Warren Cemetery Location


Cherokee County, Texas



  The Warren cemetery is located to the South of US Hwy 79 just before it crosses the Neches River into Anderson County.  Turn south on CR 3220 and go about one mile and turn west on a dirt road which goes toward the river.  About three quarters of a mile down that road the cemetery is on the hill just before you start down into the slough of the river bottom.  Long time Cherokee County resident Earl Miles remembered the cemetery from his childhood but stated that even then there were no readable markers, just certain plants growing there that showed the cemetery area.  He judged the size to have originally been one half acre, large enough for 30 - 50 graves.  Some names known to be buried here were provided by Doris Claiborne and Earl Miles.




NAMES                       CEM/ROW    BIRTH        DEATH    REMARKS

Warren, Martha E. ............Wrn A ...-..-1845  ...-..-1870 KTB

Warren, William V. ...........Wrn A ...-..-1815  ...-..-.... KTB

Warren, Mariah J. Hooper......Wrn A ...-..-1816  ...-..-.... KTB