Myrtle Springs Cemetery
Historical Marker

Cherokee County, Texas


(Photo by Kaye Slover)

      Submitted by Donna Shreeve

North on Hwy 110 from Rusk to SR 204; right a few yards to FM 2274 left on 2247 approx. 1.3 miles to CR 4501 then left approx 1 mile to cemetery. (Surveyed in December-2001) Begun during the 1860's this cemetery served as a burial ground for citizens of the town of Lone Star as well as other scattered settlements in the area. Many homesteads were located nearby and a Union church was attended by many families until the 1920's. The cemetery is located on land deeded to the Myrtle Springs Church by area pioneer, Thomas Garrison. Though several hand-cut sandstone markers are illegible or contain only initials, the earliest marked grave is that of Martha C. Wallace, born in 1852 buried here in 1866. At least 15 veterans of the Civil War are interred here and more are believed to rest in unmarked graves. In October 1950 an additional tract of land was added to the original cemetery plot, in 1963 a group of area citizens formed a  cemetery association for the care of the burial ground. The State of Texas granted a perpetual care charter to the association in 1967.Although the settlement of Lone Star became a ghost town, the cemetery has served a widespread rural community including the town of Ponta and area farms and homesteads.

Section I North of the road (MS1) starting from the NE corner, several feet to
center of cemetery.

Row 1 South to North

Bailey, Mary E. MS1-01 Aug-16-1850 Aug-22-1900
Bailey, Lucendia MS1-01 Feb-03-1860 Feb-10-1931
Bailey, Isaac MS1-01 Jan-12-1812 Jul-11-1901 with Rachel; 'Father'
Bailey, Rachel R. MS1-01 Dec-28-1820 Mar-08-1904 with Isaac; 'Mother'
Knowles, C.C. MS1-01 Apr-07-1840 Dec-24-1913
50 ft open space
Brown, W.M. MS1-01 Dec-25-1862 Sep-27-1900
Brown, P.M. MS1-01 Dec-26-1820 Aug-26-1895
Burton, John A. MS1-01 Mar-15-1892 Feb-24-1968 with Fay; 'Father'
Burton, Fay Collins MS1-01 Jun-07-1897 Sep-30-1963 'Mother; m. Nov-11-1917'; with John
Burton, Leo Wayne MS1-01 Feb-20-1919 Apr-06-1933
Burton, Kenneth Harold MS1-01 Nov-21-1922 Dec-17-1922
Collins, Uncle Ira MS1-01 Sep-09-1894 Jul-06-1969
Collins, Martha A. MS1-01 Nov-18-1868 Jan-14-1957 with Steve; 'Mother'
Collins, Steve G. MS1-01 Mar-23-1858 Apr-17-1916 with Martha; 'Father'
Collins, George MS1-01 (no dates) brother of S.G. Collins
Collins, Leo MS1-01 Feb-14-1892 Jan-03-1946 crossed anchors
Dickson, Harriet F. MS1-01 Dec-29-1888 Mar-17-1918 with W.K.; 'Mother; His wife'
Dickson, Capt. W.K. MS1-01 Nov-24-1837 Jan-31-1907 with Harriet; 'Father'
Sowell, Infant MS1-01 (no dates) son of Lula & John Sowell
Sowell, Susan E. MS1-01 Jul-19-1881 Mar-23-1961 with John & Lula
Sowell, John M. MS1-01 Mar-27-1864 Jul-03-1939 with Susan & Lula
Sowell, Lula MS1-01 Apr-11-1869 Jan-29-1902 with John & Susan

Row 2 North to South

Murphy, Margie O. MS1-02 Feb-22-1914 Jan-05-1995 'Mother'
Murphy, M. MS1-02 (no dates)
Murphy, George F. MS1-02 Mar-29-1902 May-31-1959 'TX Pfc 2529 Base Unit AAF WWII'
Tipton, Ila Bobbitt MS1-02 Feb-08-1887 Feb-11-1964 with John
Tipton, John Delmer MS1-02 Jan-01-1884 Feb-07-1966 with Ila
Green, Robin Davis MS1-02 Aug-31-1967 May-10-1992
Green, Sharon Kay MS1-02 Mar-28-1973 Dec-07-1975
Conner, Ronald Frank MS1-02 Sep-24-1955 'son of Mr. & Mrs. Earl G. Conner'
Conner, Nora C. MS1-02 1900-1997 with Merle & Dan
Conner, Dan O. MS1-02 1900-1983 with Merle & Nora; ME
Conner, E. Merle MS1-02 1922-1924 with Dan & Nora
Taylor, Mary J. MS1-02 Jul-22-1893 Aug-07-1895 between 2 rows (end of row 2)
Guinn, Earnest MS1-02 1917-1919
Greenwood, Mildred MS1-02 1912-1914
Greenwood, Ina Belle MS1-02 Nov-22-1890 Jan-09-1919 Lynwood Grove 702 WC; wife of Stanley
Greenwood, Stanley Sr MS1-02 Jun-30-1892 Sep-11-1975 with Lula; 'Father'
Greenwood, Lula Fitch MS1-02 Jan-06-1892 Sep-26-1978 'Mother; m. Dec-17-1919'; with Stanley
Greenwood, James Bell MS1-02 1921-1921
Greenwood, Luther Mae MS1-02 1924-1924
Bolton, T.S. MS1-02 Aug-06-1849 Dec-01-1898
Moore, Cynthia Joan MS1-02 Oct-02-1952 Oct-30-1964
Mayes, M.E. MS1-02 Mar-07-1855 Nov-15-1904 with R.B.; 'Mother'
Mayes, R.B. MS1-02 Mar-17-1850 Jul-10-1906 with M.E.; 'Father'
Several ft of space
Dickson, J.H. MS1-02 Jul-27-1861 Jun-07-1943 with Mollie & 4 infants; 'Father'
Dickson, Mrs. Mollie MS1-02 Sep-17-1872 Oct-05-1926 with J.H. and 4 infants; 'Mother'
Bailey, W.R. MS1-02 Sep-15-1893 Oct-18-1900 son of J.L. & M.E. Bailey
Bailey, Janey L. MS1-02 Sep-23-1887 Oct-20-1889 dau of J.L. & M.E. Bailey
Bailey, M.E. MS1-02 Apr-09-1859 Dec-11-1900 wife of J.L. Bailey
Bailey, J.L. MS1-02 Dec-22-1862 Sep-10-1930 ME
Bailey, Bertie E. MS1-02 Feb-03-1882 Sep-16-1923 wife of J.L. Bailey
Bailey, Lee MS1-02 Sep-14-1904 May-04-1933
Bailey, Leonard Pearl MS1-02 Jul-28-1921 Nov-04-1921 son of Jess & Maud Bailey
Bailey, Thos Shelton MS1-02 Jul-07-1896 Jan-06-1919
Bailey, Jesse L. MS1-02 Oct-22-1886 Jul-24-1927 'Father'
Bailey, Maude M. MS1-02 Jan-05-1900 Apr-07-1970
Bailey, Lawson MS1-02 Oct-26-1887 Dec-04-1933
U/I sandstone marker, unreadable
Bobbitt, Tony Lee MS1-02 Jan-22-1949 Aug-01-1966 PIC
Bobbitt, Jessie L. MS1-02 Feb-21-1927 Jul-21-1996 with Byron
Bobbitt, Byron Travis MS1-02 Jun-28-1924 Feb-06-1981 with Jessie; 'S1 US Navy WWII'

Row 3 North to South

U/I granite rock, unreadable
Bobbitt, Ludie MS1-03 1889-1972 with Judge; 'Mama'
Bobbitt, W.J. (Judge) MS1-03 1889-1948 with Ludie; 'Papa'
K., ?.?. MS1-03 (no dates) brick marker
Shepherd, E.G. MS1-03 1867 Feb-05-1923
Shepherd, Lilly E. MS1-03 Jan-14-1875 Jan-23-1919 Lynwood Grove WC wife of E.G. Shepherd
Conner, Mattie MS1-03 Oct-09-1843 Sep-28-1915 'Mother'
Conner, Jesse J. MS1-03 Apr-07-1844 Jul-11-1908 'b. Talladega Co., AL d. Lone Star, TX WOW'
Jones, Mina MS1-03 Jul-20-1878-Sep-01-1907 (age 29y, 1m, 12d); WC; dau of J.J. & M.E. Conner
Conner, Dallas MS1-03 1869-1944 (A.D.C.)
Lilly, Frances C. MS1-03 Feb-04-1818 Aug-15-1904
Conner, Lucy A. MS1-03 May-15-1848 Jul-26-1898 wife of B.F. Conner
Conner, Charlie P. MS1-03 Sep-26-1876 Jan-24-1954
Sowell, Cody Luther MS1-03 Oct-04-1896 Jul-11-1918 son of G.W. & Ella Sowell
Sowell, Ella MS1-03 Sep-24-1863 Aug-05-1957 with G.W.
Sowell, G.W. MS1-03 Dec-25-1861 .... with Ella
Several spaces
Greenwood, Cris MS1-03 1926-1926
Several spaces
McKinney, Mattie Bell MS1-03 Jun-01-1930 May-01-1980 m. Jul-23-1949 with Auttis
McKinney, Auttis E. MS1-03 May-28-1922 Sep-06-1993 with Mattie; 'PFC US Army WWII'
McKinney, Delia MS1-03 Aug-08-1880 Mar-13-1953
McKinney, Thomas M. MS1-03 Nov-14-1876 Jan-21-1933
McKinney, Joe H. MS1-03 Aug-05-1908 Dec-12-1947
Pickett, Maggie Jones MS1-03 Jan-27-1870 Mar-26-1954 with Lucy Rowbarts; 'Mother'
Rowbarts, Lucy Jones MS1-03 Nov-29-1863 Oct-13-1951 with Maggie Pickett
Gabriel, Gladys Rowbarts MS1-03 Sep-04-1892 Dec-17-1915 dau of J.E. & Lucy Rowbarts
Rowbarts, J.E. Dr. MS1-03 Jul-03-1855 May-23-1893
Rowbarts?, J.R. MS1-03 (no dates)
Rowbarts?, L.R. MS1-03 (no dates)
Sessions, Elvia MS1-03 Nov-14-1913 Jun-07-1915 dau of M.W. & Ellie Sessions
Sessions, Arrabella MS1-03 Jan-27-1853 Mar-01-1893 with Herschell
Sessions, Herschell V. MS1-03 Dec-16-1959 Apr-04-1940 with Arrabella
Sessions, Oner Orilla MS1-03 Jan-31-1891 Mar-01-1891 dau of H.V. & Arrabella Sessions
Perkins, Sarah E. MS1-03 Jul-22-1850 Mar-01-1928 with J.G. wife of J.G. Perkins
Perkins, J.G. MS1-03 Sep-09-1859 Oct-26-1927 with Sarah
Wallace, Nettie Hogan MS1-03 1875-1942
Medford, Mansel MS1-03 Nov-20-1857 Nov-19-1915 WOW
Hogan, P.I. MS1-03 Mar-05-1847 Dec-31-1925 with M.J.; ME; (Father)
Hogan, M.J. MS1-03 Aug-30-1847 .... with P.I.
Bobbitt, Cynthia Lou Dobbins MS1-03 Nov-28-1837 Jun-04-1921
Bobbitt, Ruby MS1-03 no dates
Bobbitt, Thurston MS1-03 no dates
Bobbitt, Eria MS1-03 Oct-19-1902 Apr-15-1975 with Pearl
Bobbitt, Pearl MS1-03 Apr-12-1907 Jan-04-1981 with Eria
Bobbitt, Mary Y. MS1-03 1866-1949 with Stephen; 'Mother'
Bobbitt, Stephen H. MS1-03 1862-1940 with Mary; 'Father'
Joyce, Matilda J. MS1-03 Apr-02-1856 Oct-26-1942
Joyce, W.P. MS1-03 (no dates) 'Co K Consolidated Inf., C.S.A.'

Row 4 South to North

Johnson, Richard G. MS1-04 Jul-01-1842 May-21-1924 with Mary
Johnson, Mary E. MS1-04 Sep-11-1850 Aug-18-1941 with Richard
Haire, M.A. MS1-04 Jan-10-1858 May-24-1926 wife of W.B. Haire, Sr
Underwood, Marzell MS1-04 Jun-16-1912 Dec-27-1920
Underwood, Annie MS1-04 Jul-26-1880 Jan-14-1919 wife of H.T. Underwood
Bailey, Unknown MS1-04 no dates
Bailey, Mary Alice MS1-04 1866-1941 with Isaac
Bailey, Isaac Edd MS1-04 1857-1938 with Mary
Bailey, John A. MS1-04 May-14-1893 Feb-24-1922
Parrott, Rossie L. MS1-04 Mar-03-1889 Feb-06-1919 WC wife of Matt Parrott
Bailey, General J. MS1-04 Dec-30-1890 Aug-14-1892 broken mrkr; son of J.E. & Alice Bailey
Bailey, Susan A. MS1-04 Mar-22-1898 Mar-02-1899 broken mrkr; dau of J.E. & Alice Bailey
Grammer, P.H. MS1-04 Jul-18-1881 Mar-09-1906
Cocke, Mary C. MS1-04 Sep-28-1890 Jan-10-1892 dau of Thomas A. & Martha C. Cocke
Sessions, America C. MS1-04 Dec-04-1863 Nov-14-1906
McKinney, Randy Wayne MS1-04 b&d Mar-06-1871
Few spaces
Clifton, Rachel MS1-04 Dec-29-1852 Jun-19-1893 wife of R.P. Clifton
Willis, Joshua MS1-04 Apr-26-1880 Apr-25-1898 fallen/brkn marker
Several ft. of open spaces
Trotter, Russell A. MS1-04 Dec-15-1923 Feb-22-1996 US Marine Corp WWII
Trotter, Green Clinton MS1-04 1881-1961
Conner, Maude E. MS1-04 May-13-1879 Aug-01-1952 with Frank; 'Mama'
Conner, Frank MS1-04 Sep-20-1853 Mar-21-1944 with Maude; 'Papa'
Beaird, Mattie Annie MS1-04 Oct-26-1888-Oct-10-1910 Lynwood Grove 702;WC; dau of J.W. & M.E.
Conner, Jesse Robert MS1-04 Sep-20-1881 May-25-1959
Jennings, Doyle MS1-04 Feb-26-1913 Nov-07-1917 son of C.M. & Lelia J. Jennings
Few spaces
Bobbitt, John D. MS1-04 Sep-05-1903 Jan-09-1975 6-point star emblem; PVT US Army

Row 5 North to South

Woodall, Henry MS1-05 Apr-07-1908 Aug-14-1925 Crown & Cross emblem
Woodall, Jodie W. MS1-05 1871-1948
Woodall, Jean Gill MS1-05 Nov-09-1881 Nov-20-1976
Woodall, Francis MS1-05 Jan-08-1923 Mar-25-1987 TEC5 US Army WWII
Conner, Earl Glen (Pop) MS1-05 Jan-31-1933 Nov-21-1989 Sgt US Army Korea
Conner, Ronald Frank MS1-05 1941-1968
Conner, Callie Green MS1-05 Aug-19-1911 .... with Frank
Conner, Frank MS1-05 Sep-21-1908 Oct-30-1983 with Callie
Bowling, Colonel Ross MS1-05 May-12-1889 Sep-19-1957
Bowling, Alma Elzada MS1-05 Feb-27-1892 May-21-1937 wife of C.R. Bowling
Bowling, Infant MS1-05 (no dates) dau of Mr & Mrs C.R. Bowling
Bowling, Venita Fay MS1-05 Apr-02-1916 Jan-26-1917 dau of Mr. & Mrs. C.R. Bowling
Bowling, Marilla MS1-05 Aug-24-1857 Jun-03-1922 wife of J.H. Bowling
Bowling, John H. MS1-05 Oct-20-1852 Nov-25-1938
Bowling, Percy I. MS1-05 Jul-14-1878 Jul-19-1946 with Laura
Bowling, Laura MS1-05 Apr-06-1888 Jul-10-1971 with Percy I.
Bowling, P.I. Jr MS1-05 Oct-31-1912 Dec-15-1977 'Brother; Sgt US Army WWII'
Hogan, Bennie MS1-05 Jul-19-1890 Oct-03-1962 with Oscar
Hogan, Oscar MS1-05 Nov-19-1887 Feb-14-1976 with Bennie; ME
Sylvester, J.S. MS1-05 Oct-13-1867 Jun-24-1953 concrete slab
Sylvester, J.S. Mrs. MS1-05 Oct-22-1869 Feb-27-1942 concrete slab
Sylvester, S.G. Mrs. MS1-05 Jul-24-1842 Mar-24-1938 concrete slab
Sylvester, Emory MS1-05 Jan-01-1899 Jun-16-1923 KofP; con. slab; son of J.S.&Ellen Sylvester
Sessions, Mack,  MS1-05 Sep-09-1895 Jun-01-1897 son of F.S. & A.M. Sessions
Sessions, Francis S. MS1-05 Sep-20-1857 Jul-29-1908 WOW
Sessions, Annie May MS1-05 Aug-24-1874 Dec-10-1920 WC
Sessions, Imogene MS1-05 May-21-1929 Feb-03-1945 dau of Mr. & Mrs. M.V. Sessions
Sessions, Ellie D. MS1-05 1895-1979 with Martin
Sessions, Martin VanBuren MS1-05 1893-1966 with Ellie
Deaton, Maggie B. MS1-05 Jan-25-1894 Jan-19-1895 dau of M.J. & B.L. Deaton
Deaton, Sarah MS1-05 Nov-11-1896 aged 82yrs 3mo 16dys
Deaton, M.W. MS1-05 May-15-1805 Jul-09-1886 b. Moore Co., NC d. Cher Co., TX; aged 81y,1m,24d
Deaton, W.L. MS1-05 Oct-22-1850 Dec-16-1915 ME
Deaton, Mary Nettie MS1-05 Nov-03-1861 Aug-17-1933 wife of W.L. Deaton
Bailey, Infant MS1-05 Oct-02-1923 son of J.A. & Florence E. Bailey
Bailey, Florence E. MS1-05 Jul-07-1895 Sep-23-1969 m. Feb-22-1918 with Jim; 'Mother'
Bailey, Jim A. MS1-05 Oct-30-1891 Aug-07-1964 with Florence; 'Big Daddy'
Sessions, Louella MS1-05 Mar-05-1887 May-24-1972 'm. Aug-13-1913'; with Lee Roy; concrete slab
Sessions, Lee Roy MS1-05 Jul-21-1887 Jan-05-1939 with Louella; concrete slab
Open space
Darnell, Sallie E. MS1-05 1896-1937 with James
Darnell, James A. MS1-05 1892-1945 with Sallie
Campbell, Glen MS1-05 Sep-17-1922 Nov-08-1923 brkn; son of J.M & Sallie Langley Campbell

Row 6 South to North row starts several spaces toward the north

Ohaire, J.T. MS1-06 Dec-07-1862 Jul-17-1876
Stuart, Y.C. MS1-06 Jul-08-1875 Sep-07-1875 son of A.S. & M.A. Stuart
Stewart, Martha MS1-06 Jan-18-1840 Dec-18-1910 wife of A.L. Stewart
Stewart. A.L. MS1-06 Oct-16-1841 Aug-05-1925
Open space
Cook, Joseph White MS1-06 Apr-22-1840 Dec-01-1882
Kennedy, Elizabeth L. MS1-06 Mar-15-1832 Nov-02-1862 wife of A.A. Kennedy
Open space
U/I Square sandstone marker
Open space
Scarborough, Little T.C. MS1-06 Apr-16-1900 May-22-1900 son of Thos. C. & Bettie Scarborough
Few spaces
Conner, Shirley Ann MS1-06 Jul-15-1936 Nov-27-1900 with Weldon
Conner, Weldon B. MS1-06 Sep-08-1920 .... with Shirley
Conner, Billy Ray MS1-06 Aug-05-1926 Jan-06-1981 with Bobbie; Tec5 US Army WWII
Conner, Bobbie J. MS1-06 May-14-1931 .... with Billy Ray
Conner, Doyle D. MS1-06 Nov-04-1928 (no death date) with Pansy
Conner, Pansy Hawthorne MS1-06 Jan-14-1930 (no death date) with Doyle
Open space
Jenkins, Neva Mae MS1-06 Feb-03-1908 Aug-06-1988 'Mother'
Holland, Nedam Piercie Jr. MS1-06 Jan-11-1940 Aug-24-2001 TFM

Row 7 North to South

Spraggins, Travis R. MS1-07 Mar-25-1951 Jul-17-1980
Spraggins, Travis O. MS1-07 Feb-26-1916 Jul-25-1995 with Wilma F.
Spraggins, Wilma F. MS1-07 May-04-1915 .... with Travis O.; 'm. Mar-07-1947'
Open space
McCrummen, Infant MS1-07 (no dates) sons of J.C. & Fatie McCrummen
Crawford, L.M. MS1-07 Apr-18-1870 Jul-25-1905 wife of W.J. Crawford
Crawford, Reber Lee MS1-07 Aug-13-1898 Jun-29-1900 dau of W.J. & L.M. Crawford
Gregory, Jos. C. MS1-07 Jul-30-1898 Nov-..-1900 son of B.C. & G.L. Gregory
Open space
Hogan, E. MS1-07 no dates
Hogan, C.A. MS1-07 no dates
Cook, M.A. MS1-07 no dates
Open space
Clewis, H.M. MS1-07 .... d. Jun-01-1875 aged 39y, 8m, 3ds
Womack, Eva Bell MS1-07 Nov-10-1911 Nov-17-1916 dau of J.L. & Z.R. Womack
Estell, Robert MS1-07 Sep-12-1877 Sep-24-1880 son of N.A. & G.D. Deaton
Owen, Nancy Elizabeth MS1-07 Jun-15-1854 Jan-17-1916 wife of W.S. Owen
Owen, W.S. MS1-07 Feb-03-1849 Feb-14-1929
Owen, Homer Jr MS1-07 Dec-13-1919 Mar-02-1923 son of W.H. & H.M. Owen
Owen, Forest E. MS1-07 Jul-27-1898 Mar-16-1942
Owen, Infant MS1-07 1925 (only date) son of Mr. & Mrs. Hubert Owen
Owen, Cora E. MS1-07 May-31-1895 May-01-1975 with Hubert
Owen, Hubert MS1-07 Feb-15-1896 Dec-29-1979 with Cora E.
Owen, Hugh Emerson MS1-07 .... Feb-18-1927 ME
Darnell, Mamie MS1-07 Apr-27-1897 Mar-04-1983 with William
Darnell, William MS1-07 Jan-04-1894 Aug-23-1934 with Mamie
Darnell, Dolphus Lee (Rody) MS1-07 Oct-11-1932 Aug-17-1984

Row 8 North to South

Brannen, Elizabeth Tisdale MS1-08 1861-1895
Woodall, Woodrow (Pete) MS1-08 Oct-25-1912 Jan-05-1980 with Violet O.
Woodall, Violet O. MS1-08 May-25-1912 .... 'm. Oct-21-1935'; with Woodrow
McCann, Edward G. MS1-08 1928-1952 PIC
Golightly, Louise, wife of J.B. MS1-08 Dec-05-1914 Dec-24-2000
Golightly, J.B. MS1-08 Jan-28-1912 Jul-10-1958
Golightly, Florence A. MS1-08 Aug-17-1882 Jan-13-1970 with George O.
Golightly, George O. MS1-08 Oct-31-1871 Jul-31-1941 with Florence
Gregory, George A. MS1-08 May-18-1881 Nov-03-1900
Open space
Tipton, Ellie Ophelia MS1-08 Apr-02-1879 Jun-25-1879
U/I sandstone foot stone
Open space
Crews, Lillian B. MS1-08 Aug-01-1881 Jun-02-1882 dau of S.J. & B.A. Crews
Crews, S.J. MS1-08 Nov-11-1846 May-30-1919 ME; 'Father'
Crews, Alabama MS1-08 May-07-1852 Jul-14-1922 'Mother'; wife of S.J. Crews
Crews, F.A. Dr. MS1-08 Jun-17-1892 Nov-29-1944
Miller, Mina E. MS1-08 Feb-24-1876 Sep-19-1963 with Stephen
Miller, Stephen Lee MS1-08 Apr-29-1876 Jul-26-1945 with Mina; ME
Long, Charles Henry MS1-08 Apr-28-1865 Jan-13-1947
Redden, Infant MS1-08 Jul-07-1925 dau of A.R. & Vera Redden
Redden, Infant MS1-08 Jan-05-1927 son of A.R. & Vera Redden
Redden, Vera Mrs. MS1-08 Sep-22-1892 Jun-05-1942 concrete slab
Redden, Audry R. MS1-08 Mar-15-1895 Sep-28-1941 concrete slab; TX Pfc Med Dept

Row 9 South to North

Brazier, Mary Ida MS1-09 Apr-02-1857 Mar-28-1944 wife of W.H.H. Brazier
Brazier, W.H.H. MS1-09 Aug-21-1840 Feb-21-1925 Pvt Green's Brig TX Cav CSA
Whitaker, Letcher Ray MS1-09 Feb-12-1918 Apr-01-1918
Whitaker, Ila Fay MS1-09 Dec-10-1916 Dec-01-1918 between rows; dau of W.F. & Martha Whitaker
Bullard, Ella C. MS1-09 Jul-18-1876 Jun-01-1929 'Sister'
Bullard, J.B. MS1-09 Dec-01-1822 Sep-29-1905 with Mary P.; 'Father'
Bullard, Mary P. MS1-09 Mar-11-1840 Jun-07-1923 with J.B.; 'Mother'
Bullard, Joseph William MS1-09 Oct-07-1868 Mar-18-1936
Bullard, James T. MS1-09 Jan-14-1879 Feb-20-1957
Bullard, Bettie MS1-09 Mar-29-1874 Mar-24-1959
Bullard, Nannie MS1-09 Sep-04-1871 Feb-25-1959
Roddy, S.J. MS1-09 Jan-25-1845 Mar-04-1874 broken white marble stone
U/I unreadable, brkn mrkr
Open space
Payne, E.J. MS1-09 1880 (only date); with A.E.; brkn slab
Payne, A.E. MS1-09 1882 (only date); with E.J.
Jones, A.B. MS1-09 (no date)
Open space
Lewis, Louise MS1-09 1904 (only date) sister of Ollie Lewis
Lewis, Ollie MS1-09 1885-1893 sister of Louise Lewis
Lewis, Nannie V. MS1-09 1859-1893 'Mother'
Lewis, J.L. MS1-09 1852-1928 'Father'
Lewis, Mary Elizabeth Crews MS1-09 Apr-02-1872 Sep-13-1952
Steelman, John A. MS1-09 1873-1946 with Alice C. West
Steelman, Alice MS1-09 1878-1957 with John A.
Vansickle, Dellis MS1-09 (no date)

Row 10 South to North row begins in middle of cemetery

Tipton, Ava MS1-10 (no dates)
Jones, Hezekiah MS1-10 (no dates)
Jones, J.H. MS1-10 (no dates)
Jones MS1-10 Jane MS1-10 (no dates)
Jones, A.D. MS1-10 (no dates)
West, Anna L. MS1-10 Jul-12-1878 Jul-13-1878 dau of J.G. & T.L. West
Jones, Stelle MS1-10 Jun-16-1894 Oct-22-1894 son of H.C. & S.E. Jones
West, Mattie Hillin MS1-10 (no dates) 'Mother'; wife of John G.West
Pyles, Boss MS1-10 Oct-29-1881 Nov-01-1918 WOW
Vansickle, Revis MS1-10 Nov-01-1895 Jan-28-1896
Vansickle, Rosie MS1-10 Jun-25-1897 Dec-14-1897
Tubbs, John Wm. MS1-10 1885-1966 with Martha
Tubbs, Matilda MS1-10 1897-1933 with John Wm.

Row 11 North to South

Perkins, Elizabeth P. MS1-11 Mar-21-1821 May-21-1906 with John J.; wife of John J. Perkins
Perkins, John J. MS1-11 Apr-21-1816 May-16-1893 with Elizabeth P.
Dalby, Rupert J. MS1-11 Jul-22-1910 Feb-09-1918 son of J.R. & Carrie Dalby
Dalby, Carrie MS1-11 Aug-29-1883 Sep-29-1915 WC
Dalby, J.R. MS1-11 Sep-28-1875 Mar-04-1910 WOW Camp 1103 Lone Star, TX
McCrummen, Walter Floyd MS1-11 Sep-24-1901 Jun-07-1906 son of C. & A.O. McCrummen
McCrummen, Mary Neva MS1-11 Nov-30-1895 Jan-18-1901 dau of C. & A.O. McCrummen
Dalby, T.L MS1-11 Dec-22-1871 Nov-15-1945 with Lula
Dalby, Lula MS1-11 May-15-1879 Jun-20-1954 with T.L.
Dalby, Weyna MS1-11 Jul-04-1912 Dec-19-1936
Dalby, Daniel H. MS1-11 Jun-07-1880 Jan-23-1900 son of J.W. & S.A. Dalby
Dalby, Lela Mae MS1-11 1896-1897
Dalby, John W. MS1-11 Dec-23-1837 Nov-23-1921
Dalby, Alice MS1-11 Jan-22-1849 Dec-08-1888
McCaskill, C. Mrs. MS1-11 Dec-30-1822 Jul-28-1884 wife of John McCaskill
McCaskill, John MS1-11 Oct-03-1828 Oct-12-1909
MacDonald, George Davidson MS1-11 d. Oct-15-1888 age 32y;ME; son of Norman MacDonald of Montreal CN
Walter, Fannie Hellena MS1-11 Aug-04-1886 age 7m
Dalby, Billy Ray MS1-11 Jan-23-1938 Feb-18-1945
U/I "Grave Unknown" sandstone marker
Wallace, Martha C. MS1-11 Mar-14-1852 Jul-26-1866 b. Bibb Co., AL d. Cherokee Co., TX
Tipton, W. MS1-11 ....-.... unreadable between rows
McCrummen, Daniel MS1-11 d. Oct-07-1873 aged 89 yrs

Row 12 North to South

Open space to beginning of row
U/I stone marker
Dunlap, D.M. MS1-12 Nov-13-1841 Jan-12-1870
Jones, C.H. MS1-12 Mar-27-1831 Feb-01-1872 b. Elbert Co., GA d. Cherokee Co., TX
Wallace, Nathan MS1-12 May-04-1818 Jun-14-1876 b. Mora Co., NC; moved to TX 1865; d. Cherokee Co., TX; ME
Garrason, J.W. MS1-12 .... d. Feb-17-1891 with Emmaline
Garrason, Emmaline MS1-12 1858 Feb-02-1891 with J.W.
Wallace, Baby MS1-12 b&d Mar-..-1910 with Lemual
Wallace, Lemual MS1-12 Dec-25-1893 Oct-23-1901 children of Y.O. & Lena Wallace
Wallace, A.M. MS1-12 Mar-08-1898 Oct-25-1918 WOW
Wallace, Young O. MS1-12 Aug-11-1875 Apr-18-1918 Lynwood Grove 702 Camp 1103-WOW
Wallace, Lena Thomason MS1-12 1869-1941 'Mother'
Wallace, Mary S. MS1-12 1834-1919 with Wm. M.
Wallace, Wm. M. MS1-12 1830-1912 with Mary
Greenwood, Clavis Nolan MS1-12 Nov-04-1908 Dec-28-1990 with Jessie; 'Daddy Clavis'
Greenwood, Jessie Marie MS1-12 Aug-23-1907 Mar-02-1993 with Clavis; 'Mama Jessie'
Brazier, Tant MS1-12 Jul-03-1896 Jan-14-1974 with Manilla
Brazier, Manilla MS1-12 May-17-1898 Feb-08-1986 with Tant
Burton, A.C. MS1-12 Jun-04-1911 Sep-15-1929
Burton, James M. MS1-12 Apr-09-1869 Jul-04-1952 with Lula B.
Burton, Lula B. MS1-12 Jan-01-1873 Sep-28-1953 with James M.

Row 13 South to North

Bowling, Robert E. MS1-13 1886-1958 with Addie E.
Bowling, Addie E. MS1-13 1890-.... with Robert E.
Brazier, J.H. MS1-13 Aug-23-1921 .... with Margaret
Brazier, Margaret MS1-13 Oct-02-1924 .... with J.H.
Brazier, Tony W. MS1-13 Oct-28-1942 Feb-19-1982 with Jan L.
Brazier, Jan L. MS1-13 Nov-22-1944 .... 'm. May-29-1965'; with Tony W.
Wallace, Betty Jean MS1-13 1927-1928
Wallace, Walter L. MS1-13 Feb-16-1904 Jul-22-1906 with Jessie R.; son of J.C. & C.E. Wallace
Wallace, Jessie R. MS1-13 Aug-28-1902 Jul-11-1906 with Walter L.; son of J.C. & C.E. Wallace
Ward, Baby Angle MS1-13 Dec-27-1916 Jan-08-1917
Ward, James Edgar MS1-13 Oct-14-1910 Feb-14-1912
Open space to North end

Row 14 North to South

Wysick, Mary Ida MS1-14 1869-1936
Smith, George W. MS1-14 1894-1936 with Ophelia
Smith, Ophelia MS1-14 1902-.... with George W.
Goldman, Maggie G. MS1-14 Mar-19-1904 Oct-10-1982 'Sister'
Gaddis, Ella E. MS1-14 Jul-26-1874 Mar-02-1958 with Joe
Gaddis, Joe H. MS1-14 Mar-22-1868 Mar-27-1963 with Ella
Gaddis, Infant MS1-14 Oct-10-1911 son of Ella & Joe Gaddis
Scott, Mamie MS1-14 Jul-21-1902 May-16-1906 dau of J.R. & Annie Scott
Underwood, Annie Nick MS1-14 Feb-28-1923 Oct-19-1923
Underwood, Annie Z. MS1-14 1884-1966 with Harbert
Underwood, Harbert T. MS1-14 1882-1967 with Annie Z
Several spaces
Jones, Louisa J. MS1-14 1859-1882
Johnson, Emily E. MS1-14 1830-1892
Johnson, Joel M. MS1-14 Nov-12-1832 Nov-01-1916 brkn mrkr
Open space
Dunlap, John M. MS1-14 d. Sep-13-1872 aged abt 29 yrs
Sessions, Winnie E. MS1-14 Dec-13-1875 Nov-17-1876
Bowden, J.C. MS1-14 Sep-16-1826 Aug-28-1884 b. Putnam Co., GA; brkn marker
Wallace, Mary L. MS1-14 Nov-30-1890 Feb-07-1891 dau of D.H. & L.E.
U/I unreadable square granite marker
Jones, Mary Alice MS1-14 Jul-30-1861 May-10-1892
Atcheson, Eliza MS1-14 Jul-20-1802 Oct-28-1870
Bird, Anna MS1-14 Mar-25-1870 Oct-04-1874
Byrd, Wm. W. MS1-14 Mar-27-1836 Mar-01-1886 with Elizabeth
Byrd, Elizabeth MS1-14 Aug-25-1839 Nov-09-1887 with Wm. W.
Wallace, Lessie Mae MS1-14 Feb-..-1900 Sep-01-1915 brkn
Wallace, Mary L. MS1-14 1860-1922
Wallace, J.R. MS1-14 (no dates) footstone only
Wallace, W.L. MS1-14 (no dates) footstone only
McBrayer, Willie MS1-14 1882-1913 'Mother'
Hillin, Bulah Mae MS1-14 1885-1972 'Mother'
Hillin, Vatina Mae MS1-14 Sep-02-1919 Oct-26-1919 dau of H.L. & Mae Hillin

Row 15 South to North

U/I brkn marker May-be foot stones for next row
U/I brkn marker May-be foot stones for next row
Holsonback, Gertrude MS1-15 Nov-03-1881 Aug-14-1902
Hillin, J.H. MS1-15 Sep-20-1857 Dec-17-1910 Lynwood Camp #1103 WOW
Hillin, H.L. MS1-15 1885-1941
Bowling, Grover Cleave MS1-15 1888-1966
Bowling, Nancy MS1-15 Apr-19-1862 Feb-09-1892 wife of S.H. Bowling
Bowling, Infant MS1-15 Jul-02-1891 child of S.H. & N.C. Bowling
Bowling, Infant MS1-15 Sep-27-1883 child of S.H. & N.C. Bowling
Bowling, Willie MS1-15 Sep-25-1883 Feb-17-1884 child of S.H. & N.C Bowling
Hillin, Alsista MS1-15 Jun-11-1825 Sep-08-1887 with Y.H.W.
Hillin, Y.H.W. MS1-15 Feb-26-1870 Sep-07-1885 with Alsista
Hillin, Nathaniel MS1-15 Aug-26-1826 Nov-23-1888 TX 5th Sgt Co K 7th TX Cav CSA
Perkins, Mary E. MS1-15 Nov-10-1854 Jan-25-1924 'Mother; wife of J.T. Perkins'
Scott, Dewey B. MS1-15 Oct-28-1900 Aug-26-1957 TX Pfc 1004 Tech Sch AAF WWII
Wysick, Willard E. MS1-15 Aug-12-1908 Mar-05-1979
Wysick, Curtis Cowan MS1-15 1913-1975 Pvt US Army WWII
Wysick, Edith Faye MS1-15 1917-1980

Row 16 North to South starts in middle of cemetery Flag Pole Row

Bowling, Infant MS1-16 Jan-23-1899 son of S.H. & Sallie Bowling
Boatman, H.B. MS1-16 Dec-13-1856 May-05-1925 with Mary E.
Boatman, Mary E. MS1-16 Nov-20-1865 Oct-31-1943 with H.B.
Magee, Tressie MS1-16 Apr-05-1888 Jul-12-1922 Lynwood Grove #702 WC; wife of J.T. Magee
Edwards, Unknown MS1-16 (no dates) brkn stone mrkr beside big tree stump between rows
Lacy, Erastus William MS1-16 1827-1892 Co C 37th GA Inf CSA
Martin, Rosia A. MS1-16 Aug-15-1830 Jul-20-1899 wife of Dr. B.S. Martin
Martin, B.S. Dr. MS1-16 Aug-28-1827 Aug-30-1870
Tipton, Inez MS1-16 Jun-15-1886 Jun-12-1971
Tipton, Mollie E. MS1-16 Sep-16-1859 Mar-10-1946 'Mother'
Tipton, T.J. MS1-16 May-22-1850 Feb-23-1902
Brown, Mary E. MS1-16 Jan-18-1841 ...-..-1883 wife of Henry C. Thomason
Tipton, Mary E. Dotson MS1-16 b. abt 1825 d. abt 1855 with Albert
Tipton, Albert Gallatin MS1-16 ...-..-1820 Dec-22-1901 with Mary E.
Tipton, John V. MS1-16 Oct-01-1880 Oct-26-1880 son of T.J. & M.E. Tipton; Death date questionable
Lamb, J.M. (Pete) MS1-16 Jun-15-1916 Aug-30-1981 with Lamb, Unknown
Lamb, Unknown MS1-16 (no dates) On marker with J.M.
Treadwell, Jewel Bowling MS1-16 Jul-30-1901 Mar-26-1901 with Bonner
Treadwell, Bonner MS1-16 Mar-06-1903 Jan-20-1973 with Jewel
Darby, Lorene MS1-16 Dec-01-1905 Jan-09-1971 with Aubrey
Darby, Aubrey MS1-16 Mar-27-1907 Jul-06-1982 with Lorene
Bowling, Sallie MS1-16 Oct-13-1866 Feb-23-1952 with Sam; WC
Bowling, Sam H. MS1-16 Jun-16-1860 Apr-08-1952 with Sallie
Holcomb, Albert B. MS1-16 Nov-21-1884 Mar-11-1948 WOW
Holcomb, Sarah E. MS1-16 May-18-1880 Jan-06-1936 WC

Row 17 South to North

Parker, Walter MS1-17 1866-1927
Petri, W.E. Ernest MS1-17 1906-1994 with Callie; concrete covered
Petri, Callie B. MS1-17 1914-2000 with Ernest; concrete covered
Birdsong MS1-17 Julia Anne MS1-17 1873-1961 with Lewis; concrete covered; 'Mother'
Birdsong, Lewis Leab MS1-17 1870-1934 with Julia Ann; ME; concrete covered; 'Daddy'
Birdsong, Earl MS1-17 Dec-19-1898 Jan-12-1916 concrete covered
Tipton, James Alvie MS1-17 Jan-26-1924 Jul-26-1924 concrete covered
Brazier, Oweda B. MS1-17 1900-1983 with Hollis; concrete covered
Brazier, Hollis B. MS1-17 Oct-18-1893 Aug-02-1959 TX Wagoner Co D5 Ammo TN WWI; with Oweda; ME
Harrison, Betty Jean MS1-17 Dec-09-1932 Dec-04-1934 Infant dau of R.L. & Willa Baker
Spillman, Walter B. MS1-17 Jun-19-1885 Sep-21-1944
Baker, Robert MS1-17 1887-1962 with Willie; 'Daddy'
Baker, Willie MS1-17 1894-1973 m. Jun-06-1908; with Robert; 'Mama'
Trotter, Marie MS1-17 Dec-09-1920 Dec-09-1996 m. May-14-1939; with Bill
Trotter, Bill MS1-17 Oct-24-1915 Sep-21-1991 with Marie
Trotter, Billy Wayne MS1-17 Aug-03-1945 Jun-23-1998 Sgt US Army Vietman
Redden, Alfred F. MS1-17 Feb-18-1851 Feb-08-1871
Redden, Annalee MS1-17 Jan-18-1881 ...-..-1881 dau of W.H. & S.J. Redden
Redden, Henry D. MS1-17 Aug-11-1878 Jul-29-1898 son of W.H. & S.J. Redden
Redden, Homer MS1-17 Oct-07-1885 Oct-25-1906 WOW
Large tree stump between rows
Redden, Maudie Idella MS1-17 Dec-29-1892 Jun-20-1910 dau of W.H. & S.J. Redden
Redden, Effie MS1-17 Nov-08-1890 Mar-25-1914 WC; dau of W.H. & S.J. Redden
Redden, William H. MS1-17 Oct-21-1852 Jan-17-1929 with Sarah; ME; Father
Redden, Sarah Jane MS1-17 Apr-24-1858 Jan-14-1929 with William; 'Mother'
Open space
Magee, Evelyn MS1-17 Sep-10-1921 Oct-14-1921 dau of J.T. & Tressie Magee
Magee, Martha Ellen MS1-17 1864-1913 'Mother'
U/I Brkn marker unreadable
Jones, John J. MS1-17 Feb-17-1830 Jan-06-1914
Dalby, E.R. MS1-17 Aug-02-1903 Jan-28-1967
Jones, Lela Dora MS1-17 Jun-27-1876 Nov-25-1907
Jones, Albert Roy MS1-17 Jan-31-1904 May-29-1906
Jones, Infant MS1-17 Sep-12-1896 Infant dau of J.H. & L.D. Jones
Murphey, Celia Ann MS1-17 Jun-06-1837 Aug-22-1884
Murphey, John MS1-17 Jul-11-1828 Nov-05-1898
Greenwood, O.C. MS1-17 Mar-20-1890 Aug-11-1979 with Eula
Greenwood, Eula E. MS1-17 Apr-23-1890 Sep-11-1944 with O.C.
Stroud, Glen E. MS1-17 Oct-10-1930 .... with Billie
Stroud, Billie R. MS1-17 Jun-26-1929 .... m. Jul-17-1959; with Glen
Murphey, Ida Lannie MS1-17 1896-1897 with Curtis
Murphey, Curtis Gary MS1-17 1898-1900 with Ida

Row 18 North to South

Atkisson, Lillian MS1-18 1899-1900
Greenwood, Effie MS1-18 Apr-05-1881 May-13-1919 'Sister; dau of J.N. & S.J.'
Murphey, Virge MS1-18 Sep-25-1879 Sep-27-1957 'Daddy'
Montgomery, Isaac R. MS1-18 Sep-30-1826 Sep-25-1895
Montgomery, Joe A. MS1-18 Nov-19-1861 Jul-29-1889
Several spaces
Murphey, M.M. MS1-18 (no dates) sandstone marker
Murphey, J.T. MS1-18 Aug-18-1868 Sep-05-1920
Murphey, Mollie MS1-18 Nov-03-1868 Nov-23-1952
Open space
Douglas, Bertha Lee Walls MS1-18 May-04-1938 Oct-30-1984
Walls, Philip Stanley MS1-18 May-09-1958 May-12-1958
Baker, Christine J. MS1-18 Nov-22-1917- .... 'm. Jul-10-1935; Mother'; with Robert Lee
Baker, Robert Lee Jr MS1-18 Jun-26-1916 Dec-08-1973 with Christine; 'Daddy; TX S2 US Navy WWII
Baker, Robert J. MS1-18 May-22-1955 Jul-06-1992 with Jan
Baker, Jan H. MS1-18 Aug-10-1953- .... with Robert J.
Fulton, Lewis Morris MS1-18 Feb-22-1895 Oct-16-1991 with Frankie; Pvt US Army WWI
Fulton, Frankie Vera MS1-18 Apr-16-1898 Oct-15-1973 with Lewis
Pierce, Minyard L. DDS MS1-18 Sep-28-1889 Dec-06-1918
Jones, Armer V. MS1-18 Dec-04-1879 Sep-05-1949 concrete slab; 'Mother'
Pierce, Lee D. MS1-18 Jul-21-1882 Oct-23-1922 WOW; son of F.B. & T.A. Pierce
Pierce, F.B. MS1-18 Dec-03-1857 Dec-16-1931 with T.A.;ME; 'Father'
Pierce, T.A. MS1-18 Jan-09-1862 Feb-16-1932 with F.B.;WC; 'Mother'
Parker, Aristedes O. MS1-18 Apr-07-1883 Aug-01-1935 with Delia; 'Father'
Parker, Delia A. MS1-18 Feb-03-1875 Jul-11-1933 with Aristedes; 'Mother'
Parker, Pasco MS1-18 1898-1921

Row 19 South to North

Lively, Fred MS1-19 1873-1926 with Evie
Lively, Evie MS1-19 1881-1960 with Fred
Lively, Alfred MS1-19 1903-1924
Compton, Infant MS1-19 Jun-19-1919 (only date)
Compton, Barnett MS1-19 Aug-29-1885 Dec-02-1940
Compton, Birdie MS1-19 Jan-07-1894 Jan-16-1988
Yingling, Margaret Compton MS1-19 Dec-07-1912 Jan-27-1996
Yingling, Jimmy Don MS1-19 Feb-09-1933 Feb-12-1991 USAF KOREA
Open space
Sowel, George W. MS1-19 .... Nov-15-1878 with Ann
Sowell, Ann Elizabeth MS1-19 Jan-22-1839 Jan-30-1884 with George
Greenwood, Newton MS1-19 1874 (only date)
Greenwood, Jasper MS1-19 Aug-12-1849 Dec-16-1900 ME; (very old stone)
Greenwood, Franklin MS1-19 1882 (only date)
Greenwood, Jasper N. MS1-19 1849-1900 with Sarah; ME; (new duplicate stone)
Greenwood, Sarah J. MS1-19 1849-1938 with Jasper
McDonald, Treva MS1-19 Jul-19-1892 Jul-16-1985
Montgomery, Robert MS1-19 1864-1932 with Jessie
Montgomery, Jessie MS1-19 1868-1931 with Robert
Montgomery, Robert Paul MS1-19 May-12-1907 Jun-15-1924 son of Robert & Jessie
Montgomery, Emily Edwards MS1-19 1840-1919
Greenwood, Ollie MS1-19 1873-1911 WOW
Greenwood, James T. MD. MS1-19 1872-1967 ME
Greenwood, Jimmie MS1-19 1883-1957 OES
Ross, James Edward Jr MS1-19 Sep-24-1963 Jan-31-1998 PIC
Open space
Golightly, Johnny Earl MS1-19 May-30-1966 Jun-13-1995

Row 20 North to South

Jackson, James O. MS1-20 Jul-11-1898 Jun-25-1983 m. Dec-03-1916; with Bertha
Jackson, Bertha M. MS1-20 Apr-14-1900 Jul-20-1984 with James
Smith, Clifford A. MS1-20 Aug-26-1921 .... with Helen
Smith, Helen Jackson MS1-20 Jun-20-1928 .... with Clifford
Open space
Gray, Sarah (Sally) Sanderson MS1-20 Nov-02-1872 Apr-15-1905 wife of John W. Gray
Open space
McLendon, W.R. MS1-20 Mar-09-1826 Mar-18-1885
Three large crape myrtles
Perkins, George P. MS1-20 Sep-21-1886 Feb-08-1887 with Leter&Lela; child of A.R.& M.A. Perkins
Perkins, Lela B. MS1-20 Jan-03-1885 Feb-21-1885 with George&Leter; child of A.R.& M.A. Perkins
Perkins, Leter V. MS1-20 Jan-01-1879 Mar-05-1879 with George&Lela; child of A.R.& M.A. Perkins
Hoover, J.N. Mrs. MS1-20 1837-1871
Woodall, Gussie MS1-20 Apr-26-1874 Dec-24-1912
Big tree stump between rows
Burton, Phillip Ray MS1-20 Jan-13-1937 Apr-13-1989
Burton, Dorothy D. MS1-20 May-23-1911 May-31-1996 'm. Feb-25-1931'; with Aulma
Burton, Aulma MS1-20 Sep-24-1904 May-05-1972 with Dorothy
Burton, Baby MS1-20 Sep-24-1966 (only date)
Burton, Bertie Bell MS1-20 Dec-10-1932 Mar-14-1936
Ross, Forrest L. MS1-20 1876-1953
Sowell, J.T. MS1-20 Mar-01-1880 Apr-16-1926 'Father'

Row 21 South to North

Lock, T.M. MS1-21 Apr-20-1848 Mar-01-1926
Welch, John William (Sonny) MS1-21 Aug-01-1942 Jan-27-1981 with Betty Jean; USMC Vietnam
Welch, Betty Jean MS1-21 Oct-10-1947 .... 'm. Jun-07-1965'; with John W.
Welch, John E. MS1-21 Oct-30-1909 Feb-27-1985 with Mary F.
Welch, Mary F. MS1-21 Jul-18-1922 .... with John
Welch, Eddie Leamon MS1-21 (no dates)
Perkins, J.C. or J.G. MS1-21 (no dates) concrete mrkr
Woodall, Nancy A. MS1-21 Mar-20-1840 Mar-26-1913 wife of J.S.L. Woodall
Woodall, Dallas MS1-21 Nov-19-1878 Mar-26-1913
Woodall, Hubert M. MS1-21 1912-1936
Walker, Henrietta A. MS1-21 Apr-15-1855 Sep-01-1880 brkn mrkr; wife of H.S. Walker
Walker, H.S. MS1-21 Oct-15-1828 Mar-22-1886 ME
Stallings, H.P. MS1-21 1835-1923
Stallings, Desty M. MS1-21 1853-1939
Stallings, Emma MS1-21 1893-1959
Stallings, James A. MS1-21 1878-1965 with Ida Bell
Stallings, Ida Bell MS1-21 1881-1945 with James A.
Stallings, Esther May MS1-21 Feb-14-1909 Sep-10-1915
Perkins, A.R. MS1-21 Mar-06-1848 May-14-1918 with Martha
Perkins, Martha A. MS1-21 Sep-05-1859 Jun-10-1936 with A.R.
Perkins, John O. MS1-21 Feb-16-1882 Dec-14-1902 son of A.R. & M.A. Perkins
Perkins, Onnimus R. MS1-21 Mar-27-1880 Jul-26-1954 with Berta
Perkins, Berta MS1-21 Dec-03-1888 Apr-08-1992 with Onnimus
Perkins, Augustus Detroit MS1-21 Apr-04-1913 Aug-08-1915 son of O.R. & Berta Perkins
Perkins, Valentine W. MS1-21 Feb-14-1915 Dec-04-1916 son of O.R. & Berta Perkins
Open space
Jackson, Lanette Mae MS1-21 Dec-16-1980 Aug-26-1996
Jackson, Joe F. MS1-21 Jul-19-1922 Aug-22-1994 with Annette
Jackson, Annette MS1-21 Mar-30-1922 Jul-13-1977 'm. Feb-22-1941'; with Joe

Row 22 North to South

Stafford, B.L. Pvt MS1-22 Aug-29-1914 Dec-07-1940
Stafford, Louie P. MS1-22 Jun-01-1922 Feb-16-1943 Phillipine Islands Pfc 59th Coast Arty WWII
Stafford, Earl MS1-22 Aug-06-1912 Nov-12-1980 Cpl US Army WWII
Stafford, Annette MS1-22 Jun-14-1920 Sep-03-1981
Stafford, Earl Edward MS1-22 Mar-20-1943 Jun-07-1989 Sp4 US Army Vietnam
Holmes, James Rayburn MS1-22 May-16-1925 Feb-14-1987
Hildebrandt, Geo. W. MS1-22 1870-1947
Open space
Cleaver, Jane Holcomb MS1-22 May-07-1938 Jul-23-1999
Gilleland, Rue Lynn Cleaver MS1-22 Jan-18-1956 May-25-1985
Cleaver, Rex Scott MS1-22 Sep-11-1954 Jun-21-1982

Row 23 North to South

Tipton, Lorina C. MS1-23 Oct-27-1868 Mar-31-1886 dau of T.J. & M.E. Tipton
U/I Petrified wood marker
Cooper, H.N. Dr. MS1-23 Apr-28-1848 Nov-12-1884
Tipton, M.E. MS1-23 Jul-16-1842 Apr-02-1885
Tipton, T.J. MS1-23 Feb-15-1830 Oct-07-1883
Open space
McFarland, Elsie M. MS1-23 1914-1969 'm. Aug-01-1932'; with Stanley
McFarland, Stanley J. MS1-23 1907-1952 with Elsie

Row 24 South to North

Cowan, Royce MS1-24  b&d Sep-07-1935
Bobbitt, Reuben H. MS1-24 1899-1970 'Father'
Bobbitt, Nora E. MS1-24 1908-1946 'Mother'
Bobbitt, Mary J. MS1-24 1941-.... (unreadable)
Perkins, Jimmie C. MS1-24 1892-1939 'Mother'
Burton, Bonnie MS1-24 Nov-22-1905 Oct-21-1972
Burton, Ross MS1-24 Oct-20-1901 Nov-06-1969
Burton, Reagan G. MS1-24 Nov-01-1934 Nov-29-1934
Burton, Vivian L. MS1-24 Apr-02-1930 Nov-16-1933
Burton, Melvin MS1-24 Oct-06-1924 (only date)
Hamrick, Dora Lee MS1-24 1886-1941
Hamrick, George W. MS1-24 1879 no date
Sanders, Jewel A. MS1-24 Apr-01-1911 Jun-22-1976
Perkins, Terry Rodgers MS1-24 May-27-1917 Oct-29-1993 with Elna; Pvt US Army WWII
Perkins, Elna Taylor MS1-24 Sep-27-1916 .... 'm. Jul-12-1940'; with Terry
Perkins, Edwin G. MS1-24 Aug-13-1922 Nov-05-1981 Tec 4 US Army WWII

Row 25 North to South

Big Oak
Stafford, Harvie Jr MS1-25 May-12-1914 Feb-18-1926
Stafford, Harvie Sr MS1-25 Oct-08-1869 Mar-08-1929
Bowling, Callie May Stafford Bounds MS1-25 Jan-14-1895 Apr-15-1991
Stafford, Nancy MS1-25 Aug-28-1839 Apr-25-1917 wife of Harvie Stafford Sr.
C., H.C. MS1-25 (no dates) foot stone, no headstone
Taylor, Joseph T. MS1-25 Jul-02-1895 Oct-29-1908 with Luther & Andrew
Taylor, Luther N. MS1-25 Jun-11-1898 Nov-27-1907 with Joseph & Andrew
Taylor, Andrew J. MS1-25 Sep-12-1889 Jul-28-1932 with Joseph & Luther
Taylor, Ella Francis MS1-25 Jun-23-1866 Aug-07-1951 'Mother'
Cleaver, Brunette MS1-25 1880-1963 with J. Bruce; OES
Cleaver, J. Bruce MS1-25 1882-1944 with Brunette
Cleaver, John F. MS1-25 Jul-03-1919 Dec-07-1971 TX Pvt US Army WWII
Cleaver, Jimmie MS1-25 Aug-06-1941 Aug-08-1941
Cleaver, Mary MS1-25 Apr-10-1932
Cleaver, Don Maurice MS1-25 Feb-18-1945 Feb-19-1945
Cleaver, Sleetie (Sissy) Belle MS1-25 Aug-08-1912 Mar-07-1996 'm. Jul-25-1931'; with Maurice
Cleaver, Maurice Bruce (Curley) MS1-25 Oct-10-1919 Sep-30-1996 with Sleetie
Walker, Lena MS1-25 Jan-08-1841 Jan-16-1841 dau of J. Pruil & Jonnie Walker
Walker, Iris Leget MS1-25 Aug-22-1881 Jul-01-1883
Walker, Edney Ora MS1-25 Sep-29-1879 Sep-30-1884
Open space
Tipton, M.A. MS1-25 May-29-1831 May-28-1891 wife of Isaac Tipton
Tipton, Isaac MS1-25 Oct-12-1825 Nov-11-1881
Shirley, R.K. (Pops) MS1-25 Jun-15-1939 .... with Terry Yvonne
Shirley, Terry Yvonne (Ty-Ty) MS1-25 Jun-03-1942 Jun-09-1998 with R.K.
Morris, Sarah MS1-25 Dec-01-1813 Jun-24-1897
Bailey, John O. MS1-25 Mar-03-1875 Dec-27-1896
Johnson, Mary Melvina MS1-25 ...-..-184. Jun-14-1914 wife of J.E. Johnson
Bailey, S.A. MS1-25 Feb-13-1873 Sep-04-1893 wife of T.S. Bailey
Hickenbottom, Callie MS1-25 1855-1896
Bailey (TTB), J.E. MS1-25 (no dates) unreadable
Bailey, John T. MS1-25 Aug-11-1889 Sep-20-1889 with Mary Jane; son of T.S.& M.J. Bailey
Bailey, Mary Jane MS1-25 Oct-26-1861 Sep-15-1889 with John T.; wife of T.S. Bailey
Bailey (TTB), Unkn MS1-25 Jan-06-1877 Jun-25-1877 brkn mrkr; Infant sons of J.T. & C.C.
McElhaney, Joan Marie Hamrick MS1-25 Nov-25-1944 Jan-17-1999 'Mother'
Besaw, Bonice Pfeil MS1-25 Jun-14-1938 Sep-21-1992
Hamrick, James Henry MS1-25 Mar-12-1941 Jun-06-1941
Hamrick, Barney A. MS1-25 Feb-10-1913 Feb-03-1970 with Ora Louise
Hamrick, Ora Louise MS1-25 Apr-12-1916 Feb-21-2001 with Barney
Open space
Holland, Nedam Piercie MS1-25 Oct-09-1903 Oct-02-1965 WOW

Row 26 South to North

Smith, Norris J. (Sandy) MS1-26 Nov-04-1922 Jun-20-1995
Open space to end of row on west
Stafford, Floyd H. MS1-26 Jul-12-1928 Apr-04-1995 'Father'
Lloyd, Virgie Taylor MS1-26 1892-1960 'Mother'

Row 27 North to South

Jones, Christopher Glenn MS1-27 Jul-25-1983 Nov-06-1991
Stafford, Pamela Denise Jones MS1-27 Sep-10-19..  Nov-05-1999 'Mother'
Jones, John P. MS1-27 Aug-26-1896 Aug-10-1897 son of S.P. & N.M. Jones
Jones (Jones-Barnett), D.T. MS1-27 Nov-30-1851 Oct-11-1896 with Mollie; ME
Jones, Mollie E. Cleaver MS1-27 Oct-02-1871 Dec-14-1948 with D.T.; OES
Jones, Lillian MS1-27 Aug-14-1893 Oct-11-1894 dau of D.T. & M.E. Jones
Cleaver, H.C. Capt. MS1-27 Aug-15-1837 Nov-12-1900 with Nannie
Cleaver, Nannie J. MS1-27 Jul-10-1846 May-02-1920 with Capt. H.C.
Cleaver, Richard Henry MS1-27 Nov-23-1875 Aug-03-1888
Wiggins, Infant MS1-27 b&d Apr-27-1915 dau of S.S. & Agnes Wiggins
Fudge, Helen Janet MS1-27 Oct-28-1935 .... 'm. Sep-27-1952'; with Jimmie Lee; 'Mom'
Fudge, Jimmie Lee MS1-27 Sep-01-1931 Aug-11-1999 with Helen; 'Dad'
Foshee, Mattie V. MS1-27 Mar-24-1916 Jan-19-1999 TFM
Foshee, Lawrence W. MS1-27 Mar-01-1904 Aug-10-1998 TFM
Spivey, Isaac Milton MS1-27 Jan-25-1883 Nov-30-1906 Raney Camp 2144 WOW
U/I partial stone (beside yucca plant)
Gray, Jane J. MS1-27 Nov-11-1824 Jun-20-1877 Death date questionable
Open space to South end

Row 28 North to South

Sanders, Lucille M. MS1-28 Feb-28-1939 Oct-10-1996 'm. Jul-27-1963'; with A.D. Jr
Sanders, A.D. Jr MS1-28 Oct-22-1939 .... with Lucille
Johnson, Alice M. MS1-28 Jan-05-1895 Apr-14-1978 with John; 'Mother'
Johnson, John M. MS1-28 Aug-14-1859 May-13-1945 with Alice; 'Father'
Bobbitt, Laverne J. MS1-28 May-06-1925 .... 'm. Sep-10-1949'; with Myron
Bobbitt, Myron M. MS1-28 Jun-28-1924 Jan-24-1973 with Laverne; SM1 US Navy
Wysick, Flarrie Smith MS1-28 Mar-16-1913 Jan-16-1975
Smith, Nannie J. MS1-28 Oct-07-1876 Dec-21-1957 with Willie
Smith, Willie A. MS1-28 Mar-21-1877 Sep-04-1958 with Nannie; WOW
Smith, Russell T. MS1-28 Oct-07-1901 Apr-16-1935 ME
Davis, Willie Thomas MS1-28 Mar-06-1947 Sep-02-1979
Davis, Willie Smith MS1-28 Jan-30-1916 Dec-16-1989 with Willie Allen
Davis, Willie Allen MS1-28 May-18-1903 Sep-18-1981 'm. Feb-17-1945'; with Willie Smith

Row 29 South to North starts in center of cemetery

Open space from South end
Gray, B.O. MS1-29 1882-1962
Gray, Jessie Lee MS1-29 Nov-30-1889 Feb-02-1942
Open space
Wiggins, F.E. MS1-29 Aug-19-1834 Mar-03-1915 wife of H.S. Wiggins
Bowling, Ora Vey MS1-29 Dec-29-1895 Aug-31-1905 dau of L.F. & Otho Bowling
Bowling, S. Doyle MS1-29 Mar-03-1900 Oct-21-1905 son of L.F. & Otho Bowling
Bowling, Nannie O. MS1-29 Feb-27-1873 Feb-03-1931 WC

Row 30 North to South

Grasty, Alice MS1-30 Feb-06-1873 Jun-22-1956
McKinney, Robbie Robert MS1-30 Feb-16-1900 Sep-26-1990 TFM
U/I unreadable
Baxter, James Monroe MS1-30 1850-1886 with Texannah
Baxter, Texannah MS1-30 1853-1898 with James
Baxter, Henry MS1-30 1873-1893
Baxter, Etta MS1-30 1875-1891
Baxter, Willie MS1-30 1878-1889
Russell, Caroline MS1-30 Aug-29-1840 Sep-24-1905 wife of I. Russell
Richey, Callie MS1-30 Jul-21-1906 Jun-16-1909
Richey, Annie MS1-30 b&d Sep-09-1903
Richey, Geo. D. MS1-30 May-05-1900 Aug-18-1900
Richey, Callie MS1-30 Nov-07-1895 Feb-09-1908 with Edgar R.
Richey, Edgar R. MS1-30 Sep-15-1872 Sep-14-1934 with Callie
Gray, Baby (1) MS1-30 (no date)
Gray, Baby (2) MS1-30 (no date)
Gray, Baby (3) MS1-30 (no date)
Ellis, Catherine MS1-30 1823-1889 with Rev John
Ellis, John Wesley Rev. MS1-30 1823-1864 (buried in Tyler)
Payne, Rossy (Doss) MS1-30 May-28-1891 Oct-13-1970
Payne, Emma E. MS1-30 1867-1957 with A.C.
Payne, A.C. MS1-30 1862-1949 with Emma
Dalby, A.L. MS1-30 1876-1885
Dalby, M. MS1-30 1841-1885

Row 31 South to North

Hollenbeck, Millard D. MS1-31 1891-1953 with Irene
Hollenbeck, Irene M. MS1-31 1898-1990 with Millard
Bickerstaff, Odie V. MS1-31 Jun-07-1906 Mar-06-1975 with George Lee
Bickerstaff, George Lee MS1-31 Feb-14-1892 Nov-04-1979 with Odie
Sipper, Grover C. MS1-31 1884-1954
Baxter, Callie Sipper MS1-31 Apr-22-1882 Feb-17-1967
Bobbitt, Herman MS1-31 Apr-06-1896 Oct-21-1979 with Mina
Bobbitt, Mina MS1-31 Apr-02-1905 Jan-01-1995 with Herman
Woodall, Patrick Hunter MS1-31 Jan-08-1995 Jun-30-1997
Woodall, Richard Paul MS1-31 Aug-28-1993 Dec-23-1993
U/I steel pipe
U/I petrified wood mrkr
U/I steel pipe
Gray, Sissie MS1-31 Feb-01-1873 Nov-04-1940
Gray, Rube R. MS1-31 Oct-20-1866 Feb-04-1930 'Father'
Cleveland, Jeffrey Lee MS1-31 b&d Aug-28-1979
Big tree
U/I steel rod
U/I steel rod
Smith, I.V. MS1-31 May-08-1913 Oct-23-1982 'm. Apr-14-1934'; with Marian
Smith, Marian E. MS1-31 May-05-1917 .... with I.V.
Guinn, Alice F. MS1-31 Feb-01-1948 Jun-30-1995 'Mother'

Row 32 South to North

Watkins, Mary E. MS1-32 Nov-05-1836 Jun-07-1909 wife of W.F. Watkins
U/I square granite stone
Wallace, Bob Earl MS1-32 Apr-14-1918 May-28-1971 TX Pvt AAF WWII

Row 33 South to North

Bobbitt, Richard H. MS1-33 Jul-29-1925 Jan-16-1988 with Lillie Ann; TSgt USAF WWII/Korea
Bobbitt, Lillie Ann MS1-33 Jun-24-1930- .... with Richard H.
Bobbitt, Richard G. MS1-33 1885-1961 with Rossie
Bobbitt, Rossie I. MS1-33 1894-1963 with Richard G.
Watts, Milton J. MS1-33 Oct-16-1901 Oct-09-1991 with Nannie; 'Father'
Watts, Nannie L. MS1-33 Dec-28-1906 Dec-16-1988 'Mother; m. Nov-12-1922'; with Milton
Cleveland, Floyd R. Jr (June) MS1-33 Aug-16-1926 Feb-26-1981 with Sylverine; Cpl US Army WWII
Cleveland, Sylverine Watts MS1-33 Jun-25-1928 .... 'm. Mar-20-1948'; with Floyd
Haberle, Gerald N. (Jerry) MS1-33 Sep-25-1930 Jun-15-1998 US Navy Korea

Section II South of Road (MS2)

Row 1 North to South

Golightly, Lucy Marlene MS2-01 Jun-08-1929 Jan-29-1994 with John; 'Mom'
Golightly, John Beall MS2-01 Apr-25-1938 .... with Lucy; 'Dad'
Bell, Mary L. MS2-01 Dec-05-1914 .... 'm. Dec-30-1965'; with Robert F.
Bell, Robert F. MS2-01 Aug-31-1912 Jan-10-1990 with Mary L.; S1 US Navy WWII
Chastain, Evelyn Marie MS2-01 Sep-28-1920 .... 'm. Jan-23-1936'; with Amos
Chastain, Amos Bryant MS2-01 Jun-15-1913 Sep-02-1985 with Evelyn
Vickers, Gladys M. Judkins MS2-01 Jan-11-1935 Jun-13-1995 with Glen W.
Vickers, Glen W. MS2-01 Mar-13-1936 .... with Gladys
Vickers, Sharon L. Blount MS2-01 Aug-12-1966 Jul-09-1991 with Bobby Glen; PIC
Vickers, Bobby Glen MS2-01 Oct-10-1955 .... with Sharon
U/I Brick
McElfresh, James Quinton MS2-01 Jul-24-1959 Dec-13-1985
Rainwater, Richard Wayne MS2-01 Jan-29-1949 Jun-01-1980
Rainwater, Flora Pauline MS2-01 Sep-16-1921 .... 'm. Oct-08-1937'; with Silas
Rainwater, Silas Ross (Papaw) MS2-01 Nov-20-1905 Apr-21-1999 with Flora
Davenport, Jonnie Lynn MS2-01 Feb-12-1977 Oct-31-1979
Davenport, Jimmie Wayne MS2-01 May-26-1948 Apr-27-1997 TFM
Sanders, Sherron Evans MS2-01 Nov-26-1943 .... with Ervin Andrew
Sanders, Ervin Andrew (Andy) MS2-01 Jan-25-1935 .... 'm. Oct-01-1977'; with Sherron
Sherman, Johnnie Lottie MS2-01 Apr-26-1919 Jul-14-1969 with W.T. Sr
Sherman, W.T. Sr MS2-01 Nov-06-1916 May-30-1989 with Johnnie
McMillen, Johnnie Louise MS2-01 Mar-10-1937 Jan-12-2001 with Leland
McMillen, Leland P. MS2-01 Oct-06-1932 May-24-1983 with Johnnie
Sessions, Mamie Elzora MS2-01 Nov-29-1927 Dec-01-1993 'm. Jan-11-1947'; with Pearl
Sessions, Pearl Elton MS2-01 Mar-04-1919 .... with Mamie
Sessions, Jewel Macklee MS2-01 Jul-01-1915 Nov-18-1974 PIC; Pfc US Army WWII

Row 2 South end

Bobbitt, Henry Herzel MS2-02 Mar-11-1925 Jul-18-1981 Cpl US Army WWII

Row 3 South end

Bobbitt, Bobby Ray MS2-03 Jul-24-1929 Feb-03-1987 AB USAF Korea

Row 4 South end

Bobbitt, Calvin MS2-04 Jun-13-1932 .... with Oleta
Bobbitt, Oleta Martine MS2-04 Feb-06-1930 Jun-25-1994 with Calvin
Russell, Harold R. MS2-04 Aug-22-1933 Jan-05-1993 with Bobbie
Russell, Bobbie R. MS2-04 Jan-07-1933 .... with Harold

Row 5 South end

Guy, Billy Jack MS2-05 Mar-08-1957 Oct-27-1966

Row 6 South to North

Gray, Buford Lee (Pa) MS2-06 May-29-1916 .... 'm. Jun-09-1934'; with Edna
Gray, Edna Merle (Ma) MS2-06 Dec-09-1917 Nov-20-1992 with Buford Lee
U/I steel pipe May Mark a plot
U/I concrete in coffee can May Mark a plot

Row 7 South end

Henry, William H. MS2-07 Sep-16-1912 May-16-1998 with Leona
Henry, Leona I. MS2-07 Jun-13-1915 Jul-10-1998 with William

Row 8 South end

Fowler, Harold Dee MS2-08 May-23-1943 Feb-18-1987

Row 9 South end

Wilson, O.E. (Slim) MS2-09 Nov-19-1917 Jul-22-1991

Row 10 South end

Kersten, Melody Anne MS2-10 Apr-08-1993 dau of Lance & Tracey Kersten



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