The Great Register of El Dorado County, CA
Indexed by Ernest Garcia, Martindale, TX

This copy was given to the Caldwell Co. Genenealogical and Historical Society by a member. It contains names of the men in El Dorado County, CA in 1892. These men came from many different places. If you find an ancestor, additional information [ age, description, occupation, nativity, residence, naturalization where applicable, and date ] will be supplied via e-mail by requesting at Historical Research Center
Please include the registrant's number, so we can locate him easily.

[ Our copy is missing pages 5, 7, and 43, or about 198 names. ]
The Complete list is available at the El Dorado Heritage Association, in California.

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State of California, County of El Dorado:
I, A.S. Bosquit, County Clerk of said County of El Dorado, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a correct copy of all uncancelled entries on the Great Register of said County on the 24th day of October, 1892...