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Dallas County's
(Webb Chapel United Methodist Church)

Founded in Republic of Texas, Isaac Blackman Webb (1802-80), after moving his family from Missouri to the Peters Colony in 1843-44 winter, appealed for a visit by a missionary.  On March 19, 1844, in log cabin of his brother-in-law, William M, Cochran, a worship service was held by the Rev. Thomas J. Brown, the first known Methodist minister to visit the colony. On May 5, 1845, circuit services were begun by the Rev. Daniel Shook in

 Webb's cabin, and a society was formed. The charter members: Nancy Jane Hughes Cochran (Mrs. William M., said to have been first professing Methodist in the colony), M. Franklin and Margaret Fortner, and Isaac and Mary Hughes Webb.  An 18' x 18' log cabin was built on Webb's land in springtime 1846, as the Colony's first church. The Rev. Joab H. Biggs was first (1847-48) pastor. The hewn-log cabin also served as schoolhouse, public meeting hall, and post office for community.

Some local Methodists in 1850s met Cedar Springs members halfway, and built Cochran Chapel (5.3 mi. SE). Webb Chapel Cemetery (1.8 Mi. SE) Marks site where the others built a frame church in 1877.  A second frame building of 1903 was used until present sanctuary was erected in 1955 to house this church body with a record of continuous services since 1845.  (1972)


  • Webb Chapel United Methodist Church, Valley View Ln, Farmers Branch, Dallas County, Texas


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