Old Communities, Post Offices, and Postmasters in Camp County, Texas


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(A) Acting Postmaster, (MA) Military Acting, (N) Name changed by marriage,
(**) Denotes a postmaster appointed under authority of Confederate States of America.

(Pop. 8,874)

Northeastern County.  Created and organized in 1874  from Upshur County.
Named for John Lafayette Camp, Texas soldier-legislator-jurist.
County seat: Pittsburg


Twelve miles southwest of Pittsburg.

Postmaster Appointed
James W. Taylor Mar 21, 1901

Office discontinued June 29, 1901: mail ordered sent to Mantha, Upshur County.


Five and one half miles north of Pittsburg.  The town was probably named for Big Cypress Creek
Which forms the boundary lines between Camp and Titus and Camp and Morris Counties.

Postmaster Appointed
M. C. Davis Dec 2, 1889

Office discontinued November 11, 1892; mail ordered sent to Pittsburg.

(Pop. 60)


Postmaster Appointed
O. Y. Steavens Oct. 12, 1903

Never in operation - order establishing post office rescinded, October 27, 1903.


In northern Camp County: A crossroads community receiving mail from Pittsburg.


In western Camp County on the Louisiana and Arkansas Railroad seven miles west of Pittsburg.
Named for the Lee family, early settlers in the area.

Office established under the name of Leesburg, Upshur County.

Postmaster Appointed
James G. Credille Jun 25, 1874

Office changed to Camp County, June 18, 1877.
The letter "H" was dropped from Leesburgh, making it Leesburg, around 1900.

Postmaster Appointed Postmaster Appointed
W. D. Credille June 18, 1877 Baxter G. Jenkins Dec 3, 1914
Richard S. Bryarly Jul 9, 1877 James B. Amos Apr 3, 1919
Samuel S. Morris Sep. 8, 1879 Irene King (A) Feb 1, 1940
Jonathan T. Musick Jan. 25, 1881 Irene King Nov 1, 1940
Robert J. Swain Mar 10, 1884 Mary Jane Townsand Aug. 16, 1943 (A)
Andrew J. Swain May 23, 1890 Mary Jane Townsand Nov. 7, 1944
William N. Carpenter Jan 28, 1901 Edith O. Townsand Feb. 28, 1951 (A)
Stith T. Hardaway Dec 18, 1906 Mrs. Louie K. Mitcham Mar 31, 1952
Claud I. Boules Dec 10, 1910


Eight and one-half miles south of Pittsburg.  The town is near Lilly Creek which was probably named
for Noah Lilley who patented a section of land on the creek in 1843.

Postmaster Appointed Postmaster Appointed
James A. Musick May 5, 1880 John N. Nix Mar 29, 1882
J. D. Traylor Feb. 23, 1882

Office discontinued January 15, 1883; mail ordered sent to Pittsburg.
Office reestablished September 20, 1890.

Postmaster Appointed
W. T. Efurd, Jr. Sep. 20, 1890

Office discontinued April 20, 1891.

(Pop. 35)

In central Camp County eight miles southwest of Pittsburg.

Postmaster Appointed Postmaster Appointed
Simeon H. Harris Sep. 7, 1893 Isaac F. Cadenhead Mar. 2, 1907
Lura L. Nix May 6, 1895 Minerva Cadenhead Jan. 5, 1910
John C. Bridges March 28, 1896 Minerva Scott (N) May 23, 1913
Thomas H. King Dec. 22, 1896 Beatrice Smith Mar. 20, 1915
William P. Townsand Sep. 1, 1903

(Pop. 100)

In western Camp County on Louisiana and Arkansas Railroad three miles west of Leesburg.
Named for John Newsome, early settler.

Postmaster Appointed Postmaster Appointed
John M. Newsome Jan. 2, 1902 Corbin Hood Feb. 5, 1909
William R. Patterson Jan. 29, 1904 Isaac F. Cadenhead April 27, 1914
John M. Newsome June 7, 1906 Ozella Cadenhead (A) July 1, 1938
Beatrice Newsome Aug 1, 1907 Ozella Cadenhead Dec. 28, 1938


Five and one half miles east-northeast of Lafayette, Upshur County.

Postmaster Appointed
Ovie Y. Stevens Aug. 31, 1903

Office discontinues September 14, 1904; mail ordered sent to Lafayette, Upshur County.


Six miles southeast of Pittsburg.

Postmaster  Appointed Postmaster Appointed
John H. Sayles Jan. 2, 1902 Henry Bolton Aug. 19, 1903
Jomes Williams May 14, 1903

Office discontinued January 14, 1904; mail ordered sent to Lafayette, Upshur County.

(Pop. 45)

Near southern Camp County line on the St. Louis and Southwestern Railroad.
Originally called Pine tree for the trees located near the post office.
Established in Upshur County the site was included in Camp County bounds when
that county was organized in 1874.

Postmaster Appointed Postmaster Appointed
Mathew H. Nicholson Oct. 26, 1892 Jesse J. Arms Mar. 5, 1923
William T. Efurd Mar. 26, 1894 Lonzo M. Pilgreen Mar. 18, 1925
Isaac Turnage Jan. 11, 1897 Harold Pilgreen (A) Apr. 29, 1939
William T. Efurd Aug. 4, 1898 Mrs. Nettie Pilgreen Aug. 15, 1939
Jesse J. Arms (A) Feb. 1, 1923 Mrs.Nettie Kelley(N)  Mar. 18, 1943

Office discontinued March 15, 1954; mail ordered sent to Pittsburg.

(Pop. 4,181)

Eleven miles south of Mount Pleasant, Titus County.
Named for its founder, Major W. H. Pitts, it is the principal town in Camp County
and was selected as county seat in 1874.

Office established under the name of Pittsburgh (with an "h" on the end), Upshur County.
Office changed to Camp County, no date shown.
Name of office changed to Pittsburg, April 11, 1903.

Postmaster Appointed Postmaster Appointed
William C. Loving May 23, 1855 Edwin Fore March 31, 1898
Robert H. Yarbrough Feb. 9, 1856 Joe R. Hooton March 27, 1914
Wilson L. Collins Nov. 7, 1859 Ethel Milligan Feb. 6, 1923
William H. Pitts (**) July 12, 1861 Myrtle Engledow (A) Feb. 11, 1935
Miss L. F. Crawford April 23, 1866 Charles C. Truitt June 18, 1935
Martha Crawford March 18, 1872 Guy H. Holman (A) Nov. 16, 1948
William C. Crawford Nov. 16, 1874 Guy H. Holman July 8, 1950
James K. McDowell Dec. 13, 1881 Lloyd Richardson Mar. 7, 1960
James A. Derrick May 5, 1885 Clarence Garrett (A) Sep. 28, 1962
James L. Fore April 15, 1889 Clarence Garrett April 12, 1963
Dollie F. Thompson April 11, 1893


Postmaster Appointed
D. P. Sayles April 6, 1899

Never in operation - order establishing post office rescinded January 4, 1900.


Five miles southwest of Leesburg.

Postmaster Appointed
Charles C. Norton April 4, 1900

Office discontinued October 31, 1901; mail ordered sent to Mantha, Upshur County.

Active Post offices in 1974.

Leesburg:     Zip Code: 75451       Mrs. Louie K. Mitcham
Pittsburg:      Zip Code: 75686       Mr. Clarence E. Garrett

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