Old Cunningham Cemetery

Cherokee County, Texas



Old Cunningham cemetery is located 5 miles west of Lakeview on FM road to Corine, on the J.D. Bearden farm.

Old Cunningham cemetery is located west of Jacksonville, Texas, just to the south of County Road 3305, about 2 miles east of Corine cemetery. It is on private property on the Bearden Ranch. It is on top of a small hill, and is covered other undergrowth. Only Two stones were well preserved, the other graves were marked by cut sandstones, some stacked into rectangles. There were about 5 graves readily evident. I did not check every sandstone block for inscriptions and do not rule out the possibility that there are other identifiable markers there. According to research done by Ms. Wynell T. Pugh, this cemetery was associated with an early church which may have been named Sandhill, Sandflat and/or Sand Springs. This survey was completed in 1991 by Gaylon White and published by Cherokee County Genealogical Society in 1997.

  This survey was completed in 1991 by  Irs Gaylon White.



NAMES                        CEM/ROW   BIRTH        DEATH    INSCRIPTIONS/REMARKS


Cunningham, Aquilla ......... Cng A ...-..-1816  ...-..-1886 Also has a display marker in Corine cem

Mixon, Cynthia L. ............Cng A Jun-13-1835  Aug-18-1888 "Wife of A.B. Mixon"



From Cemetery Book


Cunningham babies, no dates

Cunningham, Aquilla, 1816 - 1886

Henderson, Charles, 1 Sep 1884 - 11 Oct 1884

Middleton, Nancy, 22 Mar 1824 - 2 Oct 1877, wife of John G.

Middleton, J. M. 18 Nov 1851 - 7 Oct 1885

Mixon, Cynthia L. 13 Jun 1835 - 18 Aug 1888, wife of A.B.

Ott, Lionne Perdita, 14 Oct 1859 - 24 Mar 1885

Wallace, A. S.,  d. 20 Mar 1887,  aged 53 years


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