Thompson Family Plot

Cherokee County, Texas


(Photos by Mary Slusher)

The painting is of Mrs. S. J. Thompson.

Thompson Family Plots are located on Lake Palestine  at 679 Crescent Street. From 69 N at Bullard turn on Main St. Main street becomes 344. Turn left on 346 in Teasville to Lakewood addition, turn left into the addition, turn left at the first street, then turn right on Crescent St.. It is at the first house on the Crescent St, in a fenced back yard at the home of Carl and Mary Slusher.


Thompson Family Plot is located on FM 346 near Lake Palestine.

Thompson, Mrs. S. J.     1814 - 1862

Thompson, W. J.            1830 - 1863

Thompson, F. M.            1840 - 1867


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