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"History of Coke County, Home of the Rabbit Twisters" was the name of a pageant written and directed in 1976 by Lucille Bryan, based primarily on Jessie N. Yarbrough's book which gave the play its title. As a project of Robert Lee Bicentennial Committee, it was produced on the Robert Lee High School stage with citizens from Bronte, Robert Lee, and rural communities participating.

Some dared to dream of constructing an amphitheatre and producing the play annually in order to perpetuate an awareness of Coke County's history, and to increase cooperation of county residents in cultural recreation. Through positive action, Coke County Pageant Association was organized and incorporated. A revised version of the "76 program was presented in Mountain Creek Amphitheatre in 1978 with the first annual production of "Ole Coke County - Home of the Rabbit Twisters", shown under the auspices of the new organization.

The play is produced annually to perpetuate knowledge of the area's heritage, and to give opportunity for county-wide cultural recreation through music and drama.

Some people give Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Bryan credit for creating Mountain Creek Amphitheatre and the musical pageant. How did they do it? They explain, "The time was right, and we were available."

Lucile Bryan, B.A., M.A., Sul Ross University, spent the last 21 years of her teaching career in Robert Lee as public school music teacher.

Wilson Bryan, businessman, visualized Mountain Creek Amphitheatre. He designed and supervised its construction, meeting needs requested by his author-director wife. Writing for and directing large casts is fun for Lucille, but she admits "Ole Coke County" is her most challenging creative experience. The couple's dream is that Coke County Pageant Association, Inc. and its annual performances will live on to unify Coke County citizens whose heritage is "worth the saving".

Through the years Coke County residents of all ages have participated to preserve their heritage.

Lynn Green Directed the 1997 Production
Copied from the 1997 "Ole Coke County" program.

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