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Cherokee County, Texas




The Henry Cemetery  is going to be getting an Historical Marker. If you are interested in helping to purchase the marker or if you have any questions, please contact Wayne McGee at eastex@juno.com .

This list of unmarked graves sites was compiled by Judy Henry, Porter Texas 11-19-07.

Henry Cemetery

Caucasian Unmarked Graves

Autrey, John Alexander b. Nov 17, 1908, husband of Susan Jane Agnes Jenkins

Autrey, George Greenberry b 1884 d 1884

Autrey, Bettie Maye b/d June 27, 1896

Bowling, Ann Eliza Jones 1833 d. before 1880

Bowling, Elizabeth Lawson ca1820 d. ca1852

Bowling, Jarrett 1816 d. before 1880

Bowling, Melvina A. 1826-1865 wife of William Bowling

Clark, Parolee Blevins Henry b. May 24, 1824 AL; d. June 28, 1852 daughter of Ezekiel, wife of James E. Clark (earliest known grave – iron ore marker)

Coppinger, Mary Lou d 6 – 20-1969 (49 years)

Foster, William Ragdale d 5-19-1966 (87 years)

Grubbs, Willie Jinkins, daughter James Anderson “Jim” Jenkins and Mattie Hambrick

(no dates) ( Jenkins Book)

Guice, J. D 7 – 26- 1872 d. 4-4-1895 (broken stone)

Henry, Charles F. April 27, 1860 d ca 1900 son of Patrick and Amanda Muse Henry

Henry, Ezekiel b 1785 TN d August 19, 1853 Settled in Cherokee County 1848.

Henry, Fanny d July 22, 1904 wife of CF/ Mother of Bula Ellis & Zulah Andrews

Henry, Hugh L. W. b October 22, 1823  Shelby Co. Alabama died November 18, 1857 in Griffin , Cherokee County, Texas. Son of Ezekiel and Judith Francis Henry.

Henry, Janie (no dates) dau of Miller Wilfred & Lucy Ann Clark Bowling Henry (white iron fence)

Henry, Joseph Francis (sheriff) b Oct 22, 1814 TN d August 23, 1853 son of Ezekiel and Judith (iron ore marker )

Henry, Judith Francis b Jan 23, 1795 VA d Nov 1857 Wife of Ezekiel Henry (iron ore marker)

Henry, Lucy (no dates) daughter of Miller Wilfred & Lucy Ann Clark Bowling (white fence)

Henry, Lucy Ann Clark Bowling Jan 10, 1824 d ca 1890 Wife of Miller W. Henry (white fence)

Henry, Miller Wilfred Mar 16, 1819 AL d bet 1860-1870 (white fence)

Henry, Norphlus 1837 d. between 1860-1869 son of Joseph & Laura; husb of Sarah Vincent (iron ore marker? )

Henry, Wilford Adolphus May 19, 1844 d 1889 son of Miller and Lucy; husb of Arizona Thompson Henry (white fence)

Hoover, Rachel 10-13-1823 d 2-6-1899. (M C Hoover’s mother)

Jenkins, Admiral 1902 – 1903 Son of Joseph P. & Mandy

Jenkins, Eli Putman Feb 22, 1864 d. July 8, 1877

Jenkins, Elijah L b March 1, 1871 d. 1952

Jenkins, Jonathan Medford Jr. b July 22, 1862 d March 24, 1893

Jenkins, Joseph P. b. April 23, 1878 d February 12, 1945

Jenkins, Mandy Isaacs, wife of Joseph P.

Jenkins, Martha Belle b Jan 16, 1874 d Oct 30 1955

Jenkins Nancy b Dec 20, 1874

Jenkins, Sallie Josephine b Jan 4, 1870 d Oct 22, 1878

Jenkins, William Greenberry July 27, 1856 – Sept 13, 1891

Jinkins, Leah wife of James Anderson Jinkins (next to JA. Jinkins)

Jinkins, Infant birth & death 10-24-1887 (twins of S.A & M. F.)

Jinkins, Pat Henry b 1858 infant

Jinkins, Sea (twin) son of James Anderson Jinkins and Mattie Leaptrot

Moore, infant twins birth and death 12-1-1911

Muse, Adolphus Douglas 1839-1865 son of Kindred & M.C.F. Muse

Muse, Missouri Catherine Finnie Mar-17-1810 SC d. ca1900 wife of Kindred Muse

Muse, Wilson H. 1831 d. May-30-1863 son of Kindred & M.C.F.; husb of Ann Tubbs Muse;

Owens, Dock d 3 – 26- 1951 (73 years) married Genie Henry 1902

Ridge, Callie Caldonia Jenkins May 22, 1858 d April 21, 1892

Ridge, William Tilman d. March 1948

Mancel Ridge was their son There are unmarked graves beside other Ridge burials

Smith, Louisa J. Hill d Dec 13, 1928, mother of Wiley Smith. (next to Mollie Hill)

Starkey, Infant d. July 8, 1920 son of Wm and Maggie

African American Section Unmarked Graves

 Johnson, Julia Ann 1-8-1904 d 3-14-1970 Child of Peter Johnson

Johnson, Green Son of Peter Johnson ????

Johnson, Peter b 1850 d 1927 Slave of Greenberry Jenkins


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