Vinson Cemetery

Cherokee County, Texas




Tombstone photos - partial listing  by Kaye Slover

Submitted by Ira Galen White

 Cherokee County Texas catalogued by Gaylon White 14-May-2001

Vinson cemetery is located 3 miles east of Jacksonville, Texas, just north
of US Hwy79 in the Afton Grove community. The oldest marked grave is that
of Spencer Burk who died in 1855. The cemetery has both white people and
those of African American descent. It is well maintained and fenced open to
the public via a drive thru road.

Alexander, Elizabeth 'Liz' VIN J Jan-11-1930 d. Apr-16-1992 in curbed
Allen, Mozel L. VIN K Jul-02-1936 d. .... with William T.; in cement
Allen, William T. VIN K Aug-27-1934 d. .... m. Mozel L. Oct-01-1954; in
cement rectangle
Amick, Beulah VIN I 1893-1970 with Verne C. 'Mother'
Amick, Verne C. VIN I 1890-1961 with Beulah; 'Father'
Barber, Sadie Ann VIN F Feb-17-1849 d. Feb-08-1918 beside Solomon
Barber, Solomon VIN F Mar-05-1843 d. Feb-03-1907 Ohio Pvt Co E 1 Regt Ohio
Inf Civil War
Benedict, Baby Boy VIN I 1908-1908 beside Maggie Cribbs Benedict
Benedict, Maggie Cribbs VIN I Mar-22-1891 d. Jun-02-1913 beside Baby Boy
Bland, Lottie Thorn Young VIN E Mar-13-1888 d. Dec-04-1968 'Mother'
Bland, Ollie Dean VIN E Nov-26-1898 d. Dec-17-1970
Bridgefarmer, D.E. VIN F Oct-18-1916 d. Apr-28-1999 with Julianna; ME
Bridgefarmer, Julianna VIN F Aug-25-1926 d. Feb-04-1992 with D.E.; ES
Burk, Elizabeth VIN J ....-.... Old sandstone marker with no dates.
Burk, Spencer VIN J ....-.... sandstone with no dates; Known to have died
in 1855
Chandler, James E. VIN E Nov-08-1906 d. Apr-03-1989 m. Nora S. Dec-27-1925
Chandler, Nora S. VIN E Mar-23-1907 d. Feb-02-1987 with James L.
Cribbs, Amanda VIN I 1900-1936 with William H.
Cribbs, Frank Marion VIN K Feb-05-1897 d. Jan-08-1971 with Velma Lee;
Cribbs, Ida VIN I Jul-22-1872 d. Jan-24-1931 'Rest Mother dear in quiet
sleep while husband children and friends in sorrow oer thee weep'
Cribbs, J.H. VIN I Aug-26-1872 d. May-20-1956 beside Ida; 'Gone but not
Cribbs, John VIN I May-05-1906 d. Apr-01-1972 with Katie
Cribbs, Josie A. AGV2 I May-03-1939 ...-...-... with W.R. “Mar. 
Cribbs, Katie VIN I Mar-28-1904 d. Nov-02-1981 with John
Cribbs, Preston Benedict VIN I Sep-16-1910 d. Feb-18-1980
Cribbs, Tommy L. VIN G Aug-06-1943 d. Apr-22-1987 'Love Carol'
Cribbs, Velma Lee VIN K Jan-31-1908 d. Mar-30-1992 m. Frank Marion
Nov-29-1926; 'Mother'
Cribbs, William H. VIN I 1895-1965 with Amanda
Cribbs, W.R. AGV2 I Jul-06-1934 ...-...-... With Josie A. 
Crunk, Nancy VIN N d. Nov-05-1859 large crypt of cut sandstone blocks.
Dickens, Charles Allen VIN O Jul-07-1930 d. .... With Glenda Warren
Dickens, Glenda Warren VIN O Jun-09-1932 d. Dec-04-1987 m. Charles Allen
Dickson, Jewel Lee VIN K Sep-05-1905 d. Apr-12-1993 with Willie Lee; in
rectangle; 'In loving memory'
Dickson, Willie Lee VIN K Feb-01-1898 d. Jan-02-1970 with Jewel Lee; in
Durrett, E. Eugene VIN I Apr-18-1932 d. Aug-29-1989 with Ina Mae
Durrett, Ina Mae VIN I Apr-07-1931 d. Oct-27-2000 with E. Eugene; age 69;
Durrett, R.L. VIN I Apr-29-1937 d. Aug-19-1990 with Wanda Sue and Richard
W.; 'Daddy'
Durrett, Richard W. VIN I Apr-03-1963 d. .... with R.L. and Wanda Sue;
Durrett, Wanda Sue VIN I May-15-1945 d. .... with R.L. and Richard W.;
Fields, James M. VIN M 1872-1957
Foster, Delvin VIN I Apr-28-1917 d. Oct-03-1990 m. Helon Oct-27-1940
Foster, Helon VIN I Jun-18-1924 d. May-14-1990 with Delvin; 'At rest with
Free, Simmie Edward VIN O Oct-14-1904 d. Oct-12-1974 m. Talmadge Lee
Oct-18-1953; SC1 US Navy
Free, Talmadge Lee VIN O Dec-04-1912 d. Dec-31-1992 with Simmie Edward; 'In
God's care'
Fry, Junice VIN Q Aug-21-1947 d. Feb-26-1952 'At rest'
Godwin, Marion F. VIN L Sep-14-1928 d. .... m. W.G. 'Bill' Nov-04-1950;
Godwin, W.G. 'Bill' VIN L May-12-1929 d. Feb-08-1987 with Marion F.;
Grant, Agnes I. VIN J Oct-05-1922 d. Mar-01-1995 with Willis J.
Grant, Willis J. VIN J Dec-03-1917 d. Jun-23-1995 with Agnes I.; 'In God's
Henderson, Jamie Ray VIN N Feb-06-1969 d. Nov-29-1975 'Asleep in Jesus
Henderson, Stokes B. VIN N 1906-1978 with Vernice A.; 'We trust in God'
Henderson, Vernice A. VIN N 1904-1961 with Stokes B.
Inge, F.M. VIN H ....-.... ME
Irwin, Emma VIN F Mar-30-1865 d. Jul-30-1867 beside Martha J.
Irwin, Martha J. VIN F Jan-05-1863 d. Sep-06-1867 beside Emma
Irwin, Nancy A. VIN F Mar-09-1839 d. Sep-26-1923 beside Robert F.
Irwin, Robert F. VIN F May-31-1826 d. Mar-10-1900 beside Nancy A.; ME
Jernigan, Barbara Cribbs VIN G Jul-24-1939 d. May-11-2000 age 61; TM
Lang, Alma May VIN E Apr-03-1910 d. Jan-06-1993
Lang, Cora M. VIN H Oct-20-1887 d. Jan-22-1954 with Fred T.
Lang, Dorothy Inez VIN J Apr-06-1922 d. Aug 26, 2002 (death information from tombstone)
Lang, Emma Lee VIN G Jul-20-1881 d. Oct-03-1921 wife of G.A. 'To forget is
vain endeavor, loves remembrance lasts forever'
Lang, Fred T. VIN H Dec-23-1887 d. Apr-25-1975 with Cora M.
Lang, Freddie Lee VIN H Oct-22-1911 d. Jul-05-1913 son of G.A.& E.L.;
'Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest, God called you home He thought it
Lang, George A. VIN G Jan-25-1885 d. Feb-09-1945 WOW
Lang, Henry W. VIN I Dec-23-1887 d. Dec-11-1946 with Sarah Ellie; WOW
Lang, Hubert Sheard VIN H Dec-16-1914 d. Oct-09-1915 beside Freddie Lee;
'At rest'
Lang, Josephine M. VIN J Aug-29-1913 d. Apr 14, 2007 with William L. (new death information from stone)
Lang, L.D. 'Dick' VIN E May-08-1908 d. Oct-18-1982 m. Ruby Shaw
May-08-1939; 'Daddy'
Lang, Leonce VIN H (no dates) beside Maggie
Lang, Maggie VIN H Jan-11-1849 d. Feb-14-1922 'It was hard to give thee up,
but Thy will O God be done'
Lang, Mittie E. VIN E May-28-1916 d. ....
Lang, Ruby Shaw VIN E Oct-09-1914 d. .... with L.D. 'Dick'; 'Mother'
Lang, Sarah Ellie VIN I Feb-09-1896 d. Oct-20-1992 with Henry W. 'Gone but
not forgotten'
Lang, William L. VIN J Dec-12-1916 d. .... with Josephine M.; WWII vet
Lang, Woodrow W. VIN E Dec-30-1913 d. Dec-25-1985
Loftin, Nettie E. Sowell VIN E Jan-12-1886 d. Oct-30-1978
Longmire, Elizabeth L. VIN G Sep-09-1858 d. Jul-11-1935 with LeRoy K.
Longmire, LeRoy K. VIN G Jan-03-1855 d. Jul-01-1928 with Elizabeth L.
'Asleep till the resurrection Morn'
Malcolm, Thalia N. VIN E 1915- 2005 with Thomas E.
Malcolm, Thomas E. VIN E 1903-1990 with Thalia N. 'Together Forever'
Moore, Anna J. VIN O Oct-28-1886 d. Jan-07-1972 with Ike P.; 'Mama'
Moore, Betty Elnora VIN O Jan-05-1943 d. .... parents of: Paula Norine, Coy
Clifford, Billy Joe, Anna Lee
Moore, Clyde C. VIN O Jan-24-1916 d. .... with Emily Christene
Moore, Emily Christene VIN O Oct-17-1919 d. Oct-26-1997 with Clyde C.;
'Together forever'
Moore, Ike P. VIN O Dec-04-1881 d. Mar-05-1963 with Anna J.; 'Papa'
Moore, infant VIN O d. Mar-29-1912 inf of I.P. Moore
Moore, Joe C. VIN O Jun-09-1913 d. .... with Norma Virginia
Moore, Nona M. VIN O 1895-1970 with Roy V.
Moore, Norma V. VIN O Dec-11-1917 d. Dec-16-2000 children: Joe Wayne, Jimmy
Paul, Tommy Lee, Pat, Virginia, Beth
Moore, Roy V. VIN O 1910-1989 with Nona M.
Moore, Tommy Lee VIN O Apr-02-1943 d. Nov-25-1995 with Betty; 'He never met
a stranger; Papa'
Moore, Virginia Fredene VIN O Nov-17-1937 d. Feb-25-1938 dau of Joe & Norma
Nall, Morene L. VIN E Jan-04-1919 d. Aug-17-1999 with Samuel D.
Nall, Samuel D. VIN E Aug-08-1907 d. Feb-15-1974 m. Morene L. Apr-17-1954
Oden, Chester C. Sr. VIN E Sep-04-1920 d. Mar-25-1997 m. Mildred M.
Oden, Frank A. VIN E Jul-24-1943 d. .... with Odessa L.; our children and
grandchildren: Charlotte, Cynthia, Tara, Kristyn
Oden, Mildred M. VIN E Jun-02-1923 d. .... with Chester C.
Oden, Odessa L. VIN E Nov-02-1945 d. .... m. Frank A. Mar-09-1996
Orme, A.W. 'Bill' VIN J Jun-24-1912 d. Dec-08-1984 m. Musetta O.
Nov-02-1935; ME
Orme, Della E. VIN K Jul-02-1908 d. Mar-05-1999 with Thomas A.
Orme, Musetta O. VIN J May-10-1918 d. .... 'And until we meet again, may
God hold you in the palm of His hand'
Orme, Thomas A. VIN K Jun-16-1903 d. Jan-08-1978 with Della E.
Partlow, Martha C. Howell VIN B Jun-06-1859 d. Aug-31-1914 with William
Partlow, William Alexander VIN B Mar-04-1857 d. Mar-16-1941 with Martha C.
Partlow, Willie Alice VIN B Sep-02-1896 d. Oct-17-1908
Phillips, S.E. VIN M (no dates) sandstone marker lying on top of W.S.
Phillips stone crypt.
Phillips, W.S. VIN M Nov-09-1840 d. Jan-15-1859 large crypt of cut
sandstone blocks.
Robinson, Mae Fields VIN M 1905-1966 beside James M. Fields
Roper, Edgar Thomas Sr. AGV2 A 1903-1975 With Naomi Webb “Faithful 
Roper, Naomi Webb AGV2 A 1924 - .... With Edgar Thomas Sr. “Loving Mother” Sanders, Catherine A. VIN K Jan-26-1929 d. .... m. Ramey E. May-20-1950; 'Beloved wife-mother' Sanders, Molissa E. VIN K Mar-04-1908 d. Jun-08-1989 with Willie M.; nee Orme Sanders, Ramey E. VIN K Mar-01-1929 d. Oct-03-1999 Pvt US Army WWII; 'Beloved husband-father' Sanders, Willie M. VIN K May-28-1898 d. Aug-27-1979 with Molissa E. Session, Mary Jane VIN S 1930-1947 'At rest' Sipes, James Henry 'Pete' VIN L Nov-09-1934 d. Oct-17-1995 with Lawanna O. Sipes, Lawanna O. VIN L Apr-13-1937 d. .... with James Henry 'Pete' Sowell, J.T. VIN E Feb-16-1924 d. Mar-09-1996 US Army WWII Sowell, James Marshall VIN E Jan-29-1953 d. Jan-30-1953 Sowell, Jesse J. VIN E Jan-18-1910 d. Jan-19-1933 'Our loved one' Sowell, Loris T. VIN E Nov-17-1920 d. May-16-1983 Sowell, Sam D. VIN E Apr-21-1920 d. Aug-12-1946 Taylor, Helen Ruth VIN K Sep-24-1927 (only date); in rectangle; 'At rest with Mom and Dad' Thompson, Catherine E. VIN F Jan-05-1907 d. Jan-08-2000 'Mother' Thompson, W.M. VIN E Dec-15-1841 d. Feb-09-1909 Tunnell, B.A. VIN C Apr-23-1888 d. Jun-14-1921 Unknown, Unknown VIN B ....-.... marked only with a cement block. Unknown, Unknown VIN B ....-.... marked only with a cement block. Unknown, Unknown VIN H ....-.... Grave marked by cement block Unknown, Unknown VIN Q ....-.... TM unreadable Unknown, Unknown VIN Q ....-.... TM unreadable Unknown, Unknown VIN Q ....-.... TM unreadable Wallace, Cynthia VIN F Dec-02-1806 d. May-21-1877 beside Joel H. Wallace, Joel H. VIN F Sep-16-1805 d. Oct-21-1881 beside Cynthia Waller, Annie VIN N d. Aug-16-1872 wife of I. Waller Waller, C.I. VIN N Jul-19-1875 d. Aug-27-1881 son of I.& M.E. Waller, L.A. VIN N Sep-06-1866 d. May-10-1868 child of I.& A.G. Waller, L.J. VIN N Mar-02-1872 d. Aug-12-1885 child of I.& A.G. Waller, L.T. VIN N May-18-1878 d. Nov-28-1907 WOW Reynolds camp No. 1518; 'He died as he lived, a Christian' Waller, M.E. VIN N d. Jan-26-1883 wife of I. Warren, Major W. VIN O Oct-12-1896 d. Jun-08-1979 with Mary E. Warren, Mary E. VIN O Feb-27-1911 d. .... m. Major W. Oct-08-1930 Webb, Andrew F. VIN G Feb-10-1881 d. Nov-09-1964 with Nannie L. 'Love forever' Webb, C.C. VIN G Mar-28-1860 d. Nov-25-1904 beside J.M. Webb, J.M. VIN G Mar-23-1860 d. May-05-1884 beside Robert F. Webb, Nannie L. VIN G Nov-21-1890 d. Nov-05-1955 with Andrew F. Webb, Robert F. VIN G 1918-1926 beside Andrew F. and Nannie L.


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