Jacksonville City Cemetery


Cherokee County, Texas

Jacksonville City Cemetery Section 1



by Ira Galen White


Photos by Jim Nelson


This cemetery is so large that I took a map and divided it into sections, and copied a complete section at a time. It took several months, working as I had time, and doing the copying by myself. With the map is a list showing when a section was copied. Before the name will be a letter, this letter will show what section that this person is buried. The (X) will indicate an unmarked grave but if the section is known it will be indicated.


Aber, Warren C. Jun-14-1885 d. May-21-1962

Aber, Mable O. May-10-1885 d. Oct-27-1965

Aber, Pauline E. Oct-17-1908 d. Oct-1-1912 dau of W.C. & Mable

Aber, Josephine Sep-20-1910 d. Sep-10-1912 dau of W.C. & Mable

Aber, Annie Beatrice Sep-11-1880 d. Jan-21-1908 wife of Chas. A.

Aber, Ernest Gerald Jan-14-1908 d. Feb-5-1910 son of Chas & Beatrice

Aber, Fred W. Apr-5-1875 died at 32 yrs (1907?)

Aber, Jennie Lois Jan-12-1902 d. Apr-12-1902 dau of Fred & Lillie

Aber, Edwin Dudley Sep-25-1899 d. Mar-15-1968 Tex E3 US Navy WWI

Aber, Richard S. Mar-13-1904 d. Nov-5-1962

Aber, B.F. Sep-29-1879 d. Jul-31-1957

Aber, Daisy Oct-23-1879 d. Jan-3-1968

Aber, Jack C. Apr-21-1901 d. Feb-21-1967 Tex PTR1 USNR WWII

Acker, George Meredith 1862-1950

Acker, Belva 1884-1962

Acker, Frank Jan-13-1882 d. Jan-12-1929

Acker, Mima May-8-1887 d. Jun-26-1916

Adams, Bob 1849-1922

Adams, Josephine A. 1848-1927

Adams, Robert Clifford 1876-1957

Adams, Elina Josephine Dec-30-1904 d. Apr-11-1905

Adams, Kate Wilson 1878-1957

Adams, Archibald Gray 1876-1948

Adams, Moses Aug-31-1842 d. Apr-19-1917

Adams, Sam J. Jan-14-1886 d. Aug-27-1917

Adams, Charles F. Nov-18-1876 d. Jan-8-1968 WOW IOOF

Adams, Ethel Lawrence Jan-12-1885 d. May-16-1960 m. Apr-4-1925

Adams, O.J. Dec-10-1844 d. Oct-17-1924 wife of I.J.

Adams, I.J. Apr-30-1835 d. Jul-4-1898 CSA

Adams, H.S. Apr-18-1880 d. May-23-1960 IOOF

Adams, William (no dates) CSA

Adams, Alvin Sydney Sep-18-1908 d. Jan-24-1937

Adams, Annie Jane Aug-24-1909 d. May-8-1947

Adcock, S.S. Apr-14-1841 d. Oct-18-1915

Adcock, William A. 1871-1950

Adcock, Alice 1878-1955

Adcock, Lillie B. 1899-1965

Adkins, Robert M. Jun-4-1891 d. Apr-1-1957 Tex Cpl Co F 144 Inf WWI

Adkins, Mattye Colbert 1891-1953

Albritton, Benjamin J. 1880-1956

Albritton, Mary 1846-1921 Mother

Albritton, W.W. 1836-1900 Iron Flag CSA

Alexander, James R. Nov-12-1889 d. May-1-1958 Tex Cpl US Army WWII

Alexander, Norma Bardwell Jun-22-1892 d. Jan-23-1970

Alexander, Ruth Joy Nov-11-1922 (only date)

Alexander, Oran L. 1878-1940 Mason

Alexander, Collis P. Oct-5-1901 d. Jul-11-1927

Alexander, J.R. Jul-31-1876 d. Jan-24-1919

Alexander, Ollie Aug-17-1876 d. Oct-8-1906 his wife (J.R.)

Alexander, baby (no dates)

Alexander, Emmett H. Sep-29-1877 d. Oct-16-1877 son of J.L.& A.A.

Alexander, G.C.B. Mar-14-1824 d. Mar-7-1898

Alexander, Mrs. Elizabeth d. Aug-3-1909 aged 75yrs 6mos 24das

Alexander, J.M. 1858-1935 Father

Alexander, Anne 1863-1939 Mother

Alexander, J.L. 1854-1926 WOW

Alexander, Almira A. Nov-17-1856 d. Apr-20-1950

Alexander, Margie 1894-1907

Alexander, Cornie Lou V. 1862-1904

Alexander, Robert B. 1864-1951

Alexander, Pearl 1896-1900

Alexander, Samuel Z. Nov-5-1866 d. Feb-9-1942

Alexander, Mertie Henry Jan-4-1870 d. Jan-13-1919 wife of S.Z.

Alexander, Frances Brown 1898-1938 Mother

Alexander, Reg. L. Jr. Jul-27-1919 (only date)

Allen, William M. Jan-8-1873 d. Mar-27-1940

Allen, Lois S. Jun-1-1891 d. Mar-29-1964

Allen, Doris Ann Mar-12-1914 d. Aug-28-1950

Allen, Clyde 1893-1924

Allen, William R. 1854-1923

Allen, Leota 1861-1939

Allen, James H. 1886-1958

Allen, Rev. Hubert A. 1896-1936

Allen, Maragret C. 1895-.... (filled)

Allen, Edgar DeMoss Feb-20-1880 d. Jan-2-1956 ORC

Allen, Margaret Mae Jan-1-1920 d. Feb-22-1922

Allen, Timothy Wayne d. Nov-30-1965 1 day old

Almand, I.S. Apr-19-1908 d. Mar-30-1913 son of T.M.& M.W.

Almand, Thomas M. 1861-1915

Almand, Maude W. 1872-1953

Aman, Laverne Jul-28-1928 (only date)

Anderson, James Mack Dec-29-1893 d. Mar-17-1910 son of J.M.& M.F.

Anderson, Mildred Taylor Jan-22-1915 d. Aug-14-1943

Anderson, Annie Lurline Nov-9-1896 d. Aug-7-1963

Anderson, Robert Frank d. Oct-1-1970 74yrs 9mos 27das TM

Andrews, Roland T. Jan-15-1893 d. Oct-24-1918

Andrews, Infant Sep-18-1896 inf of Graves & Mattie

Andrews, Annie May-23-1820 d. Jan-22-1888 wife of T.

Andrews, T.G. 1860-1933 Dad

Andrews, Mattie 1871-1950 Mother

Andrews, Horace G. 1898-1945

Andrews, Rev. W.D. Mar-1-1865 d. Aug-11-1940

Andrews, Eugenia May-27-1867 d. Apr-29-1955

Angle, Orson D. b. in Yates NY Feb-22-1843 d. Jan-7-1910

Arnwine, John Calvin d. Jun-22-1854 age 21yrs 3mos 18das (rock)

Arnwine, Albartis d. 1855 (rock marker)

Arnwine, Mertice Whitman 1889-1894

Arnwine, Johnie Dee Jan-20-1898 d. Nov-13-1905 dau of J.M.& M.F.

Arnwine, Frances 1859-1929

Arnwine, J.M. 1854-1939

Arnwine, Edna W. Aug-22-1870 d. Apr-25-1951

Arnwine, B. Frank Mar-20-1870 d. Feb-25-1918

Arnwine, C.L. (Dixie) Feb-8-1874 d. Apr-21-1949

Arnwine, Velma S. Nov-26-1879 d. Sep-27-1947

Arnwine, Mary Frances Apr-2-1856 d. Jan-5-1915 dau of A.W.& M.E.

Arnwine, Alfred W. Dec-25-1828 d. Oct-23-1910

Arnwine, Mary Elizabeth Mar-22-1836 d. Apr-9-1922 wife of A.W.

Arnwine, Eugene 1896-1962

Arnwine, Grace 1899-....

Aten, infant May-6-1900 d. May-21-1900 dau of M.E.& Mary J.

Aten, Lavada Jan-7-1896 d. Mar-2-1896

Atkison, A.A. Oct-14-1859 d. Jul-13-1928 husband

Atkison, A.B. Oct-26-1861 d. Aug-4-1934

Atkison, Lillie A. Sep-23-1901 d. Sep-14-1902

Atkison, Bonnie Apr-17-1895 d Aug-23-1897 dau of A.A.& A.E.

Atkison, Baby Oct-9-1882 d. Nov-14-1882 baby of A.A.& A.E.

Atkinson, Letitia C. 1850-1939 wife of W.H.

Atkinson, W.H. 1849-1928

Austin, Inez Jul-25-1919 d. Feb-11-1934

Austin, Carolyn Ruth d. Apr-18-1957 age 1yr 5mos 23das

Bailey, Wiley H. Aug-19-1876 d. Feb-8-1954

Bailey, Nancy E. Jan-7-1839 d. Dec-20-1902

Bailey, Thursie J. Jan-18-1847 d. Jul-3-1900

Bailey, Buford P. Oct-14-1853 d. Oct-26-1899

Bailey, Cleophas H. Dec-17-1898 d. Jun-23-1966 Kans RM3 USNRF WWI

Bailey, Lily Lee Feb-25-1905 d. ....

Baker, Frank H. d. Feb-8-1918 age 55 yrs

Baker, Hattie M. 1878-1935 Mother

Baker, Arthur 1874-1965 Father

Baker, David Hale Dec-29-1930 d. Jan-6-1931

Ball, Etter Jun-2-1886 d. Feb-6-1902

Ball, Jewell Jan-28-1898 d. May-30-1898

Ball, William Sep-5-1894 d. Sep-7-1894

Ball, Laura Oct-4-1864 d. Oct-13-1918 wife of Jeff

Ball, Jeff A. Aug-3-1860 d. Jun-23-1919

Ball, William C. Apr-5-1899 d. Apr-16-1946

Ball, Sallie B. Dec-24-1898 d. May-19-1968

Ball, Frank Jan-28-1892 d ....

Banks, Rev. Claude E. Jun-6-1920 d. Jul-31-1963

Barber, George L. 1874-1944

Barber, Kate M. 1875-1949

Barber, George R. Dec-14-1904 d. Apr-16-1963

Barber, Johnny C. May-23-1906 d. ....

Barber, Byrd Elmer Jul-3-1871 d. Mar-5-1954

Barber, Annie Elizabeth Feb-14-1872 d. Dec-2-1928

Barber, Ethel Lee Feb-25-1876 d. Jan-28-1956

Barber, Clyde H. Mar-29-1869 d. Sep-6-1942

Barefield, Albert C. 1855-1933 Uncle

Barefield, Hazel Dec-13-1918 d. May-31-1920 dau of S.W.& V.E.

Barger, Pearl Key 1885-1958 (on Key marker)

Barkley, Opal Barnett Jan-22-1912 (only date)

Barnett, G.T. Jun-13-1861 d. Oct-3-1903 WOW

Barnett, William Baxter Nov-17-1882 d. Feb-20-1942

Barnett, Mary Jane Patten Jan-14-1879 d. Apr-29-1970 91yrs 3mos 8das

Barnett, J. Marion Jan-15-1895 d. May-26-1952 Father

Barnett, Anna C. Jul-20-1901 d. ....

Barrett, B.H. Jr. Apr-7-1932 d. Apr-7-1932

Barron, Minnie McKinley 1877-1906

Barron, Jimmie (unmarked)

Bass, Louis R. Apr-16-1920 d. Aug-31-1962 TX Tec5 US Army WWII

Bass, Josie 1921 d. ....

Bass, Giles W. Jan-15-1871 d. Aug-3-1936

Bass, Lucy Jun-8-1890 d. May-6-1965 Mother

Bass, C.L. 1885-1957

Bass, Hattie 1887-1926

Bass, Ernest H. Feb-22-1918 d. Dec-8-1918

Bass, Mrs. Elizabeth d. Aug-21-1927 (only date)

Batten, James Carroll Nov-2-1847 d. Dec-18-1929

Battle, Hixy Love Sep-26-1866 d. Sep-16-1934

Battle, J.P. Nov-12-1863 d. Jul-12-1935

Battle, Francis E. Dec-6-1854 d. Jun-24-1892

Baxley, Hiram 1899-1957

Baxley, Grace B. 1897-1965

Baxley, William D. 1863-1935 Mason

Baxley, Mae 1886-1946 OES

Baygents, Carrie L. Nov-23-1887 d. Apr-9-1890 dau of W.J.& L.G.

Baldwin, infant Sep-23-1939 dau of Mr&Mrs R.P.

Baldwin, infant Jul-12-1938 son of Mr&Mrs R.P.

Baldwin, Glenn Mar-8-1927 d. Nov-28-1930 son of Mr&Mrs W.E.

Beall, Jennings A. 1882-1918

Beall, Clifford W. 1887-1960

Beard, J.C. Dec-31-1869 d. Jul-28-1937

Beard, Josephine Elizabeth Sep-12-1908 d. Oct-24-1908 dau of J.C.& A.L.

Beard, Agnes (Lula) Nov-24-1873 d. Sep-15-1953

Beard, James Clarence May-31-1941 son of Mr&Mrs J.M. (only date)

Beaty, Henry David 1881-1954

Beaty, Charles D. May-18-1856 d. Jun-27-1937

Beaty, Nancy R. Feb-5-1863 d. Dec-8-1941

Beauchamp, W.R. Apr-10-1838 d. Dec-2-1890 Mason

Beckwith, Sarah d. Jun-15-1890 age 74yrs 3mos

Beckwith, Charles May-27-1812 d. May-27-1892

Bedford, Elizabeth Ann May-27-1936 inf dau of Mr&Mrs Rufus Jr.

Bell, Lucinda (no dates) wife of William Bell

Bell, William Sep-27-1813 d. Oct-20-1858 (stone marker bad shape)

Bell, William H. Mar-10-1887 d. Dec-27-1949

Bell, Trigg Allen Jan-2-1946 d. Jan-5-1946

Benson, Victoria Lynch Aug-13-1874 d. Mar-19-1912 wife of S.E.

Berry, Orval Lynn Apr-30-1908 d. May-27-1939

Berry, Clara Bonnie Jan-24-1908 d. ....

Berryhill, Thomas L. Jan-1-1879 d. Aug-21-1946

Berryhill, Ellen Nov-30-1884 d. ....

Bickel, Maude Vandigriff 1897-1960

Bishop, Lillie? Bell Feb-25-1902 d. May-3-1902 inf of H.E.& L.L. (broken)

Bishop, Albert B. d. Oct-30-1939 TX IOSN Mate 1Cl USN

Bivings, Dr. Albert Eugene Apr-13-1853 d. 1901 (marker has been removed)

Bivings, Maggie P. (Harrell) d. Aug-25-1904 (marker has been removed)

Bivings, Carrie Lee d. Sept 1902 age 14 yrs; dau of A.E.& M.B. (marker removed)

These Bivings markers have been removed from the Cemetery since a cedar tree fell on them in 1969 and broke the tops.

Bizzell, J.H. Mar-1-1857 d. Feb-15-1904

Black, Robert D. 1886-1948

Black, Pearl B. 1890-1969

Black, Frances S. 1869-1947

Black, William L. 1861-1903

Black, Neil Morris 1892-1898

Black, Hubert K. d. Nov-9-1970 70 yrs TM

Blackwell, C.F. Jan-27-1839 d. Jan-10-1883

Blackwell, Elizabeth Aug-5-1845 d. Oct-11-1923 his wife (C.F.)

Blackwell, Frank B. (no dates) CSA

Blackwell, Eloise Nov-6-1925 d. Feb-11-1947

Blackburn, John W. Sep-28-1858 d. Oct-29-1931

Blackburn, Nancy C. Apr-16-1868 d. Feb-7-1939

Blakey, Judith Mar-5-1847 d. Feb-4-1889

Blaylock, Joseph H. 1848-1925

Blaylock, Mary E. 1847-1913

Blue, Lucy Jane 1856-1929

Boles, Sallie O. Love Sep-13-1871 d. Sep-1-1906 wife of T.M.

Boles, Clayton Nov-26-1850 d. Aug-22-1896 Papa; Mason

Boles, Mary L. Dec-27-1854 d. Mar-31-1938 Mama

Boles, Tray Jun-1-1884 d. Jan-30-1903

Boles, Velma Feb-11-1880 d. Mar-20-1907

Boles, Daniel Monroe Nov-21-1892 d. Nov-30-1965 TX 1st Lt Dental Corps WWI

Boles, T.M. Oct-7-1870 d. Jan-13-1940

Boles, Mrs. C.G. 1840-1914

Boles, C.G. 1839-1915

Bolling, Samuel Wright d. Sep-30-1960? 59 yrs TM

Bolin, Willie Ida 1876-1947

Bolin, John H. 1866-1934

Bolton, Pearl H. Aug-22-1866 d. Jul-24-1890

Bolton, Susan R. Jul-21-1823 d. Nov-8-1906 age 83 yrs; Mother

Bolton, Canada S. Aug-2-1820 d. Jan-12-1909 age 89 yrs; Father

Bolton, Julia A. 1853-1933

Bolton, J.A. Mar-2-1846 d. Aug-16-1920 IOOF

Bolton, W. Bart 1894-1957

Bolton, William Calloway 1850-1940

Bolton, Sarah Josephine 1859-1940

Bolton, Thomas Jul-5-1881 d. Apr-5-1882 son of E.& N.

Bolton, Menty Jan-16-1858 d. Oct-12-1888 dau of E.& N.

Bolton, Cissie V. 1871-1960

Bolton, Viola 1897-1936

Bolton, Bonnie E. Nov-14-1899 d. Dec-27-1899

Bolton, Philip Alexander Jr. Jan-23-1928 d. Jun-10-1960

Bolton, Natalie Dolan Mar-1-1902 d. Mar-18-1961

Bolton, John H. Sep-18-1852 d. Mar-14-1941

Bolton, Viola E. Dec-13-1859 d. Jul-17-1930

Bolton, Robert S. Jun-19-1887 d. Oct-1-1918

Bolton, William Downes 1887-1955

Bolton, E.M. (Lige) 1897-1959

Bolton, J.B. 1889-1920

Bolton, Rev. B.R. 1854-1936

Bolton, Bettie R. 1866-1933

Bone, Gaynelle Bailey Aug-11-1895 d. Mar-5-1944 wife of Dr. J.N.

Bone, Dr. John Newton May-18-1880 d. Nov-20-1957

Bone, Roxie Brasfield Nov-5-1888 d. Oct-21-1918 wife of Dr. J.N.

Boone, Ray Frederick Dec-17-1916 d. Feb-2-1918 son of F.C.& Maud

Bowden, Mrs. Sarah Oct-15-1839 d. Sep-2-1913 (Jones on top of marker)

Bowder, W.D. b. Meigs Co TN Oct-24-1847 d. May-27-1884

Box, Mina H. Jul-4-1871 d. Jan-19-1960

Box, John Calvin Mar-28-1871 d. May-17-1941

Boxley, John Ben 1871-1951

Boxley, Patti Ely 1878-1959

Boyd, Mrs. Narcissa Jan-30-1822 d. Aug-15-1909 Mother

Boyd, Joseph Robert 1864-1913

Boyd, Mildred (no dates)

Boyd, Will (no dates)

Boyd, Royal (no dates)

Boyd, Maude Mae Washington Mar-25-1897 d. May-31-1931 wife of J.D.

Boyne, Lillian Casey 1888-1963

Braddy, J.G. Mar-10-1853 d. Sep-4-1898 IOOF FCB

Brady, Joe Feb-8-1858 d. Mar-3-1935

Brady, Lizzie Feb-28-1863 d. May-28-1936

Brady, Ida 1908-1942

Braly, Evelyn May-10-1903 d. Sep-8-1913 dau of Mr&Mrs O.A.

Braly, Annella Jones 1877-1968 wife of O.A.

Braly, Osman Arnette 1875-1938

Braly, Ida Mae 1879-1956

Braly, Sam Houston Feb-1-1900 d. Aug-6-1919 son of J.B.& I.M.

Braly, Joe Byron 1878-1961

Branch, James Albert 1876-1954

Branch, Henry b. Sampson Co NC Aug-4-1841 d. Winona TX Apr-5-1932

Branch, Tabitha J. Barnes b. Troup Co GA Feb-1-1845 d. Winona TX Dec-6-1925 wife (Henry)

Brannen, Rebecca Wadsworth 1883-1958

Brasfield, Kate Overton Aug-2-1866 d. Mar-29-1944 wife of C.S.

Brewer, Clarence V. May-6-1895 d. Dec-27-1964 TX F2 US Navy WWI

Bridges, T.I. Aug-8-1849 d. Feb-4-1890

Briggs, W.W. 1816-1876

Brittain, Wood Lee Jan-1-1867 d. Jan-1-1895 Father

Brittain, Nannie Jane Jun-26-1870 d. May-7-1906 Mother

Brittain, infant d. Feb-8-1878 dau of Dr. B.F.& Elizabeth M.

Brittain, David W. May-8-1885 d. Mar-6-1887

Brittain, Mary E. Apr-12-1845 d. Oct-31-1898 wife of Dr. J.M.

Brittain, Dr. James M. b. McMinn Co TN Nov-3-1831 d. Apr-2-1911 Mason; CSA

Brittain, John B. Oct-31-1857 d. Sep-27-1902 Papa

Brittain, Ophelia Casey Sep-16-1875 d. Nov-22-1941

Broach, Ruthie L. 1889-1968

Broach, Olis A. 1888-1961

Broadway, Fannie K. Jun-2-1861 d. May-11-1923 wife of R.W.

Broadway, R.W. Sr. b. AL Apr-6-1862 d. Oct-5-1948 son of J.E.

Broadway, Novelene Sep-30-1926 d. Nov-28-1926

Brock, G.A. Sep-26-1817 d. ..-23-1892 Mason (broken marker)

Brock, J.M. (no dates) CSA

Brock, Melvina d. Dec-4-1886 age 66 yrs; wife of Geo. A.

Brock, James T. 1874-1963

Brock, Mary R. 1874-1950

Broeder, Frank 1900-1958

Brooks, Ella Hales Mar-16-1886 d. Jan-13-1927

Brooks, Annie Cathryn d. Nov-14-1970 58yrs 3das TM

Brooks, Hamill Pratt Feb-15-1879 d. Jul-4-1955

Brooks, Josie Danny Sep-1-1880 d. May-20-1970

Brooks, Leonard P. Jan-12-1920 d. Jul-8-1935

Brooks, Walter G. 1845-1925

Brooks, Julia S. 1841-1921

Brooks, Evelyne Knox 1887-1970

Brooks, James Dow 1882-1947

Brooks, Crocia 1857-1946

Brooks, H.T. 1852-1919

Brooks, Berneece Crysup Sep-9-1899 d. Jun-24-1949 wife of Joe

Brookshire, Uldine Felps Apr-26-1887 d. May-24-1964

Brookshire, Houston Nov-1-1889 d. Apr-3-1962

Brookshire, Lelia P. ....-....

Brown, George W. 1868-1957

Brown, Mary E. 1871-1936

Brown, Jessie May 1880-1881 dau of J.M.& Mary

Brown, Lillie Lee 1882-1885 dau of J.M.& Mary

Brown, William Allen Jul-12-1841 d. Apr-9-1933 Father

Brown, Mary Elizabeth Feb-14-1840 d. Mar-4-1927 Mother

Brown, Wm. Allen Jr. Jul-2-1881 d. Jun-10-1883 son of W.A.& M.E.

Brown, infant d. May-9-1877 son of W.A.& M.E.

Brown, Edward F. Aug-18-1871 d. Jun-7-1883 son of W.A.& M.E.

Brown, Alonzo C. Dixon 1860-1932 son of Mr&Mrs M.E.

Brown, Mary A. 1839-1932

Brown, James M. 1832-1901

Brown, John Lemuel Nov-5-1866 d. Feb-7-1944

Brown, Jewell Newton Aug-23-1873 d. Apr-9-1966

Brown, B.B. Jan-2-1892 d. May-18-1965

Brown, Leona M. Aug-9-1893 d. Dec-14-1968

Buffalo, Nettie May-10-1880 d. Nov-20-1939 wife of W.E.

Buford, William L. (no dates) Father

Buford, Mary J. (no dates) Mother

Bull, Victoria 1866-1952

Bull, Miss Bertha 1892-1915

Bullock, W.L. Feb-14-1851 d. Jun-9-1920

Bullock, Virginia E. d. May-4-1902 dau of W.L.& D.V.

Bullock, Anna M. Jan-6-1906 (only date) dau of W.L.& D.V.

Bullock, Velma Jan-12-1908 d. May-12-1908 dau of W.L.& D.V.

Burges, Austin Earle 1891-1966

Burges, Maggie Grimes 1888-....

Burke, Rev. Dowen S. 1871-1940

Burke, Cora Louise 1872-1954

Burke, Virginia Lee Sep-26-1921 d. Nov-19-1937

Burke, James Clyde Aug-3-1894 d. Jan-10-1969 Shriner

Burke, Carrie M. Apr-25-1894 d. ....

Burns, Henry Grady Oct-3-1888 d. Aug-4-1964 TM

Burns, W.B. 1878-1965

Burns, Evia 1884-1947

Burton, William J. 1888-1962

Bush, James E. May-16-1872 d. Oct-8-1946

Bush, Julia Bell Feb-26-1878 d. Feb-29-1952

Butler, Jeffie 1900-1951

Butler, Charles Powell 1923-1928

Butler, Frank E. 1853-1937

Butler, Laura J. 1862-....

Byrd, Herman D. Jul-6-1887 d. Jul-15-1956

Byrd, Homer W. 1885-1938

Byrd, L.D. 1862-1933

Byrd, Mattie E. 1861-1939

Byrd, Drew E. 1879-1942

Byrd, Spurgeon B. 1893-1969

Campbell, Charles Mitchell Jul-2-1943 d. Aug-7-1945

Campbell, Sherry Danielle b&d Mar-5-1942

Campbell, Edgar D. Jul-8-1908 d. Jun-24-1928

Campbell, Charles H. Aug-1-1873 d. Apr-22-1847

Campbell, Clara C. Nov-14-1880 d. May-14-1939

Campbell, George B. Jul-4-1869 d. Dec-25-1911

Campbell, Roberta Bolton Feb-15-1914 d. Oct-14-1943

Campbell, Margie Feb-3-1877 d. Jan-4-1971 wife of Enos

Campbell, Enos 1861-1947

Campbell, Reneta M. 1882-1950

Campbell, Joe W. 1877-1936

Campbell, J.A. Mar-9-1841 d. Mar-17-1926

Campbell, Margaret A. Feb-10-1841 d. Nov-24-1921 wife of J.A.

Campbell, Arthur Thomas 1898-1938

Campbell, Dr. J.F. 1876-1934

Campbell, Mary H. 1873-1957

Canon, Dr. Menon Bryon Apr-4-1874 d. Jan-18-1956

Canon, Myron H. Jan-19-1902 d. Feb-7-1936

Canon, Clayton L. Sep-7-1900 d. Jan-26-1930

Caperton, Alvin A. 1856-1927 Papa

Caperton, Mrs. Kate 1865-1922 Mama

Caperton, Lee Feb-21-1892 d. Feb-24-1902

Carey, Timothy d. Jun-24-1948

Carnes, Wayne Stanley Feb-7-1938 d. Feb-1-1939 son of Mr&Mrs J.W.

Carnes, Annie Belle Apr-28-1869 d. Dec-31-1928

Carnes, John Peter Nov-8-1868 d. Jul-3-1953

Carney, Nancy J. Feb-19-1880 d. Oct-20-1958 Mother

Carney, Legrand V. Feb-6-1878 d. Sep-20-1937 Father

Carter, Charles C. 1897-1916

Carter, James C. 1889-1913

Carter, Lee G. 1885-1933

Casey, Sarah Caroline Oct-28-1881 d. Jul-22-1883 dau of Isaiah & Julia

Casey, Isaiah Jun-5-1850 d. Aug-6-1928 Father

Casey, Julia Turney Apr-17-1849 d. Oct-20-1894 Mother

Casey, Kathleen Oct-10-1901 d. Aug-2-1902 dau of R.L.& A.L.

Casey, Emmett H. Oct-1-1895 d. Jun-23-1896

Casey, Benjamin A. 1863-1950

Casey, Nellie G. 1865-1957

Casey, Jessie Nov-14-1819 d. Mar-4-1896 Mason

Casey, Sarah Jan-29-1820 d. Oct-1-1898

Casey, Hassie B. Apr-3-1885 d. May-3-1886 child of B.A.& N.C.

Casey, Jewel M. Oct-23-1893 d. Dec-10-1893 child of B.A.& N.C.

Casey, Roy Jan-12-1892 d. Sep-1-1894 son of B.A.& N.C.

Casey, Sallie Jan-5-1898 d. Mar-12-1914 dau of B.A.& N.C.

Casey, Willy A. Apr-5-1899 d. Feb-22-1903

Casey, Willie M. Nov-10-1880 d. Apr-8-1899

Casey, B.C. 1875-....

Casey, V.C. 1879-1952

Casey, W.T. May-12-1844 d. Jan-9-1925

Casey, Alda Oct-29-1851 d. May-28-1916 wife of W.T.

Casey, George C. Feb-27-1885 d. Jun-28-1886 son of W.T.& A.G.

Casey, Emma J. Jan-12-1872 d. Oct-19-1872 dau of W.T.& A.G.

Casey, Ider O. Dec-22-1872 d. Aug-24-1873 dau of W.T.& A.G.

Casey, Callie A. Sep-5-1883 d. Oct-19-1884 dau of W.T.& A.G.

Casey, Fred 1886-1943

Casey, Callie 1889-1969

Casper, Tommie Renee d. Sep-25-1961 age 1 day TM

Casper, John Conley Apr-3-1902 d. Apr-16-1962

Caton, Mozelle T. 1901-1967

Caton, William C. 1885-1951

Cavazoz, Alfredo R. 1888 d. ....

Cavazoz, Tivursia C. 1884-1957

Caveness, Edward Jr. 1873-1930

Caveness, Claudia T. 1877-1957

Chadwick, infant of Mr&Mrs S.B. (no date)

Chadwick, Rayford b&d Apr-22-1924 son of S.B.& Vivian

Chadwick, Nina Fay b&d Feb-10-1925 dau of S.B.& Vivian

Chadwick, infant of Mr&Mrs S.B. (no date)

Chadwick, Sam B. 1893-1967

Chadwick, Vivian L. 1896-....

Chandler, T.C. Nov-24-1915 d. Jun-9-1917 son of P.R.& Lula

Chandler, W.H. Mar-1-1871 d. Aug-12-1960

Chandler, Alice Dec-11-1870 d. May-19-1940

Chandler, John Ivy d. Jul-29-1966 67yrs 11mos 2das TM

Chandler, Mrs. Bernice d. Jul-6-1969 67yrs 1mo 23das TM

Chandler, Willie V. Dec-20-1895 d. Apr-8-1966 TX Pvt Co G 104 Ammo Train WWI

Chandler, Billie Carl Jul-24-1924 d. Oct-1-1926

Chapman, George C. 1852-1927

Chapman, Sarah C. Jun-29-1856 d. May-30-1909 wife of Geo. C.

Chapman, W.G. Jun-16-1873 d. Aug-28-1907

Chapman, Harold C. Apr-20-1898 d. Oct-3-1918

Chapman, Bart B. b&d Nov-7-1896

Chapman, C. Columbus Apr-29-1875 d. Jun-27-1899

Chapman, Harmon P. Aug-12-1882 d. Feb-28-1950

Chapman, Nannie Augusta Jan-29-1884 d. Nov-14-1916 wife of H.P.

Chessher, Lula Pickens Jan-3-1873 d. Feb-26-1956

Chessher, A.J. Feb-17-1867 d. Sep-13-1941 Mason

Chessher, Fannie Byrd Aug-21-1868 d. Sep-18-1899 wife of A.J.

Chessher, Bertha Thompson Jul-19-1876 d. Nov-16-1902 wife of A.J.

Chessher, Melvina Nov-21-1833 d. Mar-9-1940

Chessher, A.J. Sr. May-1-1815 d. Jul-16-1899 Mason

Chester, Sallie T. May-8-1842 d. Jul-14-1929

Childress, Frances Carolyn Nov-12-1940 d. Jan-17-1941

Childress, H.A. 1878-1924

Childs, Carter A. Jul-3-1882 d. Mar-26-1968

Childs, Minnie Pearl Aug-22-1884 d. ....

Childs, John Charles Dec-19-1906 d. Apr-4-1907

Childs, C.C. Apr-4-1861 d. Sep-4-1944

Childs, Cannon Braly Sep-29-1908 d. May-3-1910

Childs, Obie W. Jan-12-1885 d. Nov-27-1967 Mason

Childs, Margaret Apr-8-1861 d. Apr-24-1934

Childs, Frank Milford Oct-10-1904 d. Dec-11-1904

Chittenden, James Paul 1902-1935

Chittenden, Moselle Casey 1910-1935

Churchill, Winston Jan-31-1907 d. Mar-29-1951 TX Capt 241 Medi Bn WWII

Churchill, Margaret Belle 1878-1961

Churchill, Frank E. Jun-14-1873 d. Apr-2-1929

Clark, Frank William Jan-10-1934 d. Feb-1-1936

Clark, John William 1910-1963

Clark, G.W. Aug-4-1881 d. Jan-20-1920

Clark, William A. d. Aug-30-1883 age 39 yrs CSA

Clark, Lucy A. d. Jul-14-1929 age 88 yrs

Clark, Lina E. 1875-1965

Clark, Tom T. 1867-1948

Clark, Ernest Jun-9-1886 d. Jun-10-1917 son of J.W.& Laura

Clark, James W. 1860-1930

Clark, Laura 1866-1946

Clark, Bruce 1879-1954

Clark, Fannie 1880-....

Clark, W. Maurice Aug-3-1905 d. Dec-8-1958

Clark, Susie 1896-1953

Clark, SSgt. John P. 1907-1943

Clark, James H. Ballard 1866-1961

Clark, Mary Perry 1880-1941

Clay, James J. 1915-1919

Cobb, Thomas Benton b&d May-15-1918

Cobb, Mary Alice Sep-24-1911 d. Aug-29-1928

Cobb, Sam A. Jan-19-1878 d. Apr-13-1943

Cobb, Ora Olive Jan-23-1880 d. Jul-3-1965

Cobble, James A. Jun-29-1880 d. Jul-30-1913

Cobble, infant b&d Jul-4-1908 son of James & Pearle

Cobble, Allie May Jun-19-1867 d. Jul-21-1927 wife of H.H.

Cobble, Henry H. Sep-6-1863 d. Mar-25-1945 husb of Allie May

Cocke, Mary G?. Sep-10-1849 d. Dec-28-1888 wife of Tho. A.

Cocke, Evelyn C. 1902-1955

Cocke, Thomas Brooks 1876-1944

Cocke, Lucy Selkirk 1877-1940 WOW Circle

Cocke, Martha Cordelia Dec-21-1864 d. Mar-11-1944

Cocke, Thomas Augustin May-22-1835 d. Jun-23-1914 Mason

Cocke, Wilkins 1892-1967

Cocke, Winnie 1901-....

Coker, Malinda Nov-3-1803 d. May-24-1853 (broken marker-rock)

Coldwell, T.F. Dec-9-1876 d. Jul-26-1878

Cole, Harrison J. 1883-1958

Collier, Bonnie Lou Jul-27-1866 d. Jan-24-1888 wife of J.N.

Collins, Ila Dell Sep-25-1903 d. Nov-27-1906 dau of J.W.& P.E.

Collins, Mertie Edna May-12-1884 d. Jul-14-1885 dau of H.V.& O.J.

Collins, Hershel V. Jun-23-1844 d. Feb-18-1916

Collins, Olive Jane Jun-25-1851 d. Oct-13-1920

Collins, Frank L. Oct-26-1881 d. Nov-18-1910 WOW

Colliton, Merle W. 1902-1962

Conaway, James Harold Jul-2-1926 d. Sep-9-1929

Conaway, Pay May-3-1905 d. Dec-4-1905

Conn, Jewel 1899-1941

Conn, Uhland J. 1897-1956

Conn, Lillie 1876-1961

Conner, Weldon Lesslie Mar-17-1907 d. Feb-27-1948

Conway, Zephaniah F. 1880-1952 Dady

Conway, Maude F. 1885-1960 Mama

Cook, Wade M. 1889 d. .... Father

Cook, Willie Dyer 1894-1961 Mother

Cook, Mary Mercer Nov-6-1886 d. Oct-29-1918 wife of W.M.

Cook, Green B. 1862-1935

Cook, Isabelle J. 1860-1941

Cooley, Annie Lee 1875-1942

Cooley, David Frank 1869-1946

Cooper, Cecilia O. 1889-1957

Cornelison, Richard Porter Nov-8-1896 d. Jul-17-1925 Mason

Cornelison, Mary J. 1872-1957

Cornelison, Robert W. 1865-1932

Cottrell, Ann E. Jan-25-1823 d. Nov-7-1893

Cottrell, James L. Apr-9-1820 d. Dec-2-1889

Cottrell, Fannie 1850-1881

Couch, Charlie Dee Monkress Apr-22-1907 d. Sep-28-1949

Covington, William Gayle 1937-1951

Cowan, Jeannette Oct-22-1892 d. Apr-15-1914 wife of Dr. W.B.

Coxe, John Allen Jul-16-1913 d. Jul-11-1935

Coxon, George R. 1844-1917

Coxon, Estelle 1841-1924

Croft, T.J. Oct-27-1827 d. Nov-5-1891 CSA

Craig, Lula Nov-8-1880 d. May-27-1961

Craig, B.W. Aug-4-1881 d. May-18-1963

Crawford, Vaderia Ethel Davidson 1892-1913 wife of Frank

Crawford, Thursann Maranda (Crawford) b. Winfield LA Jan-26-1860 d. May-19-1930 dau of R.M.& Thursy A. wife of Green F.

Craycraft, Orval Lee d. May-31-1969 54yrs 9mos 15das TM

Creel, James Willard 1915-1927

Creel, Wellington D. 1890-1950

Creel, Lessie C. 1890-.... (filled)

Crim, Leonard Reginald Jan-2-1911 d. Feb-16-1912 son of J.R.& Nelli

Crim, Joseph Rondo Dec 1873 d. May 1944

Crim, Carrie Estelle Dec 1874 d. Jan 1904

Crim, Elizabeth Albritton 1909-1959

Croft, Ben F. Dec-27-1900 d. May-21-1953 Father

Croft, infant d. May-7-1932 dau of Mr&Mrs B.F.

Crowson, Georgia A. Feb-8-1848 d. Jan-7-1890

Crunk, John (unmarked)

Crysup, W.S. 1875-1938

Crysup, Leo 1872-1961

Crysup, Festus 1882-1942

Crysup, Vera 1888-1951

Crysup, infant d. 1922 son of Festus & Vera

Crysup, Frances 1846-1930

Crysup, G.W. 1846-1910

Crysup, Don Hershal Sr. Sep-10-1896 d. Oct-5-1957 TX Pfc HQ Co 143 Inf 36 Div

Crysup, Maryellen d. Oct-13-1969 49 yrs

Cullison, Jack 1906-1966

Cullison, Elsie 1910-....

Cunningham, Sarah Missouri Mar-9-1846 d. Feb-17-1925

Cunningham, Lewis 1806-1874 Father CSA

Cunningham, Charlotte 1821-1907 Mother

Cunningham, Ossie Wiggins Dec-10-1896 d. Dec-20-1967

Cunningham, Thomas M. Sr. May-15-1895 d. .... Truop L 14th Cav US Reg A Vet WWI

Cunningham, YNC J.C. Oct-22-1913 d. Jun-1-1945

Cunningham, Jewel C. Mar-2-1892 d. Mar-26-1913

Cunningham, Emma King Jun-26-1868 d. May-14-1927

Cunningham, T.J. Aug-11-1866 d. Mar-3-1935

Cunningham, Joe A. Jun-6-1872 d. Dec-31-1918

Cunningham, Minnie Jacobs Nov-28-1884 d. Mar-10-1938

Curl, Barney 1896-1956

Curl, Tobey Dec-14-1897 d. Aug-27-1965 TX Pvt 129 Inf WWI

Curl, Hazel Mar-14-1901 d. ....

Curl, William H. 1865-1941

Curl, Mary E. 1866-1918

Dalton, Laura B. Jun-11-1906 d. Jun-3-1927

Dancy, S.A. (no dates)

Davant, Reese P. 1901-1968

Davant, Maysie T. 1903-....

Davenport, Garry H. 1868 d. ....

Davenport, Ila B. 1869 d. 1945

David, Sallie B. 1852-1940

David, James H. 1859-1939

David, Eugene S. 1876-1963

David, Lillie F. 1882-1963

Davidson, James G. 1849-1907

Davidson, Mary Elizabeth 1866-1929

Davidson, Jimmie Aress 1907-1907

Davidson, Ara Jane Clark 1909-1964 wife of Obie - Rebecca

Davidson, Obie Tillery 1902-1966

Davidson, George L. Aug-5-1884 d. May-22-1906

Davidson, R.H. (Dick) Jan-10-1888 d. Sep-11-1965 Mason

Davidson, Kate Spraggins May-15-1895 d. Jun-16-1967

Davis, Joe J. Sep-9-1878 d. Oct-31-1899

Davis, Mike L. 1871-1935 Father

Davis, Mattie M. 1871-1944 Mother

Davis, Bertha T. 1878-1966

Davis, Sidney 1860-1941

Davis, Wm. Sidney Jun-27-1900 d. Nov-29-1917 Co F 143 Inf 36 Div

Dean, Seamore B. Jun-27-1855 d. Dec-29-1941

Dean, Francis A. Nov-22-1857 d. Sep-30-1934

Dempsey, Joe Leek Apr-13-1874 d. Sep-22-1901

Denby, Walter Charles Feb-20-1870 d. Dec-7-1934

Denby, Walter Johns Jul-19-1899 d. Sep-27-1959

Denby, Frank Hunter Sep-27-1911 d. Dec-15-1955

Dennison, Rondo U. Sep-11-1895 d. Feb-8-1896 son of J.R.& Irene H.

Dennison, Joseph F. Dec-9-1900 d. Mar-30-1901

Denison, Mary Genevieve May-2-1876 d. Jan-31-1962

Devereaux, Julian S. Feb-2-1851 d. Jun-8-1896

Devereaux, Jennie A. Nov-27-1854 d. Dec-15-1894 wife of W.P.

Devereaux, Frank L. Mar-17-1878 d. Sep-28-1953

Devereaux, Josie D. Sep-29-1880 d. Feb-24-1956

Devereaux, Mary J. Dec-9-1858 d. Mar-3-1890 wife of W.F.

Devereaux, Mary Elizabeth Jan-4-1900 d. Apr-22-1902 dau of W.P.& M.P.

Devereaux, William Miller Aug-29-1893 d. Nov-15-1937 Son

Devereaux, William Penn Apr-11-1853 d. Dec-6-1928

Devereaux, Mary Perkins Feb-5-1868 d. Nov-18-1960

Dial, Syble Ruth May-2-1910 d. May-20-1918 dau of S.B.& E.S.

Dinwiddie, Bradford Sep-21-1884 d. Sep-12-1885 son of A.B.C.& H.C.

Ditto, Leo C. 1904-1952

Ditto, Rosie R. 1877-1941

Ditto, John J. 1874-1938

Dixon, Bessie G. 1884-1961

Dixon, Uhland Nov-18-1896 d. Oct-14-1939

Dixon, Leota Pearman Nov-19-1914 d. ....

Dixon, R. Kenneth Apr-13-1899 d. ....

Dixon, Frank Madden Mar-15-1906 d. Jun-2-1926

Dixon, Sophia Alexander Jan-1-1872 d. Feb-10-1958

Dixon, Alonzo Kent May-14-1869 d. Mar-25-1958

Dobson, W.P. (no dates) CSA

Dolan, Edwin P. May-10-1870 d. Aug-11-1948

Dolan, Clara S. Feb-21-1873 d. May-21-1955

Dolan, Lemuel E. 1892-1963

Dolan, G.T. (Ted) 1906-1962

Dolan, Frank 1896-1960

Dolan, William F. 1867-1937

Dolan, Mary Emerson 1869-1942 WOW Circle

Dolan, Edith B. 1913-1957

Dolan, Thomas L. 1902-1921

Donley, Reagan W. Jul-1-1887 d. Jul-4-1955 son of W.E.& D.R.; Mason

Donley, Cornelia H. 1882-1970

Donley, John H. Apr-17-1893 d. Nov-21-1895 son of W.E. & D.R.

Donley, Diana Reagan b. Palestine TX Apr-16-1861 d. Sep-6-1912 wife of W.E.; a dau of Confederacy

Donley, W.E. Jun-3-1857 d. Jul-7-1935

Donley, Edwina Moss Jan-27-1900 d. Mar-9-1914 dau of W.E.& D.R.

Donley, Stockton P. b. Tyler TX Mar-7-1885 d. Palestine TX Feb-2-1933

Dorbandt, Kate O'Keefe Oct-13-1897 d. Jan-28-1924

Douglas, Eugene d. Apr-4-1939 NM Pvt 9 HQ Troop 9 Div

Douglas, Unkn Sep-29-1849 d. Feb-28-1936 Mother

Douglas, Eugene M. Oct-6-1842 d. May-27-1907 AL Pvt Co F 4 Regt AL Cav CSA

Douglas, James L. 1852-1933

Douglas, Belle 1857-1925

Driskill, J.W. Mar-26-1902 d. Oct-9-1928 WOW

Driskell, Callie A. Aug-7-1877 d. Aug-27-1964

Driskell, Robert P. Jul-12-1876 d. Dec-4-1949

Dublin, Frances Christine Jun-5-1912 d. Feb-10-1913

Dublin, Winfield Leslie Jun-15-1880 d. Jun-3-1940

Dublin, Nettie Gilchrist Oct-26-1882 d. Jun-11-1962

Duggan, Ernest Sep-24-1892 d. May-27-1958

Duggan, Lena Jun-3-1879 d. Oct-16-1961

Duke, Nita E. d. Apr-2-1967 (only date)

Duke, Archie Madison d. Feb-22-1903 (only date)

Duke, Alfred W. Dec-20-1881 d. Mar-21-1921

Duke, Elizabeth Irvin Jun-25-1846 d. Dec-16-1919 wife of A.M.

Duke, Alfred M. Jul-21-1843 d. Nov-13-1936

Duke, Annie Mae Apr-16-1925 (only date)

Duke, Robert M. Jan-18-1871 d. Mar-10-1955

Duke, Charles H. d. 1969

Duke, Bess Butler d. 1956

Dukes, Reba Jennings Aug-2-1904 d. Apr-5-1954

Dunn, Sussn E. Feb-13-1828 d. May-27-1908 Mother

Dunn, Osborn W. 1878-1953

Dunn, Ida M. 1895-....

Durrett, Ralph Kendell Dec-9-1930 d. Dec-12-1931

Dyer, Thomas Jefferson 1857-1947

Dyer, Louise Elizabeth 1860-1947

Earle, M.L. 1856-1932

Earle, Kate 1863-1933

Earle, Frank Hart d. Dec-10-1966 84 yrs TM

Earle, Mamie Cook d. Aug-15-1967 76 yrs TM

Easton, Cornelia Aug-5-1855 d. Feb-16-1929 Mother

Easton, Elisha Taylor Apr-9-1847 d. May-5-1920 Father

Edwards, Helen 1867-1935

Edwards, Mack 1859-1932

Edwards, Elmer E. Mar-3-1903 d. Oct-20-1918 son of M.C.& H.B.

Edwards, Dewey H. Sep-20-1898 d. Mar-12-1943

Eiland, Virginia A. 1850-1936 Mother

Eiland, Stephen A. 1848-1926 Father

Eiland, J.M. Aug-21-1870 d. Mar-6-1902

Elliott, Jonas Edgar May-7-1880 d. Mar-16-1940

Elliott, Grady Nov-8-1889 d. Aug-3-1945

Elliott, Lucille Oct-6-1896 d. Jan-1-1929

Elliott, infant d. Apr-23-1934 dau of Grady & Estelle

Elliott, infant d. Nov-13-1932 dau of Grady & Estelle

Elliott, Edwin Norris d. Dec-30-1928 infant

Elmick, Mattie Carr (Patsy) Jul-2-1882 d. Mar-9-1937

England, Ensign Garland 1920-1944

Engledow, Willie B. Aug-10-1891 d. Aug-11-1965

English, Reba V. Oct-30-1902 d. ....

English, Floyd D. Dec-23-1898 d. Mar-1-1970

English, Jarushia Neely May-15-1847 d. Jan-4-1909

Epperson, infant d. Mar-5-1944 son of Mr&Mrs R.P.

Ervin, Ann McCall Jul-6-1882 d. May-19-1970

Ervin, Charles Mar-3-1880 d. Oct-14-1942

Etheridge, Hollis Wayne Feb-13-1943 d. Apr-24-1956

Evans, Lois Sanders Nov-10-1922 (child)

Evans, Thomas J. Mar-21-1866 d. Aug-9-1953

Evans, John Douglas Nov-30-1892 d. Apr-21-1962 TX Sgt US Army WWI

Ewing, Infant (no dates) son of Thos. H.& Emma

Ewing, Bula Avret Dec-9-1877 d. May-5-1879

Ewing, Thomas H. Mar-26-1856 d. Mar-24-1885

Ewing, Susan E. Feb-26-1856 d. Mar-26-1900 wife of Thos. H.

Ewing, James H. May-5-1819 d. May-14-1874 CSA

Ezell, Samuel d. May-28-1889 son of S.R.& M.A. 16yrs 6das

Fain, Samuel N. Feb-13-1884 d. Dec-24-1918 Mason

Fain, Sam N. d. Jun-12-1967 60yrs 5mos TM

Fain, infant of S.A.& M.A.

Fair, Sarah Ellis Feb-29-1848 d. Oct-3-1941

Fair, Robert James Mar-19-1847 d. Mar-1-1941

Fair, Claude Leach 1874-1962

Fair, Bess Hale 1882-1929

Fair, C.W. (June) 1909-1936

Fallas, Hope 1881-1923

Fallis, Mamie 1869-1909

Fallis, J.B. 1857-1929

Farmer, Claudie Treadwell Feb-17-1893 d. Aug-13-1941

Farrow, Eddie Jr. 1927-1927

Farrow, Minnie 1901-1942

Farrow, Edward Dec-24-1898 d. Nov-31-1969

Farrow, Susan Jul-1-1859 d. Aug-3-1927 wife of T.L.; Mother

Farrow, T.L. Sep-22-1856 d. Mar-23-1927 Father

Felps, Earle C. Feb-15-1877 d. Sep-25-1906 m. Arcenoe A. Walker Jul-26-1903; IOF; WOW

Felps, Guy K. Aug-5-1880 d. Mar-30-1967

Felps, J.M. Oct-5-1885 d. Feb-29-1952

Felps, Lillian Dec-2-1870 d. Sep-14-1960

Felps, Erma Mar-20-1879 d. Jun-10-1958

Felps, John J. Dec-11-1842 d. Sep-1-1909 m. Oct-12-1865; Mason CSA

Felps, Amanda Ruth Kendrick Jul-5-1845 d. Jul-9-1905 wife of J.J.

Felps, J. Crawley Nov-27-1874 d. Sep-24-1904 WOW

Fergason, Oleva M. Apr-8-1897 d. Nov-19-1898 dau of B.T.& M.M.

Ferguson, Allie Lee Jul-9-1881 d. Sep-15-1881

Ferguson, R.A. Sep-24-1825 d. Feb-12-1875 CSA

Ferguson, Maggie E. 1873-1927

Ferguson, George R. 1866-1942

Ferguson, Wallace Dec-19-1896 d. Nov-15-1955

Ferguson, Irene Mar-6-1896 d. ....

Fielder, Jackie April 1910 d. July 1910

Fielder, Zora 1871-1910

Fielder, James E. 1863-1935

Finley, Glenn 1880-1905

Finley, Lillie Jan-19-1883 d. Nov-28-1905 WOW Circle

Finley, Allie 1851-1917

Finley, William 1844-1922

Fisk, Ida Minnie Aug-21-1882 d. Dec-29-1928

Fite, Edna Farrir d. Jan-20-1969 93 yrs TM

Fite, Eugene G. Apr-23-1901 d. May-30-1961 TX Cpl US Army WWII

Fitzgerald, James Edmond d. Aug-22-1955 83yrs 10mos 2das TM

Fitzgerald, Addie 1872-1930

Flaniken, A.W. 1867-1931

Flaniken, Ala Newton 1869-1934

Floyd, M.L. (Dock) Dec-3-1906 d. Jan-16-1963

Floyd, Avis Oct-18-1907 d. ....

Floyd, Charlotte Temple Aug-14-1831 d. May-3-1908 wife of Thos S.

Ford, F.H. (D.D.) 1867-1960

Ford, Beryl S. 1874-1937

Ford, Fred W. Mar-17-1896 d. Apr-8-1956

Ford, John O. 1855-1938

Ford, Elizabeth 1854-1931

Fore, Dora G. 1868-1920 WOW Circle

Fore, Rev. T.N. 1864-1935 Shriner

Foreman, Dallas Oct-5-1844 d. Jul-22-1914

Forrest, Annie Gillespie Aug-1-1879 d. Jun-19-1903 wife of W.Y.

Forrest, Annie; baby (no date)

Forrest, Wm. Young Oct-8-1877 d. May-13-1952

Forrest, Henry Lee Jun-27-1924 d. Mar-20-1944

Forrest, Pauline R. Aug-8-1913 d. Aug-24-1967

Forrest, Beth Boles May-20-1909 d. Aug-22-1948

Forrest, Mrs. Mary B. May-26-1859 d. Jul-13-1926

Foscue, Mary Ella Nov-20-1860 d. Mar-30-1915 wife of W.J.

Foster, Thomas Jun-6-1894 d. Feb-18-1954

Foster, P.B. Feb-6-1861 d. Nov-26-1898

Foster, Leona Mar-31 1864 d. Jul-3-1940 wife of T.J.

Foster, T.J. Feb-18-1859 d. Aug-10-1913

Fountain, Ogden Aug-27-1893 d. Oct-27-1918

Fox, Oscar B. 1883-1958

Fox, Lola E. 1889-1957

Fowler, Dulie (no dates)

Fowler, Cyrus (no dates)

Fowler, James O. 1910 d. ....

Fowler, Dorothy Lee 1913-1964 (nee Nunnally)

Fowler, Mrs. Mary d. Jan-22-1971 74yrs 10mos 8das TM

Francis, J. Wood 1870-1906 WOW

Francis, Errol 1888-1951

Francis, Gifty (no dates)

Francis, Tennie Boyd 1858-1935 Mother

Francis, John Woodson 1856-1931 Father; Mason

Francis, Walter Boyd 1879-1948

Franklin, B.F. Nov-1-1822 d. Dec-5-1897 CSA

Franklin, Mrs. Sarah Mar-8-1846 d. Apr-17-1904 Mother

Frederick, A.O.W. 1866-1959

Frederick, Susie E 1871-1948

Frederick, Emzy A. 1887-1960

Frederick, Callie B. 1884-.... WOW

Frederick, Sallie B. 1885-1946 WOW Circle

Frederick, infant b&d Sep-14-1905 son of Mr&Mrs C.B.

Frederick, Herbert Harrison 1911-1920

Frederick, William C. 1839-1922

Frederick, Amanda M. 1842-1935

Frederick, Kealy 1906-1935

Frederick, James F. 1871-1932

Frederick, Jessie N. 1877-1937

Frederick, Will F. May-4-1873 d. Oct-10-1953

Frederick, Laura A. Sep-28-1883 d. Jan-3-1952

Freeland, Derward 1902-1934

Freeman, Tom Willice 1903-1968

Fry, Leberton (no dates) CSA

Fry, Joseph (J.M.?) (no dates) CSA

Fry, Mary Apr-28-1836 d. Aug-27-1910 wife of Joseph

Fry, Mrs. Sallie Irby Sep-11-1878 d. Dec-24-1921

Fry, W.B. (Bud) 1856-1934 WOW; Mason

Fry, Eulalie 1894-1960 his wife (W.B.)

Fry, William E. 1848-1894

Fry, Mollie A. 1860-1932

Fry, Miss Daisy d. Jan-12-1970 age 89yrs 10mos 16das TM

Fry, Theron Lloyd Oct-1-1887 d. Apr-15-1900

Fry, Thomas Jackson Aug-13-1876 d. Apr-26-1904

Fryer, J.B. 1866-1929 (in same plot with Fry)

Fryer, J.A. 1858-1947 (in same plot with Fry)

Fuller, Myra M. May-30-1837 d. Apr-6-1897 wife of Dr. John B. Mother

Fuller, Dr. John B. Oct-21-1826 d. Jan-18-1905 Father

Fuller, Annie E. May-3-1855 d. Dec-12-1873 dau of J.B.& D.F.

Fuller, John W. Mar-26-1870 d. Oct-8-1870

Fuller, William R. Jul-1-1851 d. Jan-9-1871 Son

Fuller, Horace W. Jan-11-1868 d. Jul-14-1871

Fuller, Ona Conn 1895-1957

Fuller, Frank Russell 1890-1969 Mason

Fuller, John Wyeth 1896-1897

Fuller, Nannie E. 1863-1946

Fuller, Dr. Frank A. 1858-1937 Mason

Fuller, Dr. Fred A. 1882-1939 Mason

Gaddy, Spurgeon H. Sep-19-1895 d. Nov-2-1967 Mason

Gaddy, Edna V. Mar-9-1898 d. Oct-31-1964 OES

Gaddy, Jerry T. Apr-23-1850 d. Nov-23-1916

Gaddy, Hattie T. Oct-26-1870 d. Jan-5-1916

Gaines, Elisha P. Oct-12-1864 d. Nov-7-1933

Gaines, Mary A. Aug-5-1876 d. Sep-8-1958

Gaines, Helen Sue (unmarked)

Grambrell, Patti C. 1888-1960

Gardner, Virgia F. Jun-9-1889 d. May-9-1890 dau of S.B.& B.

Garner, Catherine Aug-27-1895 d. Jul-5-1925

Garner, George Andrew 1879-1954

Garraway, Forest Homer Oct-11-1892 d. Jul-19-1918

Garrett, William T. 1840-1917 Brother

Garrett, John Wesley May-24-1890 d. Feb-2-1940 Co B 360 Inf 90 Div

Garrett, Eunice Lyons O. Jul-20-1899 d. ....

Garrison, Mrs. S.A. May-1-1827 d. Apr-25-1900

Garter, Frankie Jul-21-1883 d. Nov-26-1885

Gay, Joseph Thomas Mar-2-1876 d. Oct-2-1958

Gay, Susan Jane Feb-13-1881 d. May-20-1957

George, Unkn (on base of fallen marker)

George, Aaron Martin d. Aug-13-1970 85yrs 12das TM

George, Elizabeth Feb-14-1869 d. Jan-6-1928 wife of A.H.

Geyer, William K. Jun-15-1894 d. Feb-18-1964 TX Sgt Bger Hq Co 57 Field Arty WWI

Gibbens, Amanda Sep-22-1839 d. Mar-31-1920

Gibson, Minnie Delonie d. Aug-5-1955 81yrs 4mos 10das TM

Gibson, Laura? Jul-11-1845 d. Jul-23-1880 wife of J.M.

Gibson, J.T. Dec-17-1876 d. Mar-10-1919 WOW

Gibson, Marice Ray Feb-14-1918 d. Jun-12-1918 son of J.T.& Lucy

Gibson, Edith L. Nov-10-1848 d. Oct-30-1893 wife of J.M.

Giffin, Miss Ellen d. abt 1849 (early school teacher; unmarked)

Gilbert, Georgia Ann Sep-23-1905 d. Apr-15-1906

Gilchrist, Ang. J. d. Dec-6-1970 83yrs 2mos 7das TM

Gilchrist, Ang. J. Jr. Sep-10-1913 d. Sep-12-1936

Gill, Jimmie son of Jim & Jessie (Mayo) Gill (unmarked)

Gillespie, Isaac Jr. Sep-20-1887 d. Apr-14-1918

Gillespie, Rebecca Anna Hardeman Mar-16-1857 d. May-23-1939 wife of Isaac

Gillespie, Isaac Jan-1-1850 d. Feb-29-1892

Gillespie, Horace M. 1899-1904

Gillespie, Lillie L. 1872-1960

Gillespie, T.E. 1869-1952

Gilliam, Callie Norton d. Apr-22-1918 wife of J.P. age 45 yrs

Gilmore, Vinyard Marvin d. Jan-2-1970 77yrs 4mos 5das TM

Gilmore, Mary Elizabeth 1860-1945

Gilmore, James Lamar 1862-1939

Glidewell, dau age 5 yrs d. 1951 (in cem. history; unmarked)

Glidewell, Dr. Unkn d. 1852 (early teacher in cem. history; unmarked)

Gober, Harry L. 1912-1958

Gober, Valee ....-....

Gober, Madline Lucille May-11-1918 d. Jan-10-1919

Gober, Peggy Nell d. Jun-28-1942 our baby

Gober, Thomas Arnold Nov-16-1897 d. Dec-18-1953

Gober, A.R. (Blondie) Oct-23-1890 d. Feb-27-1934 Mason

Gober, Walter H. May-22-1893 d. Nov-25-1928 Mason

Gober, Walter Hayden Oct-3-1915 d. Jun-15-1968 TX Spc 124 Armd Ord Maint BN WWII

Gober, Mary Elizabeth Apr-5-1872 d. Aug-2-1953

Gober, A.G. Feb-9-1872 d. Aug-13-1928 IOF

Gober, Ellen Elizabeth Feb-10-1921 d. Jan-31-1936

Godsey, William Robert Jan-8-1921 d. Jan-7-1936

Godsey, George T. Feb-27-1861 d. Sep-6-1932

Goodman, William P. 1877-1943

Goodman, Daisie Annie 1882-1915

Goodman, Bill 1913-1935

Goodman, Ella 1874-1946

Goodman, Smith 1883-1946

Goodman, Rose 1855-1931

Goodman, W.C. 1848-1925

Goodman, Harvard 1884-1908

Goodridge, E.A. Mar-22-1854 d. May-9-1916 WOW

Goodridge, Nellie A. Apr-1-1860 d. Oct-15-1942

Goodson, Bessie Feb-17-1895 d. Nov-11-1928 dau of Mr&Mrs W.H. Tipton

Goodson, Johnnie Frank Aug-7-1889 d. Jan-11-1902

Goodson, Daisey N.L. Nov-14-1901 d. Apr-7-1902

Goodson, Nellie Cole Apr-24-1872 d. Dec-22-1937

Goodson, Joe Jan-22-1871 d. Nov-17-1931

Goodson, Sam D. Oct-12-1875 d. Jun-27-1944

Goodson, Ottis Bolton 1879-1926 wife of Sam D.

Goodson, Unkn 1844-1915

Goodson, Unkn 1849-1901

Goodson, James L.P. 1887-1935

Goodson, C. Polk 1872-1935

Goodson, William Lloyd Aug-31-1891 d. Jul-5-1966

Goodson, Susie Mae Butler ....-....

Goodson, R.C. 1873-1923

Goodson, Rena T. 1873-1956 wife

Goodson, Wilma Sep-12-1910 d. Apr-24-1911 dau of Mr&Mrs R.C.

Goodson, Pearl Fain Aug-24-1881 d. Feb-19-1967

Goodson, Watson S. Aug-1-1905 d. Sep-1-1953

Goodson, Maggie Jul-7-1880 d. Feb-7-1960

Goodson, John Larkin Jul-10-1879 d. Feb-18-1922

Goodson, Claud Benton Mar-21-1913 d. Feb-11-1922

Goodson, Audie 1895-1919

Goodson, Jennie A. 1870-1949

Goodson, William N. 1865-1947

Goodson, D. Ray 1898-1946

Goolsbee, William A. 1881-1935

Goolsbee, Jannice Rae b&d Jun-27-1954

Gossett, Wayne W. May-27-1887 d. Aug-15-1937

Gould, Walter Howard 1894-1963

Gould, J.E. 1860-1928

Gould, Rachel Josephine 1868-1952

Gould, James Fred 1896-1962

Gould, Richard P. 1892-1934

Gould, Lucile Trout 1896-1936

Gourley, James C. 1895-1936 Father

Gourley, Dollie L. 1890-1936 Mother

Gourley, Ora Nan 1933-1936

Gover, Lewis Nov-25-1826 d. Aug-6-1905 CSA

Gover, Margret Feb-15-1852 d. .... (no date)

Gover, Lewis Jr. Jul-20-1889 d. Aug-27-1906

Gover, Sam 1884-1954

Gover, James Newton Nov-19-1887 d. Oct-26-1968

Gover, Thalia Valyda Mar-5-1892 d. ....

Gover, Sarah Frances Apr-5-1844 d. Aug-1-1925

Gover, Henry Mar-18-1846 d. Dec-28-1877 CSA

Gover, Mrs. Lou Feb-24-1840 d. Mar-17-1882

Gover, Samuel Mar-3-1800 d. Jan-27-1885

Gover, Isabelle Jul-27-1808 d. Dec-29-1887

Gover, Millard E. Mar-15-1852 d. Dec-15-1887

Gover, Banks Nov-7-1832 d. Nov-26-1905 CSA

Gover, Tol Jan-31-1850 d. Feb-1-1913

Gover, Henry Claude Dec-29-1894 d. Nov-2-1969

Gover, Velma Eugenia Nov-12-1900 d. ....

Gragard, Douglas 1897-1961

Gragard, Grace Anna Kerr ....-....

Gragard, Janie Douglas 1878-1957

Gragard, Everett 1874-1934

Gragard, Nicholas C. 1903-1922

Gregard, Lena R. 1874-1952

Gragard, Tweat Richardson Dec-31-1868 d. Nov-17-1926

Grantham, Walter B. Apr-2-1902 d. Oct-24-1920 son of S.S.& M.J.

Graves, Henry Spray Jan-31-1912 d. Mar-19-1912 son of W.H.& M.M.

Gray, Alvin A. 1892-1928

Gray, Earle C. 1896-1938

Gray, Thomas C. 1862-1930

Gray, Amanda Earle 1868-1967

Green, infant d. Sep-7-1923 son of Mr&Mrs L.E.

Green, infant d. Dec-19-1921 dau of Mr&Mrs L.E.

Green, W.J. Nov-9-1845 d. Apr-25-1938 Father; Co F 63 AL Inf CSA

Green, Joe I. 1912-1969

Green, Cora B. 1905-....

Green, Don E. 1871-1964

Green, Mary E. 1885-....

Green, Daniel Arch Nov-4-1884 d. Jan-23-1915

Green, Clarence Morton Nov-17-1857 d. Jul-8-1933

Green, Emma Adele Feb-7-1863 d. Jan-13-1934

Green, Robert Lee Nov-28-1886 d. Dec-6-1966

Green, Mack Elree Jan-31-1895 d. Oct-4-1968

Green, Henry Grady May-17-1890 d. Dec-5-1933 TX Pvt 61 Engr

Green, Annie M. 1913 d. ....

Green, James M. 1899 d. 1963

Griffin, Hattie Morris Aug-26-1872 d. Sep-19-1935

Griffin, William Jun-7-1819 d. Oct-7-1894 CSA

Griffin, Edith A. 1884-1942

Griffin, James S. 1878-1959

Griffin, William Mell 1892-1943

Grimes, William L. Dec-31-1878 d. Oct-14-1885 son of L.& M.

Grimes, Luther Jan-7-1834 d. Feb-3-1884

Grimes, Roy Burton Sep-13-1926 d. Jul-22-1927

Grimes, Lenora Sep-7-1890 d. Feb-7-1923 Sister

Grimes, Annie Lee Aug-19-1904 d. Jul-10-1907

Grimes, R.S. May-15-1840 d. Sep-6-1902

Grimes, R.M. (no dates) CSA

Grimes, Sarah Josie 1896-1923

Grimes, Edwin M. 1855-1928

Grimes, Florence H. 1869-1928

Grimes, Robert Ray Dec-14-1919 d. Jul-10-1920

Grisham, Foster B. 1906-1963

Grisham, Louise 1909-....

Grizzard, Thomas W. Apr-22-1900 d. Sep-16-1956

Guinn, Judge John B. 1871-1939

Guinn, Lillie Louise 1870-1945

Gunter, George E. 1894-1944

Gunter, Daisy R. 1897-....

Guthrie, Rex A.L. Jul-3-1939 d. Jun-2-1962

Haberle, Fred L. Dec-9-1866 d. Aug-1-1953 Father

Haberle, Etta Love Sep-28-1878 d. Sep-23-1946 Mother

Haberle, Mary Anna Nov-14-1831 d. Mar-1-1906

Haberle, Herschel C. Aug-12-1897 d. ....

Haberle, Bertha M. Dec-12-1898 d. Jan-19-1967

Haberle, George J. Jan-1-1862 d. Mar-5-1937

Haberle, Anna L. Jun-20-1872 d. Sep-25-1913 wife of G.J.

Haberle, George Jack b&d Sep-22-1913 son of G.J.& A.L.

Haberle, Robert M. Aug-20-1898 d. May-28-1900

Haberle, Gladys A. Jun-8-1901 d. Feb-24-1903

Haberle, Lawrence May-23-1896 d. Jul-3-1958

Haberle, Jack Milton Sep-4-1917 d. Jun-30-1936

Hackney, William H. 1879-1962

Hackney, Laura Love 1883-1956

Hale, infant b&d Apr-2-1900 dau of L.B.& Emma

Hale, Alline Apr-10-1913 d. Nov-30-1930

Hale, Carrie Lou Aug-21-1907 d. Mar-17-1930

Hale, H. Aug-10-1875 d. Mar-15-1918 WOW

Hall, James Bruce Aug-31-1910 d. Nov-18-1910 son of G.C.& M.L.

Hall, Victor Apr-5-1904 d. Feb-15-1906 son of B.F.& Ella

Hall, W.W. Oct-6-1879 d. Sep-20-1905 son of J.C.& A.O.

Hall, Rev. Albert S. Nov-12-1862 d. Apr-13-1949

Hall, Anna B. Jun-27-1910 d. Dec-6-1932

Hall, Anna C. Sep-15-1869 d. Jun-12-1960

Hall, Viereene May-13-1917 d. Jan-23-1919

Hamby, Freddie L. 1927-1964

Hamilton, Lewis W. Jr. Sep-12-1928 (only date)

Hammons, Frank J. Jun-16-1893 d. Jun-20-1965 TX Chauffeur US Army WWI

Haralson, Jerome D.D. Nov-1-1844 d. May-30-1920

Haralson, Mettie M. Nov-18-1846 d. .... (filled) his wife

Hardgrove, Ann Green Mar-10-1814 d. Dec-22-1902

Hardy, Jesse D. 1877-1963

Hardy, Alma B. 1880-1967

Hardy, Annie Love 1912-1933

Harlan, J.M. 1869-1936

Harlan, Fannie 1871-1958

Harlan, Sue Carolyn Aug-21-1940 (only date)

Harper, William Douglas Nov-24-1928 d. 1125-1928 son of Mr&Mrs W.J?.

Harper, Elizabeth 1882-1935

Harper, Wm. Jessie Feb-27-1866 d. Nov-26-1946 (broken marker)

Harper, Robert J. 1876-1937

Harper, Fay 1889-1960

Harper, Laura E. Ulmer Jan-13-1888 d. Apr-5-1928 wife of Geo. W.

Harrell, Benjamin German 1863-1907

Harrell, Mollie E. Anderson 1868-1948

Harrell, Cooper Estill 1898-1942

Harrell, Carrie Bell Oct-4-1885 d. Aug-20-1970

Harrell, Pearl Lula Oct-26-1889 d. Mar-23-1923 wife of B.G.

Harrell, Elizabeth b&d Jan-3-1917 dau of B.G.& P.L.

Harris, infant b&d Oct-13-1921 dau of Wiley M.& Ada

Harris, Mrs. N.L. plot dated 1910 (no marked graves)

Harris, Jesse H. 1878-1968

Harris, Elizabeth 1888-....

Harris, Kenneth 1906-1941 Mason

Harris, Loyce 1905-....

Harris, Johnson Busbee Nov-25-1840 d. Sep-6-1928

Harris, Sarah Thankful Jun-17-1852 d. Aug-21-1913

Harris, Willie Y. Apr-2-1917 (only date)

Harris, Anna Perrin Jul-29-1948 (only date)

Harris, Winifred B. May-20-1875 d. May-31-1967

Hart, Andrew Francis Jun-8-1835 d. Feb-14-1904

Hart, Jack Gideon Nov-16-1929 d. Aug-8-1937

Hart, H.G. 1895 d. ....

Hart, Lena M. 1895 d. ....

Hawthorne, Neallie E. Feb-8-1870 d. Jun-20-1912

Hawthorne, W.J. 1863-1949 Mason

Hawthorne, Lela Kirkpatrick 1880-1942 wife of W.J.

Hays, Thomas S. Jun-8-1858 d. Sep-25-1916

Hays, Mamie Jul-11-1884 d. Jul-4-1902 affianced wife of Fred L.

Pickens; dau of T.S.& Mattie

Haynie, William A. 1876-1926

Haynie, Maude Price 1882-1969

Hearne, Alford Taylor Aug-23-1907 d. Jul-4-1966

Hearne, Ruth Louise Aug-4-1913 d. ....

Hearne, Alford Charles 1881-1927 Father

Heaton, F.L. Mar-23-1877 d. Aug-28-1932

Heaton, Nora J. Aug-11-1878 d. Nov-27-1960

Heermans, Emily Sep-1-1873 d. Oct-31-1904 wife of E.H.

Heermans, E.H. d. Sep-3-1896 age 24yrs 6mos 9das

Heermans, M. Jeanette Apr-24-1849 d. Apr-15-1929

Heermans, J.A. Sep-20-1848 d. Oct-23-1919 Mason

Heermans, Susan E. Jun-26-1862 d. Dec-29-1897 wife of J.A.

Heermans, John William d. Sep-12-1918 TX Mech 359 Inf 9 Div

Heermans, Carrie Jun-18-1831 d. Sep-20-1914 wife of E.

Heermans, Erastas b. Mitchelsville TN Feb-17-1823 d. Jan-2-1882

Heermans, Addison P. Aug-27-1888 d. Apr-13-1940 WOW

Helm, Samuel Karl Dec-27-1913 d. Apr-10-1951 OH SSgt 119 Medi BN WWII

Hendrick, Ernest Oct-28-1914 d. ....

Hendrick, Dorothy O. Oct-17-1916 d. ....

Hendrick, Lovie Ruth Mar-19-1893 d. Apr-15-1965

Hendrix, Wilson Walter 1859-1929

Hendrix, Minnie Cordelia 1866-1941

Henry, Bulah Jul-23-1876 d. Aug-16-1917 sis of Mrs. Mertie Alexander

Henry, William C. Oct-27-1876 d. Feb-2-1938

Henry, Emma E. Sep-6-1875 d. Sep-14-1961

Henry, Willie C. Jr. 1903-1924

Henry, Clinton L. Mar-13-1903 d. Dec-5-1968

Henry, Florence (Gleason) Feb-5-1914 d. ....

Hensley, William Thomas d. abt 1928 (unmarked; Info from Opal Teal)

Hensley, Nannie (Earle) d. abt 1895 (unmarked; Info from Opal Teal)

Hensley, small boy son of W.T.& N.E. (unmarked; Info from Opal Teal)

Hicks, Louie G. May-31-1895 d. Feb-22-1958

Hicks, J.M. 1865-1934

Hicks, Mary G. 1865-1956

Hicks, T.J. (Jeff) Mar-4-1866 d. Apr-18-1925

Hillard, Thweat Lovelady d. Feb-6-1970 age 73yrs 4mos 4das TM

Hilliard, Jessie Eliza 1870-1940

Hilliard, Whitney Lee 1866-1940

Hillyer, George R. b. NY City May-5-1825 d. Tyler TX Jan-27-1894

Hillyer, Mary Evans 1840-1921

Hines, Mary Anabel baker Oct-13-1910 d. Jul-20-1959

Hogan, George 1836-1903 WOW

Hogan, Mary 1853-1922

Hogan, George Oct-1-1872 d. Feb-27-1916

Hogan, Ada 1878 d. ....

Holder, James Gordon Jun-30-1902 d. Nov-24-1932

Holder, Claude Hayden Jan-15-1904 d. Mar-3-1960

Holder, John D. Jan-4-1874 d. Aug-14-1954

Holder, Eddie Sep-24-1878 d. Dec-12-1927

Holland, Bill Todd 1919-1946  MSgt US Army Air Corps

Holland, Maude 1883-1950

Holland, Hugh Gillespie Aug-15-1935 d. Sep-11-1952

Holland, James R. Feb-3-1876 d. Jan-19-1957 WOW

Holland, Bertha Gillespie Dec-9-1876 d. Mar-5-1941 WOW Circle

Holland, Richard Humbolt Dec-30-1853 d. Nov-3-1947 Father

Holland, Fannie Ann Jan-14-1857 d. Aug-21-1925

Holland, Idella Jul-6-1880 d. Dec-24-1896

Holland, Arthur Nov-10-1881 d. Jan-26-1913

Holland, James Pink 1850-1937

Holland, Mattie 1854-1941

Holland, Henry C. d. May-29-1963 52 yrs TM

Holland, Walter Neal 1880-1955 Mason

Holmes, William A. 1873-1955

Holmes, Laura J. 1880-1955

Holt, Thurman Ray Oct-31-1925 d. ....

Holt, Lillian Chadwick Nov-22-1928 d. Dec-16-1969 dau of Mr&Mrs S.B. Chadwick

Holt, Jackie b&d Mar-14-1941

Holzinger, infant Nov-13-1907 son of Mr&Mrs C.T.

Hood, R.B. Aug-5-1829 d. Dec-14-1888 CSA

Hood, Mattie E. Feb-4-1848 d. Feb-8-1916

Hood, Donlie Ira Oct-26-1887 d. Oct-6-1918 Mason

Hood, Dora L. 1898 d. ....

Hood, B. Otis 1884-1967

Horton, W.M. Dec-14-1871 d. Sep-25-1881 son of W.M.& M.E.

Houk, Lela Belle 1918-1944

Houston, Polly Dianne Dec-20-1942 infant

Howard, Ozzana Vay Feb-23-1885 d. Jun-8-1912 (4 graves in iron fence)

Howard, John E. 1842-1890

Howard, Joana 1847-1877

Howard, Luther D. 1878-1885

Howard, Robert E. 1884-1885

Howard, Annie Mae Nov-19-1886 d. Nov-7-1937 WOW Circle

Howard, William Malcom Dec-8-1881 d. Jan-9-1968 WOW

Howard, Barney Edward Nov-11-1909 d. May-17-1939

Howard, Mary L. Hermans May-6-1894 d. Apr-11-1956 WOW Circle

Howell, Mary B. 1889-1938

Howell, Robert H. 1892-1922

Hubley, baby (no dates)

Huddleston, W.G. Mar-8-1843 d. Oct-10-1929 Conf. States Navy CSA

Hudson, infant Oct-12-1940 dau of Mr&Mrs R.E.

Hudson, Frances Monkress Oct-9-1908 d. May-18-1958

Hudspeth, Lucy R. Aug-29-1887 d. .... (filled?) wife of B.G.

Hudspeth, B.G. Aug-8-1875 d. Jul-1-1955

Hudspeth, Minnie B. Apr-22-1885 d. Nov-22-1918 wife of B.G.

Hudspeth, Ruth d. Nov-19-1918 age 6 Hrs dau of B.G.& M.B.

Hugghins, Leonard H. Oct-28-1897 d. Nov-26-1953 Mason

Hugghins, Lula H. Aug-20-1900 d. .... OES

Hugghins, infant son b&d Jan-17-1955

Hughes, John Nov-27-1809 d. Mar-11-1855

Hughes, Dr. W.H. Oct-4-1859 d. Feb-24-1910 Mason

Hughes, Havanah V. 1869-1942

Humphreys, George W. Jun-3-1851 d. Feb-17-1929

Humphreys, Angelina Mar-12-1855 d. Feb-9-1932

Hunt, Roberta Moore 1874-1956

Hunt, T.B. 1868-1942

Hunt, William Harvey (Chuck) 1881-1951

Hunt, Jerry Allen Jun-9-1935 d. Oct-27-1936

Hunt, Willie E. Feb-8-1878 d. Dec-6-1948 wife of T.A. Sr.

Hunt, T.A. Sr. Apr-13-1877 d. ....

Hunt, Bryant P. May-24-1875 d. Mar-31-1952

Hunt, Sinnie E. Oct-20-1890 d. ....

Hutto, Gerald W. Jun-16-1943 d. Jun-18-1943

Hutto, Mrs. Nancy A. d. Mar-16-1969 87yrs 1mo 25das

Irvine, Rhoda E. 1879-1927 wife of R.J.

Irwin, Foster R. Jun-26-1879 d. Feb-7-1905 husband of Daisy

Irwin, Daisy Dec-15-1882 d. Sep-15-1946

Jackson, Robert N. 1890-1961

Jackson, Cora Lee 1891-1960

Jackson, George F. Sr. Feb-23-1886 d. Jun-23-1969

Jackson, Bonnie Bess Jul-25-1886 d. Apr-11-1965

Jackson, Clark L. 1884-1965

Jackson, Jewel D. 1888-1960

Jackson, Angie 1919-1919 infant

Jackson, Eras Bowman 1884-1963

Jackson, William Loveless d. Dec-18-1970 58yrs 4mos 10das TM

Jackson, J.B. Apr-27-1861 d. Jan-24-1927

Jarratt, Laura Earl 1879-1965

Jarratt, Sam Houston 1874-1944 Tomato Industry Co-Founder

Jarratt, Morris W. d. May-23-1970 45 yrs TM

Jarratt, Wade Dec-4-1900 d. Sep-22-1968

Jarratt, Millie Ann Sep-30-1908 d. ....

Jarratt, Fred Gray 1935-1936

Jarrett, Emma K. Feb-16-1859 d. Mar-6-1901 Mother

Jarrett, John C. Jan-22-1857 d. Mar-31-1900 Father

Jarrott, Charles Rowland Jul-16-1888 d. Jun-22-1958

Jarrott, Vesta Chapman Apr-22-1900 d. Dec-5-1957

Jarrott, Cottie E. May-30-1865 d. Jan-26-1911 wife of C.D. WOW Circle

Jarrott, Colonel Deveraux Dec-28-1866 d. Sep-17-1928

Jayroe, infants d. Jul-14-1947 sons of Mr&Mrs L.A.

Jenkins, B.R. 1846-1922

Jenkins, Mary Newton 1858-1941

Jennings, Hazil I. Jan-2-1908 d. Mar-2-1969

Jennings, David Barney Jan-28-1869 d. Oct-24-1931

Jenschke, Herman 1858-1934

Jenschke, Mattie M. 1864-1951

Johnson, George M. 1890-1931

Johnson, W.O. Feb-5-1844 d. Sep-7-1889

Johnson, W.W. 1867-1925

Johnson, Raymond V. d. Nov 1953? dim TM

Johnson, Sarah Elizabeth Jan-4-1830 d. Jun-15-1909

Johnson, Lillie Mae Apr-4-1860 d. Mar-31-1923

Johnson, Emma Elizabeth Sep-1-1870 d. Jun-7-1952

Johnson, May J. Jul-24-1853 d. Nov-22-1909 wife of E.C.

Johnson, Judge B.B. 1868-1939

Johnson, Mrs. B.B. 1870-1955

Johnston, Charles Marvin Aug-15-1906 d. Oct-13-1927

Johnston, Arvel Odis Jul-25-1911 d. Mar-14-1936

Johnston, Charles A. Jan-19-1874 d. Jan-4-1958

Johnston, M. Ona Sep-25-1880 d. Oct-27-1956

Johnston, Albert Herman Jan-8-1917 d. Oct-13-1917 son of A.H.& Eliza M.

Johnston, Artie H. 1879-1965

Johnston, Eliza M. 1882-1964

Johnston, Belt Edgar Jan-2-1877 d. Jun-25-1941

Jones, Sarah Louise 1860-1940 dau of Jack & Nancy (Wrenn) Garrett

Jones, Grace d. Apr-6-1964 47yrs 3mos 29das TM

Jones, Nelly B. Feb-2-1856 d. Sep-4-1899

Jones, Sallie Mar-18-1885 d. Jun-5-1893 dau of S.E.& C.B.

Jones, Sammie Dec-19-1887 d. Jan-16-1889 son of S.E.& C.B.

Jones, Sammie 1893 d. ....

Jones, Neva 1903-1970

Jones, Jerry Sam Nov-4-1937 d. Aug-15-1947

Jones, Levinia Crittenden Pullen d. Jan-22-1940

Jones, Edward Baxter Aug-26-1882 d. Dec-6-1932 1st Lt 328 Inf 82 Div

Jones, Sylvan Edwards b. GA Sep-5-1853 d. Feb-21-1932

Jones, Mary Etta May-16-1860 d. Oct-10-1933

Jones, Dr. P.E. Jul-14-1881 d. May-27-1964 m. Jul-8-1933

Jones, Lorene Liles Nov-10-1908 d. ....

Jones, Susan E. 1860-1923 Mother

Jones, J.C. 1851-1919 Father

Jones, Jonnie d. Oct-28-1916

Jones, Homer d. Mar-26-1916 (in fire at Country club in San

Antonio, TX, trying to save others)

Jones, Fenna W. May-28-1885 d. Aug-17-1956

Jones, James Pierce Apr-29-1879 d. May-28-1955

Jones, Lena Pope (no dates) wife of J. Pierce Jones

Jones, Tom Lyon 1880-....

Jones, Jackson 1874-1934

Jones, Minnie Sep-3-1876 d. Mar-31-1918 wife of Jackson

Jones, Walter G. Jr. Feb-26-1899 d. ....

Jones, Beulah Mae Jan-15-1903 d. Feb-14-1945

Jones, Walter Graves Oct-4-1868 d. Apr-17-1927

Jones, Lockie Morrison Jul-11-1870 d. May-1-1939

Jones, Jack W. 1872-1936 WOW

Jones, Gurlie H. 1876-1946

Jones, Hannah A. Jan-8-1839 d. Mar-13 1916 wife of P.R.

Jones, P.R. Nov-21-1839 d. Feb-18-1924

Jones, John 1883-1953

Jones, Minnie 1895-1923

Jones, Leonard L. July 1916 d. Sept 1920

Jones, Edward F. 1883-1959 Papa

Jones, Lula A. 1894-1937 Mama

Jones, Oliver David 1946 (only)

Jones, Hariett Richmond 1914 (only)

Jones, Lucylle Turner Jul-19-1918 d. Apr-18-1941 wife of Thomas

Jowell, Hague G. Feb-6-1893 d. Jan-27-1914 son of G.L.& M.J.

Jowell, R.R. Feb-28-1808 d. Nov-2-1871 Father

Jowell, Nancy E. Sep-28-1832 d. Aug-2-1914 Mother

Jowell, Charles L. 1862-1947

Jowell, Mary J. 1866-1920

Jowell, Cora Pearl Feb-21-1885 d. Mar-13-1937 WOW Circle

Jowell, Harvey Foster Mar-30-1884 d. Mar-21-1969 WOW

Keith, Richard Jun-7-1956 d. Jul-31-1960

Kellar, Mary Ann 1948-1949

Kellar, Sandra Kay 1941-1943

Kelley, Charles R. 1856-1944

Kelley, Jennie C. 1860-1932

Kelley, Metha M. 1895-1949

Kendrick, Rosa May Nov-8-1859 d. Aug-24-1893

Kennedy, J.I. Oct-20-1865 d. Jan-19-1896

Kennedy, Larence G. Mar-8-1889 d. 1892 son of G.D.& J.I.

Kennedy, Lillie D. Dec-28-1886 d. Sep-5-1892 dau of G.D.& J.I.

Kennedy, Ida O. May-20-1868 d. Jun-6-1920 wife of C.D.

Kennedy, Maggie L. Jul-26-1870 d. Nov-20-1901

Kennedy, Mittie B. Jan-19-1898 d. Feb-7-1920 dau of C.D.& M.L.

Kennedy, Charles D. Aug-9-1860 d. Feb-25-1942

Kern, Lovis B. Oct-7-1911 d. Aug-29-1958 Mason

Kern, Adron T. May-10-1881 d. May-16-1941

Kern, Gertie Sep-5-1890 d. Jul-24-1961 dau of James M.& Roda Turpin Frazier

Kern, Lonnie J. Oct-7-1904 d. Jun-29-1968

Kern, Jessie L. Jun-14-1905 d. ....

Kesler, Gertrude B. May-6-1876 d. Dec-10-1944

Kesler, Samuel Elmer Jan-1-1870 d. Oct-21-1943

Kesler, Maggie E. Dec-18-1868 d. Apr-25-1931 wife of S.E.

Kesterson, M.C. Aug-2-1831 d. Aug-2-1889

Key, Ann d. Dec 1881 (small rock marker-next to Bivings graves)

Key, William H. 1871-1922

Kilmer, Earl M. Mar-21-1888 d. Oct-10-1922

Kilmer, Ethal Aug-5-1891 d. Jan-16-1929

Kilmer, E.L. Sep-14-1883 d. Aug-24-1930

King, Frances Palmer Apr-12-1823 d. Apr-24-1910

King, Calvin d. Jan-23-1882 age 59yrs CSA

King, Willie Lewis Sep-24-1848 d. Sep-23-1857 son of F.E.& Calvin

King, Helen Frances b. Tyler TX Aug-16-1895 d. Mineral Wells TX Apr-13-1948 dau of Cicero & Hinda D.

King, Cicero C. 1859-1902

King, Hinda Denison b. Aberdeen MS May-22-1852 d. Waco TX

3-3-1948 wife of Cicero Calvin

King, Lugia A. May-8-1833 d. Jan-16-1899 wife of J.M.

Kirby, Charlotte Feb-12-1851 d. Sep-13-1925 wife of D.H.

Kirby, Homer H. Mar-26-1889 d. Jan-17-1967

Kirby, Eva L. Apr-15-1893 d. ....

Kirby, Manie H. Jul-30-1882 d. Sep-26-1957

Kirby, Russell H. Jul-20-1882 d. Jan-12-1940

Kirby, Manda Oct-20-1872 d. Sep-28-1946 Mother

Kirby, V.M. May-30-1890 d. Feb-27-1920 IOF

Kirby, R.W. Jul-9-1856 d. Jan-2-1924 Granddaddy

Kirby, Emma Jan-6-1858 d. Jan-29-1941 Granny

Kirk, Julia Mar-26-1886 d. Mar-8-1918 wife of C.C.

Kirkland, G.H. d. Dec-18-1924 infant of Allen & Loree (unmarked)

Kirkpatrick, Virgil C. Jan-14-1905 d. Sep-9-1969 TX Pfc US Army WWII

Kirkpatrick, John Thomas Jul-18-1939 d. May-29-1943

Kirkpatrick, J.P. Jan-18-1860 d. Dec-14-1888 Father

Kirkpatrick, Mary Mar-24-1862 d. Dec-17-1925 Mother

Knight, Lawrence E. d. Oct-14-1918 OK Cook 63 Depot Brg

Knox, A.J. (no dates) CSA

Kuykendall, Emmit R. Feb-19-1915 d. May-7-1944

Kuykendall, Tom Jul-9-1890 d. Feb-13-1964

Kuykendall, Avalona Dec-5-1894 d. Feb-28-1969

Lackey, Robert A. Nov-2-1869 d. Dec-12-1931

Lacy, Maggie Holcomb 1871-1927 wife of Dr. W.S.

Lake, Malcom O. 1895-1937

Lake, Opal Griffith 1901 d ....

Lake, Joseph Marshall Sep-20-1866 d. Mar-30-1941

Lake, Neta F. Mar-28-1873 d. Oct-1-1952

Lake, Joe M. b&d Nov-21-1925

Lake, F.C. (dates have sunk below ground)

Lambright, Linda Grace d. Aug-16-1970 32yrs 9mos 18das TM

Lane, R.E. (no dates)

Lane, Sam H. (no dates)

Lane, Olena Mar-7-1868 d. Mar-19-1916

Lane, Sallie E.V. Jul-12-1838 d. Nov-20-1908

Lane, Peyton 1886-1966

Lane, Ola 1888-1969

Lane, Charles E. Nov-5-1877 d. Feb-26-1965

Lane, Drury A. Jul-6-1883 d. .... (filled) Brother of Charles E.

Lane, Drury Jun-25-1828 d. Jul-26-1921 Father

Lane, Addie Feb-13-1842 d. May-28-1917 Mother

Lane, Andrew Jackson Jun-28-1880 d. Jul-4-1880 son of Drury & Addie

Lane, Isham H. Dec-27-1790 d. Feb-17-1859

Lane, Theodocia Feb-22-1798 d. Jun-22-1888

Lane, Neil E. Sep-8-1887 d. Apr-14-1892 son of J.H.& M.J.

Lane, Robert Eurskin Apr-11-1921 d. Jun-12-1936

Lane, John H. 1847-1936

Lane, Mary Jane 1856-1936

Lane, Ben A. 1889-1963

Lane, Edith Gragard 1871-1957

Lane, Charles S. 1856-1925

Lane, Mary Emma 1861-1920

Lane, Sam Houston Dec-26-1875 d. Mar-22-1942

Lane, Lillie Ayers d. Jul-17-1969 80yrs 4mos 16das TM

Laney, Ira Melvin Jul-15-1894 d. Jan-9-1911 (broken marker)

Lang, Ruby Black 1890-1911

Langston, Luther 1877 d. Feb-22-1968

Langston, Molley 1890-1930

Lassiter, Joe Roy Jul-4-1907 d. Feb-12-1968 TX CM3 USNR WWII

Lattimore, Lloyd Oct-19-1894 d. May-5-1948 TX Pvt 59th Inf 4 Div

Lattimore, Louie Oct-19-1894 d. Sep-15-1964 TX Sfc QM Corps WWI

Lattimore, Samuel D. Apr-4-1889 d. Aug-31-1956 TX 2d Lt QMC Res WWI

Lattimore, B.D. Jan-3-1839 d. Apr-21-1891 Mason CSA

Lattimore, Johny Sep-28-1874 d. Oct-21-1892

Lattimore, Elizabeth Waller Nov-5-1844 d. Mar-12-1893 wife of B.D.

Lattimore, J.H. Jan-7-1843 d. Jul-4-1917 Mason

Lattimore, Nellie G. Dec-18-1846 d. Nov-30-1911 wife of J.H.

Lattimore, Charley Udora Nov-15-1873 d. Sep-29-1890

Lattimore, Martha S. Sep-27-1875 d. Oct-20-1882

Lattimore, Samuel L. Jan-26-1880 d. Sep-17-1880

Lattimore, Hester Smith d. Dec-9-1969 64yrs 11mos 4das TM

Lattimore, D. Earl Oct-4-1896 d. Mar-22-1967 TX Pvt STU Army TNG Co

Lattimore, William Oscar Jr. 1902-1959

Lattimore, Unkn 1879-1933 Mother

Lattimore, Unkn 1867-1927 Father

Lawes, L.L. 1850-1936

Lawes, Betty 1850-1938

Lawler, Hix A. 1890-1959

Lawler, Roy 1884-1950

Lawler, Elizabeth 1887-1970

Lawler, Eva I. 1866-1939

Lawler, C.A. 1855-1944

Lawler, Mary Bobo Slaton Holland Oct-26-1896 d. Apr-12-1967

Lawrence, L.J. (Uncle Jack) Apr-19-1848 d. Feb-14-1923

Lawrence, Mary Jane May-17-1856 d. Dec-22-1939

Lawrence, Augustus Neal Nov-2-1887 d. Jan-12-1927 WOW; Mason

Lawson, Charles W. 1900-1951

Leinback, Olga Nov-6-1884 d. Aug-10-1921 wife of W.A.

Lewis, Ray d. Jun-15-1886 inf son of J.A.& G.B.; 2yrs 1mo

Lewis, Ann Mar-26-1818 d. Jan-19-1911 wife of W.R.

Lewis, Eld. J.S. d. Dec-21-1926 age 76yrs 10mos 27das

Lewis, Sallie Ann d. Nov-13-1935 80yrs 9mos; wife of Eld. J.S.

Lewis, Sallie Herrin Apr-17-1887 d. Sep-1-1902 dau of J.S.& S.A.

Lewis, J.A. d. May-23-1886 age 26yrs

Lewis, Bernice 1875-1957

Lewis, Lauwood Sep-24-1906 d. Mar-18-1924

Lewis, Ada Jul-25-1923 d. Oct-21-1923

Lewis, Will A. Feb-16-1880 d. Dec-10-1959 Mason

Linder, Elizabeth K. Jan-16-1909 d. Oct-5-1958

Linder, Frank Jan-4-1865 d. Dec-27-1936

Linder, Elisebeth H. Jul-23-1889 d. Jun-14-1965

Lloyd, H.D. 1868 d. May-2-1925

Lloyd, Joel d. Oct-8-1944

Lloyd, Walter (no dates)

Lloyd, John (no dates)

Lloyd, Moody (no dates)

Lloyd, Rev. David (no dates)

Lloyd, David (no dates)

Lloyd, Dr. W.J. Mar-5-1874 d. Oct-29-1900 WOW

Lloyd, Dora 1854-1909

Lloyd, Dr. L. 1833-1912 Mason

Lloyd, Mary Jan-27-1920 (only date)

Lloyd, Annie Oct-2-1926 (only date)

Lloyd, Ada Bell Slaton Mar-20-1884 d. Apr-4-1912 wife of Rev. L.L.

Loden, Lawrence Jan-29-1889 d. May-14-1941

Loden, Francis Ione Dec-8-1924 d. Dec-15-1924

Loftis, Ivan L. Jan-28-1900 d. Sep-29-1900

Loftis, J.W. Mar-22-1905 d. Apr-3-1906

Loftis, Prof. J.W. Nov-8-1869 d. Jan-8-1906

Longmire, Mrs. M.L. Jul-27-1833 d. Aug-2-1895 Exhumed June 1901

Longmire, Mary A. Haberle Mar-2-1864 d. Feb-25-1964

Longmire, Dr. Robert Belcher Apr-13-1861 d. Dec-19-1941

Longmire, Glara E. May-10-1861 d. Mar-26-1901 wife of Dr. R.B.

Longmire, Jett B. May-17-1897 d. May-24-1899 dau of Dr.& Mrs R.B.

Longmire, Walter C. Jan-8-1894 d. Jul-20-1946

Looney, William Alphus 1862-1954

Looney, Callie A. 1866-.... ?

Loper, F.M. (Frank) (unmarked in Loper Plot)

Loper, Francis Marion (Frank Jr) Aug-9-1911 d. Jan-6-1965 (unmarked in Loper Plot)

Loper, Minnie Ola Feb-28-1882 d. Jul-13-1959 dau of W.W.& Mary Turner Albritton (unmarked)

Loper, Margaret Louise May-7-1903 d. Sep-23-1955 dau of R.E.& Rebecca Puntch Troutman of NC (unmarked)

Loper, Joe Washington Jul-4-1859 d. Jun-17-1932 son of Nathan of MS (unmarked)

Loper, Wayne 1892-1967

Loper, Louise 1903-1955

Loper, J.A. Dec-8-1872 d. Jul-31-1912 WOW

Love, Thomas T. Apr-22-1875 d. Mar-15-1938

Love, Susan S. 1845-1934

Love, Jake W. 1843-1904 Mason CSA

Love, Hubert Henry Apr-7-1898 d. Nov-15-1956 TX Band Cpl HQ 19 Inf

Love, John Robert May-14-1890 d. Apr-8-1940

Love, Isaac Alexander 1896-1928

Love, Oscar A. Mar-13-1892 d. Nov-15-1893 son of Wesley & Tex

Love, Ruby May-12-1888 d. Apr-8-1901

Love, Lawrence Aug-20-1886 d. Jul-10-1912 son of Mr&Mrs Wesley

Love, James Samuel Jan-14-1900 d. Sep-13-1916 son of Mr&Mrs Wesley

Love, C.T. Jun-13-1844 d. Jan-17-1896

Love, Thomas (no dates) CSA

Love, Wesley 1858-1925

Love, Texana 1861-1930

Love, Edward Aug-7-1879 d. Aug-11-1880

Love, infant Dec-1-1880 d. 1881 son of J.S.& M.A.

Love, M.A. May-2-1836 d. Dec-28-1886

Love, J.S. Oct-31-1833 d. Dec-2-1898 (James) CSA

Love, Miss Achsah Sep-30-1838 d. Nov-15-1916

Love, Tennie Dec-22-1849 d. Sep-12-1891 Sister

Love, B.G. Jan-30-1817 d. Dec-29-1892 Father; Mason

Love, Amanda C. Apr-8-1834 d. Dec-25-1886 wife of B.G. Mother

Love, Nell Hays 1886-1924

Love, Everett 1884-1942

Love, Russell E. Oct-11-1908 d. Jul-1-1964 TX Pvt HQ Co 39 Inf

Love, Steene Jul-22-1881 d. Dec-26-1963

Love, Minnie Jan-3-1890 d. ....

Lovelady, Bonnie Jarrett 1878-1959

Lovelady, Robartus Love 1875-1952

Lovelady, Daisy 1880-1917

Lovelady, Capt. Wm. Houston Jul-3-1836 d. Jun-28-1902 CSA

Lovelady, Mary A. Jan-5-1879 d. Jul-18-1961

Lowe, Dan W. 1892-1950 Mason

Lowe, Samuel W. 1860-1939

Lowe, Carrie 1867-1934

Lowe, Samuel E. Sep-4-1894 d. May-5-1965

Luper, Martha Jane 1863-1927

Luper, John Thomas 1856-1931

Lux, John N. Apr-29-1851 d. Apr-5-1936

Lux, Lula I. Apr-25-1878 d. Apr-8-1955

Lux, Max G. 1904-1906

Lyon, Basil M. Dec-27-1850 d. Feb-3-1921

Lyon, Sarah Ann Feb-19-1852 d. Feb-20-1921 wife of B.M.

Lyon, Margaret E. Nov-10-1943 infant

Maddox, Ella Elizabeth Jun-6-1895 d. ....

Maddox, Oscar Elmo Jun-28-1894 d. Oct-30-1952

Magee, H.B. Sep-12-1914 d. Jul-3-1931

Magee, Mattie Mar-10-1885 d. Jul-15-1954

Magee, B.A. Oct-28-1882 d. Apr-20-1939

Majors, Wyatt B. Feb-7-1873 d. Apr-23-1927

Majors, Minnie R. Oct-17-1875 d. Jul-21-1946

Majors, Emsie C. Jr. Feb-2-1925 d. Apr-13-1925

Majors, Verna Hazel 1905-1961

Majure, infant (no dates) son of J.E.& Louise

Mallard, Beatrice 1880 infant of Mr&Mrs D.R.

Malone, George W. Dec-18-1933 (only)

Malone, child May-29-1925 d. Jan-1-1929 dau of S.R.& Susie G.

Manning, T.P. Sep-9-1892 d. Nov-28-1929

Maphis, I.A. Jan-11-1850 d. Nov-10-1895

Maphis, Mary C. Mar-1-1860 d. Jun-15-1929

Marsh, Laura D. d. Aug-6-1968 (only date)

Marshall, Thomas A. 1853-1928

Marshall, Ann E. 1855-1937

Marshall, Margie ....-....

Marshall, Ewing Gregory Mar-23-1885 d. Nov-11-1927 wife of G.W.

Marshall, Ruby A. Mar-18-1884 d. Oct-22-1964

Marshall, David M. Apr-8-1858 d. Nov-5-1941

Marshall, Abidah Malinda May-11-1862 d. Feb-7-1933 wife of D.M.

Marshall, Preston Apr-18-1898 d. Jan-15-1919 son of D.M.& A.M.

Martin, Arnold Ross Feb-3-1898 d. Aug-28-1905 son of R.J.& Ola

Martin, H.L. Nov-9-1835 d. Dec-11-1903 CSA

Martin, Ella Jan-23-1852 d. Mar-8-1928 wife of H.L.

Martin, Samuel Austin 1875-1939 Mason

Martin, W. Wade 1908-1964

Martin, Basil Apr-18-1878 d. Apr-14-1935

Martin, Paul Jun-27-1901 d. Nov-2-1928 son of Basil & Ercell

Martin, Perry 1885-1938

Martin, Effie 1887-1962

Matin, Coy B. Sep-3-1911 d. Aug-24-1919 son of Perry & Effie

Martin, Carl E. 1930-1953

Martin, Carl T. 1879-1939 Mason

Martin, Mae W. 1893-....

Martin, Palmirrah L. 1860-1935

Mason, Amanda E. 1852-1923 Mother

Massey, W.H. 1870-1942? or 1947?

Massey, Bessie O. Aug-7-1878 d. Aug-4-1944

Mattox, Floyd Dec-23-1868 d. Oct-25-1889

Mayfield, Miss Willie O. Sep-22-1892 d. Oct-27-1970

Mayfield, Homer S. 1874-1962

Mayfield, Etta 1882-....

Mays, W.O. b. Columbus GA Aug-6-1854 d. Apr-6-1907 age 53 yrs

Matkins, John P. Sep-22-1828 d. Sep-12-1885

Matkins, Tom (no dates) CSA

Unkn, Mary Ann (on broken stone on red stone vault)

Meador, Larry James d. Jan-21-1952 infant

Meritt, A.B. Jun-18-1844 d. Jun-14-1910 Father

Meritt, Louisa C. Jan-11-1850 d. Mar-17-1925 Mother

Meritt, Edwin F. 1874-1939

Meritt, Ella A. 1872-1945

Merit, Ella M. d. 1866 dau of J.S.& S.A. (badly broken marker)

Merit, Sherwood Feb-4-1780 d. Sep-30-1866

Merit, James M. Aug-2-1849 d. Feb-27-1864

Merit, Susanah Dec-17-1802 d. Nov-23-1865

Merit, Hiram Sep-20-1803 d. Feb-5-1881 77yrs 4mos 5das

Meritt, Samantha J. Dec-6-1851 d. Apr-21-1876

Meritt, John Martin Oct-6-1860 d. Jan-18-1883

Meritt, John Sherwood Sep-25-1829 d. Sep-12-1907

Meritt, Sarah Ann Nov-17-1829 d. Mar-17-1883

Meritt, Edwin W. Apr-8-1858 d. Oct-15-1936

Meritt, Emma G. Mar-29-1864 d. May-11-1958

Meritt, Albert L. Dec-6-1862 d. Jan-17-1933

Meritt, Virginia Della Dec-9-1867 d. Jul-4-1958

Meritt, Edwin Hiram Jun-24-1842 d. Jun-10-1875 Father CSA

Meritt, Mary Elizabeth Aug-26-1848 d. Mar-17-1912

Meritt, James H. Dec-26-1872 d. Dec-1-1952

Meritt, Loraine Neely 1866-1945

Meritt, John S. Jan-19-1904 d. Jun-21-1904

Meritt, Charlette P. Nov-29-1897 (only date)

Meritt, Minnie Love 1868-1893

Merit, Belven L. Oct-17-1886 d. Oct-20-1889 son of A.B.& L.G.

Meritt, Harmon Benton d. May-7-1940 TX Pvt US Army

Merk, Grady W. Nov-21-1890 d. Aug-16-1893 son of G.W.& S.E.

Merk, Katie E. Aug-5-1875 d. May-31-1884

Merk, Mary J. Dec-17-1869 d. Jun-6-1884

Merk, Robert L. 1868 d. Jun-10-1884 (broken marker)

Merk, G.W. 1863-1919 Father

Merk, Sudie E. 1869-1938 Mother

Merk, Roy A. 1889-1942 Brother

Merk, George C. 1900-1947 Brother

Messer, Edgar O. Jul-12-1893 d. Jan-5-1948 FL Pvt QM Corp WWI

Middleton, G.W. Mar-11-1855 d. Jan-25-1886

Miles, Clarke N. Sep-30-1898 d. Sep-9-1932

Miles, William Nov-12-1870 d. Aug-7-1938

Miller, Harold Caithness 1900-1906

Miller, Robert Louise 1906-1907

Miller, Robert Caithness 1869-1912

Miller, Alice Mather 1869-.... (filled?)

Miller, Kate J. 1853-1908

Miller, W.A. 1836-1911

Miller, E.J. 1872-1912

Miller, Wesley 1874-1945

Miller, Capt. W.R. Nov-27-1825 d. Nov-3-1898 CSA

Miller, Susan Dec-7-1833 d. Jan-25-1906 wife of Capt. W.R.

Miller, Myra James Aug-12-1857 d. Aug-23-1934 wife of J.W.

Miller, William J. 1882-1960

Miller, Mary A. 1885-1958

Mills, Dr. James Gray 1877-1948

Mills, Ethel V. 1899-1937

Mills, Frank M. 1863-1945 Mason

Mims, Robert May-9-1846 d. Apr-29 1912

Mims, Margaret A. Mar-26-1852 d. Feb-7-1939 wife of Robert

Mims, Hugh Alexander d. May-8-.... 71yrs 4mos TM

Mims, Jeff M. Jun-15-1877 d. May-9-1906

Mims, Sidney 1888-1962

Mims, Artie 1896-1963

Mims, Ross (infant) d. May-19-1915

Mims, Robert 1883-1961

Mims, Carrie Nunnally 1875-1941

Mitchell, J.K. d. Nov-4-1898 age 65 yrs CSA

Mitchell, Martha L.M. Jun-1-1832 d. Oct-26-1873

Monk, Mrs. M.M. d. Oct-24-1905 age 74 yrs

Monkress, Nora Sep-30-1883 d. Feb-19-1918 wife of K.M.

Monkress, Willye Faye Jun-28-1910 d. Oct-31-1944

Monkress, Kirby M. Dec-4-1870 d. Nov-3-1964

Monkress, C.W. Nov-18-1847 d. Nov-22-1872

Monkress, Vetura Apr-6-1852 d. Jun-20-1912 wife of C.W.

Monkress, Virgil Pope Aug-1-1868 d. Nov-10-1921

Moore, Mattie 1870-1932

Moore, Bettie E. Sep-10-1845 d. Mar-24-1898

Moore, Thomas M. Aug-26-1846 d. Jan-25-1905

Moore, infant May-12-1951 son of Rachel

Moore, J.A. Jr. Apr-5-1916 d. Nov-18-1918 son of J.A.& Essie

Moore, Marvin 1900-1965

Moore, Lula 1904-....

Moore, John Floyd Jan-12-1844 d. Apr-26-1919 Mason

Moore, Maggie A. 1864-1955

Moore, Wilie A. ....-....

Moore, Robert D. Jan-2-1898 d. Sep-6-1951

Moore, infant d. Sep-11-1935 son of Rev.& Mrs T. Watters Moore

Moore, Tommy Jul-10-1933 d. Feb-2-1940 son of Rev.& Mrs. T. Watters Moore

Morgan, Martha Adele 1905-1963

Morgan, Mary E. d. 1941 (only date)

Morgan, Mrs. J. Doug 1885-1953

Morgan, J. Doug 1882-1938

Morrison, Charley A. May-16-1906 d. Feb-23-1956

Morris, Elisabeth Mar-8-1833 d. Feb-20-1905 wife of W.T.

Morris, W.T. Aug-4-1828 d. Nov-23-1916

Morris, Mose W. (no dates) filled

Morris, Reba Shannon d. Nov-25-1904 4yrs 4mos 13das

Morris, Leona Townsend (no dates) filled

Morris, Lowie Apr-7-1894 d. May-31-1949 TX 1st Lt SN Corps WWI

Morris, Helen Bass Jan-4-1902 d. Jul-12-1955

Morris, Capt. H.L. 1838-1902 Mason CSA

Morris, Charity Missouri 1838-1913

Morris, Henry L. 1872-1905 WOW IOOF; Son

Morris, Myrtle Dell Jun-19-1884 d. Aug-14-1887 dau of Jno F.& Adella F.

Morris, Oscar Jan-23-1881 d. Jun-16-1883 son of Joshua & Ella

Morris, Moses Dean 1835-1899 Mason IOOF CSA

Morris, Mary Louise 1836-1914

Morris, Joe (no dates)

Morris, Dolly (no dates)

Morris, John F. 1861-1913

Morris, Adella F. 1867-1918

Moseley, Phil Jun-7-1918 d. Jul-19-1936

Moseley, Charley P. Mar-24-1888 d. Aug-25-1968

Muckleroy, John H. (no dates)

Muckleroy, Laura S. Kennedy 1864-1891 wife of John H.

Muckleroy, Allie R. Mar-13-1863 d. Sep-16-1882 wife of Mellissa G.

Muckleroy, John Feb-20-1827 d. Jul-3-1866 Mason

Muckleroy, Eli Austin Jul-7-1888 d. Jul-27-1966

Muckleroy, Vera S. Feb-19-1893 d. Jul-24-1968

Muckleroy, Marvin D. Jun-8-1895 d. Jun-4-1960

Muckleroy, Mary C. Jul-28-1861 d. Mar-19-1943

Muckleroy, John A. Nov-15-1857 d. Sep-19-1943

Muckleroy, Nancy Renta Oct-25-1951 d. Mar-8-1952 (footstone says Charquita)

Mullins, Hosea R. 1886-1960 WOW

Mullins, Nevie 1896-....

Murray, Maudie 1885-1960

Murray, John 1872-1948

Murray, William Mills Jul-27-1902 d. May-1-1966

Murray, Walter P. 1873-1960 Mason

Murray, Maggie Easton 1882-1934

Murphey, Frances Elizabeth Mar-22-1879 d. Nov-8-1952

Murphey, Robert Porter Sep-2-1876 d. Sep-27-1940

Murphey, G.T. (Jack) Nov-18-1901 d. Feb-7-1947

Musgrove, Mrs. E.C. Feb-21-1855 d. Nov-29-1920

Musgrove, Rev. E.G. Jan-17-1844 died J'ville TX Mar-22-1908

Musgrove, Kathellyn Mar-31-1917 d. Feb-28-1918 dau of R.J.& Cleo

Myhand, Smith E. Mar-9-1914 d. Feb-10-1920

Myhand, Elvie Lee (no dates)

Myhand, Arch R. 1861-1940

Myhand, Emma L. 1866-1922

Myhand, James Vernon Jun-25-1894 d. Nov-25-1925 Mason

Mac Lelland, Agnes P. 1900-1965

Mac Lelland, Charles G.H. 1900-....

McAdams, Ruth 1905-1913

McAdams, Jack 1907-1913

McAnally, H.M. Mar-10-1834 d. Oct-30-1919

McAnally, Rebecca Apr-28-1842 d. Apr-13-1929 wife of H.M.

McAnally, Willie T. Feb-1-1881 d. Sep-23-1881 dau of H.M.& R.J.

McAnally, John H. Aug-23-1861 d. Aug-8-1885

McAnally, Frankie W. Apr-12-1883 d. Sep-11-1886

McAnally, Sam H. Jan-26-1871 d. Sep-27-1890

McAnally, Rebecca J. Dec-24-1908 d. Feb-12-1909 dau of E.M.& O.B.

McAnally, Texana J. Jul-23-1859 d. Sep-13-1863 dau of H.M.& R.J.

McAnally, Mary A. Nov-11-1867 d. Jun-11-1869 dau of H.M.& R.J.

McAnally, J.R. Dec-12-1845 d. Dec-5-1908 CSA

McAnally, Marshall Apr-30-1880 d. Aug-6-1892 child of J.R.& C.E.

McAnally, Frankie Dec-6-1888 d. Aug-16-1890 child of J.R.& C.E.

McAnally, Katie Dec-3-1881 d. Feb-15-1882 child of J.R.& C.E.

McAnally, Cathherine I. Dec-7-1848 d. Dec-6-1881

McAnally, W.W. 1872-1934

McAnally, Winnie A. d. Feb 1965 aged 81 yrs TM (dim)

McAnally, E.M. Feb-4-1877 d. Feb-26-1918 IOOF

McAvoy, J.R. Apr-19-1900 d. Mar-26-1965

McAvoy, Irene Mar-2-1905 d. ....

McAvoy, James William Aug-19-1928 d. Feb-18-1929

McBride, Octave Otis Nov-13-1899 d. Oct-16-1965

McBride, Cleo Unger Aug-28-1903 d. ....

McBride, Albert Benjamin Apr-19-1865 d. Jun-14-1937

McBride, Minnie Susan Jan-21-1869 d. Apr-4-1963

McBride, Ben D. d. Apr-12-1968 76yrs 2mos 8das TM

McCall, W.H. Aug-1-1874? d. May-22-1922 (broken marker)

McCall, Maj. E.S. 1835-1917 CSA

McCall, Mary M. 1842-1917

McCall, John B. Dec-8-1873 d. Dec-15-1901 FCB

McCarty, R.E. 1880-1948 Bro. of Trainman

McCarty, Eugenia R. 1888-1963

McCaskill, Lydia Easton d. Feb-10-1926 (only date)

McClelland, Mrs. L.A. Apr-18-1854 d. Feb-17-1947

McClung, Van 1870-1926

McClung, Mary E. 1848-1930

McClung, Rev. S.R. 1847-1931 Mason

McClung, Essie J. 1888-1964 Rebecca

McClung, Luke S. 1883-1960 IOF

McClung, William S. 1877-1925 Mason

McDonald, Thomas L. Nov-30-1897 d. May-13-1963

McDonald, Jeane B. Feb-16-1900 d. Jan-14-1947

McDonald, William E. Apr-22-1872 d. Feb-8-1940 WOW

McDonald, Rebecca Dec-15-1876 d. Feb-10-1952 WOW Circle

McDuff, Katie Russey Feb-22-1882 d. Mar-1-1909

McFarland, John Edwin Sep-18-1918 d. Dec-8-1968 Son

McFarland, Mittie Brown Jun-1-1880 d. Apr-7-1926 Mother

McFarland, John Edwin Mar-17-1872 d. Jul-15-1938 Father

McFarland, Emily d. Feb-9-1914 infant

McFarland, Cornelia d. Feb-9-1914 infant

McGowan, Eddy R. Dec-17-1890 d. Feb-1-1894 son of Wm.& E.C.

McGowan, Robert M. Jan-11-1892 d. Mar-7-1961 TX Cpl US Army WWI

McGowan, Maudie L. ....-....

McGowan, W.J. Jul-17-1835 d. Feb-17-1879 CSA

McGowan, Mrs. Elvira Jan-15-1836 d. Jan-16-1885

McGowan, Charles Henry 1864-1939

McGowan, Junita 1874-.... (filled)

McGowan, Elizabeth C. May-12-1869 d. Sep-16-1961

McGowan, W.M. Jul-31-1862 d. Sep-30-1929

McGowan, William Banks 1876-1934

McGowan, Mary Franklin 1881-1950

McGregor, Henry L. Jul-14-1851 d. Sep-8-1924

McGregor, Ava V. Apr-11-1863 d. Mar-19-1953

McHenry, J.A. (no dates) CSA

McIlvin, Herbert L. d. 1933

McIlvin, Lula David 1873-1955

McIntyre, D.S. Feb-9-1876 d. Sep-6-1931 Mason

McIntyre, Claudia L. 1880-1968

McKanna, Barbara May Jan-4-1897 d. Dec-30-1903 dau of W.A.& Barbara

McKee, Gippie Gilchrist Aug-31-1872 d. Jan-5-1916 wife of S.R.

McKee, Marie Pottinger Sep-4-1878 d. Mar-13-1920 wife of S.R.

McKee, S.R. May-5-1870 d. Nov-25-1949

McKee, H.M. 1872-1946

McKee, Mrs. Lena 1878-1940 Mother

McKinney, Vesta? Ann Josephine Nov-25-1837 d. Mar-28-1863

McKinney, William Torbett Jul-19-1881 d. Dec-29-1960

McKinney, Mary McClelland Nov-28-1883 d. Dec-25-1936 wife of Wm. T.

McKnight, Doyle B. d. Oct-2-1943 inf son of Mr&Mrs Bruce

McLaughlin, infant d. Sep-14-1940 dau of Mr&Mrs H.P.

McLendon, Eugenia Feb-18-1882 d. ....

McLendon, Joseph B. Nov-11-1865 d. Nov-11-1922

McMahon, George T. 1890-1959

McMahon, Lina E. 1890-....

McNaughton, Mattie Palmer 1891-1934 Mother

McNaughton, William Brown 1875-1937 Father

McNiel, William A. 1888 d. ....

McNiel, Mora White 1891 d. 1969

McNutt, Mrs. A.E. Jul-17-1863 d. Jan-17-1920

McO...?, F. (footmarker only)

McPherson, J.M. 1852-1874

McPherson, Sarah Jane 1830-1872

McPherson, J.L. 1827-1879

McPherson, S.H. 1850-1883

McPherson, S.R. 1859-1887

McPherson, E.R. 1854-1897

McTeer, Fannie Aug-5-1877 d. Nov-18-1914 wife of Chas.

McTeer, Charles 1858-1911

McTeer, Emma Bufors 1872-1899

Nash, Alvin Samuel Jul-14-1935 d. Apr-21-1936

Naylor, Laura J. Brady Oct-21-1863 d. Aug-11-1900 wife of W.W.

Navarro, Enriqueta R. 1881-1964

Neely, Emma F. Jun-26-1857 d. Jul-12-1892 Mama (on Brittian Marker)

Neely, T.H. 1853-1927

Neely, Helen Spears Dec-20-1858 d. Apr-23-1881 wife of T.H. dau of H.C.& A.F. Spears

Neeley, Miss Nannie d. Oct-16-1935

Neely, Tommy 1924-1932

Nelson, Byron Columbus Feb-24-1912 d. Sep-13-1914 son of J.R.& Elua (unmarked)

Nelson, John G. d. Jan-27-1897 age 81yrs 4mos 17das CSA

Nelson, Ruth Owen Nov-27-1914 d. Apr-9-1969

Nelson, Boyd May-5-1909 d. ....

Nesbitt, Robert Feb-23-1885 d. Nov-28-1892 son of Chas.& Mattie

Nesbitt, Mattie S. 1849-1922

Nesbitt, Charles S. 1843-1924

Nesbitt, Charles 1883-1970

Newbern, Molly B. Nov-5-1850 d. Sep-15-1933

Newbern, Ben T. Mar-18-1884 d. Apr-12-1927 WOW

Newbern, Luther H. Mar-29-1888 d. Feb-17-1960

Newbern, Goldie T  Jan-9-1892 d. ....

Newburn, John Watson Jun-18-1908 d. May-6-1909 son of J.M.& L.T.

Newburn, Lula T. 1869-1936

Newburn, Eld. J.M. 1868-1926

Newburn, Rev. W.C. 1882-1948

Newburn, Maggie Lee 1883-1920

Newburn, O.N. Feb-21-1874 d. Aug-24-1936

Newburn, Sarah E. Apr-17-1880 d. Dec-25-1962

Newburn, Michael Lynn Aug-26-1949 d. Aug-27-1949 son of Q.L.& Belle

Newburn, Quesney Lee Jun-23-1914 d. Apr-15-1967 TX Y1 USNR WWII

Newell, Sarah Elizabeth Dec-31-1873 d. Mar-7-1958

Newton, infant b&d Mar-9-1907 son of Geo.H.& Pearl N.

Newton, Little Faye Nov-20-1908 d. Feb-26-1914 dau of Geo.H.& Pearl

Newton, Pearl Crosby Mar-14-1880 d. Feb-17-1934 Mother

Newton, George H. 1876-1954 Father

Newton, Wm. Crosby 1904-1958

Newton, Loring Collins Aug-31-1876 d. Nov-23-1932

Newton, Dorothy Gertrude Sep-17-1907 d. Jun-19-1955

Newton, William Walter Jan-20-1875 d. Sep-8-1955

Newton, Bettie Boyd Feb-28-1862 d. Jul-19-1932

Newton, Geo. L. Oct-18-1856 d. Feb-5-1941

Newton, Fred Fleming Nov-14-1899 d. Dec-11-1945

Newton, W.A. 1845-1926 Father

Newton, Ida Cox 1850-1931 Mother

Newton, Mozelle 1883-1960

Newton, James Zelvin 1878-1943

Neyland, infant b&d Jun-1-1907 son of H.W.& Kate

Nichols, Charles W. Jun-26-1872 d. Feb-21-1918

Nichols, Sarah Adelia Oct-19-1875 d. Aug-31-1934

Nichols, Vinson T. 1839-1926

Nichols, Mary A. 1841-1908

Nicholson, Joe Russell Dec-20-1911 d. Oct-15-1912 son of J.J.& L.R.

Nicholson, Dovis Stowers 1872-1960

Nicholson, Charles Chester 1872-1956

Norman, Jesse Virginia 1885-1967

Norman, Oscar Frank 1885-1941

Norton, John H. Jan-28-1869 d. May-22-1938 m. Feb-21-1900

Norton, Sallie A. Oct-22-1875 d. Feb-6-1949

Nunley, Sarah Elizabeth Nov-18-1857 d. Apr-14-1930

Nunley, Robert M. Apr-6-1853 d. Feb-11-1913 Mason

Nunn, Tracy H. 1912-1929

Nunn, Charles Wilkie Nov-8-1889 d. Feb-1-1929 WOW

Nunn, Allen Grady Nov-2-1891 d. May-10-1962

Nunn, Tommie Tucker Dec-18-1892 d. ....

Nunn, Charles L. 1867-1954

Nunn, Hettie L. 1870-1955

Nunn, W.B. (Bill) 1903-1944

Nunnally, Capt. C.L. Apr-3-1838 d. Mar-26-1913 CSA

Nunnally, Mrs. A.H. Aug-16-1849 d. Aug-17-1900

Nunnally, Marion Diehl 1882-1960 Father

Nunnally, Annie Lee 1894-.... Mother

Nunnally, Guy Reagan Jan-26-1872 d. May-24-1942

Oaks, Minnie Lee Oct-21-1909 d. Nov-25-1919 dau of J.W.& M.C.

Oaks, James W. Oct-11-1880 d. Dec-31-1944

Oaks, Minnie C. Sep-17-1885 d. Dec-17-1956

O'Bryne, Viola Virginia Jun-28-1884 d. Feb-7-1961

O'Bryne, John Parnell May-18-1881 d. Nov-16-1946

Oden, Raymon W. Jan-27-1904 d. Dec-10-1957

Oden, Jessie Lee Aug-18-1908 d. Sep-7-1957

Odle, Samuel 1796-1845

Odle, Margarett Jan 1853 d. Aug 1853

Odom, Sylvan Lawrence Jul-20-1896 d. Apr-2-1969

Odom, Dora P. 1877-1966

Odom, Alonzo R. 1869-1933

Odom, Lorene Gertrude Aug-24-1893 d. Jul-6-1897

Ogletree, Cordelia d. 1914

Ogletree, Eugene R. Aug-4-1900 d. Oct-19-1918

O'Keefe, Michael d. Apr-4-1940 son of Mr&Mrs Lyman D.

O'Keefe, Lyman D. 1904-1970

O'Keefe, Bruce W. 1899-1949

O'Keefe, James 1865-1932

O'Keefe, Etta M. 1870-1962

Orchin, Joseph Dec-26-1885 d. Oct-5-1928

Orme, Wendell Wayne Feb-8-1955 d. Feb-22-1956

Orr, Augusta Ann 1859-1942

O'Steen, Larry Jul-28-1952 d. Oct-6-1952

Owen, Bertha Burke Power Mar-17-1892 d. Dec-8-1961

Owen, Perry Aug-31-1886 d. Oct-27-1964

Owen, Lee Nora Stevens May-10-1889 d. Jan-11-1941

Padilla, Martin d. Apr-8-1969 aged 80yrs 4mos 29das TM

Padilla, Emeteria H. 1891-1965

Page, Bessie Gober Jul-20-1902 d. Sep-12-1922

Page, George Gideon Apr-5-1870 d. Dec-6-1937

Page, Mrs. Bettie Feb-8-1881 d. Feb-18-1954

Page, George B. Jan-20-1913 d. Apr-11-1930 son of Mr&Mrs G.G.

Palomar, Nina Rita (all in Spanish)

Park, Willard E. (M.D.) Aug-22-1872 d. Feb-1-1943

Park, Reece W. Sep-21-1874 d. Apr-29-1914

Park, James T. Oct-7-1832 d. Feb-3-1882 Mason

Park, Pernecie Nov-3-1842 d. May-13-1926

Parks, Mattie May b&d Apr-4-1882 dau of B.F.& S.C.

Parker, Jackie Apr-4-1928 infant son of Thomas H.

Parker, H.H. 1867-1945

Parker, Ella B. 1880-1967

Parsley, Charles Ernest Jun-20-1885 d. Mar-5-1967

Parsley, Ida Smith May-26-1887 d. Jan-3-1968

Pate, Joe N. 1861-1930

Pate, Annie Bell Mar-17-1916 d. Sep-19-1916 dau of J.N.& W.F.

Partlow, Lillie Sep-21-1883 d. Aug-5-1908 dau of Mr&Mrs D.W.

Partlow, Margaret J. Mar-11-1825 d. Feb-4-1899

Patterson, Chester A. d. Apr-30-1942 AL Pvt 336 Fld Arty 87 Div

Patton, Nellie Ann Feb-14-1883 d. Aug-13-1941 WOW Circle

Patton, Chester A. Jun-8-1885 d. Oct-10-1958 WOW

Patton, John E. Mar-19-1904 d. May-20-1968

Patton, Gwendolyn Feb-16-1905 d. ....

Pavletich, Philip Jack b. Austria 1892 d. 1961 (father Peter; mother Frances Sayble)

Pavletich, Mary Annie ....-....

Pavletich, Frances 1873-1929

Pearman, R. Juette Sep-21-1892 d. Jan-16-1963

Pearman, C. Sarah Sep-27-1895 d. Jan-16-1963

Pearman, Robert Lee (Bob) Sep-6-1871 d. Sep-27-1946

Pearman, Ella Mae French Dec-30-1873 d. Dec-9-1942

Pearman, Lillie M. Aug-12-1891 d. ....

Pearman, Young C. Aug-23-1886 d. Dec-7-1927

Perry, Charlotte E. b. Hamilton Co Canady Mar-4-1843 d. Mar-29-1917; wife of James P.

Perry, James P. 1850-1925

Perry, Thomas Boyd 1891-1959

Perry, Mollie Donley 1899-1955

Perry, Sarah Jane 1854-1921

Phillips, Marie E. Nov-16-1880 d. Jan-5-1930

Phillips, Lucanda Jane 1852-1952

Phillips, Lewis Elmore 1850-1931

Phinney, Maude E. 1890-1954

Pickens, Jack Taylor Feb-3-1940 d. Apr-19-1941

Pickens, Mae Douglas May-31-1877 d. Dec-14-1963

Pickens, Charlie L. 1874-1936

Pickens, Robert M. Mar-27-1831 d. Apr-29-1867 CSA

Pickens, Rachel Mar-1-1836 d. Mar-22-1924 wife of Robert M.

Pickens, Murphy Andy Aug-16-1910 d. Sep-31-1914 son of Chas & Mae

Pickens, Andrew J. 1845-1925

Pickens, Mrs. S.H. Jan-26-1854 d. Nov-13-1903

Pickens, Jewel Jul-1-1880 d. Nov-29-1883

Pickens, Andy Horace Mar-24-1889 d. Jul-21-1893 son of H.T.& M.A.

Pickens, Myrtle Feb-26-1886 d. May-27-1892 dau of H.T.& M.A.

Pickens, Sammie Dec-13-1887? d. Apr-15-1888 son of H.T.& M.A.

Pickens, Hines Jan-27-1884 d. Jul-28-1884 son of H.T.& M.A.

Pickens, William K. Nov-28-1853 d. Jun-11-1930

Pickens, Maggie J. Apr-15-1859 d. Mar-17-1937

Pickens, John R. Oct-23-1877 d. Aug-4-1911

Pickens, Lillie M. Feb-11-1878 d. Jan-14-1905 wife of John R.

Pickens, Hubard May-30-1891 d. Mar-15-1893 son of W.K.& M.

Pickens, Mrs. E.A. Aug-10-1811 d. Feb-4-1892 wife of Reese

Pickens, Reese Jan-18-1806 d. Apr-20-1878 age 72yrs 3mos 2das

Pickens, Ethel Jan-27-1882 d. Feb-16-1923

Pickens, H. Taylor 1848-1928

Pickens, Mattie A. 1856-1944

Pickens, Fred L. 1879-1946

Pickens, Nellie 1879-1965

Pickens, Mattie Bell Nov-27-1919 d. Nov-13-1921

Pickens, Michael T. Oct-3-1942 d. Oct-6-1942

Pickens, Ray d. Aug-27-1942 TX Cpl 359 Inf 90 Div

Pink, S.E.V.L. (no dates)

Pinkard, Enoch W. 1875-1898

Pinkard, Berl M. 1878-1945

Pizano, Jesus 1896-1956

Pizano, Dora H. 1888-1955

Poindexter, Laura M. Sep-6-1902 d. Oct-1-1918

Poindexter, Minnie Ola Nov-17-1884 d. Apr-27-1936 Mother

Poindexter, Clarence A. Aug-31-1880 d. Apr-30-1952 Father

Poindexter, Elgin B. Aug-14-1917 d. Nov-22-1917

Poindexter, Mary Feb-12-1884 d. May-7-1967

Poindexter, Roger Stafford May-24-1876 d. May-27-1958

Pollard, J.H. d. Jan-9-1968 75 yrs IOOF TM

Pollard, J.S. 1844-1931 Cross of Honor CSA

Pollard, Sophia M. Myhand 1851-1922

Pollard, James T. 1874-1950

Pollard, Mollie L. 1881-1946

Pollard, W.S. 1892-1928 IOOF

Pollard, Charlie H. 1879-1956

Pollard, Arch C. 1887-1946 IOF

Poore, Clyde Apr-4-1896 d. Jan-7-1960

Poore, Beulah Sep-7-1898 d. Apr-27-1969

Porter, Melville 1869-1959

Powell, Homer H. 1873-1937

Powell, Viola Mary d. Mar-31-1970 aged 93yrs 4mos 18das TM

Powell, Maurice T. 1898-1948

Powell, E.G. Jul-22-1877 d. Dec-28-1934

Powell, Bertha L. d. Apr-8-1963 70 yrs TM

Powell, James W. Sep-5-1921 d. Jun-12-1944

Prather, John Barton 1849-1916

Prather, Martha Ann Ragsdale 1852-1924

Prather, Edward Baxter 1883-1931

Prather, William Griffin 1895-1956

Prather, Lee Myhand 1900-....

Pratt, Edwin Marshall d. Sep-30-1932

Pratt, infant d. Nov-12-1928

Pressler, Rosalin Nov-26-1891 d. May-5-1922

Pressler, Lenora May-5-1885 d. Nov-1-1908

Pressler, William H. (Bill) 1879-1967

Pressler, Nicelou 1895-....

Pressler, Lillian Dec-22-1891 d. Aug-3-1943

Pressler, Otto May-7-1853 d. Feb-19-1916 Father; Mason

Pressler, Missouri Aug-20-1857 d. Jan-14-1926 Mother

Pressler, infant b&d Jul-28-1911 dau of Mr&Mrs J.M.

Pressler, Mingie Nov-11-1889 d. May-24-1917 wife of J.M.

Pressler, Menon Dec-13-1912 d. May-24-1917 son of Mr&Mrs J.M.

Pressler, Joe M. Apr-29-1883 d. Mar-3-1934

Prestridge, Joseph S. 1852-1909

Prestridge, Alma E. 1854-1928

Prewitt, Vera McDonald Apr-28-1892 d. Nov-23-1961

Price, Mrs. W.V. d. Nov-20-1968 age 61yrs 15das TM

Priestly, Lee C. Oct-6-1868 d. Oct-8-1950

Priestly, Annie L. Nov-27-1883 d. Apr-12-1964

Priestly, Allen Lee Oct-12-1910 d. Sep-26-1932

Priestly, Wilhelnenia Oct-1-1918 d. Jan-11-1937

Priestly, S.B. (Bide) Aug-23-1873 d. Aug-27-1943

Priestly, Maggie B. Dec-27-1883 d. ....

Prieto, Lorenzo Jul-26-1949 d. Sep-16-1965

Pruitt, Maud 1880-1935

Pruitt, Dr. Jessie N. 1870-1942

Pullen, W.B. Sep-28-1861 d. Apr-17-1904

Punch, Mrs. Margaret E. Nov-24-1839 d. Sep-26-1905 71yrs 10mos 2das

Puyear, Luther 1859-1928 Mason

Puyear, Annie E. 1878-1968 OES

Quick, Oma McAnally Mar-28-1888 d. May-17-1956

Quick, Lois E. Dec-31-1886 d. Feb-3-1927 wife of J.H.

Quick, J.H. Nov-27-1869 d. May-23-1961

Ragland, Mary L. Sep-14-1838 d. Oct-14-1906 Mother

Ragsdale, Matilda Jan-31-1825 d. Jun-8-1903 wife of E.B.

Ragsdale, E.B. Oct-3-1816 d. Nov-8-1883 Mason

Ragsdale, S.H. Oct-16-1850 d. Oct-23-1896

Ragsdale, Ida Wright 1868-1930

Ragsdale, Andrew Nimrod 1857-1936

Ragsdale, William Beauregard 1860-1940

Ragsdale, Maude Lee 1878-1954

Ragsdale, John Eberly 1865-1937

Ragsdale, Eva Jul-16-1898 d. Jul-10-1910 wife of J.E.

Ragsdale, Mary C. 1850-1926

Ragsdale, William J. Apr-22-1884 d. Jan-12-1925 Mason

Rankin, Unkn (grave plot; no marked graves)

Rankin, Dollie 1858-1925

Rankin, William 1881-1897

Rather, Dr. S.S. 1867-1933

Rather, Rupert L. 1894-1959 TX Cook HQ Co 315 Engrs 90 Div

Rather, Bertha 1900-1951

Rawlinson, Fred Jan-15-1884 d. Mar-28-1960 Mason

Rawlinson, Mamie T. Sep-23-1888 d. ....

Ray, Willis S. 1869-1945

Ray, Thad L. 1884-....

Ray, Nobie Fair 1882-1969

Rea, Mattie L. Jan-3-1876 d. Nov-23-1958 wife of Elmer C.

Rea, Elmer C. Jan-16-1875 d. Aug-12-1909 husband of Mattie

Reagan, Sarah E. Mar-15-1836 d. Nov-2-1907

Reagan, Lillie E. Apr-28-1871 d. Aug-25-1905 wife of C.M.

Reagan, C.M. Nov-3-1853 d. Dec-1-1910 WOW

Reagan, infant Jun-23-1892 d. Jun-27-1892 son of G.M.& L.E.

Reed, Walter W. 1900-1932 Mason

Reed, James Albert May-25-1875 d. Jan-16-1940

Reed, Susie Stowell Nov-6-1879 d. Dec-24-1935

Reed, Lillian Genelle May-4-1939 d. Dec-26-1944

Reeves, Walter R. 1899-1963

Reynolds, James Jul-8-1889 d. May-2-1952 TX Pvt 316 Repair Unit MTC

Reynolds, John Henry Oct-20-1895 d. May-5-1899 son of E.L.& Addie

Reynolds, Pearlie Nov-16-1893 d. Oct-7-1895 dau of E.L.& Addie

Reynolds, E.L. Nov-17-1854 d. Sep-7-1928 Father

Reynolds, Addie Oct-16-1857 d. Mar-5-1935 Mother

Reynolds, Sam M. Mar-24-1891 d. Apr-5-1911 son of E.L.& Addie; WOW

Rhome, Peter G. Aug-23-1806 d. Jan-5-1875

Rhome, Frances Feb-15-1800 d. May-26-1871

Richey, Harriet E. Dec-12-1836 d. Aug-4-1912 wife of W.J. Sr.

Richardson, John Henry May-26-1857 d. Dec-29-1930

Richardson, Susan Scott Sep-3-1859 d. Dec-2-1945

Richmond, Charles Henry 1917 (only date)

Richmond, Mary Tracy 1926 (only date)

Riden, J.A.S. Feb-28-1878 d. Mar-8-1932 Mason

Riley, Lizzie Sep-24-1875 d. Dec-25-1909

Riley, Finis E. 1887-1947

Ritter, Minnie Dell 1938-1939

Roach, Russell Aubry Feb-6-1879 d. May-31-1898 son of J.D.& P.J.

Roach, P.J. Sep-15-1855 d. Jan-2-1882 wife of J.D. dau of T.J.& M.A. Slaton

Roach, Dananna d. Feb-14-1896 wife of J.D.

Robbins, Ruth Jean Jan-22-1928 d. Jan-28-1928

Robbins, Marywood Francis 1894-1967

Roberson, Blanche Eva 1891-1920

Roberts, Alice Mar-25-1866 d. Jan-8-1901 wife of J.B.

Roberts, Pearl Mar-12-1892 d. Oct-17-1899 dau of J.B.& H.P.

Roberts, Harriet P. Jan-25-1858 d. Nov-17-1894 wife of J.B.

Roberts, Johnnie N. May-7-1882 d. Aug-22-1882 son of J.B.& H.P.

Robertson, R.B. (Bob) May-30-1913 d. Nov-18-1943

Robinson, R.J. Nov-13-1910 d. Nov-16-1910

Robinson, Mildred Boyd Feb-12-1854 d. Jun-30-1939

Robinson, Mattie M. Feb-10-1868 d. Oct-23-1940 Wife

Robinson, Sam J. Jun-4-1859 d. Dec-10-1934

Rogers, B.S. Sep-5-1822 d. Feb-11-1884 Father

Rogers, Sarah A. Nov-26-1830 d. Oct-28-1915

Rogers, G.A. d. Th. 2 Dec. 1852 (rock marker)

Rogers, Archimides b. Blount Co TN Dec-15-1826 d. Dec-22-1882 CSA

Ross, Alice Summers 1880-1956

Ross, Reba Lee 1908-1926

Ross, James Collins 1886-1962 Mason

Ross, Lillian L. 1885-1969 OES

Rotschild, Lula E. Nov-22-1862 d. Oct-7-1887 wife of E.

Rotschild, infant May-16-1887 d. Jun-19-1887 son of E.& L.

Rountree, John F. May-10-1890 d. May-8-1965 TX Pfc 358 Inf 90 Div

Rountree, John F. Jul-4-1858 d. Nov-16-1931

Rountree, Bettie P. Aug-1-1872 d. Sep-2-1963

Rowbarts, J. Herndon 1890-1951

Rowbarts, Claude Jan-2-1889 d. Oct-4-1959 Father

Rowbarts, Pearl Nov-21-1886 d. Sep-7-1945 Mother

Rowbarts, Reavis Jun-6-1910 d. Jul-18-1920 son of C.E.& Pearl

Rucker, Ann 1898-1955

Rudd, Roscoe Bolton Nov-2-1892 d. Dec-7-1920 TX Bos'n mate 1st Cl US Navy

Rupert, Harry W. d. Feb-12-1968 83 yrs TM

Russell, Sidney Wix Sep-23-1893 d. Feb-11-1915 son of F.W.& E.E.

Russell, Reba Frances Mar-15-1896 d. Mar-29-1920 dau of F.W.& E.E.

Russell, Finis W. Mar-17-1864 d. Apr-30-1932

Russell, Eulalia 1863-1945 Mother

Sanders, Albert A. 1869-1960

Sanders, Mary E. 1874-1957

Sanford, Sherrod 1904-1956 Father

Sanford, Inez 1907-.... Mother

Sanford, William J. Jan-30-1867 d. Jul-6-1949 Father

Sanford, Dora 1866-1946 Mother

Sanford, William Lee d. Nov-4-1918 TX Pvt 1stCl 360 Inf 90 Div

Savage, Arthur J. 1892-1951

Saxon, Tenie Olivia 1889-1940

Saxon, James Cecil 1887-1947

Scarborough, Henrietta E. Jan-31-1855 d. Oct-27-1922 wife of D.L.

Scarborough, D.L. Sep-3-1854 d. Dec-30-1915 WOW

Schneidewind, Herman C. 1862-1937

Scogin, Artie Starnes Apr-21-1872 d. Jan-29-1925 wife of N.H.

Scogin, Jeppie Harris Sep-6-1889 d. May-21-1955

Scogin, Kate Beall Jan-11-1898 d. Feb-10-1968

Scoggins, Buena V. Mar-23-1896 d. Jan-8-1919

Scoggins, Ralph H. May-19-1899 d. Feb-2-1935

Seay, James T. 1908-1921

Seibert, Flora E. May-17-1855 d. Sep-17-1895 wife of C.A.

Settles, Miller Sep-23-1879 d. Jan-18-1921

Settles, Sam Jul-20-1881 d. Sep-17-1906

Settles, W.R. Aug-15-1852 d. May-14-1903

Settles, Victoria Jan-5-1853 d. Dec-14-1900

Sevier, Cullen Sep-1-1887 d. Dec-23-1952 TX Pvt Co F 64 Inf 7 Div

Shanks, William Jr. Dec-18-1878 d. Apr-5-1944

Sharp, H. Clint Aug-4-1903 d. May-16-1942

Sharp, Frankie Feb-12-1900 d. ....

Sharp, Clarence L. 1901-1968

Sharp, Myrtle O. 1901-....

Sheets, M.T. 1870-1935

Sherman, Asa Morris Apr-5-1911 d. Sep-11-1940

Sherman, A.J. Oct-23-1872 d. Feb-19-1958

Sherman, Annie Jan-20-1880 d. Jan-11-1967

Sherman, Nannie Lenora Jul-15-1900 d. Jun-28-1906

Shields, D.S. Feb-16-1869 d. Jul-25-1900

Shoemaker, Mary Ermin Jul-30-1903 d. Sep-24-1904 dau of A.Y.& Effie

Shoemaker, Effie G. Jun-23-1941 (only date)

Shoemaker, Adolphus Y. Apr-28-1916 (only date)

Shoemaker, Ernest M. 1884-1935

Shoemaker, Cornelia G. 1888-1949

Shrimplin, Flora Lattimore 1926-1960 dau of E.& H. Lattimore

Sides, Mrs. Laura Sep-30-1886 d. Feb-11-1968 dau of Geo. White & Sue Miller

Sides, W.M. (Bill) Mar-18-1879 d. Jan-20-1949

Sides, Minnie Pearl May-31-1885 d. Jan-26-1948

Sigler, Frank Herschel Oct-3-1892 d. Jun-20-1894

Simpson, Gertrude Lewis Jan-13-1857 d. Jan-3-1929

Simpson, G.H. d. Dec-2-1905 age 56 yrs

Simpson, J.T. d. May-23-1895 age 53 yrs

Simpson, Emmette d. Aug-10-1897 age 27 yrs

Simpson, Mary E. May-6-1836 d. Sep-13-1908

Simpson, Mary Jane Aug-7-1904 d. Jul-7-1916

Simpson, Danny A. Jun-29-1876 d. Nov-2-1947

Simpson, Nancy Narcis Dec-22-1878 d. .... (filled)

Simpson, Goldie Lois Feb-14-1911 d. Dec-13-1960

Simpson, Lee L. Oct-8-1885 d. Jan-2-1914

Simpson, Lavada A. Jan-13-1887 d. Aug-4-1944

Singleterry, Joe Neal Oct-13-1904 d. Jan-1-1959

Singleterry, Diamond Apr-3-1906 d. ....

Singleterry, Roy Glynn Jul-7-1937 d. Nov-30-1955

Singleterry, Capt. James (dates unreadable) 34 yrs TM

Skipwith, Rama Jul-4-1870 d. Jun-5-1928

Skipwith, Milton O. 1891-1970

Slaughter, infant Sep-28-1890 son of J.M.& A.P.

Slaughter, T.S. Feb-28-1828 d. May-5-1898 Mason

Slaughter, Sarah J. Mar-17-1828 d. Jan-21-1886 wife of T.S.

Slaughter, Ruby J. Sep-19-1889 d. Oct-29-1889 dau of J.M.& A.P.

Slaton, Thomas J. Feb-10-1829 d. Aug-13-1893 CSA

Slaton, Martha J. d. Sep-19-1906 age 74yrs 9mos

Slaton, Thomas N. Mar-27-1858 d. Oct-3-1935 Father

Slaton, Melvina Jun-3-1865 d. Jul-3-1939 Mother

Slaton, Corene Melvina Sep-1-1914 d. Sep-16-1917 dau of S.H.& B.F.

Slaton, Sam H. 1890-1950

Slaton, Nell B. 1890-....

Slaton, Harold 1924 (only date)

Slaton, Malcolm 1926 (only date)

Slaton, W. Allen 1885-1935

Slaton, Elmer N. d. Feb-8-1970 63yrs 9mos 14das TM

Slaton, Vernon C. 1895-1959

Slaton, Dess Reily 1895-1943

Slover, Stell 1914-1968

Slover, Joe S. 1923-1945

Slover, Lela Peacock Dec-20-1880 d. Apr-9-1969

Slover, W.W. Oct-13-1877 d. Nov-12-1935

Smith, Camilla L.C. Aug-13-1852 d. Mar-4-1884

Smith, Annie C. Mar-11-1884 d. Dec-18-1897

Smith, Jackson Jan-15-1814 d. Feb-9-1897 CSA

Smith, Bettie 1851-1899

Smith, R.W. Sep-1-1847 d. Nov-11-1900 WOW

Smith, Amanda Shanks Oct-16-1898 d. Feb-5-1933

Smith, Susan Love Feb-9-1838 d. Feb-8-1918 wife of J.A.

Smith, Tommie Moore 1878-1907 Sister

Smith, Dr. M.B. Dec-8-1879 d. Jan-8-1912 son of Rev.& Mrs J.T. Smith; m. Eula Loughridge Mar-4-1904 WOW

Smith, Mrs. M. Eula Jan-10-1883 d. Feb-17-1910 wife of Dr. M.B.

Smith, Oscar T. Jan-28-1895 d. Jun-27-1965 TX (Capt) Chaplin US Army

Smith, Thomas Calvin d. Jul-27-1965 aged 61 yrs TM

Smith, Mary L. 1877-1954

Smith, W.J. 1850-1933

Smith, Plumer H. Feb-20-1881 d. Jan-18-1918

Smith, R.N. Dec-17-1841 d. Apr-23-1901 Father CSA

Smith, Mrs. Jamima E. Mar-12-1848 d. Apr-2-1902 Mother

Smith, Mary B. Jul-30-1832 d. Apr-7-1908 wife of David T.

Smith, David T. Nov-19-1824 d. May-4-1904

Smith, J.L. Nov-2-1859 d. Feb-15-1918 WOW

Smith, J.D. Sep-14-1863 d. Oct-15-1934

Smith, Parilee L. Spears Dec-6-1866 d. Oct-9-1925 wife of J.D.

Smith, Raymond Oats Apr-28-1891 d. Oct-15-1957 TX Pvt Co F 3 Pioneer Inf WWI

Smith, Tol Gover Nov-7-1882 d. May-17-1949 Mason

Smith, Mattie Jane Aug-24-1891 d. ....

Smith, Tolece b&d May-8-1914 dau of Tol G.& Mattie J.

Smyrl, Mrs. G.N. May-28-1851 d. Jan-10-1908 wife of J.D.

Smyrl, M.J. Sep-10-1842 d. Nov-5-1889 wife of J.D.

Smyrl, J.D. Dec-25-1836 d. Oct-8-1904 erected by his wife G.N.

Smyrl, Ernest L. Feb-25-1873 d. May-18-1832 WOW

Smyrl, Ruby Pearl May-4-1888 d. Oct-3-1933 wife of E.L. WOW Circle

Smyrl, Edgar L. Oct-14-1900 d. Aug-14-1968

Smyrl, George J. Dec-25-1898 d. Jan-21-1938

Snyder, Fla. W. 1892-1945

Snyder, Estelle N. 1894-....

Sory, Willie Love Aug-14-1882 d. Mar-17-1908

Sory, John Harvey b&d Oct-16-1889

Sory, W.H. Aug-13-1850 d. Aug-12-1917 Mason IOF WOW

Sory, Mattie Lee Jul-26-1863 d. Mar-17-1946 his wife

Sory, Cynthia A. Jan-30-1856 d. Sep-3-1881 his wife

Sory, Harry N. Aug-23-1879 d. May-1-1891 son of W.H.& C.A.

Sory, Jane Catherine Dec-18-1821 d. Feb-17-1917 Granny

Sory, Dr. Wm. Henry Sep-25-1881 d. Jan-2-1953 KT

Sory, Estell Crysup Dec-15-1880 d. Mar-29-1950 OES

Sory, G.W. Oct-12-1907 d. Jun-7-1908

Sory, Bruce Lee 1876-1943

Sory, Ida Lora 1872-1964

South, Mary Elizabeth (Molly) (no dates)

South, William Baily Mar-5-1881 d. Mar-5-1950

South, Nancy Anne Jun-7-1862 d. Sep-24-1944

South, J.F. Jul-26-1860 d. Apr-1-1926

South, Eula Ivis Jan-15-1899 d. Feb-7-1933

South, Verla Gabriella (no dates)

South, Ruby Lorain Jul-24-1911 d. Dec-26-1912 dau of S.A.& B.E.

South, Arlie S. 1883-1957

South, Bondue E. 1887-1958

Spain, Mollie M. Mar-12-1867 d. Nov-19-1932 Mother

Spain, Myrtle Feb-27-1906 d. Mar-19-1927 Sister

Spain, Jessie Dec-11-1902 d. Aug-6-1928 Brother

Spear, Amanda F. Apr-21-1833 d. Sep-9-1921

Spear, Cicero H. Oct-13-1835 d. Aug-26-1920

Spear-Cunningham, Uncle Walter 1870-1951

Spear-Cunningham, Niece Carrie 1881-1966

Spence, Willie Blackburn 1891-1921 wife of Rev. Albert

Spraggins, W. Newton Oct-4-1897 d. Nov-11-1924 Mason

Spraggins, Millard Fillmore Nov-25-1856 d. Jun-14-1930 Mason

Spraggins, Mable May 1873-1949

Spraggins, C.F. Jan-23-1890 d. Sep-8-1896

Spraggins, Dollie B. 1895-1965

Spraggins, Allen F. 1892-1955 Mason

Spruill, S.T. Aug-22-1853 d. Jan-6-1929 Father

Spruill, Sallie May-18-1860 d. .... (no date) Mother

Spruill, Robert L. Jun-14-1897 d. Sep-18-1930

Spruill, Z.H. 1813-1874 Age 61 yrs Father

Spruill, Mrs. S.C. 1821-1894 age 73 yrs Mother

Spruill, Charlie L. Feb-23-1884 d. Feb-24-1911

Spruill, Frankie 1880-1928

Spruill, David 1879-1951

Spruill, Clarence T. Dec-17-1893 d. ....

Spruill, Nena M. Jan-15-1894 d. ....

Starkey, Vera Gillespie d. Mar-14-1970 80yrs 8mos TM

Starkey, Ned Gillespie 1911-1955

Starkey, Jack d. Jan-27-1970 age 54 yrs TM

Starkey, E. Maurice 1874-1943

Starkey, Bonnie B. 1880-1964

Starkey, R.E. 1914-1936

Starkey, Annie M. Jul-9-1884 d. Mar-22-1959

Starkey, Edward L. Jan-5-1878 d. May-24-1948

Stell, James Cousens Feb-5-1872 d. Jan-21-1942

Stell, Bessie Hodge Oct-7-1888 d. Nov-19-1970

Stephens, Lena Dec-9-1892 d. May-20-1925 wife of Jim

Stephens, Charity Frances 1824-1905

Stephens, Dr. H.J. Apr-18-1858 d. Dec-26-1911 WOW

Stephens, Mary S. Apr-2-1866 d. May-11-1944

Stephens, William Jennings 1890-1967

Stephens, Laura L. Nov-10-1843 d. May-10-1905 wife of A.P.

Stephens, Earle Jun-3-1887 d. ....

Stephens, Lottie Dee Sep-11-1887 d. Sep-18-1952

Stevens, Alifair Oct-23-1857 d. Apr-1-1941

Stevens, A.A. Jul-1-1854 d. Feb-8-1916

Stevens, Henry Grady 1895-1927

Stevens, E.G. Dec-25-1882 d. Mar-19-1917

Stevens, Nellie Pruitt Dec-31-1873 d. Jan-21-1921

Steward, Thomas F. Jan-11-1910 d. Mar-30-1967 TX Maj AAF WWII

Stewart, William Bryan Dec-10-1899 d. Jun-30-1969

Stewart, Ima Grace Apr-20-1904 d. ....

Stewart, Oscar Bell d. Jun-7-1968 56 yrs TM

Stewart, Johnnie Collier Sharp Jul-23-1896 d. Oct-1-1919 wife of Thomas J.

Stith, E.F. Nov-23-1869 d. Dec-29-1917

StMartin, Nancy Jane 1946-1952

Stokes, J.W. 1870-1931

Stowell, Will O. 1884-1939 Mason

Strickland, Hazil I. Dec-2-1910 d. Oct-12-1933

Stringer, Charles P. Jul-25-1891 d. Aug-15-1943 TX Pvt 102 Inf 26 Div

Stringer, Laura O. Apr-4-1865 d. Apr-12-1898

Stringer, Ninnie A. Sep-22-1846 d. Aug-26-1917 wife of W.H.

Stringer, Harold Mar-11-1925 d. Mar-25-1925 son of Mr&Mrs Coles

Stringer, Coles M. 1883-1949

Stringer, Helen H. 1890-1939

Stringer, John G. 1885-1960

Sullivan, Michael C. Oct-8-1868 d. Mar-14-1852 Pvt 1 AR Inf Sp Amer War

Summers, Mark L. Jr. b&d Sep-1-1932

Summers, Viola 1877-1914 Mother

Summers, Mary 1898-1968

Summers, Robert M. 1900-1930

Summers, Ross Montgomery 1873-1948

Summers, Josiah T. 1870-1950

Summers, Etta 1873-1962

Summers, Elizabeth 1882-1965

Summers, Lynn Crysup Aug-15-1941 d. Aug-18-1941 son of W.L.& D.C.

Summers, Dorothy Crysup Feb-15-1911 d. Jul-7-1945 wife of Wm.L.

Swink, James G. Nov-19-1886 d. May-23-1955 Mason

Swink, Gatsie May-11-1887 d. Feb-28-1932 WOW Circle

Swink, Milton T. May-7-1918 d. May-4-1966 TX Pvt US Army WWII

Swink, Henry T. Oct-1-1895 d. May-24-1943

Talkington, Clement H. 1903-1963

Tankersley, E.P. Mar-4-1879 d. Jun-27-1969

Tankersley, Dora 1864-1943

Tankersley, F. Preston Dec-12-1904 d. Mar-24-1968

Tankersley, infant Feb-22-1934 son of Mr&Mrs Preston

Tanner, M.F. Sep-18-1821 d. Aug-30-1895 wife

Tanner, R.H.J. May-16-1821 d. Feb-19-1901 husband CSA

Tanner, Winnie Gelzado Mar-4-1898 d. Aug-15-1906 dau of Raymond & Rose

Tanner, Jewell May Jan-9-1912 d. Sep-4-1949

Tarrant, Ivory A. d. Jul-24-1967 aged 54 yrs TM

Taylor, Gertrude Nov-8-1893 d. Jun-29-1895

Taylor, Mrs. Dick Mar-9-1891 d. Mar-18-1970

Taylor, Eunice Nesbit Dec-28-1913 d. Sep-4-1914 dau of J.B.& Maggie

Taylor, Utah Aug-29-1882 d. Sep-3-1954

Taylor, Addie David Apr-2-1886 d. Jun-7-1960

Taylor, Streeter R. 1888-1953

Taylor, John Draton 1854-1933

Taylor, Sarah Caroline 1855-1956


Templeton, D.G. (Plot-several unmarked graves-early pioneers)

Templeton, infant d. Oct-20-1876 inf of John A.& Adelia J.

Templeton, Frank Jun-30-1887 d. Jul-15-1887 son of J.A.& Adelia

Templeton, Helena C. Dishman b. near Alto TX Feb-27-1856 d. Jacksonville TX Aug-30-1887 wife of Frank Mother

Templeton, Frank, b. Benton Co AR Apr-25-1843 d. Houston TX Apr-24-1907 CSA

Templeton, Fannie Jul-8-1882 d. Jun-24-1883 dau of J.F.& H.D.

Templeton, Joseph Brevard Feb-24-1865 d. Oct-18-1893

Templeton, Dr. John David Jul-16-1876 d. Sep-21-1900

Templeton, Ardelia J. Fuller Dec-23-1853 d. Oct-17-1910 wife of J.A.

Templeton, J.A. Dec-15-1844 d. May-8-1931 Southern Cross of Honor CSA

Templeton, Adelia Francis Mar-24-1926 d. Jun-30-1944 dau of Theo C.& A.F.

Templeton, Theo Crysup Aug-19-1888 d. Aug-21-1942 wife of A.F.

Templeton, Allen Fuller (Buss) Sep-17-1888 d. May-19-1950

Terry, Hubert Jan-8-1919 d. Jun-27-1966

Terry, Homer H. Nov-9-1896 d. Oct-11-1963

Terry, Nellie Aug-3-1900 d. Apr-15-1954

Terry, John 1883-1959

Terry, Myrts Piccola 1892 d. ....

Thomas, Floyd Dec-7-1872 d. Mar-21-1896

Thompson, Annie 1880-1955

Thompson, Mary Ann Jan-28-1861 d. Apr-6-1939

Thompson, Capt. Wm. F. Aug-29-1831 d. May-24-1883 Mason CSA

Thompson, Margaret Ora Anner 1834 d. Sept 1857 wife of John A.

Thompson, Clarinda Lee 1827-1911

Thompson, Esther d. Jun-17-1897 age 13 mos dau of Norman & Martina

Thompson, Edna Jul-4-1885 d. Aug-20-1887 dau of I.H.& S.G.

Thompson, Martha A. Feb-23-1839 d. Jan-21-1907 Mother

Thompson, Lida Mar-30-1876 d. Jan-30-1896

Thompson, Charles E. 1886-1947

Thompson, Nellie Mae 1891-1967

Thompson, Samuel A. 1839-1918 Pvt Tex Arty CSA

Thompson, Celeste A. 1850-1927

Thompson, Ethel 1883-1963

Thompson, J. Arthur Nov-21-1887 d. Jun-22-1966

Thompson, Anna Hearne Jul-15-1887 d. Nov-11-1961

Thompson, Norman B. 1869-1930

Thompson, Martina 1873-1952 IOOF

Thompson, Leslie Jun-28-1914 d. Jul-3-1914

Thompson, George W. Sep-6-1869 d. Aug-27-1928

Thompson, Sadie Bell Jan-11-1879 d. Nov-18-1949

Thompson, Corbin R. 1909 d. Dec-25-1944 IOOF

Thompson, Carl G. Sep-20-1903 d. Jan-20-1967 Mason

Thompson, Grace D. ....-....

Thompson, infant b&d Jan-13-1919 son of W.B.& Rubye

Thompson, Dorothy Jean Nov-11-1920 d. Sep-12-1927 dau of W.B.& Ruby

Thompson, Agnes S. Nov-15-1867 d. Dec-12-1953

Thompson, Charles Mar-5-1861 d. Nov-5-1940

Thorn, Lonnie b&d Apr-30-1910

Thorn, Charlie 1880-1936

Thorn, Lyda Ann d. Apr-1-1969 76yrs 9mos 6das TM

Thurman, Albert G. Aug-6-1900 d. Jun-24-1965

Thurman, Irene H. Aug-10-1901 d. ....

Thurman, Norman H. Nov-13-1920 d. Feb-24-1936

Thurman, J.M. 1860-1948

Thurman, Cora E. Jun-8-1869 d. Aug-6-1929 wife of J.M.

Thurmond, James Gilbert Oct-31-1933 (only date)

Thurmond, Frank Jr. Sep-18-1932 (only date)

Thurmond, Frank 1885-1935 (only date)

Tilley, Miss Effie Jan-15-1858 d. Sep-31-1909

Tilley, Cora E. Feb-22-1860 d. May-21-1891

Tilley, Emily Foster Nov-18-1831 d. Oct-9-1902 wife of B.S.

Tilley, B.S. Nov-30-1827 d. Jun-10-1888 Capt. CSA

Tilley, Guy C. Nov-6-1896 d. Jul-23-1969

Tilley, Mrs. Maria 1858-1937

Tilley, Joseph Henry 1858-1922

Tilley, Sarah (Nelson) 1832-1907

Tilley, Josiah Aug-10-1824 d. May-5-1896 CSA

Tilley, Thomas G. Apr-15-1860 d. Jan-27-1889

Tilley, Emmett D. 1883-1960

Tilley, Ammye L. 1888-....

Tilley, Emmett Bunn Apr-2-1911 d. May-1-1914

Tilley, John B. Oct-12-1875 d. May-5-1934

Tilley, George L. Jul-28-1879 d. Dec-18-1928

Tilley, Virginia May-17-1852 d. Sep-26-1922

Tilley, George Oct-26-1848 d. Jul-11-1902

Tilley, Maude P. 1889-1960

Tilley, J. Foster 1885-1962

Tilley, baby boy d. Aug-2-1908

Tilley, Harry Park Jan-14-1878 d. Jan-30-1948

Tilley, Ollye Aug-1-1879 d. Sep-16-1939

Tilley, Mable Clark May-16-1908 d. ....

Tilley, Frank Gordon Nov-13-1904 d. Nov-7-1969

Tindel, James B. 1877-1938

Tindel, Linnie V. 1881-1938

Tindel, Thomas 1902-1935

Tindel, Tommy T. 1931-1935

Tipton, William H. 1857-1943

Tipton, Sallie E. 1859-1940

Tipton, S. Rogers Jan-5-1890 d. Sep-19-1918 Pvt HQ Co 359 Inf

Tipton, Howard L. Sep-11-1885 d. May-19-1910 ECB

Tipton, Isabell 1859-1932

Todd, W.M. 1876-1961

Todd, A.L. 1892-1946

Todd, Jessie 1853-1924 wife of A.R.

Todd, A.R. 1853-1922

Todd, Martha Ellen Oct-29-1831 d. May-8-1905 wife of Marion

Todd, Margaret Vera Aug-20-1919 d. Nov-23-1924 dau of Sam & Alice

Torrence, Claude C. Oct-5-1884 d. Jan-23-1928 Mason

Torrence, Ima A. Oct-29-1880 d. Jul-17-1957

Torrance, Claude C. Jr. Nov-15-1914 d. May-22-1917

Totty, Maerice W. 1889-1943

Totty, Eleanor Allen 1898 d. ....

Trammell, Cecil C. Sep-28-1916 d. May-3-1918 son of R.H.& Viola

Trammell, George W. Apr-11-1872 d. Dec-20-1960

Trammell, Sugene Oct-28-1880 d. Oct-6-1910

Trantham, S.J. Jr. 1922-1946

Trantham, Lola Ann 1892-1914

Trantham, Sidney J. 1867-1944

Trantham, Jack Jun-21-1918 d. Nov-20-1943 Tarawa Atoll Corp USMC 2nd Marine Div

Trantham, Harvy J. d. Jul-30-1967 63 yrs TM

Trantham, Sarah Jane Feb-17-1868 d. Jun-27-1960

Trantham, Robert Lee Jun-28-1865 d. Mar-20-1942

Travis, Dr. Roland Toney Aug-3-1890 d. Apr-17-1964

Travis, Nora Corbett May-9-1893 d. Feb-29-1940

Travis, Roland Francis Jun-1-1921 d. Aug-7-1944

Treadway, Alvin Apr-16-1885 d. Oct-10-1923

Treadwell, Georgia B. 1861-1929

Treadwell, Rev. Joseph W. 1861-1957

Treadwell, George W. 1885-1935

Trotter, babies (no dates)

Trout, Sallie Eddy 1876-1943

Trout, James Vance 1864-1940

Truett, Robert E. Oct-6-1886 d. Oct-21-1967

Truett, Katherine Mar-4-1898 d. ....

Troutman, Bruce A. 1887-1949 WOW

Troutman, Ralph Thomas (Blue) 1888-1946

Troutman, Rebecca M. Nov-5-1864 d. May-31-1934 WOW Circle

Troutman, Reese E. Aug-24-1859 d. Feb-6-1936

Troutman, John Hubert Mar-13-1893 d. Nov-9-1927

Troutman, Mrs. Sarah A. Dec-19-1835 d. Jan-31-1897 age 61 yrs TM

Troutman, infant Jun-7-1895 dau of R.E.& R.M.

Turney, Nathan Jan-10-1874 d. Nov-13-1918 WOW

Turney, N.G. Nov-18-1870 d. Sep-7-1872 dau of D.H.& M.M.

Turney, A.D. Apr-26-1878 d. Jul-22-1879 dau of D.H.& M.M.

Turney, Caroline d. Jun-26-1853 age 32 yrs (red rock vault)

Turney, Betty Bolton (early l900's-1908?; unmarked)

Turk, Claude Marvis Apr-26-1930 d. Dec-22-1942

Tucker, Linda Jan-31-1910 d. Feb-12-1910

Tucker, Lt. L.C. Jr. May-19-1918 d. Sep-18-1942

Tucker, John 1881-1915

Tucker, Lela 1883-1963

Tucker, Knox Dec-26-1883 d. Dec-8-1960 Mason

Tucker, Elizabeth Aug-30-1897 d. .... OES

Tucker, Daniel B. Jun-15-1849 d. Feb-24-1920 Mason

Tucker, Hannah F. Mar-2-1845 d. Jul-18-1922

Tucker, Anna Aug-26-1874 d. May-3-1934

Tucker, Bonnie Apr-10-1881 d. Nov-6-1968

Tucker, Philip L. Jun-9-1847 d. Dec-25-1941

Tucker, Elizabeth J. Feb-2-1857 d. Apr-14-1945

Tucker, Daniel H. May-6-1891 d. Nov-19-1936

Tucker, Cottie B. Dec-6-1894 d. ....

Tucker, Jack Jun-26-1922 d. Jun-9-1924

Tucker, William Francis Apr-27-1879 d. Jan-19-1943

Tucker, Paul Dec-26-1883 d. Dec-8-1969 Mason

Tucker, Eva Marie Aug-20-1895 d. Apr-9-1924 wife of Paul

Tucker, Lt. Raymond Leon 1920-1943 Lost in Latin Amer. on routine flight

Turner, John Edwin Jul-9-1909 d. Feb-9-1911 son of E.W.& F.G.

Turner, Fay G. Feb-8-1887 d. Mar-14-1918 wife of E.W.; WOW Circle; Mother

Turner, Laura B. Jan-15-1843 d. Jan-11-1913 wife of Dr. R.J.

Turner, Murdys Jennette Jul-9-1907 d. Feb-20-1909 dau of Dr.& Mrs R.G.

Turner, Carrie Phillips 1885-1936

Turner, Ruby Marie d. Feb-12-1969 77 yrs TM

Turner, Powhattan Davis Dr. 1875-1961

Turner, Willie Mae 1885-1946

Turner, Willie Beatrice Nov-27-1913 d. Jan-20-1918 dau of P.D.& W.M.

Turner, Robert Gregory Oct-23-1919 d. Feb-25-1920 son of P.D.& W.M.

Turner, Lewis Davis Dec-31-1903 d. Dec-4-1928

Usry, W.A. 1870-1925

Usry, Dora L. 1874-1930

Usry, Basil Floyd Mar-14-1897 d. Jul-11-1966 TX Pvt US Army WWII

Vandigriff, Christopher P. 1849-1937

Vandigriff, Sarah Jane 1866-1957

Van Hagen, H.W. (no dates)

Van Wagner, Rupert Jan-5-1907 d. Nov-26-1910 son of Rupert & Buford

Van Wagner, Rupert Mar-9-1871 d. Aug-3-1947

Van Wagner, Buford E. May-22-1880 d. Mar-29-1967

Van Wagner, Ruth Gwyn Jun-14-1921 d. Feb-12-1923 dau of Rupert & Buford

Vermillion, J.I. Sep-11-1857 d. Nov-7-1907 WOW

Vermillion, Jesse Virgil Jul-21-1862 d. Dec-4-1931 Father

Vermillion, Emma Allgood Dec-15-1870 d. Sep-12-1919

Vermillion, Edward Allgood Nov-10-1899 d. May-29-1900 son of J.V.& Emma

Vestal, Thomas A. 1887-1960

Vestal, Martha M. 1892-....

Vestal, Alice M. 1915-....

Wade, Laura T. Sep-14-1857 d. Sep-14-1932 wife of W.O.

Wade, W.O. Apr-29-1840 d. Dec-14-1921

Wade, Walter O. Feb-17-1876 d. Sep-16-1906

Wade, Sarah Lula Jan-3-1896 d. Dec-7-1928

Wade, Chester Ray Jun-9-1926 d. Aug-17-1926

Wade, Lester Gay Jun-9-1926 d. Oct-6-1926

Wade, G.W. Jan-29-1845 d. Feb-20-1895 erected by Crissie, his wife; K of G; CSA

Wade, Tommy Olyn 1930-1937

Wade, Burny Lee 1933-1946

Wade, Word 1883-1950

Wade, Annie 1884-1969

Wadsworth, Mary Ann Apr-28-1848 d. Apr-14-1917 Mother

Wadsworth, Marcus M. Nov-19-1841 d. Apr-22-1908 Father

Wadsworth, Nora 1886-....

Wadsworth, Charlie 1884-1948 Mason

Wagoner, Frank 1879-1959

Wagoner, Daisy 1880-1950

Walker, Willa Ann Mar-29-1888 d. Dec-31-1950

Walker, H.W. Oct-17-1853 d. Aug-29-1917 WOW

Walker, Jazuez Lena Mar-17-1854 d. Jun-9-1906 his wife

Walker, E.M. (Edd) Aug-1-1897 d. May-23-1961 WOW

Walker, Frances Marie Feb-24-1924 d. Nov-30-1924

Walker, Charles D. 1875-1934

Walker, Capt. W.R. 1919-1944 8th AF USA

Walker, Betsy Ross 1938 (only date)

Walker, James H. 1868-1950

Walker, Mary J. 1873-1937

Walker, Corniela 1844-1926

Walker, Kate 1883-1938

Walker, Kate Jun-29-1886 d. Sep-28-1964

Walker, Lawrence Mar-31-1877 d. Apr-19-1963 TX Mech 77 Co Trans Corps

Wallace, Jack d. Feb-5-1907 age 41 yrs (showman) buried in plot

bought by Cole Younger

Wallace, Rev. M.M. Feb-6-1810 d. Jun-13-1867

Wallace, Jane Selena Jul-9-1818 d. Feb-12-1876

Wallace, James H. Jul-10-1874 d. Dec-15-1941 Dad

Wallace, Lavenia O. Mar-21-1880 d. Jul-4-1968 Mother

Wallace, Virgie Dungan 1886-1918 Mother

Wallace, Joel Willian 1876-1948

Wallace, Perry I. Oct-19-1849 d. Nov-24-1914 Father

Wallace, Eleanor J. Cottrell Jul-6-1848 d. Apr-6-1927 Mother

Wallace, Mollie Alice Mar-12-1873 d. Jul-24-1962

Wallace, Percy Floyd Oct-9-1871 d. Nov-26-1946

Wallace, Perry B. Jul-5-1884 d. May-4-1955

Wallace, Addie Mae Jul-9-1885 d. Jun-19-1967

Wallace, Willie G. 1877-1949

Waller, Lula Irene Aug 1885 d. Oct 1958

Waller, Eward L. Sep-16-1878 d. Dec-9-1907

Waller, Ben E. 1882-1960

Waller, Mary P. 1887-1966

Waller, Winston Dec-18-1913 d. Jul-26-1914 son of Mr&Mrs B.E.

Waller, Wm. Keith Mar-28-1912 d. Sep-22-1956 TX Tec4 632 TD BN WWI

Walling, Martha Hamlet d. 1852 wife of James (red rock vault)

Walling, Rebecca Jane Brimberry d. Oct 1853 wife of Alfred G. m. Nacogdoches Co Feb-8-1838 (red rock vault)

Walling, Alfred Gaines d. Summer 1853 (inf-From Fay Martin)

Walters, Albert Eugene Apr-30-1866 d. May-27-1911

Watthuber, Sharon Kay Jul-26-1949 infant

Ward, Velma Mar-1-1909 d. Mar-25-1926

Ward, Lovie A. Dec-13-1881 d. Oct-3-1927

Ward, John A. Feb-7-1879 d. Mar-1-1950

Ware, John W. Jul-25-1880 d. Sep-30-1939

Ware, Ima Lane Feb-15-1882 d. Mar-26-1954

Warnick, C.A. Feb-12-1840 d. Apr-27-1899

Warnick, Elizabeth Oct-8-1834 d. Jan-1-1916 his wife

Warnick, Charles Parker May-8-1868 d. Jan-25-1950

Warnick, Nannie Irwin Sep-14-1871 d. Apr-11-1938

Warnick, Robert Olin Nov-25-1905 d. Mar-31-1944

Warren, Walter L. 1881-1956

Warren, Mae 1885-1963

Washington, Sadie Aug-17-1897 d. Aug-7-1901 on Whitehead marker

Washington, Ellen Aug-13-1847 d. Feb-20-1922 wife of Thomas

Watson, Susan C. 1827-1904

Watson, baby 1887 (my twin) son of Mattie & James S.

Watson, Mattie Heermans Bowder 1850-1888

Watson, Dolores Tankersley Apr-3-1912 d. Sep-23-1964

Watts, Rev. W.W. Nov-14-1862 d. Aug-2-1929

Watts, Mrs. Margret Lillian Nov-25-1872 d. Sep-23-1912

Weatherby, James (no dates)

Webb, William Feb-2-1853 d. May-21-1879

Webb, Liza Apr-4-1877 d. Sep-1-1885

Wellborn, Marshall J. May-19-1862 d. Oct-22-1945 Father

Wellborn, Mattie L. Nov-7-1868 d. Sep-26-1940 Mother

Wellborn, Zelma Oct-21-1903 d. Jul-12-1905 dau of M.J.& M.L.

Wellborn, Howard K. Apr-26-1902 d. Oct-29-1902 son of M.J.& M.L.

Wellborn, Connie Louise Jun-24-1925 d. Aug-4-1937 dau of C.G.& J.M.

Wellborn, Marshal Guinn Jul-2-1934 d. Oct-20-1934 son of C.G.& J.M.

Wellborn, SSgt James M. 1923-1948 1st Cav Div US Army

Wellborn, Billie Jean Mar-7-1927 d. Aug-26-1930 son of Mr&Mrs J.M.

Whatley, Burtice Irene (Bea) Oct-4-1908 d. Jan-23-1967

Whatley, William Lamar 1901-1968

Whatley, Travis S. Mar-24-1900 d. Apr-25-1959 Tex Pfc Co E 143 Inf WWI

Whatley, Ben Hill d. Feb-20-1922 26 yrs TX Pvt 315 Sup Tn 90 Div

Whatley, Emma Berry 1874-1967

Whatley, William Ornan 1869-1946

Wesson, Willie Claude Jul-6-1901 in Ark d. Oct-3-1968 son of Wm. TM

Wheeler, Virginia C. 1867-1955

Wheeler, Walter 1860-1933

Whitaker, Ernest W. Sep-22-1890 d. Jan-13-1946 Shriner

Whitaker, Effie O. Apr-26-1902 d. Jun-19-1956

Whitaker, Wm. Francis Apr-14-1883 d. Dec-10-1937

Whitaker, Sarah Frances Aug-11-1886 d. Oct-1-1968 dau of Ben C.&

Sarah (Dement) Perry

Whitaker, Clinton A. Jan-19-1907 d. Dec-15-1970 son of Wm. Francis & Sarah Frances (Perry) Whitaker; TM

Whitaker, Ed D. 1876-1928

Whitaker, Irene Tucker 1877-1947

Whitaker, Ben D. 1881-1930

Whitaker, Eula L. 1888-1952

White, Mary G. 1836-1901

White, H.H. 1815-1884

White, Mary E. Feb-10-1852 d. Feb-6-1932

White, Hardy N. Dec-9-1843 d. Jan-12-1927

White, Sarah A. Oct-27-1861 d. Dec-20-1931

White, Wesley J. Jul-4-1852 d. Jun-28-1936

White, Carl O. 1884-1950

White, Anthony C. 1885-1940

White, Sue E. Mar-14-1861 d. May-13-1926 wife of G.R.

Whitehead, Bernard Oct-11-1893 d. Sep-15-1906

Whitehead, Ella C. Aug-24-1858 d. Jul-13-1930 Mother

Whitehead, Agnes May Aug-7-1890 d. Aug-7-1901 on Washington marker

Whitehead, Richard E. Aug-21-1913 d. Dec-30-1966

Whitehead, Thomas J. Jan-4-1885 d. May-11-1932 WOW

Whitley, S.R. Mar-21-1838 d. Feb-19-1901 Mason; IOOF CSA

Whitley, Prudence Ann Apr-26-1842 d. Mar-10-1911

Whitley, Sharp Runnels Jun-25-1870 d. May-31-1941 Mason

Whitley, Minnie Powell Mar-26-1870 d. Apr-28-1957

Whitley, Alice E. 1895-1961

Whitley, H.W. Sr. 1879-1969

Whitsitt, Elmer Sr. Aug-26-1870 d. Apr-5-1926

Wiggins, Thomas E. Dec-9-1838 d. Oct-23-1881 (broken marker) CSA

Wiggins, Almira G. Rhome Aug-3-1840 d. Mar-13-1863

Wiggins, William Cliffton Jan-24-1884 d. Oct-2-1952

Wiggins, Lorena Holland Oct-15-1883 d. Jul-16-1943

Wiggins, Alfred Hudley 1871-1946

Wiggins, Mollie Roddy 1871-1941

Wiggins, Thelma Lou Feb-8-1897 d. Feb-18-1902 dau of J.W.& M.E.

Wiggins, James Orez Sep-28-1893 d. Apr-19-1902 son of J.W.& M.E.

Wiggins, Valma Truth Feb-22-1903 d. Oct-11-1907 dau of J.W.& M.E.

Wiggins, James W. 1859-1933

Wiggins, Mattie E. 1863-1941

Wiggins, John Arlon Apr-10-1900 d. Dec-22-1964 Tex Pvt Co D 3 Sgn TNG Bn WWII

Wiggins, Billie Bryan 1926-1940

Wiggins, Earl 1887-1940

Wiggins, Edgar R. 1862-1943

Wiggins, Dottie Hawkins 1872 d. Jun-18-1967 95 yrs

Wilburn, Elizabeth Feb-1-1885 d. Dec-12-1906 wife of Wm. M.

Wilkinson, Charles M. Feb-5-1914 d. Nov-27-1944 Tex Pvt 116 Inf 29 Div

Williams, Louise H. Dec-28-1880 d. Aug-25-1903

Williams, Nannie A. Nov-6-1858 d. Jan-31-1908 wife of J.P.

Williams, John P. Jul-26-1860 d. Oct-6-1943

Williams, J.E. Nov-3-1873 d. Jun-4-1907 Father; K of P

Williams, Nan Fuller Nov-5-1895 d. Jun-30-1943

Williams, infant b&d Oct-11-1897 son of J.D.& S.A.

Williams, Wilma Oct-1-1899 d. Jan-11-1905 dau of J.D.& S.A.

Williams, J.D. Jul-5-1861 d. Feb-20-1946

Williams, Angie Jan-11-1862 d. Dec-9-1934

Williams, Nannie Doris Dec-8-1933 d. Jul-8-1936 dau of Mr&Mrs Don

Williams, Willie H. 1869-1943

Williams, Mollie 1872-1962

Williamson, Thelma Fitzgerald Dec-17-1907 d. Jan-17-1932 m. Floyd Sep-6-1926 dau of J.E.& Addie Fitzgerald

Williamson, Rev. W.J. Mar-13-1881 d. Sep-16-1956

Williamson, Rebecca Jan-18-1880 d. ....

Williamson, Alford M. 1854-1940 Father

Williamson, Nettie 1859-1941 Mother

Williamson, Lura Mar-22-1884 d. Mar-4-1910 dau of A.M.& Nettie

Williamson, Cassie D. Oct-24-1897 d. ....

Williamson, Walter L. Nov-29-1895 d. Mar-20-1969

Williamson, George M. Jul-8-1879 d. Dec-1-1941

Williamson, Dora Ray 1870-1966

Williamson, Robert F. 1855-1918

Willis, Malissa Jane Jun-19-1856 d. Jan-9-1900 wife of T.J.

Willis, Monte V. 1903-1904

Willis, Walter Henry 1877-1923

Willis, John Edgar 1877-1915

Wilmoth, Stanley Sep-3-1897 d. Dec-23-1951 Brother

Wilmoth, F.M. Apr-8-1853 d. Mar-29-1931 Father

Wilmoth, Mary Amons Jan-6-1862 d. Jul-3-1955 Mother

Wilson, Lessie Mae Feb-1-1898 d. Dec-13-1925 wife of Troy L.

Wilson, Eva (no dates)

Wilson, Chee (no dates)

Wilson, Mattie Connolly (no dates)

Wilson, Jesse Cornelious (no dates)

Wilson, Lydia d. Sep-27-1913 wife of H.K.

Wilson, Henry K. d. Aug-25-1939

Wilson, Claude (Pa) Aug-12-1899 d. May-19-1970 Mason IOF

Wilson, Reevel Crysup Jul-1-1904 d. ....

Winship, E.B. Aug-9-1834 d. Jul-7-1906

Winters, Hittie C. 1856-1874 wife of Dave

Winter, William Bell Apr-15-1856 d. Oct-19-1860 (red rock vault)

Winter, Luther Jan-17-1858 d. Sep-24-1860 (red rock vault)

Wofford, Jerry (no dates) filled?

Wofford, Susie J. 1834-1900

Womack, Newburn A. Sep-19-1923 d. Mar-13-1965 TX Tec4 US Army WWII

Womack, Bailey Aug-7-1896 d. Jul-17-1899 dau of E.W.& M.A.

Womack, Edwin W. Oct-21-1867 d. Mar-5-1906

Womack, Mattie A. Oct-23-1867 d. Jan-21-1953

Womack, Jennifer Kaye Oct-20-1952 d. Mar-8-1953

Woodard, Junita Martin 1909-1963

Woodfin, Charles N. d. Dec-19-1961 TM

Woodfin, Kate B. Kirkpatrick Dec-22-1876 d. May-24-1953 Mother

Woodfin, Charles Newton Jan-14-1875 d. Dec-19-1961 Father

Woodfin, Mattie Lee d. Sep-20-1906 Mother

Wootton, Deveaux Frazier 1893-1939

Wright, Joseph L. May-2-1831 d. Aug-23-1899 Mason IOF

Wright, M.J. Marshall Feb-19-1845 d. Nov-27-1881 m. Aug-6-1868 to J.L.

Wright, Mary E. b. near Athens AL Jan-13-1834 d. Sep-8-1911

Wright, Lela F. Jun-29-1904 d. Feb-14-1963 Rebecca

Wright, Allie L. Sep-18-1877 d. Oct-15-1946

Woodson, Cornelia Clay Sep-28-1868 d. Jul-1-1905

Woodson, Mary Wardlawn Jul-14-1901 d. Oct-28-1903 dau of G.C.& Clay

Yingling, John H. 1900-1929 son of Andrew & Agnes L. (Mayo)

Yingling, Agnes Lillian (Mayo) 1874-1952 wife of Andrew; dau

of J.E. Mayo (b. at Salem) Andrew bu. in Pollock cem

Young, W.S. 1850-1914

Young, Jewel Lucy Dec-22-1903 d. Oct-3-1943

Young, Jack Mar-7-1895 d. Dec-4-1960 Tex Cpl Btry D 131 Fld Arty

Zbranek, Little Frank b&d Dec-16-1911 son of F.P.& Tonnie




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