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Concho County, Texas Cemeteries

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All of the cemeteries in Texas are open to the public the first Sunday of April and October.  Please click here to read an article and guidelines for both property owners and cemetery visitors.  (Senate Resolution #591, House of Representatives #1097)

Some of the following listings are incomplete.  Please keep that in mind when you check the listings.  

  Cemetery Lists Picture of Cemetery  Link to Off Site Lists & Photos  

Cemetery Name LIST PICTURE  Lists and photos from several sources including family, cemetery associations, and
American History and Genealogy Project 
Burr Oak Cemetery SAGH   off site list
Concho Cemetery CCA


off site photos
    photos, off site photos
Old Eden Cemetery SAGH   off site photos
Eola Cemetery     List and photosoff site photos
Lakeview Community Cemetery SAGH CEMETERY   off site photos  
Live Oak Cemetery SAGH   off site list
Loveless Cemetery SAGH    
Mereta-Eola Cemetery      off site photos   
Millersview Cemetery     off site list
Paint Rock Cemetery       SIGN photos, off site photos
Sudduth Cemetery      

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