Current Projects
Current Projects


1. Updating county cemetery listings, in hopes of publishing a new cemetery
book soon.....the old one is 10 years old.

2. Registering county cemeteries with the Texas State Historical Society, in
an effort to help prevent the destruction of our cemeteries.    The society
is actively seeking county residents who have an interest in a particular
cemetery to help gather the needed information (history, maps, etc.)

3. A new project!!    We are beginning the "Burleson County Veterans' Roll
Call" project........we want to log EVERY veteran from, or in, Burleson
County.    Any war and peace don't have to be a native of the
county.....just so you lived here, or still do.    As long as you can submit
at least a name, branch of service and the approximate time period.   You can
Email or mail your information.