Walnut School, Coke Couinty, TX

Coke County, Texas


Walnut School, a one room school house
was part of the Coke County School District circa 1911-1932.
It was moved to Water Valley in 1949.

Some of the names of teachers I have are:
Bertha Vinson, Marie Gerber , Majorie Turner, and Annie Robertson.
Some of the students names that I have are:
Mims, Burns, Bean, Turner, Pettigrew, Mahon, Martin, Wilkerson, Asbury and Flint.

Walnut High School, 1917-1925

Can you identify some of the people in the photo?
Lady nearly out of photo Mrs. Mays, Maurine Bright?, Helen Mims, Lonnie Mims,?????, Maxine Mays?, Mrs. McWhorter, ?????
Next row: Joe McWhorter, Jean Hearn, Beth McWhorter ,????? Bright
Jean Hearn , Joe McWhorter and Lonnie Mims were not students of Walnut at the time.

If you have information about this school, teachers or students,
or can identify any of the people in the photograph, please contact Michelle Doss

January 2007--Looking to renovate /save other historic schoolhouses, houses or
buildings. If you know of one we could help save, please let us know.
Must be able to be moved. Thanks so much.
Contact Michelle Doss

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The Walnut School was purchased, moved and made into
Miss Lissia's Plantation Bed & Breakfast

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