2-Feb-1994 BB 422 Our Little Angel. 300-450/BA-BD
Harrell Calvin L. 7-Aug-1888 26-May-1889 A 400 Son of E. L & D.T Harrell.   Lovely babe ? ? stay; short and hasty was thy day; Ending so on they sojourn ha??; Pain and grief no more to bear. 300-450/A-D
Harrell Eugene L. 18-Apr-1855 13-Jul-1914 A 440 Father 300-450/A-D
Harrell Myrtle 15-Jun-1884 13-Sep-1962 A 435 (rest of tombstone underground) 300-450/A-D
Harris Chancler Trey 27-Feb-1991 4-Nov-1994 BI 180 Our little man "my bud". In our lives so briefly, in our hearts forever. "Chance" (picture on stone) 150-300/BI-BL
Harris Lewis A. Year 1913 Year 1976 BC 170 SF3 US Navy World War II 150-300/BA-BD
Harris Marion B. 24-Jan-1899 24-Jun-1978 D 10 000-150/A-D
Harris Sallie F. 4-Aug-1901 29-Sep-1992 D 10 000-150/A-D
Harris Stephen S. 4-Feb-1952 4-Feb-1952 X 142 Heaven's Gift 000-150/U-X
Harrison Ethan Michael 10-Jun-1996 BC 404 Our Son. 300-450/BA-BD
Harwell Troy Leon 9-Feb-1937 11-Apr-1998 BE 355 SP4 US ARMY 300-450/BE-BH
Hasserd 29-Jun-1991 BF 405 Baby Boy. I pray the Lord my soul to keep 300-450/BE-BH
Hawk Joseph J. 31-Mar-1942 3-Jun-1991 BF 265 In God's care 150-300/BE-BH
Hawk W. M. 11-Oct-1838 27-Jun-1920 J 200 Erected by the Grapevine Woodmen of the World 150-300/I-L
Hayden Thomas C. Jr. 29-Sep-1929 7-Jun-1995 BH 360 SGT US ARMY KOREA 300-450/BE-BH
Heerwagen Louie Martin Jr. 20-Jun-1935 BD 400 Loving Husband and Father.  Wed 25 Jun 1955 300-450/BA-BD
Heerwagen Mary Nell 31-Mar-1937 5-Apr-1997 BD 400 Precious Wife and Mother. Wed 25 Jun 1955 300-450/BA-BD
Heerwagen Trevor Nelson 18-Oct-1992 29-Jul-1993 BE 395 In loving memory 300-450/BE-BH
Held George P. year 1905 year 1981 H 520 450-575/E-H
Held Opal Ray year 1905 H 505 450-575/E-H
Hembree Helen R. Year 1922 Year 1991 BD 230 150-300/BA-BD
Hembree John B. Year 1926 BD 230 150-300/BA-BD
Heney Robert John 1-Feb-1946 9-Apr-1996 BL 425 He shall mount up with wings as eagles. (Engraved eagles on stone with cross) 300-450/BI-BL
Henkle George E. 11-Apr-1859 25-?-1878 G 270 ?? Yrs 9 mos 14 days 150-300/E-H
Henness John Albert 16-Aug-1927 8-Jan-1980 BC 355 US NAVY WWII 300-450/BA-BD
Hensley Lorean 2-Jul-1909 10-Jun-1984 Y 385 300-450/Y-AB
Herrera Jose Luis Jr. year 1996 year 1996 BB 408 Age -0- 300-450/BA-BD
Herting Laura Jean 8-Aug-1916 10-Mar-1998 BF 239 "BaHa'i" (in starburst engraving) 150-300/BE-BH
Herting Sylvester J. Year 1909 Year 1989 BD 272 150-300/BA-BD
Herzik Aileen P. 22-Apr-1927 22-Dec-1977 G 80 000-150/E-H
Herzik Jerry C. 22-May-1922 15-Aug-1992 G 80 000-150/E-H
Hickman Emerald L. Year 1920 Year 1985 BI 420 PFC US Army  World War II 300-450/BI-BL
Higgins Fred O. Year 1917 Year 1973 BB 285 Together Always 150-300/BA-BD
Higgins Maxine I. Year 1920 BB 285 150-300/BA-BD
Hill Bernie 2-Sep-1925 20-Mar-1985 BE 230 US Navy World War II 150-300/BE-BH
Hill James O. Year 1901 Year 1981 BB 75 000-150/BA-BD
Hill Thelma Irene Year 1905 Year 1984 BB 70 000-150/BA-BD
Hillers Fannie Mae Russell 30-Jul-1925 BN 187 150-300/BM-BN
Hillers Virgil E. 8-Apr-1918 8-May-1995 BN 187 150-300/BM-BN
Hilliard Audrey F. 20-Aug-1916 G 90 Married Oct 16, 1935 000-150/E-H
Hilliard Betha J. ?-?-1902 ?-?-1903 B 385 Daughter  of W.H. & M.E. Hilliard 300-450/A-D
Hilliard Bob 18-Dec-1886 3-Mar-1969 G 35 Gone to be with God 000-150/E-H
Hilliard Carrie 3-Sept-1886 8-Jan-1923 K 495 450-575/I-L
Hilliard Daisy D. 10-Apr-1892 15-Jul-1976 I 35 000-150/I-L
Hilliard Earnest 30-Jan-1908 2-Sep-1953 K 532 Love forever Barbara and Billy 450-575/I-L
Hilliard Emery 20-Jul-1883 13-Nov-1959 K 533 450-575/I-L
Hilliard George W. 24-Feb-1879 12-Aug-1959 I 35 000-150/I-L
Hilliard Houston 2-Nov-1916 7-Feb-1939 G 40 Our loved one gone home to Jesus;
Age 22 Years
Hilliard Jimmy Wayne 28-Jul-1983 29-Jul-1983 J 530 !!And if God choose, I shall but love thee better after death!!  EBBXLII 450-575/I-L
Hilliard Joe Fred 18-Mar-1920 D 45 Married June 14, 1941 000-150/A-D
Hilliard Leola 12-Sep-1888 6-Mar-1947 G 34 Gone to be with God 000-150/E-H
Hilliard Mannie 13-Apr-1910 8-Feb-1968 K 531 Love forever Barbara and Billy 450-575/I-L
Hilliard Martin R. 23-Feb-1903 7-Jan-1982 C 380 300-450/A-D
Hilliard Melvina year 1882 year 1966 C 400 300-450/A-D
Hilliard Robbie Mae 27-Oct-1920 31-Oct-1981 D 45 Married June 14, 1941 000-150/A-D
Hilliard Roy Edward 1-Nov-1932 26-Oct-1986 K 555 God, Bless this man that you know.  For he blessed his family and loved them so.  He provided for them a comforting nest.  And with your grace his soul can rest.  Amen 450-575/I-L
Hilliard Russ year 1872 year 1954 C 400 300-450/A-D
Hilliard W. Ernestine 12-Apr-1909 24-Feb-1982 C 380 300-450/A-D
Hilliard Wanda 7-Aug-1915 30-Oct-1945 G 50 Asleep in Jesus 000-150/E-H
Hilliard Willie R. 3-Sep-1911 16-Apr-1999 G 90 Married Oct 16, 1935 000-150/E-H
Hilliard Year 1939 Year 1939 G 100 Asleep in Jesus; daughter of W. R. Hilliard and wife 000-150/E-H
Hoese Norma K. BC 275 150-300/BA-BD
Hoese Robert H. 5-Dec-1908 27-Jan-1982 BC 275 Never again his equal 150-300/BA-BD
Hogue Doug 17-Aug-1946 BH 310 Wed June 9, 1967 300-450/BE-BH
Hogue Janice 5-Jun-1948 21-Nov-1999 BH 310 Wed June 9, 1967 300-450/BE-BH
Holland Matthew M. Year 1986 Year 1986 BB 418 300-450/BA-BD
Holley Delbert H. 5-Oct-1911 26-Apr-1975 V 265 Husband Father; "The greatest of these is love" 150-300/U-X
Holley Kenneth Lee 24-Jul-1952 19-Dec-1983 V 270 Beloved son and brother 150-300/U-X
Holley Lucy Etta 24-Dec-1917 20-Sep-1992 V 255 Wife Mother; "A woman who fears the Lord. She shall be praised" 150-300/U-X
Holley Rollen Jesse 16-Jan-1920 13-Jun-1970 V 277 Texas SC2 USNR World War II 150-300/U-X
Holley Rosa E. 16-Sep-1891 1-Sep-1934 V 285 150-300/U-X
Hollister Patsy R. Year 1926 Year 1997 BL 360 On Earth 1926  In Heaven 1997 300-450/BI-BL
Holt Maxine Land 13-Jul-1910 24-Apr-1997 BC 230 150-300/BA-BD
Holt Robert Lewis Year 1944 Year 1982 BG 90 000-150/BE-BH
Hood B.F. 19-Jun-1852 31-Jan-1922 S 135 000-150/Q-T
Hood Georgia "Joy" 2-Jun-1934 BE 342 Wed Oct. 24, 1952 300-450/BE-BH
Hood Lou Alma Year 1884 Year 1973 Y 92 000-150/Y-AB
Hood Margrette C. 26-Jan-1838 19-Jan-1913 S 130 Wife of B.F. Hood; "The Golden gates were opened wide."
(tall stone bible on top)
Hood Perry Ray Sr. 27-Nov-1931 2-Oct-1991 BE 342 Wed Oct. 24, 1952 300-450/BE-BH
Hood Robert T Year 1880 Year 1952 Y 92 000-150/Y-AB
Hopkins Amanda Elizabeth "Sis" Year 1868 Year 1902 W 285 She hath done what she could. 150-300/U-X
Hoss Donald J. Jr. 27-Dec-1959 13-Sep-1981 L 135 "Beloved Husband and father" 000-150/I-L
Hoss Ronald A. 2-Nov-1962 21-Apr-1988 L 135 Beloved Son 000-150/I-L
Hotoran John Year 1914 Year 1981 BA 262 150-300/BA-BD
Hotoran Mary Ellen Year 1920 BA 262 150-300/BA-BD
Houk Emily D. Year 1858 Year 1925 L 220 150-300/I-L
Houk Eugene 26-Jan-1886 30-Jan-1886 L 212 Son of M. P. & E. D. HOWK 150-300/I-L
Houk Moses P. Year 1850 Year 1894 L 220 150-300/I-L
Howard James Robert 19-Oct-1932 21-May-1982 BA 310 "Precious Memories" 300-450/BA-BD
Howell J.T. Year 1845 Year 1928 L 370 300-450/I-L
Howell James P. 10-Nov-1876 30-Jun-1959 L 380 300-450/I-L
Howell John L. 12-Apr-1880 19-Feb-1973 L 390 300-450/I-L
Howell L.E. Year 1844 Year 1926 L 370 His wife 300-450/I-L
Huggins Bailey L. 3-Sep-1893 7-Jan-1906 T 130 Son of J.J. & Lula Huggins;
Age 12 years 3 mos 26 days;
"No pain nor grief no anxious fear can reach the peaceful sleeper there"
Huggins Elmina Year 1849 Year 1930 T 170 His wife 150-300/Q-T
Huggins J.M. Year 1844 Year 1920 T 170 150-300/Q-T
Huggins Jessie 2-Apr-1867 15-Jun-1896 T 142 Son of J. M. & F. S. Huggins; "Gone but not forgotten" 000-150/Q-T
Huggins Marion Elizabeth 2-Aug-1917 2-May-1987 BC 135 Wed Oct 4, 1938 000-150/BA-BD
Huggins Tempy F. Year 1876 Year 1917 T 115 000-150/Q-T
Huggins William Lee 21-Jan-1908 15-Oct-1988 BC 135 Wed Oct 4, 1938 000-150/BA-BD
Hughes Charlotte Louise Zylstra 27-Dec-1934 BM 255 Psalm 23 150-300/BM-BN
Hughes James Thomas 14-Aug-1934 4-Mar-1998 BM 255 Married September 1, 1957; "The Lord is my shepard… and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever" 150-300/BM-BN
Hunt Joe H. year 1864 year 1925 H 415 300-450/E-H
Hunter John F. year 1939 year 1985 BN 447 "Remember the Christ, who conquered death. He overcame the world in a moments breath."  'Tracy' 300-450/BM-BN
Hunter 31-Dec-1960 31-Dec-1960 BN 448 Beloved Daughter of John F. and Judith L.  Hunter  (very small) 300-450/BM-BN
Hurley Cloreta Bell 17-Jun-1920 21-Dec-1920 U 140 "Our darling";
Daughter of I.W. & J.W. Hurley;
"In heaven there is one more angel"
Hurley Jewell G. 27-Jan-1903 30-Jan-1997 U 130 000-150/U-X
Hurley WM. Ivan 17-Jul-1898 10-Jan-1960 U 130 000-150/U-X
Hurst James Jim 6-Mar-1874 19-Oct-1939 R 115 Father 000-150/Q-T
Hurst Jess 10-Sep-1847 17-Sep-1916 R 120 Grandpa 000-150/Q-T
Hurst Nancy Jane 7-Jun-1876 1-Mar-1948 R 145 "Mother" 000-150/Q-T
Hurst Ollie C. Year 1882 Year 1963 R 135 000-150/Q-T
Hurst Riley Year 1873 Year 1930 R 135 000-150/Q-T
Hurst Riley F. 4-Jan-1922 21-Jun-1969 R 155 PFC US ARMY WORLD WAR II 150-300/Q-T
Huston Robert Lee 6-Aug-1954 31-Dec-1972 BB 85 000-150/BA-BD
Huxley Evan J. Year 1985 Year 1986 BE 409 Temporary Marker 300-450/BE-BH
Hyden (Infant) Year 1898 11-Mar-1900 X 195 Infant of J.K. & R.A. Hyden;
"Gone but not forgotten"
Hyden Chas Lester 19-Jan-1896 15-Oct-1918 X 170 Brt. B. 125 FD. Art 150-300/U-X
Hyden E.E. 11-Aug-1881 24-Apr-1909 X 192 (bottom unreadable) 150-300/U-X
Hyden James K. Year 1846 Year 1935 X 205 150-300/U-X
Hyden Mary Lillian 16-May-1893 16-Feb-1984 X 185 150-300/U-X
Hyden Minnie Lee 9-Mar-1891 27-Jun-1982 X 185 150-300/U-X
Hyden Rebecca Ann Year 1855 Year 1934 X 205 150-300/U-X
Hyden Willie D. 30-Sep-1889 9-Aug-1918 X 180 In memory of; Son of J.K. & R.A. Hyden; "Weep not, he is not dead but sleepeth" 150-300/U-X
Irek Anna M. Year 1913 Year 1997 BL 262 Blessed are husband and wife in heaven 150-300/BI-BL
Irek Charles R. Year 1909 Year 1997 BL 262 150-300/BI-BL
Ives Taylor Elizabeth 6-Aug-1992 6-Aug-1992 BC 412 Our beloved daughter 300-450/BA-BD
Jackson Douglas 11-Dec-1922 7-Apr-1994 BB 265 US Navy World War II 150-300/BA-BD
Jacobson Gina Luree 12-Dec-1966 11-Dec-1983 BA 282 The sunshine of our lives 150-300/BA-BD
Jazwinksi Barney B. 17-Dec-1916 4-Jan-1992 BF 355 300-450/BE-BH
Jazwinksi Helen A. 23-Nov-1924 20-Dec-1990 BF 355 300-450/BE-BH
Jazwinksi Juliana M. 20-Jan-1955 14-May-1999 BF 355 In loving memory 300-450/BE-BH
Jeffries Carletta H. 24-Sep-1919 30-Sep-1921 H 192 150-300/E-H
Jeffries Florence Lee 13-Oct-1880 15-Apr-1934 H 182 Wife of J.M. Jeffries 150-300/E-H
Jeffries Herman A. 30-Jun-1916 11-Jul-1916 H 190 150-300/E-H
Jeffries James Baker 25-Sep-1905 18-Sep-1978 H 200 150-300/E-H
Jeffries James M. 27-Aug-1877 10-Oct-1950 H 178 "At rest" 150-300/E-H
Jenkins Annie Belle 22-Aug-1920 15-Nov-1983 BM 280 150-300/BM-BN
Jenkins Annie Belle 22-Aug-1920 19-Nov-1983 BM 310 300-450/BM-BN
Jenkins Isaac Edgar 13-Sep-1913 30-Sep-1978 BM 280 150-300/BM-BN
Jenkins Isaac Edgar 13-Sep-1913 30-Sep-1978 BM 310 300-450/BM-BN
Jenkins Mr. George 6-Mar-1932 21-Apr-1996 BE 92 Age 64 000-150/BE-BH
Jennings Katie 15-May-1881 7-Feb-1972 N 35 000-150/M-P
Jennings Willis 11-Jan-1872 1-Dec-1919 N 35 000-150/M-P
Jesudason Andrew Year 1911 Year 1994 BL 125 "Awake thou that sleepest, and arise the dead, and Christ shall give the light" 000-150/BI-BL
Johns Leonard 24-Jul-1920 23-Apr-1989 BH 235 Oh I have slipped the surly bonds of earth and danced the skins on laughter. Silvered wings: Put out my hand and touched the face of God 150-300/BE-BH
Johnson Alisha Mae 12-Nov-1984 15-Nov-1984 BC 413 Our Precious Daughter 300-450/BA-BD
Johnson Barbara Lee 12-May-1931 15-Sep-1989 BE 153 Loving wife, mother, grandmother 150-300/BE-BH
Johnson Belulah Merrett 15-Feb-1891 15-Sep-1974 AB 180 Our beloved 150-300/Y-AB
Johnson Bird 4-Jan-1887 30-Jun-1961 K 115 Alabama PVT HQ CO 143 Infantry World War I 000-150/I-L
Johnson Charlie L. 24-Jan-1876 29-Apr-1950 K 95 Father 000-150/I-L
Johnson Clark Husted 4-Jan-1913 18-Sep-1995 BC 40 000-150/BA-BD
Johnson Floyd Thomas 30-May-1921 8-Nov-1995 J 100 SI US NAVY, World War II 000-150/I-L
Johnson Mary C. "Mimi" Year 1911 Year 1994 V 331 300-450/U-X
Johnson Mary May 21-Apr-1895 24-Sep-1895 Q 182 unreadable inscription 150-300/Q-T
Johnson Minda M. 22-Jul-1893 24-Jun-1894 Q 177 Daughter of R.L. & M.F. Johnson;
"As the sweet flower
that scents the morn
but withers in the rising day.
Thus lovely was this infants dawn."
Johnson Onna G. 4-May-1883 6-Mar-1905 Q 195 Son of L.J. Johnson 150-300/Q-T
Johnson Pearly J 8-Jul-1886 8-Jan-1931 J 85 And infant daughter; Wife of C. L. Johnson 000-150/I-L
Johnson Priscilla Year 1851 Year 1926 Q 237 Gone from our home but not from our hearts. 150-300/Q-T
Johnson Robert N. 1-Aug-1956 21-Apr-1995 BK 325 In Loving Memory 300-450/BI-BL
Johnson Roy M. 26-Feb-1902 18-Dec-1904 Q 190 Earth has one pure spirit less. Heaven. One inmate more.
Son of R.L. & M.F. Johsnon
Johnson Thomas H. Year 1841 Year 1914 Q 237 Gone from our home but not from our hearts. 150-300/Q-T
Johnson Tina H. Year 1922 Year 1989 J 100 000-150/I-L
Johnson 22-Aug-1899 27-Dec-1899 Q 185 Happy infant ---- blest ??? Rest peaceful slumber; Son of R.L. & M.F. Johnson 150-300/Q-T
Jones Clarence Year 1930 Year 1995 BE 80 Age 65 000-150/BE-BH
Jones James W., Jr. 24-Sep-1934 2-Dec-1983 BA 240 150-300/BA-BD
Jones Jepp E., Sr. 5-Mar-1891 4-Jun-1970 T 380 300-450/Q-T
Jones Josephine A. 25-Feb-1893 14-May-1968 E 380 Mother 300-450/E-H
Jones Lorene 20-Dec-1907 20-Dec-1907 K 130 Baby; Dau of J.A. & L.L. Jones
"The angels called her"
Jones Patsy S. 10-Nov-1934 BA 240 150-300/BA-BD
Jones E 380 300-450/E-H
Judkins Tonya ? Jan 1962 ? Feb 1963 AB 172 Our Darling 150-300/Y-AB
Kahn Deanna 8-Sep-1938 13-Sep-1999 BG 211 150-300/BE-BH
Kalitta Alan Hairston 1-Oct-1937 BH 107 through eternity 000-150/BE-BH
Kalitta Kitten Smelser 7-Oct-1939 BH 107 through eternity 000-150/BE-BH
Kammerer William C. 20-Jul-1941 14-May-1992 BF 230 ATN2 US Navy 150-300/BE-BH
Karnes Fredrick 29-Oct-1806 22-Aug-1878 M 340 Beneath this stone, Dear Father sleeps. 300-450/M-P
Karnes Mary 24-Mar-1808 28-Jan-1875 M 345 Beneath this stone, Dear Mother sleeps. 300-450/M-P
Karnes Mary M 346 300-450/M-P
Karnes Ross D. Year 1898 Year 1938 I 80 000-150/I-L
Karnie G.J. Year 1841 Year 1921 M 365 300-450/M-P
Kauffman Glenda Louise "Lulu" 22-Apr-1939 6-May-1997 BG 410 Mother.  Our mentor, our friend, our angel. We love you. 300-450/BE-BH
Kendall Nicholas 6-May-1998 6-May-1998 BE 440 Our Baby Boy 300-450/BE-BH
Kennedy Harold Evaughn 9-Feb-1925 6-Sep-1997 P 525 Wed February 2, 1947                                             Cpl US Army Purple Heart Prisoner of War 450-575/M-P
Kennedy Ramona Dover 25-Jul-1928 P 525 Wed February 2, 1947 450-575/M-P
Kenneweg Alfred E. 4-Jan-1916 BE 345 Wed Dec 17, 1941, forever 300-450/BE-BH
Kenneweg Margaret C. 7-Mar-1919 8-Jan-1992 BE 345 Wed Dec 17, 1941, forever 300-450/BE-BH
Kern Stefan Jon 5-Oct-1972 11-Oct-1977 BE 444 300-450/BE-BH
Kerr Birdie 23-Aug-1871 13-Aug-1950 K 217 150-300/I-L
Kerr Cathryn G. 4-Jul-1870 19-Mar-1958 C 305 300-450/A-D
Kerr Fannie 5-Aug-1885 30-Jun-1925 K 200 Wife of W.W. Kerr 150-300/I-L
Kerr Itasca Bell 11-Nov-1880 11-Sep-1918 K 200 "Gone but not forgotten" 150-300/I-L
Kerr M.F. 9-Oct-1864 5-Oct-1918 W 252 Wife of J.C. Kerr; "She died as she lived, a Christian" 150-300/U-X
Kerr Major William Newton 27-Aug1876 25-Mar-1917 L 145 Father 000-150/I-L
Kerr Morriss Lee 19-Sep-1913 1-Feb-1915 B 278 Our Baby only sleeping;
Son of L.O. & L.A Kerr;
Our darling one hath gone before to greet us on the blissful shore
Kerr Reba A. 27-Aug-1908 11-Jun-1910 C 310 Daughter of W.W. & Jennie Kerr 300-450/A-D
Kerr W. W. 18-Mar-1883 26-Jan-1911 K 200 Our Father has gone before to greet us on the blissful shore 150-300/I-L
Kerr W.J.W. 19-Nov-1896 28-May-1897 K 242 Weep not Papa and Mama for me for I am in waiting in heaven for thee;
Son of D. W. & Lela Kerr
Kerr Wallace 28-Sep-1875 29-Jan-1892 K 200 Son of W.W. & M.F. Kerr;
"In youth and love he died"
Kerr William W. 6-Oct-1862 16-Jun-1950 C 305 300-450/A-D
Killett Little Erline 8-Sep-1903 12-Oct-1903 R 180 Daughter of H.P. & L.M. Killet 150-300/Q-T
Killett Little Leo 12-Oct-1901 16-Dec-1902 R 187 A precious one from us has gone.
A voice we love is stilled.
A place is vacant in our home
which can never be filled.
Son of H.P. & L.M. Killet
Kirkham Nathan Randall 2-Dec-1989 3-Dec-1989 BF 400 So small, so sweet, so soon 300-450/BE-BH
Kirkland John H. 17-Apr-1863 5-Aug-1936 B 85 Father Husband of Nancy L. Kirkland 000-150/A-D
Kirkland Kim Haekyong Year 1965 Year 1996 BL 110 Age 31 Mulkey-Mason Funeral Home Denton-Lewisville Texas 000-150/BI-BL
Kirkland Nancy L. 28-Dec-1869 11-Nov-1937 B 80 Mother  Wife of John H. Kirkland 000-150/A-D
Kirklen Thomas Joe 13-May-1929 3-Feb-1992 BH 370 300-450/BE-BH
Kirkpatrick Artemus D. 10-Oct-1928 13-Oct-1988 E 324 A2C US Air Force  Korea 300-450/E-H
Kirkpatrick John Thomas Year 1850 Year 1919 A 273 150-300/A-D
Kirkpatrick Odella D. Year 1845 Year 1915 A 285 150-300/A-D
Kirkpatrick S.M. 18-Jan-1830 1-Oct-1899 A 282 "Her merry soul has ????? its way to one pure bright & holy day" 150-300/A-D
Kirkpatrick William 15-Jul-1829 25-Nov-1838 A 282 9 years 4 mos 10 days 150-300/A-D
Kirkpatrick Willie M. 10-Jun-1885 ?-Jul-1888 A 290 Son of J.T. & O.D. Kirkpatrick 150-300/A-D
Kirkpatrick 12-May-1876 A 325 Suffer the little children to come unto me.  Daughter of  J.T.   2 years, 2 mos, 25 days 300-450/A-D
Kiser Phyllis C. Year 1907 Year 1976 BI 211 150-300/BI-BL
Kiser Roy E. Year 1913 BI 211 150-300/BI-BL
Klein Jerdel Joseph 4-Nov-1919 16-Jan-1984 P 420 COX US NAVY WWII 300-450/M-P
Kloff VanOosterwyk Anthony Robert 7-Sep-1969 27-Mar-1983 BE 215 Our beloved Tony; Safe in the arms of Jesus 150-300/BE-BH
Knecht Evelyn L. Year 1937 BA 182 "Together Forever" 150-300/BA-BD
Knecht R. M. "Bill" Year 1934 Year 1981 BA 182 "Together Forever" 150-300/BA-BD
Knight "Baby" Joe Year 1891 Year 1892 J 330 300-450/I-L
Knight Adelia Year 1862 Year 1893 J 320 300-450/I-L
Knight Bertha M. Year 1874 Year 1963 K 305 300-450/I-L
Knight Cleo Eulyn Year 1907 Year 1909 R 350 Asleep in Jesus 300-450/Q-T
Knight Clyde Year 1889 Year1929 I 405 300-450/I-L
Knight D.A. C 425 Marker 300-450/A-D
Knight Delila 6-May-1853 28-Jan-1878 C 420 Gone but not forgotten.  Wife of J.W. Knight 300-450/A-D
Knight Elizabeth 22-Dec-1829 15-Nov-1910 J 345 Age 80 years 10 mon 24 days.  Mother                                           "She's gone to where saints and angels meet to  realize our Saviour's love, and worship at his feet." 300-450/I-L
Knight Enoch Busby Year 1861 Year 1894 U 177 150-300/U-X
Knight Hendrix Year 1885 Year 1920 I 390 300-450/I-L
Knight James Ray 3-Mar-1909 24-Apr-1937 R 360 300-450/Q-T
Knight Joseph 11-Apr-1817 20-Apr-1817 J 345 Age  57 years 9 days. Father                                                  Gone before us, oh! Our Father, to the spirit land. Vainly look we for another in thy place to stand. 300-450/I-L
Knight Joseph N. Year 1857 Year 1934 K 305 300-450/I-L
Knight Lena Fay Year 1925 Year 1925 R 350 Asleep in Jesus 300-450/Q-T
Knight M.E. 22-Aug-1868 17-Aug-1907 J 365 As Jesus died and rose again victorious from the dead so his disciples rise and reign with their triumphant head. 300-450/I-L
Knight Margaret Lindley 2-Oct-1852 20-Oct-1917 I 380 None knew thee but to love thee. 300-450/I-L
Knight Mary Ona 9-Nov-1898 J 355 Daughter of S.A. & M.E. Knight.                                              "This lovely but so young, so fair,  called hence by early doom. Just came to show how sweet a flower in paradise would bloom" 300-450/I-L
Knight Mary P. Year 1858 Year 1879 J 335 300-450/I-L
Knight Mary W. Year 1887 Year 1959 J 375 Mother 300-450/I-L
Knight No name 20-May-1897 20-May-1897 J 360 Asleep in Jesus, Blessed thought. Son of S.A. & M.E. Knight 300-450/I-L
Knight Pauline (Lena) 13-Mar-1882 12-Apr-1963 R 370 300-450/Q-T
Knight Roy Year 1885 Year 1904 J 310 300-450/I-L
Knight Ruby Estell 14-Feb-1914 4-Dec-1973 R 355 300-450/Q-T
Knight Sidney A. 28-Jan-1868 17-Jun-1948 J 370 In memory of 300-450/I-L
Knight Thomas J. 18-Mar-1860 26-Mar-1943 I 380 None knew thee but to love thee. 300-450/I-L
Knight Tommie Year 1900 Year 1901 J 315 300-450/I-L
Knight William Lee 28-Aug-1881 7-Dec-1967 R 380 300-450/Q-T
Knight Willie L. 5-May-1895 13-Apr-1917 J 305 In my Father's house are many mansions. Son of J. N. & B. M. Knight 300-450/I-L
Knight Year 1924 Year 1924 I 375 Infant son of T.J. & E.M.M. 300-450/I-L
Knight S 365 Family Plot Marker 300-450/Q-T
Kohlschmidt Vincent Year 1975 Year 1975 BD 435 Temporary Marker 300-450/BA-BD
Krause L 395 Plotmarker 300-450/I-L
Krause L 405 Plotmarker 300-450/I-L
Krause M 385 Plotmarker 300-450/M-P
Krause M 400 Plotmarker 300-450/M-P
Kron Larry L. 23-Apr-1940 24-Dec-1997 BC 140 CPT US Army Vietnam 000-150/BA-BD
Kupiec Cameron Jerome Year 1999 Year 2000 BG 400 Age 15 mos.  Temporary marker. 300-450/BE-BH
Lakusta Mildred "Millie" 25-Dec-1918 BI 175 Loving wife and mother 150-300/BI-BL
Lakusta Walter 29-Dec-1920 31-Jan-1999 BI 175 Col US Army 150-300/BI-BL
Lamb William S. Year 1925 Year 1982 BA 235 S1 US Navy World War II 150-300/BA-BD
Lance Effie Mae 5-Feb-1903 17-Jan-1987 BA 55 Married Jan 13, 1932 000-150/BA-BD
Lance John Samuel 5-Jul-1904 27-Jun-1977 BA 55 Married Jan 13, 1932 000-150/BA-BD
Land Alice Louise 12-Jul-1923 18-Aug-1992 BB 35 000-150/BA-BD
Landsdown H. U 35 Only a plot marker 000-150/U-X
Landsdown H. V 45 Only a plot marker 000-150/U-X
Landsdown K. V 40 Only a plot marker 000-150/U-X
Landsdown Sherry Year 1949 Year 2000 U 40 Awaiting marker; died at age 50 000-150/U-X
Langford Hiram R. 25-Feb-1870 2-May-1946 B 360 300-450/A-D
Langford Rosa 28-Sept-1888 30-Jan-1937 B 370 300-450/A-D
Lanham Eva Sue Year 1897 Year 1970 S 35 000-150/Q-T
Lanham Grover C. Year 1892 Year 1968 S 35 000-150/Q-T
Larrison Hiram D. 6-Mar-18?? 7-Dec-1873 O 345 Son of Jno. and Mary. 300-450/M-P
Laseter John A. 12-Oct-1885 12-Oct.1886 H 330 Son of T.N. & S. Laseter                                               The little baby has gone to rest                                           To dwell God forever  blest. 300-450/E-H
Laseter Robert L. 16-Jan-1878 23-Mar-1878 H 340 Son of T.N. & S. Laseter                                                     I am in Heaven waiting for thee 300-450/E-H
Laseter Susan 8-Sep-1850 5-Jun-1886 H 335 Wife of T.N. Laseter  (Inscription below unreadable) 300-450/E-H
Laseter T.N. 17-Sep-1846 28-Dec-1925 H 315 300-450/E-H
Laseter W.F. 10-Mar-1870 12-Jan-1914 Q 320 300-450/Q-T
Laseter Walter L. 13-Jan-1875 28-Jan-1875 H 345 Son of T.N. & S. Laseter  (Inscription below unreadable) 300-450/E-H
Laseter William H 350 Father of T.N. Laseter 300-450/E-H
Laseter 11-Apr-1868 15-Jan-1892 H 320 Wife of T.N. Laseter (Inscription below unreadable.) 300-450/E-H
Law Gene 20-Feb-1924 BF 245 Parents of Rosetta, Gloria, George, Donna, Debra 150-300/BE-BH
Law Ire Year 1902 Year 1977 BC 342 PVT US ARMY WWII 300-450/BA-BD
Law Lucille 20-Feb-1925 BF 245 Parents of Rosetta, Gloria, George, Donna, Debra 150-300/BE-BH
Ledford Alta M. Year 1902 Year 1959 B 290 150-300/A-D
Ledford Roy W. Year 1900 Year 1975 B 290 150-300/A-D
Lee Loretta Louise 3-Dec-1934 20-Feb-1992 BC 370 300-450/BA-BD
Leigh Dorothy G. 10-Jun-1918 2-Mar-1976 BH 435 300-450/BE-BH
Leigh Joan Kathleen 7-May-1939 30-Jan-1986 BI 435 Beloved Mother 300-450/BI-BL
Leigh Patricia Ann 29-Aug-1968 30-May-1980 BI 445 (statue of lamb and angel on tombstone) 300-450/BI-BL
LeRoy Raymond B. 22-Jul-1920 14-Aug-1994 BA 270 LCDR US Navy World War II Korea 150-300/BA-BD
Lester Frankie Donald 20-Dec-1910 18-May-1963 B 195 150-300/A-D
Lester Randy Kent 21-Oct-1955 22-Oct-1955 N 65 000-150/M-P
Lester Ricky Wayne 21-Oct-1955 21-Oct-1955 N 65 000-150/M-P
Lester Valerie Long Year 1967 Year 1999 N 70 Age 32 000-150/M-P
Leuces Andrew 4-Mar-1856 21-Mar-1892 V 125 Unreadable text 000-150/U-X
LeVieux Jane O'Connell 14-Jan-1924 BI 235 "Two in one love in one Christ" 150-300/BI-BL
LeVieux Richard Stuart 21-Oct-1920 17-Aug-1991 BI 235 1st LT US Army Air Corps World War II; "Two in one love in one Christ" 150-300/BI-BL
Lewis John Terry Year 1955 Year 1984 BN 280 US Army 150-300/BM-BN
Lewis John Terry year 1955 year 1984 BN 370 US Army 300-450/BM-BN
Linden Pat Year 1929 Year 1985 BA 85 000-150/BA-BD
Lindsay Catherine E. 8-Mar-1813 21-Mar-1885 D 370 300-450/A-D
Lindsay Elisha 6-Apr-1815 16-May-1884 D 370 300-450/A-D
Lindsey Cilvy Strange 3-Nov-1896 16-Dec-1897 C 165 (tall thin stone) Son of J.D. & ?; Aged ?? "Home to ? home baby ?? there angels have taken ? out of out care, well ? we loved him but God loved him more. He's called him away to the bright happy shore" 150-300/A-D
Lindsey William R. 7-Sep-1878 29-Dec-1878 A 330 Son of J.E. & N.I. Lindsey 300-450/A-D
Lloyd Albert Lee 22-Apr-1923 22-Jan-1981 BC 346 AN US NAVY KOREA 300-450/BA-BD
Lloyd Joseph C. 2-May-1854 22-Jun-1879 J 290 Son of A.P. & Susn Lloyd 150-300/I-L
Lloyd Susan 1-Jan- 1825 6-Oct-1889 J 278 A loved one has gone from our circle on earth. We shall meet her no more. She is gone…;
Wife of A. P. Lloyd
Long Blake Year 1956 Year 1995 BK 292 Beloved husband and devoted father 150-300/BI-BL
Long Blake Year 1956 Year 1995 BK 310 Beloved husband and devoted father 300-450/BI-BL
Long Elizabeth 10-Oct-1856 17-Dec-1946 K 35 000-150/I-L
Long Lowell D. 10-Feb-1936 BD 55 Dad; Married Feb. 10, 1936 000-150/BA-BD
Long Lyle R. 13-Apr-1938 30-Sep-1998 BD 55 Mom; Married Feb. 10, 1936 000-150/BA-BD
Lott Anna 28-Jun-1874 1-Dec-1912 Q 265 Wife of G.N. Lott 150-300/Q-T
Lott Benjamin 11-Mar-1875 8-Mar-1901 Q 277 Death's but a path that must be trod. If man would ever pass to God. 150-300/Q-T
Lott Eunice H. Year 1875 Year 1953 Q 252 150-300/Q-T
Lott Evelyn Merle 19-Dec-1904 7-Sep-1905 Q 272 Daughter of G.N. & Anna Lott 150-300/Q-T
Lott Geralus N. Year 1870 Year 1949 Q 252 150-300/Q-T
Lott Glavis Norfleet 16-Jun-1909 16-Oct-1955 Q 245 Texas 2D Lieutenant Infantry WWII 150-300/Q-T
Lott Hardin H. Year 1860 Year 1931 S 277 At Rest 150-300/Q-T
Lott Loys Sumner 16-Mar-1903 29-Mar-1921 Q 260 Son of G.N. & Anna Lott 150-300/Q-T
Lott Mabel E. 24-Sep-1889 29-Apr-1890 T 280 Daughter of H. H. & N. R. Lott 150-300/Q-T
Lott Nancy R. Year 1861 Year 1943 S 277 At Rest 150-300/Q-T
Lott Noel Baca 13-Jan-1906 13-Nov-1959 R 240 Texas C 53 SCHOOL SQ AIR CORPS 150-300/Q-T
Lott Olan Boyd 10-Feb-1902 25-May-1959 R 252 150-300/Q-T
Lott Roberta Whayman Year 1904 Year 1976 R 235 150-300/Q-T
Lott Ruby Mae 24-Oct-1911 20-Apr-1982 P 80 000-150/M-P
Lott William Lionel 26-Jan-1913 29-Aug-1987 P 80 000-150/M-P
Lott 27-Nov-1912 27-Nov-1912 Q 268 Asleep in Jesus;
Infant son of G.N. & Anna Lott
Loughran Stephen John Year 1952 Year 2000 BG 300 Age 48; temporary marker 150-300/BE-BH
Lowery Edna L. Year 1906 Year 1995 BA 205 Together forever 150-300/BA-BD
Lowery Joe E. Year 1904 Year 1972 BA 205 150-300/BA-BD
Lucas Gertrude 14-Jul-1888 15-Mar-1965 Y 350 Mother 300-450/Y-AB
Lunsford Georgia Irene 18-Sep-1933 8-Jan-2000 BM 385 Deberry Funeral Directors Denton. Texas 300-450/BM-BN
Lusk Arthusa Ann 11-Feb-1843 9-Mar-1922 I 133 And though the body slumbers, the soul is safe in heaven; "Mother" 000-150/I-L
Lusk Nellie 17-Jul-1891 9-Jan-1895 M 245 Daughter of S.L. & E.M. Lusk 150-300/M-P
Lusk Nellie V. Year 1899 Year 1922 M 320 300-450/M-P
Lusk R. N. 4-Jan-1836 18-Jul-1892 I 133 A precious one from us has gone.
A voice we love is stilled.
A place is vacant in our home
which can never be filled.
God in his wisdom has recalled
The boon his love has given.
And though nobody slumbers here,
the soul is safe in heaven;
Lusk S.L. 12-Feb-1851 10-Sep-1897 M 245 Our darling ones have gone before to greet us on the blissful shore 150-300/M-P
Lusk Sallie Year 1855 Year 1944 N 287 Farewell 150-300/M-P
Lusk William P. Year 1848 Year 1905 N 287 Farewell 150-300/M-P
Lusk William V. 17-May-1889 12-Jun-1894 N 295 Son of W.P. & Sallie Lusk; Sleep in Sweet 150-300/M-P
Lusk William V. 17-May-1889 12-Jun-1894 N 305 Son of W.P. & Sallie Lusk                                        Sleep on, sweet babe, and take thy rest.  God called thee home when He thought best. 300-450/M-P
M M D 346 300-450/A-D
M. B. J 189 150-300/I-L
Macchia Danielle 22-Sep-1992 22-Sep-1992 BC 410 300-450/BA-BD
Malone Jerry Don Year 1946 Year 1975 BF 102 In loving memory, "Maggie" 000-150/BE-BH
Mann Michael Taylor 8-Jul-1996 2-Sep-1996 BB 406 Little ones to Him belong. 300-450/BA-BD
Manry J.E. 2-Aug-1855 16-Oct-1883 C 330 "My heart once heavy now at rest, my groans no more are heard. My race is run, my grave you see. Prepare for death and follow me. 300-450/A-D
Manry R 14-Feb-1829 12-Jun-1890 C 325 61 years 3 mos 29 days;
"The pains of death are past
labour and sorrow cease
and life's long warfare closed at last
His soul is found in peace"
Manry Winnie C 342 300-450/A-D
Martin Annette C. Year 1891 Year 1977 BG 231 150-300/BE-BH
Martin Blanch 13-Dec-1898 12-Feb-1899 D 365 Dau of J.S. & Minnie Martin.                                     To the Lord who hath ?of us ? one we love so well. 300-450/A-D
Martin Gladys 10-Dec-1899 26-Aug-1900 D 336 Dau of J. S. & Minnie Martin.  Our darling one has gone before to meet us on the blissful shore. 300-450/A-D
Martin Jefferey Donald 3-Jul-1960 5-Nov-1978 BD 12 000-150/BA-BD
Martin Krista D. 11-Sep-1987 BD 410 300-450/BA-BD
Martin Mildred Marie 25-Aug-1908 5-Mar-1910 D 361 "Baby"  Infant dau J.S. & Minnie Martin.                 Gone but not forgotten. 300-450/A-D
Martin Noah 4-Dec-188? 4-Apr-1894 U 173 Son of D. & S.M. Martin 150-300/U-X
Martin William M. Year 1885 Year 1979 BG 231 150-300/BE-BH
Mason Hazel 3-Oct-1915 BJ 285 150-300/BI-BL
Mason Larry L. 2-Aug-1937 28-Oct-1981 BN 195 In loving memory 150-300/BM-BN
Mason Orlander 27-Aug-1907 10-Jun-1995 BJ 285 Until we meet again 150-300/BI-BL
Mason Virginia H. 28-May-1940 BN 195 In loving memory 150-300/BM-BN
Massey James N. 6-Aug-1880 26-Dec-1881 D 290 Son of N.B. & M.I. Massey (inscription unreadable) 150-300/A-D
Massey Jessie 1-Jun-1889 E 300 Infant Dau of A.J. & S.L. Massey 300-450/E-H
Massey Sallie A. 7-Mar-1849 14-Jan-1903 G 135 Thy hands are clasped upon thy breast. We have kissed thy lovely brow. And in our aching hearts we know, we have no darling mother now.; Wife of A.J. Massey 000-150/E-H
Maus Bennie Miller 23-Dec-1943 BK 400 Loving wife, mother, and grandmother           Together Forever 300-450/BI-BL
Maus Clarence Dean 20-Sep-1942 27-Dec-1999 BK 400 Loving husband, father, and grandfather                    Together Forever 300-450/BI-BL
Mayes Robert L. (Bob) 5-Feb-1915 4-Apr-1981 BL 345 I hear a voice you cannot hear that says I must not stay
I see a hand you cannot see that beckons me away -Jeanne
Maynard Artie L. 4-Feb-1891 22-Dec-1891 E 385 Dau. of G.M. & S.E. Maynard                                  Weep not papa and mama for me,                                         I am waiting in Heaven for thee. 300-450/E-H
Maynard George N. 5-Junl-1886 25-Aug-1887 E 390 Son of G.M. & S.E. Maynard  (Inscription below unreadable) 300-450/E-H
Maynard Perry N. year 1848 year 1910 E 400 300-450/E-H
Maynard Thomas M. year 1822 year 1886 E 395 300-450/E-H
Mays James L. 25-Dec-1923 31-Mar-1999 BE 101 000-150/BE-BH
Mays Marge L. 13-Dec-1921 5-Jul-1994 BE 101 000-150/BE-BH
Mc Combs Mary Nowlin Year 1803 Year 1867 R 300 Buried Mc Combs Cemetery; "Lest We Forget" 300-450/Q-T
McCombs Albert 10-Oct-1873 23-Jun-1893 C 350 very hard to read (dates may be in error) 300-450/A-D
McCombs Emma L. 2-May-1858 7-Mar-1933 C 375 Come ye blessed.   Gone Home.                                                                  Gone but not forgotten                                        300-450/A-D
McCombs Frances A. 19-Nov-1848 5-Apr-1897 C 360 Thou art gone but not forgotten. 300-450/A-D
McCombs George 13-Jun-1836 5-Apr-1897 C 365 Gone but not forgotten. 300-450/A-D
McCombs Georgie E. 23-Sep-1876 7-Jul-1883 D 360 Suffer little children to come unto me for such is the kingdom of God 300-450/A-D
McCombs Katie A. 17-Jul-1873 1-Jul-1883 D 352 Suffer little children to come unto me for such is the kingdom of God 300-450/A-D
McCombs Laura J. 16-Apr-1877 23-Sep-1958 D 335 Mother 300-450/A-D
McCombs Lavera 1-Jan-1899 23-Mar-1899 M 185 Budded on earth to bloom in heaven; Daughter of L.P. & C.A. McCombs 150-300/M-P
McCombs Mabel 26-Sep-1895 30-Mar-1897 D 342 Dau of A.W.  & Hattie.   Weep not Papa & Mama for me for I am waiting for thee 300-450/A-D
McCombs Mary Nowlin Year 1803 Year 1867 R 295 Lest we forget; Buried McCombs Cemetery 150-300/Q-T
McCombs Melvina 2-Aug-1842 3-Jul-1883 D 350 300-450/A-D
McCombs Samuel W. 13-Jan-1881 3-Jul-1882 D 362 (unreadable inscription) 300-450/A-D
McCombs Sotos 4-Feb-1902 18-Sep-1902 D 345 Son of W.P. & Laura McCombs.  (unreadable inscription) 300-450/A-D
McCombs Tommy F. ?-Nov-1880 30-Jun-18?3 C 345 300-450/A-D
McCombs W.P.(Press) year 1869 year 1951 D 340 300-450/A-D
McCombs Winifred 12-May-1875 22-Jun-1883 C 355 Death thou art but another birth, freeing the spirits from the clogs of earth. 300-450/A-D
McCombs M 180 150-300/M-P
McCoullough Manerva M 380 Gone Home. 300-450/M-P
McDonald George Jake 5-Jun-1898 12-Mar-1982 BE 340 Wed 30 Oct 1927 300-450/BE-BH
McDonald Nora A. 18-Jul-1911 2-Feb-1997 BE 340 Wed 30 Oct 1927 300-450/BE-BH
McDonnell Bernice 1-Aug-1911 11-May-1988 BI 223 In loving memory 150-300/BI-BL
McDowell Kenneth H. 12-Sep-1928 21-Jan-1999 Y 70 Married June 20, 1955 000-150/Y-AB
McDowell Margaret L. 31-Oct-1933 Y 70 Married June 20, 1955 000-150/Y-AB
McDowell R.L. 21-May-1900 10-Oct-1984 Y 80 000-150/Y-AB
McDowell Robert Wayne 30-Jun-1956 5-Jan-1994 Y 65 Married Aug 22, 1981; Loving father of Robert, Walt, Brittany Leann, and Weston Lenier 000-150/Y-AB
McDowell Ruby W. 21-Jun-1904 Y 80 000-150/Y-AB
McGuire Laura Pearl year 1890 year 1972 X 510 450-575/U-X
McKay Ina Pearl Year 1919 Year 1987 BD 270 Married Dec. 29, 1935 150-300/BA-BD
McKay Jesse Lee Year 1914 Year 1978 BD 270 Love always 150-300/BA-BD
McKay Roy K., Sr. 13-Apr-1946 28-Apr-1989 BD 262 We love our dad 150-300/BA-BD
McKee Kemper Sherwood 25-Jul-1923 BK 420 Wed Jun 19, 1955 300-450/BI-BL
McKee Patricia Ann Glasscock 31-Aug-1931 4-Feb-1996 BK 420 Wed June 19, 1955 300-450/BI-BL
McKibben H.A. 5-Jun-1837 4-Sep-1897 S 158 150-300/Q-T
McKibben Nancy E. 30-Nov-1849 6-Mar-1891 S 158 Farewell, dear mother, sweet thy rest. Weary with years & worn with pain. Farewell till in some happy place we shall behold thy face again. 150-300/Q-T
McMahan Denise 22-Jan-1954 30-Mar-1999 BI 295 "Beloved mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend we miss you so." "Chree" 150-300/BI-BL
McMahan Denise 22-Jan-1954 30-Mar-1999 BI 305 Beloved mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend. 300-450/BI-BL
McMeans Charles A. Year 1877 Year 1940 T 155 Father 150-300/Q-T
McMeans Mary Jane 28-Jan-1875 12-Jul-1956 T 162 At rest… 150-300/Q-T
McMillan Cardelia 16-Dec-1893 3-Jun-1994 BH 140 Beloved Grandma 000-150/BE-BH
McMillan Mark F. Sr. 5-Mar-1933 4-Mar-1985 BG 150 AIC US AIR FORCE 000-150/BE-BH
McMurray Grover C. 20-Oct-1890 14-Mar-1977 K 315 Married April 8, 1916 300-450/I-L
McMurray Regina P. 20-May-1892 7-Mar-1988 K 315 Married April 8, 1916 300-450/I-L
McMurray Robert C. 21-Jun-1951 3-Nov-1978 L 330 "Bobby" 300-450/I-L
McWhorter Annie Pearl 20-Jun-1896 16-Sep-1987 BI 245 In loving memory of mother 150-300/BI-BL
Medcalf Francis M. Year 1934 BB 345 300-450/BA-BD
Medcalf Vincent Year 1928 Year 1983 BB 345 300-450/BA-BD
Medcalf Vincent A. 16-Mar-1928 26-Dec-1983 BC 345 TE3 US NAVY WWII (Same as BB345) 300-450/BA-BD
Medeles Jose L. Year 1929 BL 290 1st Sgt.; Married October 2, 1953 150-300/BI-BL
Medeles Jose L. Year 1929 BL 300 1st sergeant; Married Oct. 2,1953 300-450/BI-BL
Medeles Rose Year 1927 Year 1997 BL 290 Married October 2, 1953 150-300/BI-BL
Medeles Rose Year 1927 Year 1997 BL 300 Married Oct. 2, 1953 300-450/BI-BL
Medlen Arche 22-Apr-1911 16-Oct-1916 S 325 Son of R.S. and Fannie Medlen "He was the sunshine of our home" 300-450/Q-T
Medlen Bob Year 1904 Year 1988 T 435 PFC US Army  World War II 300-450/Q-T
Medlen Eugene 1-Mar-1880 13-Mar-1922 S 340 Awaiting the ressurrection. 300-450/Q-T
Medlen Floyd 11-Jan-1892 14-Jun-1913 S 335 Age 21 yrs 5 mos 3 days.  A devoted husband, a friend to all.  Husband of Eula Medlin.  Don't weep for me, Eula dear, I am not dead but sleeping here.  As I am now you soon will be.  Prepare in life to follow me. 300-450/Q-T
Medlen Maud Lee 1-Dec-1899 1-Feb-1913 S 320 Dau. of R.S. and Fannie Medlen.
Weep not, Mama and Papa,for me, for I am waiting in heaven for thee.
Medlin Andrew J. 16-May-1872 16-Oct-1956 S 330 300-450/Q-T
Medlin Fannie 13-Jun-1877 1-May-1964 S 310 300-450/Q-T
Medlin Marguerite Cummings 3-Mar-1909 7-Mar-1960 T 430 300-450/Q-T
Medlin Riley S. 15-Mar-1853 13-May-1925 S 315 300-450/Q-T
Melton Lewis E. 1-Apr-1932 BJ 110 Wed 3-Sep-1954 000-150/BI-BL
Melton Wanda 6-Apr-1933 29-Dec-1994 BJ 110 Wed 3-Sep-1954 000-150/BI-BL
Mendez Livingston 6-Sep-1930 26-Jun-1991 BD 205 PFC US Army Korea 150-300/BA-BD
Merrett Clarence Olin Year 1891 Year 1918 AB 187 None knew thee but to love thee. 150-300/Y-AB
Merrett Edgar F. 2-Feb-1868 30-May-1934 A 145 000-150/A-D
Merrett Edward L. 13-Jul-1910 7-Apr-1969 AB 200 TEXAS AMSC USNR WORLD WAR II 150-300/Y-AB
Merrett Effie A. 8-Jan-1871 26-Jun-1910 A 155 Wife of E.F. Merrett; "Weep not she is not dead but sleepeth". 150-300/A-D
Merrett Mona Mae 15-May-1917 27-Oct-1934 AB 194 150-300/Y-AB
Merritt Flora Year 1877 Year 1958 A 135 000-150/A-D
Messenger Robert Lewis 1-Nov-1929 14-Aug-1979 BH 425 A2C US AIR FORCE 300-450/BE-BH
Middleton Charles Travis 1-May-1940 16-Jul-1987 BA 320 300-450/BA-BD
Middleton Katy 24-Sep-1909 17-Nov-1997 U 315 Our Mother 300-450/U-X
Middleton Sebron Travis 7-Oct-1892 21-Jan-1972 U 310 Our Father 300-450/U-X
Milata John A. Year 1930 Year 1993 BI 240 Beloved husband and father 150-300/BI-BL
Miles John S. Year 1841 Year 1916 S 188 He has gone to the mansion of rest. 150-300/Q-T
Miller A.B. Year 1876 Year 1959 N 175 150-300/M-P
Miller Amanda Berndt Year 1880 Year 1969 N 190 150-300/M-P
Miller Charles F. 8-Dec-1934 27-Jun-1990 AA 50 Wed June 30, 1955 000-150/Y-AB
Miller Charles Henry 18-May-1877 11-Jun-1924 N 187 His words were kindness, his deeds were love, his spirit humble, he rests above 150-300/M-P
Miller Clara A. 10-Aug-1876 13-Jun-1970 N 180 150-300/M-P
Miller Dorothy M. Year 1928 Year 1985 BK 195 150-300/BI-BL
Miller F.J. 12-Apr-1853 28-May-1918 N 165 Woodmen of the World Memorial;
Resting till the resurection morn.
Prepare to meet me in heaven.
Miller Homer E. 30-May-1896 30-May-1896 N 157 Son of F.J. & S.J. Miller 150-300/M-P
Miller Lewis P. 7-Apr-1876 8-Nov-1962 N 185 150-300/M-P
Miller Mary McDowell 23-Jun-1935 AA 50 Wed June 30, 1955 000-150/Y-AB
Miller Ross 27-Sep-1891 8-Jan-1904 N 140 Our darling one hath gone before to greet us on the blissful shore. Son of F.J. and S.J. Miller 000-150/M-P
Miller Sarah J. Year 1857 Year 1939 N 170 150-300/M-P
Miller Selma 6-Oct-1899 25-Jan-1900 N 145 Dau of F.J. and S.J. Miller;
"Her happy soul has winged its way
?????? eternal day"
Miller 24-Aug-1959 24-Aug-1959 AA 30 Infant daughter of Charles E. & Mary Miller 000-150/Y-AB
Miller Z 60 000-150/Y-AB
Miller Z 65 000-150/Y-AB
Millican Bill Charles Year 1909 Year 1999 K 60 Age 89 (temporary marker) 000-150/I-L
Millican Charles Marion 6-May-1883 26-Nov-1966 M 165 150-300/M-P
Millican Florence I. 3-Jan-1891 30-Dec-1963 M 160 Wife of C.M. Millican 150-300/M-P
Millican Mary E. 18-Oct-1888 2-May-1913 M 165 In Memorian Woodmen Circle; Wife of C. Millican; Loved one farewell 150-300/M-P
Millican Sharon 5-Oct-1934 12-Nov-1989 K 65 "River take me along, lets you and me run down to the sea";
"We love you"
Milligan Rebecca E. 13-Feb-1861 15-Feb-1894 J 140 Mother.. her two babies; Bless ??? the dead ??? in the Lord 000-150/I-L
Mills James B. Year 1913 Year 1962 T 30 "Father" 000-150/Q-T
Millsap C.D. "Pete" Year 1935 Year 1984 BG 325 300-450/BE-BH
Milson Charles Lee 5-Feb-1880 6-Sep-1949 N 10 000-150/M-P
Milson Emet Taylor 28-Sep-1904 3-Aug-1906 N 315 C.L. & J.O. Milson. Suffer the little children to come unto me.  Of such is the kingdom of heaven. 300-450/M-P
Milson James Monroe 22-Jul-1923 23-May-1934 N 320 300-450/M-P
Milson Joe B. 6-Aug-1919 6-Nov-1973 N 5 000-150/M-P
Milson Josephine Lusk 5-Oct-1883 22-Oct-1962 N 20 Her happy soul has winged its way ….. eternal day 000-150/M-P
Milson Ray Edward 19-Mar-1907 6-Aug-1934 N 330 300-450/M-P
Minor Isabell B. Year 1860 Year 1950 L 75 000-150/I-L
Minor James H. Year 1860 Year 1941 L 75 000-150/I-L
Minor James Marvin 8-Mar-1894 27-Jun-1973 M 80 TEXAS SGT US ARMY WORLD WAR I 000-150/M-P
Minor-Reeves M 70 Families and friend. The hands on the clock of life have stopped. Sometimes at late. Sometimes at an early hour;
Mirike Billie F. Year 1933 Year 1984 BD 140 US Army Korea 000-150/BA-BD
Mitchell Lois Year 1925 Year 1999 BD 75 Age 73 000-150/BA-BD
Monroe James Carl 15-Dec-1945 25-Jan-1998 BN 184 (Temporary marker from Rhoton Funeral Home in Carrollton Texas) 150-300/BM-BN
Monzingo Asa W. Monzingo 7-May-1920 3-Jul-1997 BG 355 MSGT US AIR FORCE WWII KOREA 300-450/BE-BH
Monzingo Virginia Jo 16-Feb-1926 BG 360 Loving Wife and Mother 300-450/BE-BH
Moore Bernice H. 6-Oct-1893 1-May-1983 D 212 150-300/A-D
Moore James W. "Jim" 2-Feb-1948 26-Dec-1996 BI 218 Jeremiah 20:11; Husband, Father, Friend 150-300/BI-BL
Moore Jeff Thomas 14-Oct-1894 3-Jun-1964 D 261 Texas PFC COLL 47 Infantry World War I 150-300/A-D
Moore Mary A. Year 1871 Year 1939 D 268 150-300/A-D
Moore Mary M. 4-Mar-1850 5-May-1922 Y 172 Wife of A.A. Moore. "Weep not, she is not dead, but sleepeth" 150-300/Y-AB
Moore O.H. 26-Nov-1916 6-Sep-1989 O 287 M SGT   Us Army Air Corps  World War II 150-300/M-P
Moore Robert Carter 20-Jul-1904 14-Mar-1977 D 255 PFC US Army World War II 150-300/A-D
Moore Robert T. Year 1867 Year 1939 D 268 150-300/A-D
Moore Roy Danward 30-Nov-1895 29-Oct-1959 W 92 Pvt 26 CO 165 Depot Brigade, World War I 000-150/U-X
Moore Ruth M. 8-Feb-1896 10-Jun-1987 D 212 150-300/A-D
Moore Willie McFall 11-Apr-1894 2-Jan-1919 O 80 000-150/M-P
Morales Concepcion C. 14-Jun-1922 30-May-1974 BF 335 300-450/BE-BH
Morris William Alan 16-Mar-1941 7-Jun-1983 BA 255 The time to be happy is now. 150-300/BA-BD
Morrison Helen E. 5-Mar-1849 30-Jun-1914 Q 395 Asleep in Jesus; Mother 300-450/Q-T
Morrow Alvin C. Year 1929 Year 1975 BD 240 US Navy Korea 150-300/BA-BD
Morrow C. H. 15-Aug-1856 9-Oct-1899 K 170 Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord 150-300/I-L
Morrow Clifton F. 8-Feb-1927 5-Sep-1980 BD 255 Love you always will 150-300/BA-BD
Morrow Eula G. Year 1907 Year 1989 BD 245 150-300/BA-BD
Morrow Forrest W. Year 1903 Year 1983 BD 245 150-300/BA-BD
Morrow Vera E. 21-Jun-1928 BD 255 150-300/BA-BD
Morton Arthur R. 3-Mar-1935 11-Oct-1996 BI 285 150-300/BI-BL
Musselman H.T. 30-Sep-1874 28-Apr-1954 L 90 000-150/I-L
Musselman Hazel Minor 23-May-1889 L 90 000-150/I-L
Myers Ernestine Year 1930 Year 1996 BD 275 150-300/BA-BD
Myers Robert James Year 1924 Year 1984 BD 277 150-300/BA-BD
Myrtle P 269 (footstone) 150-300/M-P
Nash J.T. 28-Nov-1833 24-Jan-1908 K 415 300-450/I-L
Nash Novella Mae Crawford 20-Oct-1898 16-Feb-1953 I 207 150-300/I-L
Naucke Jeremy Lee 22-Feb-1979 3-Feb-1985 BN 240 "Gone from our site but not from our hearts"; (picture on stone) 150-300/BM-BN
Naylor Harvey 12-Apr-1933 27-Dec-1992 BD 80 US Air Force Korea 000-150/BA-BD
Neal Jeffrey Robert 22-Sep-1990 BB 415 Gone to be an angel 300-450/BA-BD
Neary Edward J. 2-May-1945 22-Jul-1989 BI 415 The power of grace and peace of knowledge 300-450/BI-BL
Nelson Brian David 26-Aug-1982 18-Jan-1999 BF 210 Our precious son 150-300/BE-BH
Nelson David B. 31-May-1949 23-Mar-1998 BF 214 Wed May 30, 1969 150-300/BE-BH
Nelson Rhonda L. 8-Jul-1949 BF 214 Wed May 30, 1969 150-300/BE-BH
Nelson Robert D. "Bob" 21-Dec-1921 30-Aug-1990 BB 279 Together Forever 150-300/BA-BD
Netter Gracie Gertrude 31-Jul-1918 21-Feb-1981 BB 165 MAJ US Army World War II 150-300/BA-BD
Newton Adrian P. 6-Mar-1973 15-Dec-1977 BE 445 Not Forgotten 300-450/BE-BH
Newton John Frank 23-Apr-1979 23-Apr-1979 BE 416 300-450/BE-BH
Niche Anne 26-Jul-1930 23-Apr-1982 BC 187 "Mother"; "Anne" 150-300/BA-BD
Niche Anthony 5-Sep-1926 BC 187 "Father"; "Tony" 150-300/BA-BD
Nichols Earl 15-Apr-1900 16-Jul-1913 AA 152 Son of F.W. & Susie Nichols; In loving rememberance; Age 3 yrs 3 mon 1 day; unreadable inscription 150-300/Y-AB
Nichols James Jay 16-Aug-1960 17-Aug-1960 T 355 God's Little Angel 300-450/Q-T
Nichols II Roy E. 30-Dec-1933 11-Aug-1993 BN 444 SP3 US Army In Loving Memory 300-450/BM-BN
Norwood Jennie A.M. 25-Mar-1859 Oct-?-???? N 240 Daughter of P.W. & I.A. Norwood 150-300/M-P
Nowell Jason R. 23-Nov-1971 11-Jan-1992 BL 405 This is my son, whom I love. Friend, peacemaker, kind, gentle. (Picture of deceased on marker) 300-450/BI-BL
Nowlin Archable 28-Aug-1845 27-Sep-1890 C 430 Gone but not forgotten. 300-450/A-D
Nowlin Dan H. 19-Jan-1869 4-Aug-1945 L 10 "In loving memory" 000-150/I-L
Nowlin Hannah M. 6-Oct-1876 24-Aug-1960 L 10 000-150/I-L
Nowlin Hubert L. 7-Jan-1905 31-Aug-1976 L 40 000-150/I-L
Nowlin Rubie L. 22-Aug-1907 17-Jul-1994 L 40 000-150/I-L
Nowlin Wm. Lewis 26-May-1913 25-Aug-1978 L 20 000-150/I-L
O' Kelly Y 18 Plot Marker 000-150/Y-AB
O 'Kelly Y 12 Plot Marker 000-150/Y-AB
Oatman Alvin Roy 4-May-1905 2-Mar-1971 S 285 150-300/Q-T
Oatman Vergie Lucille 16-Jul-1908 26-Mar-1975 S 292 150-300/Q-T
O'bier Grady A. 31-Aug-1942 19-Mar-1996 BK 185 Beloved husband and father; Isiah 40:30 150-300/BI-BL
Odle Greg W. 14-May-1957 16-Aug-1989 BI 142 In loving memory of a son and brother 000-150/BI-BL
Odle Harris D. 19-Sep-1912 2-Aug-1980 BH 130 Together forever; S2 US Navy World War II 000-150/BE-BH
Odle Lillie M. Year 1918 BH 130 Together forever 000-150/BE-BH
Oliver (Doc) Wallace Year 1912 Year 1986 BK 15 000-150/BI-BL
Oliver Helen Faye 25-Jan-1927 19-Aug-1984 BJ 430 Into thy hands I commend my spirit 300-450/BI-BL
Oliver Michael Lynn 26-Apr-1950 15-Aug-1978 BJ 445 (picture on tombstone) 300-450/BI-BL
Oliver Rena Loraine Year 1922 BK 15 000-150/BI-BL
O'Neal Glenn Bailey 5-Apr-1938 V 12 000-150/U-X
O'Neal Lois Victoria 4-Jul-1912 28-Aug-1986 V 7 000-150/U-X
O'Neal Sophia Linnstaedter 28-Sep-1938 V 18 000-150/U-X
O'Neal Weldon B. 23-Jun-1911 2-Apr-1979 V 3 000-150/U-X
Ort Madelyn year 1933 Year 1989 BJ 123 000-150/BI-BL
Orum Dwight Unknown Unknown I 180 150-300/I-L
Orum Frank Unknown Unknown J 180 150-300/I-L
Orum Ida Unknown Unknown I 187 150-300/I-L
Owens Orel Duane 11-Aug-1943 17-Feb-1986 BM 415 "The woods are lovely dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep and miles to go before I sleep."  Frost 300-450/BM-BN
Owens Robert M. 20-Sep-1921 5-Aug-1997 BG 405 300-450/BE-BH
Owens Shirley 7-Nov-1921 BG 405 300-450/BE-BH
Oxford Allen Eugene 15-Mar-1916 13-May-1981 P 400 US Navy, WWII 300-450/M-P
Oxford Kate M. Year 1899 Year 1959 P 385 300-450/M-P
Oxford Lon L. Year 1893 Year 1980 P 385 300-450/M-P
Oxford Mary Frances Year 1926 Year 1926 P 380 Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Oxford.   Budded on earth to bloom in Heaven. 300-450/M-P
Parish Andy 11-Dec-1972 11-Jul-1993 BJ 227 We were allowed to hold him for a time. God holds him now for all eternity. 150-300/BI-BL
Parker Eleanor J. 14-Jul-1926 4-May-1987 BI 365 Parents of Craig, Michael and Brian 300-450/BI-BL
Parker G. Wesley 18-Aug-1925 13-Jun-1999 BI 365 Parents of Craig, Michael and Brian 300-450/BI-BL
Parker James Golden 19-May-1938 18-Jun-1981 BN 440 Married Sept. 11,1960                                                    I Love you in big ways.  I love you in small ways. I love you this minute and I'll love you always. 300-450/BM-BN
Parker Jesse "J.P." 22-Feb-1927 3-Sep-1983 BB 410 300-450/BA-BD
Parker Jo Ann (Jody) 2-Dec-1941 BN 440 Married Sept. 11,1960                                                    300-450/BM-BN
Parker Rachel Margaret Year 1997 Year 1998 BD 425 Age 5 mos. (Temporary Marker.) 300-450/BA-BD
Parker Rachel Margaret Year 1997 Year 1998 BE 430 Age 5 months. 300-450/BE-BH
Patterson Mary 17-Jun-1848 30-Aug-1904 Y 222 Wife of T.A. Patterson 150-300/Y-AB
Patterson N. Dora 12-Jul-1930 3-Mar-2000 BH 155 Age 69 150-300/BE-BH
Patterson T.A. 28-Sep-1847 25-Dec-1918 Y 230 150-300/Y-AB
Payne Joe A. U 365 Co. F 5 TENN Inf CSA 300-450/U-X
Pemberton Albert W. Year 1916 Year 1995 F 40 000-150/E-H
Pemberton Richard Albert 17-Jul-1945 I 445 300-450/I-L
Pemberton Tommie K. Year 1919 Year 1999 F 40 000-150/E-H
Pemberton Truth A. Year 1944 Year 1944 F 50 "Baby" 000-150/E-H
Pennington Abbie Agnus 5-Apr-1885 5-Mar-1962 C 55 Married Apr. 20, 1902 000-150/A-D
Pennington Henry Clay 5-Oct-1874 14-Dec-1942 C 55 Married Apr. 20, 1902 000-150/A-D
Perley Ruby 17-Jul-1904 3-Jan-1993 BB 155 Beloved mother 150-300/BA-BD
Perley William Leslie 18-Mar-1931 30-Sep-1981 BB 142 Romans 5:11 000-150/BA-BD
Perry Bessie Emma 8-Apr-1912 14-Mar-1936 Z 165 150-300/Y-AB
Perry L.L. 27-Apr-1898 29-Feb-1916 Y 165 Weep not Papa and Mama for me, for I am in heaven waiting for thee. 150-300/Y-AB
Perry Melissa Janie 9-Jul-1880 10-Aug-1953 Y 155 150-300/Y-AB
Perry S.J. 8-Mar-1878 20-Jun-1954 Z 155 "Father" 150-300/Y-AB
Perry W. Albert 6-Feb-1900 10-Dec-1924 Y 160 150-300/Y-AB
Persons Crystal Nicole 3-Jan-1985 9-Jan-1985 BB 420 Beloved Granddaughter 300-450/BA-BD
Peters James Edward 21-Apr-1947 8-Jan-1985 BF 235 150-300/BE-BH
Petty Claud L. Year 1911 Year 1988 BB 340 US NAVY WORLD WAR II 300-450/BA-BD
Phelps Dollie Foster 19-Mar-1908 26-Jun-1998 BK 242 150-300/BI-BL
Phelps Harry Burtis 8-Mar-1907 6-Nov-1996 BK 242 150-300/BI-BL
Phipps Charles W. Year 1925 Year 1987 BL 25 SN US Navy World War II 000-150/BI-BL
Phipps Thomas H. 11-Jul-1915 18-Jun-1987 BM 25 PVT US ARMY WW II 000-150/BM-BN
Phipps Velvie I. 19-Jul-1921 30-Jun-1990 BM 25 000-150/BM-BN
Phoenix Isabell E. Year 1912 Year 1997 BA 230 Married Oct. 29, 1930 150-300/BA-BD
Phoenix Marston U. Year 1904 Year 1986 BA 230 Married Oct. 29, 1930 150-300/BA-BD
Pierce Scot Duane 19-Jan-1969 16-Jan-1992 BA 130 000-150/BA-BD
Pittman Adelene R. 3-Jan-1890 27-Aug-1962 A 215 150-300/A-D
Plyant D. Leroy 20-Feb-1928 15-Apr-1995 O 295 US Navy World War II 150-300/M-P
Pockrus Elva Salsman 2-Feb-1910 U 55 Love lives on John 14:3 000-150/U-X
Pockrus William P. 20-Jun-1910 12-Aug-1982 U 55 Love lives on John 14:3 000-150/U-X
Portwood Edward E Year 1918 Y 375 300-450/Y-AB
Portwood Effie Mae Year 1914 Year 1957 Y 375 300-450/Y-AB
Potter Phesha LaDawn 26-Jun-1968 20-Jul-1980 BK 115 Our loving daughter and sister;
"Now God's beautiful angel
To know her was to love her
We love you"
Prickett Ola Year 1878 Year 1912 Q 315 Wife of Marvin Pricket, At Rest, SISTER 300-450/Q-T
Pridmore Albert 19-Aug-1921 20-Nov-1995 BK 287 For the good times 150-300/BI-BL
Pridmore Albert 19-Aug-1921 20-Nov-1995 BK 305 300-450/BI-BL
Proctor J.P. 11-Dec-1852 21-Apr-1884 I 320 300-450/I-L
Proctor Nancy A. 23-Nov-1823 18-Jun-1906 I 330 Wife of W.A. Proctor.   "Rest mother, rest, in quiet sleep while friends in sorrow o'er thee weep" 300-450/I-L
Proctor W.A. 11-Mar-1819 19-Nov-1882 I 325 Beloved One, Farewell 300-450/I-L
Pyle Joe H. 4-Nov-1912 18-Dec-1995 N 360 In loving memory 300-450/M-P
Pyle Joseph H. 4-Nov-1912 18-Dec-1995 O 360 CSF US NAVY, WWII (Same as N360) 300-450/M-P
Pyle Vera S. 10-Oct-1904 4-Jul-1997 N 360 In loving memory 300-450/M-P
Pyles Jesse Harold Year 1919 Year 1999 BC 284 T SGT US Army WW II 150-300/BA-BD
Ramirez Fabian L. 23-Apr-1931 31-Dec-1984 BA 210 150-300/BA-BD
Ramirez George Year 1970 Year 1999 BA 170 Age 29 150-300/BA-BD
Ramirez Thomasa 21-Dec-1934 BA 210 150-300/BA-BD
Ramos Alfonso Sr. Year 1910 Year 1986 BA 65 PVT US Marine Corps World War II 000-150/BA-BD
Ramos Jorge "Papi" Year 1917 Year 2000 BJ 80 Age 83 000-150/BI-BL
Ramsey Doris M. Year 1926 BF 135 000-150/BE-BH
Ramsey T.H. Year 1912 Year 1978 BF 135 "Red" 000-150/BE-BH
Rankin James A. 22-Aug-1920 19-Nov-1986 BK 202 150-300/BI-BL
Rankin James A. Year 1920 Year 1986 BL 207 CM1 US Navy World War II 150-300/BI-BL
Rasberry Antoinette I. 17-Mar-1847 18-Jan-1929 A 350 Asleep in Jesus 300-450/A-D
Rasberry Mary S. 19-Feb-1810 23-Jan-1891 A 340 Side 2 - Unreadable inscription 300-450/A-D
Raspberry W.J. 10-Sep-1813 28-Jan-1897 A 340 Side 1 - Unreadable inscription 300-450/A-D
Ratje Tonya R. Carl 8-Nov-1962 10-Nov-1987 BJ 265 An angel among us 150-300/BI-BL
Ratlif 6-Nov-1901 18-Nov-1901 W 194 Infant Dau of J.A. & J.? Ratlif;
"Budded on Earth to bloom in Heaven"
Ratliff John C. Jr. 8-Nov-1944 5-Jun-1980 BJ 192 Little Jerry 150-300/BI-BL
Ratliff Lula May 1-Jun-1884 10-Jun-1924 F 212 Wife of W.W. Ratliff;
"As a wife devoted, as a mother affectionate, as a friend kind and true."
Ray Frankie Nell Clark 28-Sep-1924 11-Nov-1992 Y 205 Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother 150-300/Y-AB
Reagon Raymond R. Year 1942 Year 1995 BJ 292 Age 52. Temporary Marker. 150-300/BI-BL
Reddick Robert G. 13-Jul-1921 21-Apr-1975 D 55 M SGT US AIR FORCE World War II Korea 000-150/A-D
Reed Caleb Mason 3-Jan-1997 BB 411 Little ones to him belong 300-450/BA-BD
Reed Geraldine "Gere" 25-Aug-1924 BB 80 Beloved Wife, Mother, and Grandmother
Married 8-Sep-1940
Reed James C. 28-Mar-1932 7-Jun-1989 BI 112 000-150/BI-BL
Reed Paul Ray 3-May-1960 24-Feb-1991 BB 80 Beloved Son, Husband, and Daddy 000-150/BA-BD
Reed Ralph E. 21-Oct-1918 BB 80 Beloved Husband Father and Grandfather;
Married 8-Sep-1940
Reeves Carroll T. Year 1892 Year 1957 L 65 000-150/I-L
Reeves Clayton R. Sr. Year 1924 Year 1982 BA 340 Pvt. US Army 300-450/BA-BD
Reeves David C. 1-Jun-1930 23-Jan-1999 BH 415 Wed July 17, 1954 300-450/BE-BH
Reeves David C. Year 1930 Year 1999 BI 425 US Army Korea 300-450/BI-BL
Reeves Nancy J. 21-Jul-1932 BH 415 Wed July 17, 1954 300-450/BE-BH
Reeves Ruth M. Year 1896 Year 1982 L 65 000-150/I-L
Rheudasil Jerry Allen 10-Nov-1934 28-Apr-1989 BL 130 In God's loving care; Beloved husband beloved man; "Doc" 000-150/BI-BL
Rheudosil Pat Year 1934 Year 2000 BI 270 Age 65 150-300/BI-BL
Rhinehart J.F. 10-Feb-1880 18-Dec-1942 G 226 150-300/E-H
Rhinehart James Wayne 1-May-1928 8-May-1976 T 332 300-450/Q-T
Rhinehart Lena 11-May-1883 13-May-1913 G 230 Wife of J.F. Rhinehart; "As a wife devoted, as a mother affectionate, as a friend ever kind and true." 150-300/E-H
Rhinehart Myrtle M. 14-Feb-1894 3-May-1958 G 220 150-300/E-H
Rhinehart Oscar Year 1884 Year 1925 W 172 150-300/U-X
Rhinehart Thomas E. , SR 19-Nov-1916 31-Dec-1976 T 330 TEC 5 US Army World War II 300-450/Q-T
Rhodes Nettie M. Year 1866 Year 1958 A 240 150-300/A-D
Rhodes Thomas V. Year 1849 Year 1943 A 240 150-300/A-D
Richard Russell Byron Year 1923 Year 1977 BC 60 AM2 US Navy World War II 000-150/BA-BD
Richardson Myrtle Knight 12-Jun-1893 23-Apr-1973 I 385 Mother 300-450/I-L
Ricketts James A. 23-Jul-1885 1-OCt-1887 B 160 Son of R.F. & S.B. Ricketts; "Earth counts a ? Heaven an angel more" 150-300/A-D
Ridden Anna Lou Year 1928 Year 2000 BH 110 age 71 000-150/BE-BH
Riddle Roy C. 25-Mar-1913 12-Jan-1914 V 140 Son of C.W. & Fannie B. Riddle.  Gone to be an angel. (Some unreadable text.) 000-150/U-X
Rios Raymond P. 20-Mar-1959 18-Jun-1977 BC 335 "In loving memory" 300-450/BA-BD
Rise Calder Gilbert 28-Nov-1927 7-Aug-1977 BF 425 Father divine creator,
dweller of our creation,
Father who were and are my being,
in Thee I rest
Robbins Audie Lee Year 1892 Year 1900 Z 480 450-575/Y-AB
Robbins Christine 14-Oct-1911 15-Nov-1911 Y 290 150-300/Y-AB
Robbins Elbert G. 11-Feb-1902 22-Apr-1979 Y 273 In God's care 150-300/Y-AB
Robbins F.A. "Ted" Year 1889 Year 1947 Y 295 150-300/Y-AB
Robbins Fannie W. Year 1860 Year 1935 Y 282 Mother. Precious Memories 150-300/Y-AB
Robbins Helen Gould 6-Mar-1900 6-Jun-1903 Y 242 Daughter of J.L.A & F.W. Robbins 150-300/Y-AB
Robbins J. L. A. 16-Mar-1858 20-Sep-1884 A 192 (rest unreadable) 150-300/A-D
Robbins John Keith 10-Apr-1931 3-Jun-1931 Y 257 Our baby 150-300/Y-AB
Robbins John L.A. Year 1852 Year 1907 Y 282 Father. Precious Memories 150-300/Y-AB
Robbins Lillie M. Year 1890 Year 1979 Y 295 150-300/Y-AB
Robbins Mary C. Year 1854 Year 1915 Z 490 450-575/Y-AB
Robbins Myrtle C. 7-Feb-1907 22-Sep-1987 Y 265 Loving Mother 150-300/Y-AB
Robbins Thomas E. Year 1867 Year 1947 Z 490 450-575/Y-AB
Roberts Bob 27-Jan-1904 5-Jun-1990 X 390 Wed Oct.3, 1936 300-450/U-X
Roberts Bobby Wayne II 7-Oct-1966 16-Jun-1967 X 395  "Little Bob"   Son of Bobby and Sharon 300-450/U-X
Roberts J.B. 25-Aug-1863 21-Jul-1925 X 370 300-450/U-X
Roberts Margaret 28-Sep-1919 X 390 Wed Oct.3, 1936 300-450/U-X
Roberts Mollie B. 14-Feb-1852 25-Sep-1914 X 365 Wife of J.B. Roberts.  Asleep in Jesus, Blessed Thought. 300-450/U-X
Robertson Flatcher 28-Oct-1906 14-May-1985 BF 157 150-300/BE-BH
Robertson J.J. 12-Dec-1849 17-Jul-1944 Z 247 150-300/Y-AB
Robertson L.C. 13-Apr-1853 5-Apr-1917 Z 232 Wife of J.J. Robertson. She hath done what she could. 150-300/Y-AB
Robertson Lida B. 2-Nov-1913 BF 157 150-300/BE-BH
Robinson Alma Jo 2-Feb-1919 4-Dec-1980 L 5 000-150/I-L
Robinson Blanche 16-Feb-1880 12-Sep-1973 BB 262 150-300/BA-BD
Robinson Jack R. 19-Apr-1916 31-Aug-1989 L 15 S SGT US ARMY WW II 000-150/I-L
Robinson James Russel 22-Nov-1871 7-May-1941 K 20 000-150/I-L
Robinson John Kirby 6-Jan-1907 28-Nov-1964 K 5 000-150/I-L
Robinson Lessie Pearl 7-Sep-1882 9-Oct-1964 K 15 000-150/I-L
Rodriguez Fernando 12-Nov-1964 8-Jun-1996 BL 310 (temporary marker) 300-450/BI-BL
Roesler Matthew Scott 1-Sep-1994 1-Sep-1994 BC 440 Our Baby 300-450/BA-BD
Rogers Kyle Matthew 30-Sep-1987 24-Jan-1996 BF 130 We'll be waiting for you…. "Our loving son" 000-150/BE-BH
Roland Mrs. Rosebud 15-Nov-1928 2-Aug-1999 BE 57 Age 70 000-150/BE-BH
Roquemore Raymond Brandon 20-Aug-1971 9-Sep-1988 BI 395 For every sunset there is a sunrise (Photo on stone) 300-450/BI-BL
Rouviere Agnes Marie Year 1904 Year 1996 BG 340 Age 91.  Temporary marker. 300-450/BE-BH
Russell Ethel E. Year 1915 Year 1998 BL 250 Mother 150-300/BI-BL
Salinas Darby Alexandra 21-Aug-1997 18-Nov-1997 BC 445 Forever in our hearts and always in our minds;
Beloved Daughter
Salsman Gordon O. 6-Apr-1917 29-Sep-1986 W 47 In memory of a true Texan full of love and compassion for his wife, children, sisters,
family, and friends underneath all his gruff appearences. He was a gentle and loving man.
May your soul rest in peace. I love you darling.
Your wife --
Naomi; 23rd Psl
Salsman Monroe M. Year 1881 Year 1952 Y 50 000-150/Y-AB
Salsman Sallie A. Year 1888 Year 1956 Y 50 000-150/Y-AB
Salsman Troy Lee 5-May-1914 29-May-1974 V 55 000-150/U-X
Santerre Lula Mae 10-Oct-1891 31-Dec-1967 P 90 000-150/M-P
Santerre Peter 31-Dec-1877 28-Mar-1955 P 90 000-150/M-P
Sare Austin Matthew Year 1978 Year 2000 BH 115 age 21 000-150/BE-BH
Satterfield Louisana 11-Nov-1906 N 280 Age 86 yrs., 2 mos., 3 days; Careful be thy silent slumber Peaceful in thy grave so low, thou no more will join our number, thou no more our ???? 150-300/M-P
Satterfield Mattie J. Spinks 7-May-1880 23-Sep-1968 G 170 150-300/E-H
Schane Brock Wade Year 1973 Year 1985 BK 435 (temporary marker) 300-450/BI-BL
Scherer Carl M. 7-Jul-1884 10-Oct-1962 P 430 Dad 300-450/M-P
Schiefelbein Hildred A. 15-Mar-1902 4-Aug-1982 BB 95 She was the sunshine of our lives. 000-150/BA-BD
Schrah James Deloyd 31-Mar-1973 31-Mar-1973 G 85 Asleep in Jesus 000-150/E-H
Schultz Fielding F. 15-Mar-1924 9-Jun-1977 BC 320 Capt US AirForce WWII Korea 300-450/BA-BD
Schupman Helen M. 24-Jan-1937 BC 227 150-300/BA-BD
Schupman Sylvester 23-Jan-1938 24-Apr-2000 BC 227 150-300/BA-BD
Scott Cameron Michael 3-Mar-1997 9-Mar-1997 BB 412 Love Always.  Playing in God's Garden. 300-450/BA-BD
Scroggins Donald E. 15-Jul-1944 1-Apr-1998 BL 220 Wed July 15, 1964 "Pa" 150-300/BI-BL
Scroggins V. Vanice "Mamaniece" 27-Dec-1945 BL 220 Wed July 15, 1964 150-300/BI-BL
Scruggs Cleo B. 25-Mar-1912 19-Feb-1976 Y 55 In loving memory of my beloved mother 000-150/Y-AB
Seil Elaine Year 1926 Year 1991 BG 155 150-300/BE-BH
Sexton Cecil Lawrence "Larry" 6-Nov-1944 31-May-1998 BJ 215 For the Lord God says: "I will search and find my sheep."  Ezekiel 34:11;
"You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind." Matt. 22:37
Shelby Gladys Brotherton Nichols 6-Feb-1913 BA 380 300-450/BA-BD
Shelby Willie 6-Jul-1903 21-Aug-1985 BA 380 300-450/BA-BD
Shipley Billy C. BB 380 TSGT US AIR FORCE WWII Korea 300-450/BA-BD
Shipley James Allen Year 1941 Year 1999 BB 386 Age 58. (Temporary marker.) 300-450/BA-BD
Shipley Larry Year 1902 Year 1984 BB 385 300-450/BA-BD
Shipley Winnie M. Year 1905 Year 1978 BB 385 300-450/BA-BD
Shockey Charles F. 23-Apr-1887 23-Apr-1887 E 130 Weep not ?????? mother ??? for I am ??????for me
Son of I.N. & S.J. Shockey
Showalter David J. 31-Dec-1939 29-Mar-1983 BK 235 150-300/BI-BL
Silk Anna M. 27-May-1897 28-Jul-1987 V 340 Mother. Wed 26 Jun 1930 300-450/U-X
Silk George F. 7-Feb-1899 25-May-1989 V 345 Father. Wed 26 Jun 1930 300-450/U-X
Simmons Arlie C. 5-Aug-1918 O 15 "Our son Jerry" 000-150/M-P
Simmons Clyde E. Year 1884 Year 1953 N 55 000-150/M-P
Simmons Clyde E. Jr. 15-Mar-1917 O 15 "Our son Jerry" 000-150/M-P
Simmons Hattie Year 1843 Year 1924 O 385 Mother. They lived and gave their lives for those they loved. 300-450/M-P
Simmons Hattie L. Year 1890 Year 1975 N 55 000-150/M-P
Simmons Hermalee Himes 8-Mar-1921 P 30 "Together Forever" 000-150/M-P
Simmons J.T. 11-Jan-1912 24-Dec-1959 N 390 Son 300-450/M-P
Simmons James I. Year 1842 Year 1925 O 385 Father.  They lived and gave their lives for those they loved. 300-450/M-P
Simmons James M. 18-May-1920 P 30 Army Vet WW II; "Together Forever" 000-150/M-P
Simmons John Proctor 24-Jun-1919 11-Feb-1920 N 380 Son of J.L. & O.J. Simmons. Sleep on, sweet babe, and take thy rest.  God calls when he thinks best. 300-450/M-P
Simmons Joseph L. "Boss" 22-Feb-1876 4-May-1958 N 370 At Rest 300-450/M-P
Simmons Ollie J. 29-Mar-1883 26-Nov-1976 N 370 At Rest 300-450/M-P
Sitton Iva Mae 16-Mar-1908 5-Mar-1964 Y 37 000-150/Y-AB
Sitton Ronald Paul 29-Jul-1945 20-Jan-1966 Y 30 Texas/ETR2 US Navy 000-150/Y-AB
Sitton Thomas D. 7-Apr-1903 24-Jul-1955 Y 42 000-150/Y-AB
Smith Adam Year 1846 Year 1929 Y 370 300-450/Y-AB
Smith Ann  Year 1850 Year 1944 G 290 150-300/E-H
Smith Annie Mae 8-May-1925 3-Oct-1970 C 390 Wife 300-450/A-D
Smith Aubrey Eugene 26-Nov-1938 17-Jul-1985 Y 135 000-150/Y-AB
Smith Bessie Lorene Year 1912 Year 1992 P 5 Married Sept. 8, 1930 000-150/M-P
Smith Christine L. 28-Feb-1924 27-May-1990 Y 128 Married June 1, 1968 "Loving Wife" 000-150/Y-AB
Smith Clara L. 27-Aug-1908 19-Mar-1994 O 135 000-150/M-P
Smith Claude Daniel Year 1910 P 5 Married Sept. 8, 1930 000-150/M-P
Smith Claude H. 9-May-1912 25-Jun-1985 X 380 Married Sept.20, 1930. Our Daughter.  (On back of stone "Claudie Mae") 300-450/U-X
Smith Claudie Mae 23-Nov-1931 15-Jun-1933 X 375 300-450/U-X
Smith Cynthiana 7-Oct-1850 29-Jun-1909 Y 360 Wife of Adam Smith.  A precious one from us is gone.  A voice we loved stilled.  A place in vacant in our home that never can be filled. 300-450/Y-AB
Smith Cynthiana Year 1849 Year 1909 Y 370 300-450/Y-AB
Smith D.C. 3-Jun-1914 X 350 Married Nov.23, 1935 300-450/U-X
Smith D.W. Year 1919 Year 1919 Y 398 Our Baby Boy 300-450/Y-AB
Smith Doctor Wilson 4-Feb-1883 6-Jan-1968 Y 392 Our Papa 300-450/Y-AB
Smith Dr. F.W. ?-Sep-1850 ?-Feb-1884 D 247 150-300/A-D
Smith Edna Mae 13-Apr-1890 7-Mar-1974 X 137 000-150/U-X
Smith Elmer Edward 21-Apr-1914 11-Jun-1979 Y 142 000-150/Y-AB
Smith Enoch Year 1876 Year 1931 Y 380 300-450/Y-AB
Smith Flora A. 12-Aug-1887 9-Feb-1910 M 190 Daughter of M.R. & M.A. Smith; Remember stranger as you pass by, as you are now so once was I, as I am now you soon will be. Prepare in life to follow me. 150-300/M-P
Smith Harold 28-May-1944 17-Mar-1998 BG 142 000-150/BE-BH
Smith Henry William 19-Jan-1878 8-Oct-1945 X 360 300-450/U-X
Smith J.B. 21-Oct-1865 18-Jul-1914 G 290 "Farewell my wife and children all, from you a Father Christ doth call" 150-300/E-H
Smith J.T. Year 1914 Year 1915 Y 399 Our Baby Boy 300-450/Y-AB
Smith James L. 23-Jun-1917 4-Aug-1990 C 135 PVT US MARINE CORPS, WWII 000-150/A-D
Smith James Lafayette 23-Jun-1917 4-Aug-1990 B 135 Precious Memories 000-150/A-D
Smith L. Estelle Hatcher 31-May-1920 6-Aug-1994 Y 142 000-150/Y-AB
Smith Larry Wayne Year 1944 Year 2000 B 125 Age 56; temporary marker 000-150/A-D
Smith Laverne 23-May-1918 22-May-1999 X 350 Married Nov.23, 1935 300-450/U-X
Smith Maggie 4-Nov-1997 BB 413 We love you and trust God's plan; Psalm 139:13-16 300-450/BA-BD
Smith Maggie A. 12-Apr-1849 6-Oct-1890 M 205 Wife of M.R. Smith; Her happy soul has winged its way, to one pure bright eternal day 150-300/M-P
Smith Malvin V. 1-Oct-1915 17-May-1967 X 130 CPL US Army, World War II 000-150/U-X
Smith Milford E. 24-May-1933 Y 128 Married June 1, 1968 "Beloved Husband" 000-150/Y-AB
Smith Mindy 4-Nov-1997 BB 413 We love you and trust God's plan; Psalm 139:13-16 300-450/BA_BD
Smith Myrtle 29-Oct-1885 24-Jul-1905 Y 365 Wife of H.W. Smith.  There is no pain ? in Heaven. 300-450/Y-AB
Smith Ola Mae 19-Jan-1913 26-Mar-1993 X 380 Married Sept. 20, 1930. Our Daughter.  (On back of stone "Claudie Mae") 300-450/U-X
Smith Rachel Tennie 29-Sep-1872 27-Nov-1915 M 220 Daughter of M.R. & M.A. Smith; I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith… 2 Tim. 150-300/M-P
Smith Rebecca Louise 24-Jun-1924 B 135 Precious Memories 000-150/A-D
Smith Richard James Year 2000 Year 2000 BB 430 Age -0- (Temporary Marker) 300-450/BA-BD
Smith Robbin Jr. Year 1955 Year 1991 BL 15 On Earth/In Heaven 000-150/BI-BL
Smith Susie Ann 25-Mar-1890 3-Dec-1979 X 360 Married Dec.16, 1906 300-450/U-X
Smith William G. 3-Jul-1888 19-Jan-1959 X 137 000-150/U-X
Smith William Patrick Year 1960 Year 1998 BL 10 On Earth/In Heaven 000-150/BI-BL
Smith William Ray Year 1932 Year 1933 Y 395 Our Baby Boy 300-450/Y-AB
Smith 20-Jul-1905 20-Jul-1905 Y 365 Infant  son of H.W. & M. Smith. 300-450/Y-AB
Snyder George A. 9-Oct-1915 16-Jun-1995 BG 130 PFC US ARMY 000-150/BE-BH
Sokun Un 1-Jan-1958 9-Sep-1983 BA 215 In loving memory 150-300/BA-BD
Solomon Jay L. year 1941 year 1985 BM 355 300-450/BM-BN
Spears John Austin 27-Jan-1983 27-Jan-1983 BE 432 Our beloved son; Rest in Peace 300-450/BE-BH
Spencer Orenia Belle 5-Apr-1900 10-Mar-1901 O 205 ? this life; Dau of GW & JL Spencer 150-300/M-P
Spinks ?nes Florance 8-Jan-1873 ?-?-1889 G 195 Daugter of ?.M. & Carrie Spinks; "Our daughter and our sister we will meet you in the sweet" 150-300/E-H
Spinks Anderson Year 1808 Year 1895 G 217 150-300/E-H
Spinks Carry H. Year 1850 Year 1926 G 165 150-300/E-H
Spinks Elton E. Year 1875 Year 1890 G 190 150-300/E-H
Spinks Esther F. 18-Feb-1884 16-Jul-1968 T 227 Blessed are they who die in the Lord 150-300/Q-T
Spinks Francis M. Year 1850 Year 1937 G 165 150-300/E-H
Spinks Joseph H. 25-Dec-1882 24-May-1959 T 227 Blessed are they who die in the Lord 150-300/Q-T
Spinks Nancy J. 30-Jan-1828 14-Apr-1894 G 210 Wife of A. Spinks; "Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God" (thin stone) 150-300/E-H
Spinks Ola Mae 26-Aug-1910 16-Jul-1995 T 222 In loving memory 150-300/Q-T
Spinks Truman L. 24-May-1915 14-Dec-1915 T 240 Little bud of love, I bloom with God. Son of J.H. & E.F. Spinks 150-300/Q-T
Spinks W.E. 5-Jun-1870 10-Dec-1895 G 185 "In memory of" (unreadable inscription) 150-300/E-H
Spinks Walter L. Year 1885 Year 1889 G 205 150-300/E-H
Spinks 4-Jun-189? 4-Jun-189? G 180 "Infant" Daughter of W.E. & ?.L. Spinks; "I am but not ? ?" 150-300/E-H
Stallings Ella P. 16-Nov-1863 5-Feb-1882 B 240 "To Heaven"(hand pointing up);
Daughter of J.G. & Bettie Stallings;
"Remember me as you pass by as you are now so once was I. As I am now so you must be. Prepare for death and follow me"
Stallings Irie Irene 22-Jan-1894 E 310 Infant daughter of J.W. and Lou Stallings 300-450/E-H
Stallings J.W. 18-Jan-1871 2-Dec-1900 E 310 In loving rememberance of my husband. 300-450/E-H
Stallings E 315 300-450/E-H
Stamper Joe 29-Mar-1920 18-Jun-1985 BK 365 Together Forever 300-450/BI-BL
Stamper Mary 30-Nov-1920 29-Jul-1986 BK 365 Together Forever 300-450/BI-BL
Stamper Vicki Veatrice Year 1958 Year 1986 BJ 355 AMN US Air Force 300-450/BI-BL
Starling Albert H. 22-Aug-1893 25-Dec-1954 P 50 PVT 319 Field Arty 82 Div. World War I 000-150/M-P
Starling Annie B. 4-Jul-1897 10-Feb-1981 P 50 000-150/M-P
Starling Artie M. 20-Apr-1922 H 235 150-300/E-H
Starling Ella F. 25-Dec-1864 28-Jan-1958 H 265 "As you are now so once was I,
as I am now you soon shall be,
prepare for death and follow me" "Mother"
Starling J.H. 9-May-1858 27-Feb-1904 H 265 "As you are now so once was I,
as I am now you soon shall be,
prepare for death and follow me" "Father"
Starling Mary F. 26-Apr-1921 28-Apr-1921 H 230 150-300/E-H
Starling Mary F. 11-Oct-1891 29-Mar-1916 H 247 150-300/E-H
Starling W.L. 20-Oct-1881 5-Mar-1904 H 270 No pain nor grief, no anxious fear, can reach the peaceful sleeper here. 150-300/E-H
Steele Deborah Sue (Glenn) 10-Feb-1954 12-Aug-1990 W 30 000-150/U-X
Stephenson "Willie" William Erwin Jr. 7-Dec-1965 22-Mar-1996 K 492 Beloved son, brother, uncle, and friend You will live forever in our hearts. 450-575/I-L
Stephenson Brenda Louise 11-Jul-1970 7-Mar-1997 L 520 Beloved Daughter, Sister, and Friend 450-575/I-L
Stephenson Carl L. year 1945 year 1998 L 505 A love that will never die. Father.
Married November 20, 1964
Stephenson Charles E. 1-Sep-1930 16-Oct-1989 K 530 Father  Married November 18, 1950 450-575/I-L
Stephenson Darlene year 1948 L 505 A love that will never die. Mother.  Married November 20, 1964 450-575/I-L
Stephenson Douglas Hartford, Jr. 2-Dec-1919 29-Sep-1999 BA 275 150-300/BA-BD
Stephenson J.E. 1-Nov-1933 2-Nov-1934 K 515 450-575/I-L
Stephenson James S. year 1929 year 1990 K 509 450-575/I-L
Stephenson James S. 12-Nov-1900 17-Jun-1957 K 520 450-575/I-L
Stephenson Jesse O. 26-Jun-1856 21-Dec-1938 G 105 000-150/E-H
Stephenson JoAnn 22-Mar-1933 K 530 Mother  Married November 18, 1950 450-575/I-L
Stephenson Lori Fay 29-Sep-1963 20-Nov-1972 K 525 An angel visited the green earth and took a flower away. 450-575/I-L
Stephenson Oma 15-Oct-1893 27-Sep-1906 B 380 Daughter of J.C.  &  S.C Stephenson; Our darling one hath gone before to greet us on the blissful shore. 300-450/A-D
Stephenson Sarah C. 6-Mar-1862 31-Jan-1938 G 105 000-150/E-H
Stephenson William Erwin 25-Mar-1939 14-Feb-1991 K 496 450-575/I-L
Stephenson Zelia Clinton 7-Sep-1922 BA 275 150-300/BA-BD
Steward James Cecil 25-Nov-1955 7-Feb-1974 BB 255 Baby Boy 150-300/BA-BD
Steward James Jack Year 1921 Year 1978 BB 245 US Coast Guard World War II 150-300/BA-BD
Steward Linnie Baxter Year 1902 Year 1936 B 35 000-150/A-D
Stewart Kyle Conner Year 1998 Year 1998 BF 220 Age 2 mos. (Temporary marker.) 150-300/BE-BH
Stinnett Blanche Year 1922 BL 203 Together Forever 150-300/BI-BL
Stinnett Otis M. Year 1913 Year 1991 BL 203 Together Forever 150-300/BI-BL
Stokes Baby Year 1982 Year 1982 BC 430 Temporary marker 300-450/BA-BD
Stone Charlie M 24-May-1895 4-Jul-1896 C 335 Son of J.R.  &  S.E. Stone.
"Our Darling Boy"
Stone Lelah Chloe 7-Oct-1893 13-Jun-1894 C 340 Dau of J.R. & S.E. Stone
"Our Darling Babe--"
Stone Susie A. 30-Dec-1865 19-May-1892 B 345 Farewell,  dear wife.   Wife of J.R. Stone; ? ? one we have ? ? in the peaceful ? embrace, but thy memory will be cherished till we see thy Heavenly face. 300-450/A-D
Stone William Bradley 5-Oct-1968 22-Oct-1986 BF 345 Beloved Son, Brother and Friend. "Brad" 300-450/BE-BH
Stow Clara Lenora 27-Dec-1801 16-Feb-1892 D 395 Dau of O.P. & M.J. Stow.                                           Weep not papa and mama for me.  I am waiting in heaven for thee. 300-450/A-D
Stow Oley 4-Jul-1872 1-Dec-1905 E 405 Wife of J.R. Stow (Inscription below unreadable.) 300-450/E-H
Stowe Lillie May 16-Feb-1924 E 410 300-450/E-H
Stowe M. F. D 415 300-450/A-D
Stowe W H D 420 300-450/A-D
Streby Freeda year 1915 year 1991 BN 442 Wife 300-450/BM-BN
Streby Rollin year 1915 year 1981 BN 442 Husband 300-450/BM-BN
Sutton Chester I. 28-Dec-1921 BL 325 Married May 15, 1946 300-450/BI-BL
Sutton John C. 9-Jan-1953 13-Apr-1986 BL 315 300-450/BI-BL
Sutton Rubye Jo 28-Mar-1918 14-Jan-1994 BL 325 Married May 15, 1946 300-450/BI-BL
Swanger Dr. Roland A. Jan 11, 1888 31-Dec-1971 AA 95 000-150/Y-AB
Swanger Martha E. 22-Sep-1892 30-Apr-1961 AA 85 Asleep in Jesus 000-150/Y-AB
Swearingen Benjamin Everett III 23-Sep-1937 27-Jan-1998 BJ 220 Meglio Un Giorno Da Leone; Better a day the lion than a lifetime the lamb 150-300/BI-BL
Tate James E. 27-Jul-1923 22-Mar-1943 L 365 Texas PVT ARMY AIR FORCES WORLD WAR II 300-450/I-L
Tate Martha E. Year 1862 Year 1954 L 305 300-450/I-L
Tate R.M. 10-Sep-1852 30-Jan-1905 L 355 Age 52 yrs 4 mos 20 days.
"His happy soul has winged its way to one pure bright eternal day"   "ACE"
Tate Robert M. Year 1852 Year 1905 L 305 300-450/I-L
Taylor Fredrick M. 26-?-1891 23-Dec-1891 B 210 (broken stone); ????? infant ??? in peaceful slumber; son of J.W. & L.E. 150-300/A-D
Taylor Raymond Lee 19-Nov-1938 BG 200 150-300/BE-BH
Taylor Rosalie Ann 12-Dec-1941 18-Apr-1997 BG 200 150-300/BE-BH
Taylor Shearon T. Year 1982 Year 1984 BC 415 Temporary Marker 300-450/BA-BD
Taylor I 40 Plot marker 000-150/I-L
Terrell Era Mae Dickert 13-Sep-1927 16-Mar-1997 BH 230 Our loving mother (photo on stone) 150-300/BE-BH
Thiede Charles H. 14-Aug-1925 20-Apr-1999 O 130 Married Sept. 6, 1946 000-150/M-P
Thiede Charles H. Year 1925 Year 1999 O 132 US Marine Corps., World War II 000-150/M-P
Thiede Eva 1-Apr-1894 21-May-1971 N 130 Married Sept. 6, 1917 000-150/M-P
Thiede Herman A. 2-Feb-1893 11-Jun-1965 N 130 Married Sept. 6, 1917 000-150/M-P
Thiede Homer A. Year 1923 M 125 000-150/M-P
Thiede Marlene S. 18-Jan-1928 O 130 Married Sept. 6, 1946 000-150/M-P
Thiede Virginia Ruth Year 1925 Year 1974 M 125 Together Forever 000-150/M-P
Thomas Doug Richard 2-Jul-1964 BE 167 150-300/BE-BH
Thomas Forest W. ? ? O 252 In memory of Forest W. Son of L.H. & L.J.; Aged 1yr. 2 mos. 3 days; "This lovely bud so young so fair, called hence by early doom- Just came to show how sweet a flower (rest unreadable) 150-300/M-P
Thomas James Richard 27-Feb-1913 24-Mar-1992 BE 180 150-300/BE-BH
Thomas Nora 2-Sep-1887 14-Oct-1974 BE 192 150-300/BE-BH
Thomas Robert J. Year 1931 Year 1988 BC 237 In loving memory 150-300/BA-BD
Thomas Virginia Fullheart 28-Jul-1929 BE 175 150-300/BE-BH
Thompson Meredith Knox 5-Mar-1987 10-Mar-1987 BE 405 300-450/BE-BH
Thompson Stella Santerre 7-Feb-1918 12-Apr-1997 P 88 Married Jan 1, 1936 000-150/M-P
Thompson Willie Vernon 8-Sep-1910 1-Mar-1999 P 88 Married Jan 1, 1936 000-150/M-P
Tillman Eliza A. Year 1862 Year 1922 G 157 Wife of G.A. Tillman 150-300/E-H
Tillman G.A. 21-Oct-1857 5-May-1895 G 140 Husband of E.A. Tillman;
A loving husband, a father dear.
A faithful friend lies buried here.
Tillman General L. 7-Jun-1888 15-May-1957 G 125 000-150/E-H
Tinsley L.V. Bradley 28-Sep-1855 19-Dec-1882 M 260 Daughter of R.B. & M. Bradley 150-300/M-P
Tiso Adrienne Hope 26-Jan-1987 27-Jan-1987 BE 404 Your heart shall live forever; Psalms 22:26; God's Little Lamb; Our Little Angel 300-450/BE-BH
Tomilinson Jerry Wayne Jr. 15-Mar-1972 28-May-1981 BI 190 We love you dearly our loving son and brother 150-300/BI-BL
Topham Ardena R. 28-Jul-1951 22-Nov-1994 BB 217 Beloved wife & mother 150-300/BA-BD
Topham Thomas B. Year 1947 Year 1989 BB 225 Loving Husband and Father 150-300/BA-BD
Topley Pearl 3-Apr-1931 7-Aug-1996 BM 410 "Touched by an angel.  We will love you always." 300-450/BM-BN
Tracy Ryan Vincent 24-Jun-1994 1-Apr-1996 BN 210 "Our precious little boy" (photo) 150-300/BM-BN
Trammel R. W. 7-Sept-1850 8-Oct-1938 A 395 300-450/A-D
Trimyer Laura Burke 18-Feb-1931 21-Jan-1999 BL 267 Beloved mother 150-300/BI-BL
Turman Linda C. 4-Jan-1945 BK 105 In God's Care 000-150/BI-BL
Turman William R. 27-Aug-1944 16-May-1994 BK 105 000-150/BI-BL
Turner Callie B. Stephenson 13-Nov-1909 23-Jan-1996 K 519 450-575/I-L
Turner Charlie M. 13-Dec-1911 K 519 450-575/I-L
Ulrich Eddie Eugene 11-Mar-1942 9-Aug-1982 BF 261 Love lives forever 150-300/BE-BH
Ulrich Eddie Eugene Year 1942 Year 1982 BF 261 AMH 3 US Navy Vietnam 150-300/BE-BH
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown BD 40 000-150/BA-BD
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown J 195 Very poor condition 150-300/I-L
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown J 205 Very poor condition 150-300/I-L
Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown K 165 very poor condition 150-300/I-L
Upchurch Donald G. 25-Jan-1931 19-Dec-1985 BE 185 150-300/BE-BH
Upchurch Juanita L. 2-Sep-1931 15-Jun-1985 BE 185 150-300/BE-BH
Vanetsky Harry 21-Jun-1912 20-Apr-1979 BJ 207 A loving Father 150-300/BI-BL
VanPelt Joan G. 10-Jan-1953 30-Sep-1998 BD 60 Married Aug. 3, 1986 000-150/BA-BD
VanPelt Joseph L. 27-Mar-1942 BD 60 Married Aug. 3, 1986 000-150/BA-BD
Verme Louise Maire 3-Feb-1904 4-Feb-1996 BF 217 150-300/BE-BH
Vickery Elizabeth  Year 1876 Year 1979 BM 218 (temporary marker) 150-300/BM-BN
Vincent Charleen R. 21-Oct-1919 27-Dec-1996 BL 215 Our beloved mother 150-300/BI-BL
Visocky Joseph R. Year 1911 Year 1991 BA 190 150-300/BA-BD
Vitosky Jerry J. 11-Mar-1932 5-Dec-1984 BC 100 Through the tears and joys of life we shall remember. 000-150/BA-BD
Volck A.A. 18-Sep-1888 30-Dec-1911 I 355 300-450/I-L
Volck M.E. 23-Dec-1865 25-Dec-1900 I 350 300-450/I-L
Volck I 335 Infant of H.A. and M.E. Volck 300-450/I-L
Volck I 340 Infant of H.A. and M.E. Volck 300-450/I-L
W Mr. Allen G. BC 385 Temporary marker, now unreadable 300-450/BA-BD
Waggoner Arthur E. 24-Jan-1874 13-Apr-1937 U 157 150-300/U-X
Waggoner Bessie B. 17-Aug-1878 28-Feb-1966 U 157 150-300/U-X
Wakefield Allie E. 25-Sep-1853 15-May-1895 N 265 Wife of H.F. Wakefield; "Mother" 150-300/M-P
Wakefield H.F. 24-Jul-1845 12-Feb-1932 N 265 Peaceful be thy silent slumber, peaceful in thy grave so low, thou no more will join our number, thou no more our sorrows know"; "Father" 150-300/M-P
Walden Linnie A. ?-Nov-? ?-?-1885 D 282 (dove; broken tombstone) Dau of D.W. & L.J. Walden 150-300/A-D
Walden Malinda P. 10-Aug-1819 19-Nov-1885 D 292 (very hard to read; unsure if "Walden" is last name) 150-300/A-D
Walker Alvin Bryan 4-Sep-1926 28-May-1994 BJ 345 300-450/BI-BL
Walker Jeana Melissa 5-Jan-1961 3-Jun-1978 BJ 340 If I were your tommorows I would always be beautiful memories when I become yesterday. 300-450/BI-BL
Walker M. Lee 9-Sep-1928 23-Jul-1992 BJ 345 Light of our lives 300-450/BI-BL
Walkup Clay D. 8-Dec-1919 25-Nov-1991 BC 133 T SGT US Army World War II 000-150/BA-BD
Wallace Fairy Bell 14-Nov-1908 19-Nov-1974 BD 420 300-450/BA-BD
Wallace Sophie A. 3-May-1908 17-Jul-1994 BK 188 150-300/BI-BL
Warnick Randyal L. 28-Dec-1969 9-Jan-1979 BC 90 A truly beloved son. When you are sorrowful look again in your heart and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight. 000-150/BA-BD
Washburn Lillie Mae White 17-Nov-1925 27-Jun-1998 L 525 Loving Mother, wife, and Grandmom  We will always love you Forever with us. 450-575/I-L
Watson Billy "Bill Bo" Gene 24-May-1975 4-Jan-1996 BB 310 300-450/BA-BD
Watson Charles Bryan 24-Mar-1971 9-Nov-1991 BB 320 300-450/BA-BD
Weatherly J.R. 13-Mar-1861 1-Sep-1887 A 255 Husband of Nettie Weatherly; In hope of Eternal life 150-300/A-D
Weaver Clarence 18-Jun-1905 11-Nov-1979 BG 275 "At rest with Jesus" 150-300/BE-BH
Weaver Gladys P. 11-Oct-1904 5-Apr-1991 BG 275 "At rest with Jesus" 150-300/BE-BH
Webb Reba Year 1903 Year 1921 V 203 150-300/U-X
Weber Dorothy Hurlie 26-Mar-1926 11-Feb-1988 BA 305 "Loving Mother 300-450/BA-BD
Wellborn Clarence V. Year 1919 Year 1981 BM 247 PVT US Army World War II 150-300/BM-BN
Wellman Rebecca E. 13-Feb-1861 ?-Feb-1894 J 162 Wife of ?? Wellman 150-300/I-L
Wells Henry 6-Dec-1853 20-Oct-1893 I 230 very poor condition 150-300/I-L
West D.B.F. 20-Mar-1871 15-Jun-1938 J 425 300-450/I-L
West Edger H. 9-Apr-1908 14-Jan-1923 J 405 My trust in God. Son of D.B.F. & M.S. West 300-450/I-L
West Mary S. 15-Aug-1875 25-May-1959 J 425 300-450/I-L
White Lloyd D. Year 1919 Year 1974 BB 113 In loving memory; Husband, Father 000-150/BA-BD
White Odis L. 27-Sep-1926 3-May-1996 BN 183 US Army World War II 150-300/BM-BN
White Tommy Dean 22-May-1955 11-Sep-1981 BB 40 000-150/BA-BD
Whitted Edna Bufod Year 1900 Year 1981 BE 315 300-450/BE-BH
Whitted Mitchell J. 14-Jul-1924 19-May-1992 BE 325 Gone but not forgotten 300-450/BE-BH
Whitted Robert Loyd 8-Jul-1959 26-May-1992 BC 360 "Waiting for the ressurection" 300-450/BA-BD
Whitted Wayland Year 1928 Year 2000 BG 334 Age 72.  Temporary marker. 300-450/BE-BH
Wilhoite Donald F. 20-Aug-1936 15-Nov-1996 BK 265 Prov. 3:5; Wed Apr. 7, 1956 150-300/BI-BL
Wilhoite Genevieve L. 23-Sep-1935 BK 265 I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help. Psalms 12:1 150-300/BI-BL
Williams Edith Estelle 1-Aug-1922 23-Jul-1996 BJ 202 Fear God and keep His commandments; In loving memory, Mother 150-300/BI-BL
Williams Elmer Dee 26-Feb-1915 12-Mar-1997 W 37 Awaiting the ressurection John 5:28, 29 000-150/U-X
Williams H.K. 12-Sep-1887 20-Oct-1918 AA 321 Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal. 300-450/Y-AB
Williams Leo V. 29-May-1919 2-Nov-1985 BE 235 "A Master Builder" 150-300/BE-BH
Williams Lois Laverne 10-Oct-1921 W 37 Awaiting the ressurection John 5:28, 29 000-150/U-X
Williams Phoebe E. 9-Jul-1920 BE 235 In God's care 150-300/BE-BH
Williams Rev. George 13-Dec-1926 18-Oct-1997 BG 375 Rev 14:13; "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord, that they may rest from their works and their works do follow them." 300-450/BE-BH
Williams Robert 11-Aug-1935 Z 360 Texas Wagoner 359 INF., 90 DIV. 300-450/Y-AB
Williams 9-Dec-1895 16-Dec-1895 K 140 Dau of R. C. & Mollie Williams;
"Budded on Earth to bloom in heaven"
Wilson Alfred  10-Apr-1811 14-Oct-1881 C 290 150-300/A-D
Wilson Billy R. 14-Jan-1931 20-Nov-1989 BB 325 300-450/BA-BD
Wilson Edell 7-Mar-1914 11-Apr-1994 BB 390 We will love you always 300-450/BA-BD
Wilson Ella Lusk Year 1857 Year 1923 M 255 150-300/M-P
Wilson Loma J. 29-Aug-1931 8-Sep-1991 BB 325 300-450/BA-BD
Wilson Louiza 19-Apr-1825 ?2-Mar-1878 C 280 150-300/A-D
Wilson Pat 26-Apr-1912 6-Jan-1981 BB 392 We will love you always 300-450/BA-BD
Wilson Suzette LaVaughn 25-Dec-1953 22-May-1997 BH 345 Loving mother, wife and friend 300-450/BE-BH
Wittman Damond Manuel 8-Feb-1976 14-Jul-1997 BL 105 "In memory of"; "Beloved son and brother, 'D' thank you for your laughter and friendship and love, you will live in our hearts forever" "Rest in peace" 000-150/BI-BL
Womack George W. "Shorty" 3-Apr-1920 13-Dec-1994 BC 157 Two double hearts containing initials "M.W." & "G.W." 150-300/BA-BD
Womack Gordon "Squirrel" 18-Sep-1911 19-Nov-1978 BC 152 The Great Fisherman 150-300/BA-BD
Womack Jack Year 1907 Year 1974 BC 145 000-150/BA-BD
Womack Mildred M. 1-Feb-1922 5-Aug-1990 BC 163 Two double hearts containing initials "M.W." & "G.W." 150-300/BA-BD
Wood Anna 13-Sep-1847 31-Aug-1911 I 310 Wife of G.W. Wood.                                                                                                                    As a wife devoted, as a mother affectionate, as a friend, ever kind and true. 300-450/I-L
Wood Carrie Year 1878 Year 1965 V 190 150-300/U-X
Wood Flora B. 16-Jan-1893 11-Dec-1977 M 140 000-150/M-P
Wood George Washington 27-Nov-1842 23-Feb-1921 I 315 A Good Man. 300-450/I-L
Wood L. Herschel 3-Aug-1913 14-Oct-1991 M 135 000-150/M-P
Wood Lockett W. 19-Sep-1890 19-Oct-1984 M 140 000-150/M-P
Wood Will Year 1871 Year 1951 V 195 150-300/U-X
Woodall Daniel K. 21-Feb-1949 15-Apr-1986 BK 220 He was dearly loved. 150-300/BI-BL
Worley Debra Lynn 4-Jan-1951 15-Jun-1981 BB 50 Our beloved wife, daughter, sister lived long in our hearts. Her talents and love of life will keep her precious to us forever. 000-150/BA-BD
Wright Benjamin J. Year 1987 Year 1987 BD 430 Temporary Marker 300-450/BA-BD
Wright Trula Cone Feb 29, 1896 23-Jun-1923 V 90 000-150/U-X
Wynne Sonia "Elizabeth" 9-Sep-1985 20-Dec-1985 BE 410 Budded on Earth; To bloom in heaven 300-450/BE-BH
Yancy Michael Ray Year 1968 Year 1989 BB 127 He bloomed on earth, He'll blossom in heaven 000-150/BA-BD
Young Nellie L. 17-Jul-1888 17-Aug-1966 S 490 450-575/Q-T
Young Shannon Christine 11-Nov-1984 11-Nov-1984 BC 435 300-450/BA-BD
Young William F. 24-Mar-1886 21-Aug-1950 S 490 450-575/Q-T
AL R 264 unreadable 150-300/Q-T
Bolartus Love D 445 "Our Bartie"  Son of ? 300-450/A-D
Christopher ? ? ? BB 432 (Unreadable Temporary Marker) 300-450/BA-BD
Edna M. Year 1910 BD 84 (Unreadable text) 000-150/BA-BD
Irene E 305 (No other inscription.) 300-450/E-H
Jack A 295 (broken with a dove; rest unreadable) 150-300/A-D
James W.G. J 340 Son of Joesph and Elizabeth. (Rest unreadable.) 300-450/I-L
Mineola P 276 rest is unreadable 150-300/M-P
Tammy 15-Jun-1971 1-Jun-1974 BD 421 300-450/BA-BD
A 222 (single thin stone) "Father" 150-300/A-D
A 232 (single thin stone) "Mother" 150-300/A-D
A 260 "Mother" 150-300/A-D
A 265 "Father" 150-300/A-D
A 270 "Son" 150-300/A-D
A 278 No Inscription 150-300/A-D
A 375 Unreadable 300-450/A-D
A 390 "Infant son of ????"; (Remainder is unreadable) 300-450/A-D
A 410 Infant of E.L. & D.T. 300-450/A-D
A 415 Infant of E.L. & D.T. 300-450/A-D
AA 310 Unreadable 300-450/Y-AB
AA 500 Unreadable 450-575/Y-AB
AB 475 Unreadable 450-575/Y-AB
AB 477 Unreadable 450-575/Y-AB
AB 480 Unreadable 450-575/Y-AB
B 130 place keeper 000-150/A-D
B 140 place keeper 000-150/A-D
B 340 (no headstone) 300-450/A-D
B 375 Unreadable 300-450/A-D
B 390 Unreadable 300-450/A-D
B 400 Unreadable 300-450/A-D
B 415 Unreadable 300-450/A-D
BB 370 Temporary marker, now unreadable. 300-450/BA-BD
BB 435 Unreadable 300-450/BA-BD
BC 406 plot marker 300-450/BA-BD
BC 423 Unmarked grave.(Glass figurine left with words- "Jesus Loves Me" imprinted on it.) 300-450/BA-BD
BF 90 New grave, not marked 000-150/BE-BH
C 130 unreadable 000-150/A-D
C 237 "Mother" 150-300/A-D
18-Mar-1843 1-Sep-1879 C 410 (Top of Headstone is missing.  Footstone say "M.M.") 300-450/A-D
D 244 H.O.B. (could be part of C247) 150-300/A-D
D 252 S.O.B. (Could be part of C247) 150-300/A-D
D 257 O.W.B. (could be part of c270) 150-300/A-D
D 265 "Mother" 150-300/A-D
D 270 "Father" 150-300/A-D
D 416 Marker with no engraving. 300-450/A-D
D 421 Marker with no engraving. 300-450/A-D
D 425 Unreadable 300-450/A-D
E 247 A.L.C. (see E 252) 150-300/E-H
E 260 footstone to grave E252  "C.B.C." 150-300/E-H
E 320 No stone here 300-450/E-H
E 393 (Questionable Tombstone, looks like a rock) 300-450/E-H
F 172 "A.L.T." 150-300/E-H
F 245 A.L.C.  150-300/E-H
F 251 D.M.C. 150-300/E-H
F 260 C.B.C. 150-300/E-H
G 130 unreadable; "FLT" along the top 000-150/E-H
G 225 (stone with no markings) 150-300/E-H
H 222 No inscription 150-300/E-H
H 257 "Father" 150-300/E-H
H 395 (Questionable Tombstone, looks like a rock) 300-450/E-H
H 500 Unidentifiable 450-575/E-H
H 540 Unidentifiable 450-575/E-H
J 347 unreadable 300-450/I-L
K 345 Unreadable 300-450/I-L
K 490 Unreadable 450-575/I-L
K 500 Unreadable 450-575/I-L
K 505 Unreadable 450-575/I-L
K 510 Unreadable 450-575/I-L
L 15 000-150/I-L
L 235 150-300/I-L
M 195 Father 150-300/M-P
M 212 Mother 150-300/M-P
M 305 R.M.T. 300-450/M-P
M 330 Unreadable 300-450/M-P
M 355 Unreadable 300-450/M-P
M 360 Unreadable 300-450/M-P
M 370 Unreadable.  "Darling" 300-450/M-P
N 45 000-150/M-P
N 355 Unreadable 300-450/M-P
O 217 Unreadable 150-300/M-P
O 305 Unreadable 300-450/M-P
O 370 Mother 300-450/M-P
O 510 "In loving memory of our tiniest angels seen and unseen."  Medical Center of Lewisville (Memorial marker, not grave.) 450-575/M-P
P 65 000-150/M-P
Q 350 unreadable 300-450/Q-T
Q 370 Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. (unreadable) 300-450/Q-T
Q 490 Marble Marker/no engraving. 450-575/Q-T
Q 505 Marble Marker/no engraving. 450-575/Q-T
Q 510 Marble Marker/no engraving. 450-575/Q-T
Q 515 Marble Marker/no engraving. 450-575/Q-T
Q 523 Marble Marker/no engraving. 450-575/Q-T
Q 525 Marble Marker/no engraving. 450-575/Q-T
R 505 Marble Marker/no engraving. 450-575/Q-T
R 510 Marble Marker/no engraving. 450-575/Q-T
T 125 (small white stone) 000-150/Q-T
T 135 (brown stone) 000-150/Q-T
T 335 (Ruined, broken old stone) 300-450/Q-T
U 182 Unreadable 150-300/U-X
U 280 Unreadable 150-300/U-X
U 282 Unreadable 150-300/U-X
U 285 Unreadable 150-300/U-X
U 290 Unreadable 150-300/U-X
U 300 Unreadable 150-300/U-X
U 303 Unreadable 300-450/U-X
U 355 Unreadable 300-450/U-X
V 202 Unreadable 150-300/U-X
V 478 Marble Marker/no engraving. 450-575/U-X
V 503 Marble Marker/no engraving. 450-575/U-X
V 528 Marble Marker/no engraving. 450-575/U-X
W 277 Unreadable 150-300/U-X
W 528 Marble Marker/no engraving. 450-575/U-X
Y 355 Unreadable 300-450/Y-AB
Z 520 Unreadable 450-575/Y-AB