Southern Cemetery Locations

Cherokee County, Texas


Located south of SH 294 and 21. Listing of directions to all Southern Cemetery Locations.

Southern Cemetery



Alto City Cemetery   (look-up info)


Alto City Cemetery is located of HWY 69 on Rusk Street 1/4 mile on the right in Alto, Texas.

Armstrong Harrison Cemetery


Armstrong/Harrison is located about one mile northwest of Alto on the south side of FM 2139

Arnold Cemetery


The Arnold Cemetery is in southern Cherokee County, 3 miles northwest of Forest on FM 1911.

Atoy Cemetery


There is no entrance sign. Atoy Cemetery is located east of Rusk, Texas, in the Atoy community. At the intersection of Hwy 69 & FM 343 just south of Rusk turn east. Go about 7 miles the cemetery is on the left side of the road.

Ball Cemetery at Alto


Ball cemetery is located on the Thomas Ball farm NE of Alto.

Berryman Cemetery


Berryman Cemetery is located 3 miles northeast of Alto, on the old Forest Hills Plantation on CR 2501, .6 miles east of FM 241. The log house known as Forest Hills was built in 1847 on the property that was part of the original grant for which James Dill, first alcalde of Nacogdoches, petitioned the Spanish government in 1802. 

Conway Cemetery at Alto



Cook Cemetery (look-up info)


Cook Cemetery is located 4.9 miles east of Alto on SH 21, then 2.6 miles north on 2501, at the end of CR 2526.

Cornelius Graves


These Cornelius gravesites are located on what was or may still be Jewel Gunter's farm, near Atoy, Texas.
Dear Place



Dill Graves


They have a private family cemetery 2 miles east on Alto on SH 21. The Dill graves are located along the right side of Highway 21, east of the Linnwood Community. From the intersection of U. S. Hwy. 69 & State Hwy. 21 in Alto go east on Hwy 21, 2.7 miles.
Evans Cemetery


Evans Cemetery is located north of Highway 21 approximately one mile, in the Linnwood Community. This cemetery is also known as the Cummings-Houston Cemetery.

Green Burial Plot


This burial plot is located six miles northeast of Alto, Texas on the J.D. Kelsey farm.

Hendrick Cemetery


Hendrick Cemetery is located in the Bulah Community. From Rusk take Hwy 23 south to FM 2313 & turn left on FM 2313. Go .9 miles to CR 2314 (a dirt road) turn left. The cemetery is .15 miles on the left.
Hester Cemetery


Hester Cemetery is located approximately two miles northeast of Forest, Texas on 2723.

Holcomb Cemetery


There is no entrance sign. Holcomb Cemetery is located .6 miles south of FM 23 on CR 2322.
Holsomback Cemetery


Holsomback is located on the old Highwas north of Wells about 1 miles on Melvin Burroughs farm.

Hoot Cemetery


Hoot Cemetery is located in the Morrill Community off old Highway 69, south of Alto, Texas. The land was bought by Woodsmen of the World, back when Morrill was a thriving fruit shipping center. This was a free cemetery and several acres. Sadly, only a few grave markers remain.

Landrum Cemetery


Landrum cemetery is located on the Donnie Wallace place, off FM 294, W of Alto. We are told that this cemetery had only red rocks marking the graves
Looney Cemetery


Located on the old Looney farm, on the west side of the Angelina River in Woodville Community.

Lynches Chapel Cemetery 


Lynch Chapel Cemetery is located west of Alto, Texas, approximately six miles south of FM 294

Manning Cemetery


Manning Cemetery is located north of Central High Community, on a hill known as Graveyard Hill.

Martin Cemetery


Martin Cemetery is located east of the Atoy community. At the intersection of Hwy 69 & FM 343 just south of Rusk turn east. Go about 9 miles the cemetery is on the left side of the road.

McCall Cemetery  


McCall Cemetery is on a rural road about 3 miles west of Forest, Texas.

Mt Hope Cemetery at Wells (look-up)


Mt. Hope Cemetery is located of HWY 69 turn east on First street, it will turn into Warner Road. The cemetery is is 1.3 miles off HWY 69.

Mt. Zion Cemetery (look-up info)                                 


Mt. Zion Cemetery is located beside the Mt. Zion Church, north of Alto on FM 241 2-3 miles from HWY 69.
New Hope Community Cemetery

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New Hope Community Cemetery is located on HWY 69 north of Alto, TX

Old Palestine Cemetery


Old Palestine Cemetery is about four miles east of Alto, Texas, in the Linnwood Community and is south of the highway.
Parks Cemetery


Parks Cemetery is located near Wells. From Wells, turn northeast on 6th St. Go five miles and cemetery is on the right just after a hard right curve. 6th St. becomes County Road 2631.

Selman Roark Cemetery


Selman-Roark Cemetery is locate on Highway 21, in the Linwood Community, east of Alto, Texas.

Shiloh Cemetery


Shiloh Cemetery is located west of Alto, Texas. From the intersection of Hwy 69 & Hwy 21 go west on Hwy 21 & .3 miles to FM 294. Turn right on FM 294 & go .1 miles to FM 752. Turn right on FM 752 & go 2.6 miles.
Shook Bluff Cemetery


The Shooks Bluff Cemetery probably dates from before the Civil War.  The site of the town, now a ghost town and the cemetery are about a mile from the Neches River.  From Wells, go west on FM 1247 for 3.8 miles to the junction of FM 1819.  Turn right (north) on FM 1247 for 6/10 miles and turn left on a dirt road.  There is no road or cemetery sign.  Proceed west for 1.1 miles then turn right (north) on another dirt road and go 9/10 miles to the cemetery.

Simpson Cemetery


Simpson Cemetery is located approximately six miles southwest of Wells, Texas on the county line. At the intersection of FM 1247 and CR 1819 go 1.7 miles. Turn left at the cemetery sign. It is app. .8 miles down the road on the left.

Smith Cemetery at Atoy



St. Thomas Chapel Cemetery


St. Thomas Chapel Cemetery is located 4 miles SW of Alto, Texas on CR 2905 just of SH 21.

Sweet Union Cemetery    
Terrell Cemetery


Terrell Cemetery is located on the old Terrell Farm, approximately one mile east of the Linnwood Community, north of Highway 21

Thompson Cemetery at Forest


Thompson Cemetery is located approximately a half mile west of Forest, Texas on CR 2754. The road dead-ends into the cemetery. You must cross a cattle guard to reach the cemetery.
White Cemetery


White Cemetery is located approximately one mile off Highway 21 east of the Linnwood Community.

Woodville, Cemetery


 Woodville cemetery is located off HW 84 on 2962.