Smith Cemetery at Reese


Cherokee County, Texas


(photo by Amy Cumbie)


 Smith family cemetery is located in the Reese community near Jackson­ville, Texas.  It is on the west side of County Road 3411 to the north of US Hwy 175.  Go North on County Road 3416 from US Hwy 175.  Go about 2 miles and turn east on County Road 3414.  Go about 1/4 mile and turn north again on County Road 3411.  The cemetery will be on the left at about 1/2 mile.  It is located on private property and cannot be seen from the road very well as it is overgrown with briars and brush.  The large old cedar trees mark it.  Only two stones, both overturned and partly broken, can be found.  Mr. Travis Etheridge of Reese gave the names of three more which are known to be buried here but have no markers.  These are George Clark and Ella M Smith, husband and wife, and their grandson.  There are said to be possibly as many as 30-40 other early Smith related settlers buried here in unmarked graves. 

This survey was done Dec-1996 by Gaylon White and Oscar Wofford.


Smith, Martha ............... Smi A Apr-14-1813  Oct-22-1882 "Our Mother; age 69 years, 6 mos, 8 days"

 Beloved Mother, thou hast left us, We thy loss so deeply feel,

 But tis God that hath bereft us, May He all our sorrows heal.

Smith, James W. ..............Smi A ...-..-1879  ...-..-1925 footer J.W.S.

 Headstone is still present but James W. Smith's remains have been relocated to Cushing, TX.

Smith, George Clark ..........Smi A Apr-19-1840  Feb-14-1925 KTB; Beside his wife, Ella M. Smith

Smith, Ella M. ...............Smi A Mar-29-1842  Feb-02-1908 KTB; Beside George Clark, her husband

Smith, Infant . ..............Smi A ...-..-1905  ...-..-1905 KTB; Son of Sealy and Tom Smith



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