Mastin Ussery
Mastin Ussery
History by Berry Spradley

First Generation

    1. Mastin USSERY was born on 23 Oct 1818 in Giles Co., TN. He died on 6 Sep 1883 in Luling, Caldwell County, TX.

    Mastin farmed in Tennessee for a number of years, residing there until1851. In that year, accompanied by his wife

    and three children, he started for Texas. Sailing down the Cumberland, Tennessee, and Mississippi Rivers to New

    Orleans, he there embarked on a steamer for Galveston where he arrived in the month of December. Changing boats

    at that place, he continued his journey to Powder Horn, now called Indianola, and from there went with ox teams to

    Victoria, where he spent a few months. The following May he went to Saluria Island on which he remained about six months. In the fall of 1852 he made another move, going across the country with his family to Guadalupe county

    where he soon decided to locate. Buying 552 acres of the San Marcos River bottomlands, he at once began the

    improvement of his property. Almost the first thing he did was to build two log houses, one for himself and family,

    the other for his slaves. The country roundabout was then in its virgin wilderness, deer, wild turkeys and game of all

    kinds being abundant and easy prey for the hunter. There were no railways in that part of the country and in

    consequence, all cotton produced had to be hauled with teams to either Port Lavaca or to San Antonio. Improving a

    large tract of land, Mastin remained in that county until 1870. Buying in that year 500 acres of land in Caldwell Co,

    he arrived with his family and for sometime operated both farms. A man of great ability, possessing sound judgment,

    he met with most satisfactory results in his agricultural labors, and from time to time added to his landed possessions,

    becoming owner of nearly 2000 acres of land. He continued farming during his active life, residing on the home

    farm, about 2-1/2 miles from Luling, until his death in September 1883.

    Mastin married Sarah Jane MARTIN daughter of John MARTIN and Annie MILLIGAN on 16 Jul 1844 in Giles Co., TN. Sarah was born on 18 Oct 1828 in Macon, Bibb Co., GA. She died on 30 May 1910 in Caldwell Co., TX. She was buried in Ussery Cemetery, Luling, Caldwell Co., TX.

    State of TX, Caldwell Cty.: Be it remembered that on the 2nd dau of August 1886 there was begun and holden a

    regular term of the Cty. Ct. for said Cty. for civil criminal and probate business office. Presesent Hon. Leo ROGAN

    Cty. Judge presiding, A. F. FIELD, sheriff and W.C. CARPENTER, clerk when he following probate business was

    transacted to wit.

    In matter of the application of Mrs. S. J. USSERY, asking to be appointed administratrix of the estate of her dec'd.

    husband Maston USSERY come the said Mrs. S. J. USSERY by her atty. and presented to the ct. said application for

    its consideration, and said application being duly considered by the ct. and it appearing to the satisfaction of the ct.

    that legal notice of the filing of said application had been given and that there was no objection urged against said

    appointment it is therefore ordered and adjudged by he Cty. that the said Mrs. S. J. USSERY be and she is hereby

    appointed administratrix of said estate and that letters of adm. issue to her upon her filing in this count a bond with

    good security in the sum of $1400 to be approved by this ct. and taking the oath of office as required by law. It is

    further ordered by the ct. that A. J. CONNOLLY, D. M. DAY & W. P. DUNLAP be and they arae hereby appointed

    appraisers of said estate to appraise the property of said estate.

    Mastin and Sarah had the following children:

        2 M i. Abner Martin USSERY was born on 3 Mar 1861 in Caldwell Co., TX. He died on 7 Sep 1928 in Luling, Caldwell County, TX. He was buried in Highsmith Cemetery, Guadalupe Co., TX.

        Abner is on the Guadalupe County, TX roster of WWI servicemen, with a date of Oct. 28-31,


        Abner married Elizabeth Manila KETCHUM "Betty" daughter of Chester Van Buren KETCHUM and Susan Anne Hancock EUSTACE and granddaughter of Caldwell County pioneer Peter R. Ketchum. Elizabeth was born on 11 Nov 1867 in Caldwell County, TX. She died on 8 Aug 1959. She was buried in Highsmith Cemetery, Guadalupe Co., TX.

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