Afton Grove Cemetery


Cherokee County, Texas




Tombstone photos - partial listing  by Kaye Slover

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Surveyed Oct 20, 2005 by Donna Shreeve. Located 5.5 miles east of Jacksonville, TX off Hwy 79. Turn left (northwest) on CR 4209 and travel .6 mile to cemetery on the right.  This cemetery has a u-shaped road into the cemetery marked by white PVC pipe about 18 inches high.  The cemetery was divided into two sections; AGV1 is outside the road and AGV2 is inside the road starting at the SE corner. At the time of this survey some of the stones were almost missed due to grass grown over the flat stones; and some may have been completely covered. Refer to Pages 7-8 of “Cemeteries of NE Cherokee Co., TX” by Helen W. Crawford for surveyed graves found in 1972 no longer visible.

Partlow, William Alexander AGV1 A Mar-04-1857 Mar-16-1941 With Martha C. Howell
Partlow, Martha C. Howell AGV1 A Jun-06-1859 Aug-31-1914 With William Alexander
Partlow, Willie Alice AGV1 A Sep-02-1896 Oct-17-1908
Tunnell, B.A. AGV1 B Apr-23-1888 Jan-14-1921 KTB
Sowell, J.T. AGV2 A Feb-16-1924 Mar-09-1996 “US Army World War II”
Chandler, James E. AGV2 A Nov-08-1906 Apr-03-1989 With Nora S.
Chandler, Nora S. AGV2 A Mar-23-1907 Feb-02-1987 With James E. “Wed Dec-27-1925”
Sowell, Sam D. AGV2 A Apr-21-1920 Aug-12-1946
Sowell, James Marshall AGV2 A Jan-29-1953 Jan-30-1953
Nall, Samuel D. AGV2 A Aug-08-1907 Feb-15-1974 With Morene L.
Nall, Morene L. AGV2 A Jan-04-1919 Aug-17-1999 With Samuel D. “Mar. Apr-17-1954”
Lang, Mittie E. AGV2 A May-29-1916 ...-...-... beside Woodrow W.
Lang. Woodrow W. AGV2 A Dec-20-1913 Dec-25-1985 beside Mittie E.
Lang, Alma May AGV2 A Apr-03-1910 Jan-06-1993
Lang, L.D. ‘Dick’ AGV2 A May-08-1908 Oct 18-1982 With Ruby Shaw
Lang, Ruby Shaw AGV2 A Oct-09-1914 ...-...-... With L D “Mar May-08-1939”
Bland, Ollie Dean AGV2 A Nov-26-1898 Dec-17-1970
Bland, Lottie Thorn Young AGV2 A Mar-13-1888 Dec-04-1968 “Mother”
Roper, Edgar Thomas Sr. AGV2 A 1903-1975 With Naomi Webb “Faithful Father”
Roper, Naomi Webb AGV2 A 1924 - .... With Edgar Thomas Sr. “Loving Mother”
Thompson, W.M. AGV2 A Dec-15-1841 Feb-09-1909 “Thy will be done”
Oden, Chester C., Sr. AGV1 B Sep-04-1920 Mar-25-1997 With Mildred M. “Father” cat figurine
Oden, Mildred M. AGV1 B Jun-02-1923 ...-...-...-- with Chester C., Sr. “Mar Aug-10-1940 Mother”, squirrel
Oden, Frank A. AGV1 B Jul-24-1943.... With Odessa L.
Oden, Odessa L. AGV1 B Nov-02-1945.... With Frank A “Mar. Mar-09-1996 Our children grandchildren”
   Charlotte, Cynthia, Tara, Kristyn, reverse side has farm scene with house, barn, windmill & blue-
Malcolm, Thomas E. AGV1 B 1903-1990 With Thalia N. “Together Forever”
Malcolm, Thalia N. AGV1 B Sep-09-1915 May-02-2005 With Thomas TMP
Thompson, Catherine E. AGV1 C Jan-05-1907 Jan 08-2000
Bridgefarmer, D.E. AGV1 C Oct-18-1916 Apr-28-1999 With Julianna  ME
Bridgefarmer, Julianna AGV1 C Aug-25-1926 Feb-04-1992 With D.W.  ES
Barber, Sadie Ann AGV1 C Feb-17-1849 Feb-08-1918
Barber, Solomon AGV1 C Mar-05-1814 Feb-03-1907 “Ohio Pvt Co E 1 Regt Ohio Inf Civil War”
Longmire, LeRoy K. AGV2 C Jan-03-1855 Jul-01-1928 With Elizabeth L. “Asleep till the resurrection morn”
Longmire, Elizabeth L. AGV2 C Sep-09-1858 Jul-11-1935 With LeRoy K.
Lang, Emma Lee AGV2 C Jul-20-1881 Oct-03-1921 “Wife of G.A. Lang”; covered w/concrete slab
  “To forget is vain endeavor! Love’s remembrance lasts forever”
Lang, George A. AGV2 C Jan-25-1885 Feb-09-1945 “I come to thee” WOW; covered w/concrete slab
Webb, C.C. AGV2 C Mar-28-1860 Nov-25-1904; covered w/concrete slab
Webb, J.M. AGV2 C Mar-23-1860 May-05-1884; covered w/concrete slab
Webb, Robert F. AGV2 C 1918-1926
Webb, Andrew E. AGV2 C Feb-10-1881 Nov-09-1964 With Nannie L.
Webb, Nannie L. AGV2 C Nov-21-1890 Nov-05-1955 With Andrew E.
Inge, F.M. AGV2 D “In the memory of, Gone but not forgotten” KTB ME
Lang, Maggie AGV2 D Jan-11-1849 Feb-14-1922 “It was hard to give thee up, but thy will O God be done”
Lang, Leonce AGV2 D 1850-1903 “In memory of”
Lang, Son AGV2 D Oct-22-1911 Jul-05-1931 “Son of G.A. and E.L. Lang, Sleep on sweet babe and take thy
  Rest, God called thee home He thought it best”
Lang, Son AGV2 D dates unknown, stone fallen-unable to lift stone
Lang, Wilmer P. AGV2 D Jul-14-1943
Lang, Fred T. AGV2 D Dec-23-1887 Apr-25-1975 With Cora M. “Dad”
Lang, Cora M. AGV2 D Oct-20-1887 Jan-22-1954 With Fred T. “Mama”
Gribbs, Tommy L. AGV1 D Aug-06-1943 Apr-22-1987 “Love Carol”
Jernigan, Barbara Gribbs AGV1 D Jul-24-1939 May-11-2000 “My sister, my friend Love Carol”
Foster, Delvin AGV1 E Apr-28-1917 Oct-03-1990 With Helon “Dad”
Foster, Helon AGV1-E Jun-18-1924 May-14-1990 With Delvin “Mom”; “Wed Oct-27-1940”; “At rest with Jesus”
Cribbs, William H. AGV1 E 1895-1965
Cribbs, Amanda AGV1 E 1900-1936
Cribbs, J.H. AGV2 E Aug-26-1872 May-20-1952 “Gone but not forgotten”
Cribbs, Ida AGV2 E Jul-22-1872 Jan-24-1931 “Rest Mother dear in quiet sleep while husband children
   and friends in sorrow o’er thee weep”
Benedict, Maggie Cribbs AGV2 F Mar-22-1891 Jun-02-1913
Benedict, Baby Boy AGV2-F 1908
Cribbs, Preston Benedict AGV2 F Sep-16-1910 Feb-18-1980
Amick, Verne C. AGV2 F 1890-1970 With Beulah A. “Father”
Amick, Beulah A. AGV2 F 1893-1970 With Verne C. “Mother”
Lang, Henry W. AGV2 F Dec-23-1887 Dec-11-1946 With Sarah Ellis “Father Gone but not forgotten” WOW
Lang, Sarah Ellie AGV2 F Feb-09-1896 Oct-20-1992 With Henry W “Mother Gone but not forgotten
Cribbs, John AGV2 F May-05-1906 Apr-01-1972 With Katie
Cribbs, Katie AGV2 F Mar-28-1904 Nov-02-1981 With John
Durrett, E. Eugene AGV2 F Apr-18-1932 Aug-29-1989 With Ina M. “Together forever”
Durrett, Ina M. AGV2 F Apr-07-1931 Oct-27-2000 With E Eugene
Durrett, R.L. AGV2 F Apr-29-1937 Aug-190-1990 With Wanda Sue and Richard W. “Daddy Together forever”
Durrett, Wanda Sue AGV2 F May-15-1945 ...-...-... With R.L. and Richard W. “Mama”
Durrett, Richard W. AGV2 F Apr-03-1963 ...-...-... With R.L. and Wanda Sue “Son”
Lang, Dorothy Inez AGV2 G Apr-06-1922 Aug-26-2002
Lang, William L. AGV2 G Dec-12-1916 ...-...-... With Josephine M. “WWII Vet”
Lang, Josephine M. AGV2 G Aug-29-1913 - Apr 14, 2007 With William L. “At rest”  (new death information from tombstone)
Unknown, Unknown AGV2 G 3 stacked stones
Unknown, Unknown AGV2 G 4 stacked stones
Alexander, Elizabeth ‘Liz’ AGV2 G Jan-11-1930 Apr-16-1992 “Oma, Beloved Mother and Grandmother”
Orme, A.W. ‘Bill’ AGV1 F Jun-24-1912 Dec-08-1984 With Musetta O. ME
Orme, Musetta O. AGV1 F May-1—1918.... With ‘Bill’ “Mar. Nov-02-1935 and until we meet again, may God
   hold you in the palm of his hand”
Grant, Willis J. AGV1 F Dec-03-1917 Jun-23-1995 With Agnes I. “In God’s care”
Grant, Agnes I. AGV1 F Oct-05-1922 Mar-01-1995 With Willis J.
Sanders, Ramey E. AGV1 G Mar-01-1929 Oct-03-1999 With Catherine A. “Beloved husband father”
Sanders, Catherine A. AGV1 G Jan-26-1929 ...-...-... With Ramey E. “Beloved wife mother”; double hearts
Sanders, Willie M. AGV1 G May-28-1898 Aug-27-1979 With Molissa E.
Sanders, Molissa E. AGV1 G Mar-04-1908 Jun-08-1989 With Willie M.; double hearts stone
Orme, Thomas A. AGV1 G Jun-16-1903 Jan-08 1978 With Della E.
Orme, Della E. AGV1 G Jul-02-1908 Mar-05-1999 With Thomas A.
Allen, William T. AGV2 H Aug-23-1934 ...-...-... With Mozel L. “Wed Oct-01-1954”
Allen, Mozel L. AGV2 H Jul-02-1936 ...-...-... With William T.
Taylor, Helen Ruth AGV2 H Sep-24-1927 ...-...-... “At rest with Mom and Dad”
Dickson, Jewell Lee AGV2 H Sep-05-1905 Apr-12-1993 With Willie Lee “Mother”
Dickson, Willie Lee AGV2 H Feb-01-1898 Jan-02-1970 With Jewell Lee “Daddy”
Cribbs, Velma Lee AGV2 H Jan-31-1908 Mar-30-1992 With Frank Marion
Cribbs, Frank Marion AGV2 H Feb-05-1897 Jan-08-1971 With Velma Lee “Mar. Nov-29-1926”
Godwin, Marion F. AGV2 I Sep-14-1928 ...-...-... With W G ‘Bill’ “Mother”
Godwin, W.G. ‘Bill’ AGV2 I May-12-1929 Feb 08-1987 With Marion F. “Father” “Mar. Nov-04-1950”
Cribbs, W.R. AGV2 I Jul-06-1934 ...-...-... With Josie A.
Cribbs, Josie A. AGV2 I May-03-1939 ...-...-... with W.R. “Mar. Jan-21-1957”
Sipes, James Henry ‘Pete’ AGV1 H Nov-09-1934 Oct-17-1995 With Lawanna O.
Sipes, Lawanna O. AGV1 H Apr-13-1937 ...-...-... With James Henry ‘Pete’
May, Cheyenne Love AGV1 I Oct-08-1999 Dec-14-2002 TMP
Sipes, Kevin Russell AGV1 I May-19-1959 Dec 14, 2002 TMP
Jackson, Gerald V. AGV1 J Oct-27-1923 Nov-12-2003 “The horses paid for this”
Phillips, S.W. AGV1 J marked with large rectangular brown stones
Phillips, W.S. AGV1 J Nov-09-1840 Jan-15-1859 marked with large rectangular brown stones KTB
Henderson, Stokes B. AGV1 K 1906-1928 With Vernice A.
Henderson, Vernice A. AGV1 K 1904-1961 With Stokes B. “We trust in God”
Henderson, Jamie Ray AGV1 K Feb-06-1969 Nov 29-1995 “Asleep in Jesus’ arms” PCT
Henderson, Jimmy Ray AGV1 K Jun-24-1945 ...-...-... With Helen C.
Henderson, Helen C. AGV1 K Oct-17-1945 ...-...-... With Jimmy Ray “Asleep in Jesus”
Waller, L.T. AGV1 K May-15-1878 Nov-23-1907 “Departed this life, He died as he a lived, a Christian
   Reynolds Camp No. 1518 WOW”
Waller, C.I. AGV1 K Jul-19-1875 Aug-27-1881 With Annie “Son of I and M E Waller”
Waller, M.E. AGV1 K d Jan-26-1883 With C.I., Annie and L.J. Waller “Wife of I. Waller”
Waller, Annie AGV1 K With M.E., L.A. and C.I.
Waller, L.A. AGV1 K With C.I., M.E. and Annie “Child of I. and M.E. Waller”
Dickens, Glenda Warren AGV1 L Jun-09-1932 Dec-04-1987 With Charles Allen
Dickens, Charles Allen AGV1 L Jul-07-1930 ...-...-... With Glenda Warren “Mar. Jan-09-1954”
Warren, Major W. AGV1 L Oct 12-1896 Jun-08-1979 With Mary E.
Warren, Mary E. AGV1 L Feb-27-1911 Nov-14-1999 With Major W
Free, Simmie Edward AGV1 L Oct-14-1904 Oct-12-1974 With Talmadge Lee “SC1 U S Navy” Praying Hands
Free Talmadge Lee AGV1 L Dec-04-1912 Dec-31-1992 With Simmie Edward “Mar. Oct-18-1953”; “In God’s Care”
Moore, Tommy Lee AGV1 L Apr-02-1943 Nov-25-1995 With Betty Elnora “Papa” “He never met a stranger”
Moore, Betty Elnora AGV1 L Jan-05-1943 ...-...-...  “Memaw” “Parents of Paula Norine, Coy Clifford, Billy
   Joe, Anna Lee”
Moore, Joe C. AGV1 L Jun-09-1913 Jun-07-2004 With Norma V.
Moore, Norma V. AGV1 L Dec-11-1917 Dec-16-2000 With Joe C. “Our children: Joe Wayne, Jimmy Paul, Tommy Lee,
  Pat, Virginia, Beth”
Moore, Infant AGV1 L Mar-29-1912  “Son of Mr. & Mrs. I.P. Moore”
Moore, Virginia Fredine AGV1 L Nov-17-1937 Feb-25-1938 “daughter of Joe and Norma Moore”
Moore, Ike P. AGV1 L Dec-04-1881 Mar-05-1963 With Anna J. “Papa”
Moore, Anna J. AGV1 L Oct-28-1885 Jan-07-1972 With Ike P. “Mama”
Moore, Clyde C. AGV1 L Jan-24-1916 ...-...-... With Emily Christene “Together Forever”
Moore, Emily Christene AGV1 L Oct-17-1919 Oct-26-1997 With Clyde C. PCT
Moore, Roy V. AGV1 L 1910-1989 With Nona M.
Moore, Nona M. AGV1L 1895-1970 With Roy V.
Fry, Junice AGV1 M Aug-21-1947 Feb-26-1952 “At Rest”
Sessions, Mary Jane AGV1 N 1930-1947 “At Rest”
Robinson, Mae Fields AGV1 N 1905-1966
Fields James M. AGV1 N 1872-1957


Loftin, Nettie E. Sowell VIN E Jan-12-1886 d. Oct-30-1978

Sowell, Loris T. VIN E Nov-17-1920 d. May-16-1983
Wallace, Joel H. VIN F Sep-16-1805 d. Oct-21-1881 beside Cynthia

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