Court Record for Christoph Harsdorff/Hasdorff
Christoph Harsdorff/Hasdorff Court Record

Below is one court record for my great grandfather Christoph
Harsdorff/Hasdorff. He was often being accused of such acts, which made him have a bad
reputation in the area. He was a stock raiser and wild horse trainer. He lived in
the Blanco, Comal and Kendall Counties area from about 1868 to about 1896 when
he moved our family into San Antonio to retire. His wife mentioned below is
Lucinda Taylor Hasdorff. His first he married in Kendall County in 1868 was
Maris Mayrhofen Muenzler, she died about 1874. His stepson mentioned below is
John Wiley Taylor, Lucinda's son. John Wiley Taylor was born in Sattler,
Comal County, TX in 1875 and died in Kendall County, TX on May 29, 1967 and buried
in Smith Cemetery. My grandfather was James Jackson Hasdorff/Hesdorff born
in Kendall County on October 2, 1886.

I thought the message boards from these areas would find the information
interesting, especially to see what went on back then.

Note: I e-mailed Ron to see if he would object to me putting this information on the Comal
and Blanco Web site since it had been originally on the TXBlanco Mailing list and this was
his reply:
Thank you for the e-mail.  I would love to have it put on-line.
Finding records like this one makes genealogy so much fun.  It has been a challenge with our name being spelling different ways
such as Harsdorff (original spelling), Horsdorff, Hasdorff and Hesdorff.  That is not uncommon though for German surnames to
have several spellings.  I have found so much on my great grandfather's life, from his arrival from Germany, living in Dewitt and
Goliad County, his relationship with the Texas legend Sally Scull to his life in Blanco, Comal and Kendall County as a stock raiser and wild horse trainer.  He was a true cowboy.

I forgot to mention I spelled the name of Christoph's first wife wrong.  It should had been Maria(Mary), just in case you include the first part of the message in your posting.  I believe I accidently spelled her name Maris.  Her and Christoph was listed in the 1870 Blanco County Census as Christian and Mary Horsdorf.
Ron Hesdorff
San Antonio, TX


Court Record No. 3358.

Christoph Harsdorf,
The State

In Court of Appeals, Galveston Term 1892.

>From Comal County.

This appeal is from a conviction for the theft of a horse. It was alleged
that the animal was stolen by appellant in Comal County. The testimony fails
show that defendant ever took said animal in Comal County or had it in his
possession in said county. We are of opinion that the evidence does not
support the verdict and judgment, which found this defendant guilty of the theft of
said animal.

In brief the testimony is, as made by the state, that the animal in question
was the colt of a mare belonging to one Bill Boon which run in an open range
known as "Mustang Hill range" in Comal County near the lines of Bexar and
Kendall Counties.; that the mare had been running in said range from the time she
had the colt until it was missing about December 1888 and that the colt at
the time it was missing was about 10 months old, which would make it about 2
years old on the first of November 1889, at the time it was alleged to have been
stolen by defendant; that Boon was the real owner, but Cravey the alleged
owner had the exclusive possession etc. of said animal; that after it was missed
in Dec. 1888 it was not seen again by the State's witness for a year or more
before it was again seen in the "Mustang Hill range", when it had defendant's
recent brand on it; that Cravey having found it drove it up to his home and
wrote to defendant who lived some distance from him in Kendall County, to come and
see him about the colt; the next day the defendant accompanied by his wife
and step-son went to Cravey's and when
shown the colt, defendant claimed it as one of his wife's colts which he had
branded a month or two before in the "Leon Spring Range" in Bexar County,
with his wife's stock: that he had driven it home and branded it and that his
wife and he had given it to Wyley Taylor, her son. Cravey claimed it as the
property of Boon and demanded of defendant that he counter-brand it. This the
defendant postively declined and refused to do, claiming the animal to be the
property of his wife. Cravey then threatened that he would hold him responsible if
he did not give up the animal. Other evidence in the case corroborates the
defendant's statement that he found the colt in the "Leon Spring range" in Bexar
County with his wife's horse stock and drove it home and branded it. On the
day after the defendant had been to Cravey's and refused to counterbrand the
animal, defendant's wife and step-son went back to Cravey's and told him that
they did not want any trouble and expense about the colt and that rather than
have a law suit about it, they would counter-brand the animal and did so. This
is in brief the sum and substance of the whole testimony in the case.

We are of opinion that it fails to establish the guilt of the defendant of
the charge of theft of the animal and because the evidence is insufficient to
sustain the verdict and judgment, the judgment is reversed and the cause

Reversed & Remanded;

Presiding Judge of Court of Appeals of Texas,
All judges present and concurring.

Filed Feb. 6th, 1892