Hanry Cemetery  "B"

Cherokee County, Texas


Black Section  


The Henry Cemetery  is going to be getting an Historical Marker.

Transcribed by Donna Shreeve

Near Gallatin in CHEROKEE CO TX. Henry cemetery has graves for both African-Americans and Caucasians. This listing is only the African American portion.

Row 1 (Beginning on far east side of Cemetery)

Quarlls, Aaron HEN-01 ....-.... (stone sunken) Texas, Pvt., CO A, 531 Engineers, WW I

Row 2

Whitaker, Billy R. HEN-02 Dec-22-1968 Dec-07-1997 'Son/Grandson'

Hampton, Melvina HEN-02 Mar-13-1895 Apr-28-1993

Kennedy, Andrew HEN-02 Mar-04-1878 Oct-25-1949 with Charlotte

Kennedy, Charlotte HEN-02 Feb-19-1872 .... with Andrew

Kennedy, A.W. 'Wade' HEN-02 Dec-19-1910 May-12-1987 with Ionia

Kennedy, Ionia HEN-02 Nov-25-1916 .... with A.W.

McCrimmon, Alice HEN-02 May-09-1886 May-30-1946

Phillips, Dilcy HEN-02 Mar-02-1898 Oct-24-1929

Hendricks, Ranie Lue HEN-02 Nov-30-1915 May-03-1969

Row 3

Unknown, .aria. HEN-03 (stone covered with earth)

Harris, Alvin HEN-03 1924-1933

Whitaker, Jacqueline HEN-03 Feb-23-1936 Nov-01-1999

Row 4

Lamb, Jessie Mae HEN-04 1926-1989 TM

Hayes, Jarrett B. HEN-04 Mar-30-1916 Oct-09-1974 'Father'

King, Irene Brown HEN-04 May-08-1888 Jul-06-1971 'Mama Rene'

Thompson, Cinderella Mrs. HEN-04 Jan-13-1913 Jun-15-2000

Kennedy, Austin HEN-04 Mar-10-1873 Aug-04-1926 'Father'

Kennedy, dau HEN-04 d. Jun-..-1886 'dau of A.C. & Mattie Kennedy'

Kennedy, infant HEN-04 b&d May-..-1898 'son of A.C. & Mattie Kennedy'

Base only stone missing

Kennedy, Mattie HEN-04 May-02-1876 Oct-22-1943 'Mother'

Mitchell, George HEN-04 (no dates) 'Uncle'

Mitchell, Sister Jimmie HEN-04 1914-1930

Mitchell, Silas HEN-04 1884-1940

Row 5

Base only stone missing

Unknown, Unkn HEN-05 d. Jun-06-18.6 Broken stone; 'age 25 yrs.'

Grant, Harry HEN-05 Jan-31-1899 Jul-25-1900

Broken stone unreadable

Bell, Florence HEN-05 Jan-14-1889 d. 1909 dau of C.& H. Bell

Bell, unknown HEN-05 Dec-07-1909 Aug-30-1910 '... of G.& M. Bell'

Row 6

Thompson, Russell Melvin HEN-06 Oct-11-1908 Sep-12-1938

Thompson, Melvin HEN-06 Mar-13-1867 May-12-1940 with Cody

Thompson, Cody HEN-06 Jan-12-1870 May-24-1941 with Melvin

Broken stone - several pieces, unable to read

Sandstone marker - unable to read

Lamb, Mae Lee HEN-06 1923-1952 with James R.

Lamb, James R. HEN-06 1882-1961 with Mae Lee

Lamb, Olivia HEN-06 1900-1926 with Vivian

Lamb, Vivian HEN-06 1926-1927 with Olivia

Lamb, J.B. HEN-06 d. Oct-06-1975 'age 84yrs 3mos 6dys'

Brown, Leon HEN-06 Jul-03-1927 Feb-20-1992 'Daddy/Husband'

Row 7

Johnson, Unknown HEN-07 d. Feb-18-1904 (stone broken)

Johnson, P.A. (or F.A.) HEN-07 Feb-25-1882 ...-13-1999

Missing marker

Iter, Eli HEN-07 1876-1877 with Ivan

Iter, Ivan HEN-07 1878-1879 with Eli

Unknown, Unkn HEN-07 b. 1861 Broken marker; (unable to read)

Lamb, Mary Ann HEN-07 Aug-12-1858 Jun-19-1958 'Grandma'

Lamb, Solomon HEN-07 Feb-24-1882 Sep-20-1903 father of J.B. Lamb

Lamb, unknown HEN-07 ...-12-1886 Feb-20-1903

Lamb, Dollie Creoler HEN-07 1921-1922

Lamb, Lonnie HEN-07 1898-1926 with Rosievelt

Lamb, Rosievelt HEN-07 1916-1925

Thompson, Texana Lamb HEN-07 Jan-11-1888 Mar-19-1954 'Aunt Dobe'

Thompson, Mattie Lamb HEN-07 May-25-1906 Jan-26-1978

Williams, Curtis 'Shag' Jr HEN-07 Feb-18-1931 Jun-04-1997

Smith, Rena Lamb HEN-07 Sep-03-1899 Dec-30-1999


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